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Article: 33 Exquisite Expensive Gifts for Men

33 Exquisite Expensive Gifts for Men

Expensive Gifts for Men

Finding the right gift for the man in your life is always a struggle. They all say, “I don’t need anything,” and insist that they have everything they could possibly want. You’re determined to get them a really great gift, especially those among the most expensive gifts for men! But what are some expensive, unique gifts for him? Ideally, something unique, possibly hard-to-find, personalized, and definitely a step above anything you’ve ever given him before.

Don’t worry, our experts created a specially and carefully curated list of the best expensive gifts for the man in your life. Whether this is for the young man who needs something cool and unique or you're shopping for retirement gifts for the men who have acquired it all, we have you covered!

1. Infuse His Drinks with a New Flavor

Smoke Box System with Personalized Glencairn Glasses
Single Glencairn glass with whiskey inside

A classy gentleman knows his liquors and often spends time discussing the differences between certain whiskeys with his friends. He’s been wanting a nice set of glasses to impress his friends with during these long discussions. One of the most impressive and expensive unique gifts for him who enjoy whiskey is this incredible smoke box system set! This awesome gadget will actually infuse his drinks with a delicious smoky flavor of his choosing. Also in this set are four custom Glencairn glasses, which were specifically designed to improve the drinking experience. His fellow whiskey club members will be so impressed by this amazing set that they’ll want him to host every week!

2. For the Adventurous Man

Ammo Can Beer Set of Unique Gifts for Men

This sophisticated man does all the hard things himself. Whether he has to go rescue a friend from the Amazon or get behind enemy lines to save the president, he can only trust himself to get the job done. However, when he is home, he needs a way to unwind, and no gift captures this regalness or manliness better than this legendary ammo can and beer gift set! Regardless of the occasion, if this gift fits the man you’re aiming to get a gift for, just pull the trigger because he will surely love it!

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3. Peloton Bike+ Ultimate Package

Peloton Bike+ Ultimate Package

Regardless of where we are in our lives, there's no question that exercise is immensely important for our health. So why not get him an expensive gift for men that'll improve his health? The Peloton Bike+ is an awesome gift as it's the most popular way to workout at home. With its built in touchscreen and state-of-the-art technology, he'll be able to access a vast amount of content that'll match up with his style of fitness. This is more than a gift, it's an investment in his health and happiness for the long term.

4. Present Him with Expensive Gifts of Whiskey

Custom Presentation Set with whiskey decanter and glasses

Give him a gift that even at a glance just looks expensive with this gorgeous presentation gift set! Engraved with his name, he’ll love how he feels each time he goes to pour himself a drink. A set of expensive gifts for men, like this decanter gift set, is a fantastic way to make a guy feel like a million bucks, but when the gift is engraved too, he’ll feel like he is Bill Gates rich!

Man standing in front of luxurious background scenery

5. Custom Barlow Wine Glasses and Decanter Set

Custom wine decanter with two wine glasses

One way to enjoy the fine flavor of his favorite wine is with a wine decanter, especially one specifically designed to maximize aeration. That's exactly what he'll get when you get him this custom wine decanter and glass set, which is something every wine drinker should have the opportunity to enjoy. The long neck design of the decanter is a perfect design that will aerate his wine optimally. Not only that, but the whole set is personalizable, making this one of the best expensive gifts for men who know how to enjoy a glass of wine.

6. TAG Heuer Special Edition Chronograph Quartz Men's Watch

Special edition Formula 1 and Red Bull racing watch by TAG Heuer
TAG Heuer expensive gift for men racing watch

Still looking for premium gifts for men? Look no further than this high-performance racing watch by TAG Heuer. This luxury watch is extremely badass and is actually a special edition watch in honor of the Formula 1 X Red Bull Racing team. Accompanied by a 43mm steel case, this 200 meter water resistant piece of art is extremely durable as well as accurate with the time. If you see anyone glancing at him, you'll know it's because of this watch.

7. Engraved Cocktail Smoker Kit with Torch

Engraved cocktail smoker as an expensive unique gift for him

His next gift is more than about how much you spend, it's about the experience he'll have every time he uses it. With this engraved cocktail smoker kit, you'll have found him the best expensive gift for men that'll boost any of his drinking experiences. Made with high-quality materials, he can smoke his favorite drinks just like a seasoned mixologist. This kit comes with a personalized glass, a smoking torch, wooden glass halos, and some delicious smoked chips. This is a great gift all around, but especially for the drink aficionado in your life.

8. A Spot to Store and Show Off His Expensive Gifts

Expensive Gifts are Watchcase and Valet Tray

Every guy who loves expensive things has a few top-notch watches laying around. Make your expensive gift keep all his expensive gifts safe and sound with this unique watch tray and valet case! Not only will it keep everything organized and in one place, but when it is on his dresser, showing off his watch, tie clip, and cufflink collection will never have been easier!

