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Article: 33 Amazing 3 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

33 Amazing 3 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

3 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Three years is a big deal, so you want to make your upcoming anniversary seriously count. At this point you know exactly what he likes, which gives you the fire power to find the best 3 year anniversary gift for him. But there are a lot of choices out there to select from, which is why we've put together a killer list just for you.

Of course, you probably still have a ton of questions. What makes a great gift being together for so long? Should you go with something traditional or modern? How much should you spend? We put together this list of amazing anniversary gift ideas that has a wide range of modern gifts and even a few traditional ones for good measure for all budgets. Let's dive in!

1. In Case You're in Need of an Awesome Anniversary Gift

Custom Watch Case and Valet Tray

3 years, that is a big deal. Not only is it a lot of time together, but you’re starting to verge on serious long-term goals together like starting a family or buying a house. In fact, in honor of the time the two of you have spent together, check out this personalized watch case as one of the coolest 3rd anniversary gift for him! This awesome case can easily hold all of his watches (including the one(s) you’ve gotten him so far) and still have room for his cufflinks, tie clips, and other accessories in the bottom. He will never again have to search for his go-to watch for the big meeting or his Apple Watch on the way to the gym since he can keep things organized in this classy gift!

2. Halo Cocktail Smoker Gift Set

Halo cocktail smoker kit with whiskey glasses
Torch firing up a smoked whiskey drink

Getting into mixology can be a steep learning curve, especially when you'd like to dip into it without going all in. This cocktail smoker kit is a perfect 3 year anniversary gift for that exact reason, which he can enjoy anytime he wants a nice smokey drink. This smoker kit comes with everything he'll need to add that extra smokey flavor to everyone's drink. The best part is you can get the glasses and glasses covers personalized with his name on them, so there'll be no mistaking who's smoker kit and glasses it is.

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3. Oura Health and Fitness Tracker Ring

Oura ring hovering over charging station
Oura Health and Fitness Tracker Ring

Some of the health and fitness trackers out there are simply too invasive in our everyday lives, but some are different. The best one is by far the Oura ring fitness tracker, which comfortably goes on your finger like any other ring. This fitness ring not only looks really cool, but it'll track all of his most important health metrics, including resting heart rate, sleep quality, and much, much more. If he's thinking of improving upon his health, measuring his success with this ring tracker is a great start.

4. Modern and Unique Set of 3rd Anniversary Gifts

Crystal Globe Decanter Gift Set

Obviously, if you’re here you are wondering “What do I get my husband (or boyfriend) for our 3 year anniversary? You need to get him the best gift in the world with this amazing globe decanter gift set! This modern crystal gift set is a modern classic 3 year wedding anniversary gift for him. He will feel so dapper and regal every time he enjoys a neat glass of whiskey or an Old Fashioned from his gift. When you and he share a drink on your anniversary, you can easily plan your first major vacation with each other using the globes, have a toast toward a first great 3 years, or even simply enjoy your anniversary drinks from this awesome gift!

Young couple hugging in front of red wall

5. Custom 50 Cal Ammo Can Anniversary Gift Basket

Personalized Beer Tasting Ammo Can Set
Man in suit carrying ammo can

Not entirely sure what to get him for your 3rd anniversary gift? With this awesome ammo can gift set, you'll be sure to make his taste buds happy as can be on so many levels. What's great about this gift set is it comes with two pint beer glasses that are fully personalizable. It also comes with a healthy dose of jerky snacks that are packed inside a 50 cal ammo can, which can hold all his goodies. Certainly this gift is something you can't pass up if you're looking for an all around amazing gift for him.

6. Full Routine Essentials Body Care Gift Set

Dr Squatch body care gift set

One of the best feelings on the planet is after stepping out of the shower after having used some amazing body care products. With this body care kit, you'll be able to give him that feeling many times over. This kit is incredible as it comes with a number of useful items, including bourbon bar soap, cypress shampoo, citrus conditioner, and more to keep him looking, feeling, and smelling tip-top. On top of that, these products are made from all natural oils without any weird chemicals, so they're actually good for him!

7. Custom Bourbon Decanter Set with Square Glasses

Custom Bourbon Decanter Set with Square Glasses

For the whiskey lover in your life, they must have a proper whiskey decanter set that they can show off and entertain with. This decanter set is exactly what he'll need to do just that without much effort. With the classic Carson decanter design paired with four square glasses, every time he serves bourbon will be like being served the finest whiskey. On top of that, every piece of this set is personalizable, including the black wooden box that he can store everything in.

8. Personalized Marble Wine Chiller

Personalized marble wine chiller with wine bottle inside
Wine chiller from above

Does he enjoy a nice wine every so often but has to go back and forth from the fridge to keep his wine chill? He'll do that no more with this incredible marble wine chiller, which is speficically designed to keep wine or any other bottle cold for a very long time. With this wine chiller, you not only get a beautiful design but also a durable and effective tool to keep drinks cold. It comfortabley fits a wine bottle inside and can even be personalized so you can add an extra touch of care to his 3 year anniversary gift.

9. A Leather Poker Set for Him

Custom Poker Set for 3 Year Leather Anniversary

You can bet that he won’t be asking himself what is the traditional gift for his 3 year anniversary after this amazing gift! Of course, as you have seen, it is leather. However, you’ve updated it by giving him this amazing poker set that is engraved as well as wrapped in leather, how cool? Now, when he sits down to play poker with the boys he will feel like the classiest card shark at the table!

10. The Manliest 3rd Year Anniversary Gift for Him

3 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him are Beer Mugs

Make your husband feel like the manliest guy every time he sees his gift with these engraved beer anniversary gift! He’ll love the feeling of having his own bar corner at home or making these custom beer mugs the addition to his home bar that he has been waiting for! Whether he clicks the mugs in a toast with you or saves them for when he and his buddy are watching the big game, you can be sure he’ll drink every brewski from these mugs from now on!

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11. Game Used Leather Wallet – A Gift for Football Fans

Game Used Leather Wallet – A 3rd Year Anniversary Gift for Football Fans
Official NFL game used leather wallet gift box

These leather wallets are unlike anything else out there. Each one is crafted from a game-worn jersey of an NFL player. Pick out the one for your guy’s favorite team and watch as his face lights up when he realizes his wallet might have once contained Aaron Rodger’s sweat. Built to last, this should be the last wallet he should ever need. It has just enough slots for every ID, business card, or gift certificate you guy carries around. This is the kind of gift he will show off to friends, family, and coworkers. He might even brag about it to strangers in the street if they’ll lend him an ear. Even when the wallet is beat to shreds years from now he will always be sure to hang on to this awesome 3rd year anniversary gift. It also doesn’t hurt that leather was the old tradition for anniversaries.

12. AR-15 Whiskey Decanter with Bullet Glasses

AR-15 whiskey decanter set with four bullet glasses
Bullet glass with whiskey inside

Few gifts out there for 3rd wedding anniversaries can truly blow him away. With this badass AR-15 whiskey decanter set, you'll be able to do just that and more, especially if he's a man who enjoys shooting guns. This decanter set comes with a whiskey decanter in the shape of an AR-15 and has thick, durable glass to keep it long lasting as well as beautiful. It also comes with four whiskey glasses that have bullets lodged in the glass, so he'll have a lot of conversations popping up when he whips out this bad boy.

13. Brown Cedar Lined Travel Cigar Holder

Leather cigar travel holder with cigar resting on it

It just happens to be the case that sitting back and enjoying a nice cigar is necessary sometimes. Give him the opportunity to really enjoy himself with this custom leather cigar travel case, which is perfect for the man who enjoys a cigar whenever he wants. This cigar case has an interior lined with cedar which makes all three cigars he'll be able to fit inside smelling nice and fresh. On top of that, it comes with a solid cigar cutter, which attaches directly to the travel case. Talk about convenience!