9. Custom Craft Beer Expensive Gift for Men Basket

Ultimate craft beer expensive gifts for men set
Beer pouring into beer glass

Who doesn't like to kick back and drink a brew with his friends from time to time? That's exactly what he'll be able to do with this ultimate craft beer gift set. As one of the more beer focused expensive unique gifts for him on our list, he'll absolutely love the four glass set if he's a true beer fan. The reason is these beer glasses are specially designed to enhance each and every sip he experiences. On top of that, this beer gift set comes with a personalized wooden box to store his stuff as well as a personalized bottle opener. Easy win for the beer drinking man in your life.


10. Private Blend Oud Wood Cologne by Tom Ford

Oud Wood cologne by Tom Ford

A classy man needs a classy cologne, and there are few expensive unique gifts that can compete with the quality of this exotic oud wood cologne by Tom Ford. Made with a unique blend of ingredients, it stands out as one of the best scents out there. The oud wood is actually an extremely rare and expensive ingredient, making this cologne not only on the high end price wise, but unique as they come. You want to really impress him with your expensive gift giving skills? Get him this cologne.

11. Stunning Crystal Decanter Set

Expensive Twist Crystal Decanter Set

Having a quality home bar is a popular dream for most guys. They want the cool decor, liquor bottle display, and the vintage crystal decanters displaying different spirits. One way to help make this dream come true is with an impressive centerpiece, like this twisted decanter set! This three piece set is made of entirely lead-free crystal with an elegant twisted style. Best of all, each piece is laser engraved with a name and initial of your choice. Your guy will be so impressed by this amazing, expensive gift for your anniversary or Christmas!

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12. Large Weekend Bag with Suitcase Strap Brown

Premium gift for men weekend duffle bag
Man throwing weekend duffle bag over shoulder

Whether he's going to the gym or hopping on a plane for his next overnight business trip, he needs a bag that he can depend on for the long haul. If that sounds like him, you need to get him with a durable men's duffle bag. This awesome bag is made from strong leather and robust materials that will stand the test of time, and the interior is extremely spacious with a bunch of useful pockets and compartments he'll find use for. I don't know a single man who wouldn't need a bag like this, especially one as good looking.

13. The Best Beer Lover Gift Set

Expensive Beer Lover Gift Set

The beer lover in your life is usually pretty easy to buy gifts for as long as you get something related to beer. He has a mini fridge that is always stocked with various types, and he loves going to craft breweries to try new ones. Naturally, you usually get him a couple of cases of beer or a gift card to his favorite liquor store when his birthday and the holidays come around. For Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, you want to get him something a little more impressive. How about this ultimate beer lover gift set? The two of you can enjoy the pint glasses and bottle-opening coasters together. He’ll love having a growler to take to his favorite breweries and fill it with their newest flavor to enjoy at home as well. Best of all, the whole set is personalized just for him! Is this one of the most amazing and unique gifts for men or what?

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14. 2-Inch Thick End Grain Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board

Bamboo cutting board with food on top

Looking for an expensive gift for men who are also part-time grill masters? Well, this engraved bamboo cutting board is perfect for them. This board is a thick, hardcore durable piece of bamboo that will last him many cuts and many years. Bamboo is known for its incredibly durable and antibacterial properties making it a perfect candidate for indoor and outdoor feasts. Not only that, but you can get it personalized with his name and a special message, so it's also something he'll cherish for a very long time.

Man in suit standing in front of expensive car

15. AR-15 Whiskey Decanter with Bullet Glasses

AR-15 whiskey decanter set with bullet whiskey glasses

Playing around with guns is a big no-no, but playing around with gun shaped whiskey decanters is a big yes-yes. With this AR-15 whiskey decanter set, he'll have a safe place to store his whiskey and always have a conversation starter for whoever's around to enjoy the festivities. This whiskey gift set comes with a gun shaped decanter, a decanter stand, and four whiskey glasses with bullets in the glass. It's hard to describe how much fun he and his friends will have with this one, making it one of the more exciting and expensive unique gifts for him on our list.

16. Hockerty Custom Suits - A Sleek Expensive Gift for Men

Custom expensive unique gift suits by Hockerty

You know what makes a man feel like a man? When he's got a custom tailored suit that matches his exact style. With these custom suits, you can get him an expensive gift that he'll be able to sport around and feel 100% confident. While pricey, Hockerty doesn't break the bank with their custom suit services, making it a go-to solution for amazing tailored suits that any man would absolutely love. Hard to find a better gift than this.

17. Ultra Rare Gift for Men Custom Whiskey Glasses and Cigar Set

Personalized Best Whiskey Gift Set for Cigars and Whiskey
Cigar stand holding a lit cigar

Finding the perfect gift set for him can be a challenge, especially when looking for something unique and expensive. With this ultra-rare whiskey and cigar gift set, you'll have achieved your goal in finding the perfect expensive gift for him. This gift set truly comes with everything a cigar and whiskey lover will enjoy, including a cigar travel case, cigar holder, whiskey glass, and much more. And with a simple yet elegant touch of personalization, you'll also create a keepsake that he'll cherish for years to come.