14. Nixon 51-30 Chrono Watch

Nixon black metal watch

Keeping him on time means equiping him with a watch that he likes and works like a charm. This Nixon watch is just the watch he'll want if you're looking to make him a happy man this coming 3 year anniversary. Stylish as it is functional, this watch bridges the gap between function and fashion. The design is one of the more elegant ones from Nixon, having an all black look that will catch anyone's gaze. Want him to look extra sharp this year? Get him this watch.

15. Personalized Acacia Cutting Board with Juice Groove

Personalized Acacia Cutting Board with Juice Groove

There are a bunch of different pieces of equipment you need when preparing a BBQ or simply a dinner at home. What he definitely needs is a super durable cutting board, which he can use for chopping meats or even serving a premade collection of finger foods. This cutting board is exceptionally designed with a 1.5 inch thickness and a thoughtful juice groove to catch any liquids that would normally run off the side. You can also get it personalized with his name, making it more than a gift, but also a keepsake.

Husband getting 3 year anniversary gift from wife

16. Personalized Rocks Glasses Gift Set

Personalized Rocks Glasses Gift Set of 3 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him
Presentation whiskey 3rd anniversary gift set without items

Some 3-year anniversary gift ideas are going to be in use much longer than others. This personalized rocks glasses gift set not only adheres to the glass tradition with 6 quality crafted pieces, but it also encourages social interaction. Your man will take any chance he can get to show off this handsome serving tray filled with 4 glasses and a decanter displaying his spirit of choice. With each piece engraved with his name and initial, this is a gift he will want to use again and again. And, if you decide to get one of these other great gifts, keep this gorgeous set in mind for when you're searching for a 10 year anniversary gift for him, you know he will absolutely love it!


17. Wooden RC Car DIY Kit by Man Crates

Man putting together wooden RC car kit
Wooden RC car DIY kit by Man Crates

Sometimes you just have to tinker around and make some stuff with your hands. If that sounds like the man in your life, you've got to get him this wooden RC car kit, which will certainly keep him busy and smiling for a while. This kit is awesome as it's a DIY kit, so he'll be putting it together like he used to with his Legos. The major difference, of course, is once he's done he'll have a battery powered RC car to race around. This kit comes with everything he needs to have a good time tinkering, so don't miss out on this three year anniversary gift idea.

18. 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Coaster Anniversary Gift Set

12 gauge shotgun coaster set with whiskey glasses

Does it happen that he'll put his drink on the table without putting down a coaster first? With these badass shotgun shell coasters, it'll be difficult to forget to put a coaster down since these are certainly eye catching. These coasters are designed to replicate the look of large 12 gauge shotgun shells and are made to last due to their polyresign stone material. They're also hand painted to perfection and even come with no slip pads, so his drinks aren't going anywhere.

19. Custom Bamboo Barbecue Three Year Anniversary Gift Set

Bamboo BBQ grilling tools with bamboo box

For the BBQ heads out there, having the right gear for the right job is incredibly important. With these bamboo grilling tools, he'll have exactly what he needs when he's manning the grill in the hustle and bustle of the BBQ. These grilling tools are perfect as they're made from all natural bamboo, which will keep his hands safe from the heat. On top of that, the case where he'll be able to store his tools is not only made of bamboo also, but it's personalizable, making this gift an epic keepsake.

20. Personalized Coffee Subscription Box

Personalized coffee subscription box set
Mistobox subscription box with coffee beans

Drinking coffee is one of the most common things we do on a daily basis, so we might as well make it an enjoyable experience. This coffee subscription box is the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life since it comes with a set of personalized coffee beans that arrive every month. Based on his favorite styles of coffee, this subscription box is optimally tailored to his taste in coffee. Not only that, but there are over 600 unique coffee options from over 60 artisan roasters.

21. A New Twist on 3 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Personalized Twist Glass Box Set
Man in suit drinking whiskey from a twist glass

Show him that even though you are entering your fourth year of marriage, you can still surprise him with a good set of gifts. This personalized twist whiskey glass box set of 3rd wedding anniversary gift ideas for him is surely something he won’t see coming. Each time he goes to have some Lagavulin or Glenfiddich, he will feel like he is being suaver than even the Dos Equis most interesting man in the world.

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22. Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Kneading and Heat

Shiatsu foot massager and warmer

Whether it's winter or summer, having a nice warm place to put our feet in the morning or at night is a luxurious experience. With this foot massager and heater, you'll be giving him a gift that will make his feet sing with joy every time he uses it. This device is incredibly effective since it'll effectively massage his feet, but also knead and heat them as well if he chooses. It comes with five distinct pressure settings, so anyone can use it in a comfortable setting of their choice.

23. An Engraved Beer Stein

Custom Steins for 3 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Make him feel like a king in his own home with one of the most unique anniversary gifts for him, a personalized beer stein! There is something so satisfying to men to be able to drink beer the way it should be, from a stein! It is like he can command a whole castle worth of people or lead a charge on a Viking ship. While he may not necessarily be that fierce, nonetheless, he’ll still love enjoying his go-to ale, lager, or stout from his stein.

24. Monogrammed 3rd Year Anniversary Gifts

Monogrammed Cigar Glass and Cigar Case
Man in suit holding cigar glass with lit cigar attached

Make sure for your 3 year anniversary gift you get a gift that has both the traditional and modern elements. This gift set is the perfect way to give the traditional leather while also incorporating a really cool glass for him. The leather-wrapped cigar case paired with a cigar-whiskey glass make for an incredibly tasty and convenient cigar and whiskey experience. Also, this is a gift set he won’t be able to help but want to show off! The classy monogram is the finishing touch that any guy will love having on his gift set. With this awesome gift, he can enjoy a cigar on the go or light a stogie, pour a drink, and use his gifts at home while celebrating his anniversary with you!

25. Hayden Mens Toiletry Bag with Straight Razor Kit

Men's 3 year anniversary dopp kit with straight razor kit

Is it hard for him to keep his bathroom items organized in one place without things getting messy? Get him this men's toiletry bag, which is perfect for use at home or on the road. This dopp kit is excellent because it comes with a good amount of space and compartments to hold his toiletries. It even comes with a straight razor shaving kit, which will keep his shave insanely close for a much longer time than his typical razor. This gift isn't just a fancy leather toiletry bag, it's incredibly useful and versatile.

Wife on the back of husband smiling

26. Where Chefs Eat – An Anniversary Gift for Food Lovers

Where Chefs Eat – A 3 Year Anniversary Gift Idea for Food Lovers

You and your man have shared many great meals. Now in its third edition, Where Chefs Eat can tell you all the best places in the entire world to eat. If your guy travels for work, loves planning vacations, or just needs an excuse to travel then he will appreciate this extremely detailed book. No matter what kind of cuisine he prefers he is sure to find a fantastic place to eat on each page.

27. Custom 50 Cal Ammo Can Humidor

Custom 50 Cal Ammo Can Humidor
Custom ammo box humidor from the side full of cigars

It's no fun having a bunch of cigars stored away only to find out later that they've all gone bad. The solution to that is a cigar humidor that has a proper design with a hygrometer. This cigar humidor is made out of an authentic refurbished U.S. military 50 caliber ammo can that has an inner cedar lining to keep his cigars fresh and ready to smoke anytime he wants. It's also rather large, so he'll be able to store all of his cigars without worrying about running out of room. This is an epic anniversary gift for cigar lovers.

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28. Benton Personalized Straight Razor Kit with Travel Pouch

Straight razor 3 year anniversary gift set

Is he the kind of guy who enjoys a close shave, but it's never exactly as close as he'd like? The answer to that puzzle is this custom straight razor kit, which will keep his shave ultra close but without irritating his skin. As far as 3 year anniversary gifts go, this razor kit is epic as it comes with a no-slip handle, precision engineered straight razors, and a travel pouch so he can take it anywhere without damaging it. For the smoothest shave on earth, gift him this straight razor kit.

29. Nike Men's Air Force 1 Shoes - An Epic Anniversary Gift

Air Force 1 '07 basketball shoes

A classic gift is one that stands the test of time. Among the best gifts to give a man, some badass classic basketball shoes are way up there. These Nike Air Force 1 shoes are the top shoe to get him if he's a sneaker head, especially if he's one who enjoys a stylish, well-known shoe. While these shoes look great, they're also insanely comfortable in their design and still carry the classic 1980s look. Whether he plays basketball or enjoys a relaxing chill session, these shoes will keep him comfortable and looking good for a long time.

30. A Modern Classic Glassware Set

Custom Leather Wrapped Whiskey Glass Set

Still stuck on trying to find the best 3rd wedding anniversary gift ideas for him? Why not replace all his old glassware with a personalized set? Every man loves to drink out of custom glassware, especially when it has his name and initial on it. Also, this gift set is fantastic for your third anniversary because it has both leather and glass, how cool is that?

31. Well-Crafted Custom Beer Tap Handle Dark Walnut

Custom beer tap handle three year anniversary gift

Is he a beer nut who has a new beer brewing once a month or every other week? Maybe he's got a keg in the garage, too? If that's the case, you've got to get him these personalized beer tap handles, which are designed specifically for the home beer server. This beer tap handle is made with durable wood that has a dark walnut finish, so it'll fit any home bar decor. It'll fit any standard draft faucet, beer tower, or kegerator. Truly an epic gift for the beer loving man in your life.

32. The Ultimate Tech Lover Subscription Box

Subscription box for techies

You know what's an awesome 3 year wedding anniversary gift for him? A gift that keeps on giving every month. With this techie subscription box, you'll be able to do just that and keep him in anticipation every single month. This subscription box delivers the coolest tech products right to his door, all of which are hand picked by gadget experts who come up with four to eight products to include in each delivery. You can choose to get him one delivery or more, so it's up to you how long he'll be getting his favorite gift.


33. Beeropoly Board Game

Beeropoly board game
Group of friends playing beeropoly

If you and your husband or boyfriend like to have drinks together and love to gather people around to play drinking games then he will always remember the day he unwrapped Beeropoly for your 3rd anniversary. Beeropoly combines all the best aspects of drinking games into one fun board game that is incredibly social. Beeropoly is fun with friends or just as a couple. Your guy will probably want to invite people over that very night. You might need to remind him that you’re currently celebrating.

3rd Anniversary Gifts for Him FAQ

What is the traditional 3 year anniversary gift?

Sticking with tradition means getting him something made of leather. That could be a leather wallet, leather cigar travel case, or some leather gloves for when it’s cold. The significance of leather is that it symbolizes strength and resilience, which every quality marriage needs.

What do you buy for a 3rd wedding anniversary?

Third year wedding anniversary gifts should include something both personal and functional. Personal in the sense that it aligns with his interests and has a level of personalization to make it unique. Functional means it’s something that he needs on a regular basis that he just doesn’t have yet. If you want to go more traditional, consider getting him a gift made of leather. Great choices include a leather dopp kit, a leather wallet, or a leather watch.

What are some romantic ways to present a 3-year anniversary gift?

Gifts are one thing, but it’s a whole other thing the way it’s presented. Surprising him with a fun dinner at his favorite restaurant is a great way to build some romance or even do a date night where you both stay out for the evening in the city. Either way, make it special with a personalized gift he’ll love, and you’ll be sure to please.


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