18. Happy Hour Custom Expensive Gift for Men Bar Sign

Custom bar sign with functioning clock

It's beer-o-clock somewhere, right? With this custom bar sign, he'll always know what time it is whether he's in the garage, man cave, or home office. This sign is great because it's not only made out of sturdy high-quality wood, but it also comes with an actual functioning clock. On top of that, it's fully personalizable so you can get his name on the wall and get him a nice gift that's both expensive and fun.

19. Glencairn Cut Crystal Whiskey Glass

Single crystal cut Glencairn whiskey glass

Drinking whiskey is not often seen as an art, but those who enjoy the finer side of whiskey drinking know it to be true. With this Glencairn whiskey glass, you'll have officially elevated his whiskey drinking experience to the maximum possible level. Glencairn glasses, especially those made from fine cut crystal like this one, are known for offering the best drinking experience due to the perfect design and material selection. While this single whiskey glass is an expensive gift for men, it's the absolute top-of-the-line whiskey glass that will skyrocket every single one of his drinking experiences to the moon.

20. A Powerful Telescope - A Smart Expensive Gift for Men

An Advanced Telescope

For the guy who always has his eyes on the stars, a telescope is one of the best expensive gifts to invest in. Your father, husband, or grandfather will love using this incredible telescope to admire the planets in our solar system, the movement of the stars, and the International Space Station. It even has a built in camera to capture anything he’s looking at in incredible detail! How cool is that? This amazing telescope is one of the best holiday or anniversary gifts for any guy who loves the night sky.

21. Custom Cigar and Whiskey Decanter Box Set

Personalized Cigar and Whiskey Decanter Box Set
Man in suit holding a cigar glass with a lit cigar attached

Make him feel classier than ever before with an engraved cigar and whiskey decanter box set. From the gorgeous keepsake box to the cigar whiskey glasses, he'll love every piece of this gift set. Whether he enjoys a good stogie and a drink while he plays cards or loves to unwind at night with his favorite vice combination, this set is exactly what he needs! Rather than having to use two hands, thanks to the unique glasses, he can always have a free hand to hold his poker cards, cell phone, or anything else he could need. Better still, thanks to the gorgeous glassware, you can be sure this decanter set will never leave his home bar or coffee table!

22. The Perfect Gift for a Movie Lover

Personalized Home Theater Sign

Guys who love movies know how important it is to have the right tools when it comes to hosting movie marathons and binge watching sessions of the latest Netflix show. He has to have a comfy seat, easy access to his drink, and plenty of snacks to fill him up as he watches. One of the best expensive gifts for a movie-loving guy is this ultimate movie sign! Is there a better way from him to enjoy his favorite films that when it is under his own marquee? The personalized marquee sign is the perfect piece of decor for his home theater! Now, he and his friends can make every night feel like a trip to the theaters.

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23. Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

Personalized Whiskey Decanter with Rocks Glasses

When it comes to whiskey, the best way to serve this distinguished drink is from a decanter into a double old-fashioned glass. The whiskey lover in your life knows this, but just hasn’t gotten around to getting himself a decanter set. He wants a nice home bar, which is why this personalized decanter set is the best possible gift. He will love the handsome crystal decanter and unique square DOF glasses that are engraved with his name and initial. He’ll love using the set to entertain his friends when they come over after a day on the golf course. Decanter sets are expensive gifts for men, but it’s worth it when they use it all the time as well as display it!

24. Vintage Globe Bar Cart

Antique Globe with Hidden Bar Cart

Even the guy who has everything needs a home bar, or at least a bar cart. Even if he doesn’t drink often, a home bar is a great way to entertain and impress friends and family when they visit. This luxurious globe bar cart is one of the best gifts for men who don’t have a home bar. Not only does it look like an expensive piece of decor when the globe is shut, but it’s certainly a conversation piece at parties! It can store plenty of glasses and bottles for both wine and liquor so that you don’t have to run back and forth between the kitchen and the party to get your guests’ drinks. Everyone will be so impressed by this vintage bar cart that they’ll want one for themselves!

25. The Barista Touch Impress - An Energetic Expensive Gift for Men

Woman using a Breville espresso machine in kitchen
The Barista Touch Impress by Breville

There are not too many people who can resist the smell of a delicious coffee. With this barista-grade espresso machine, you can be sure he's going to enjoy every single one of the coffees he makes. This espresso machine made by Breville is hands down one of the best out there because it's got real time feedback and control, making every coffee perfect. It even has a state-of-the-art heating system, making it one of the fastest cups of coffee on the planet. Worth the money for sure!

26. DiMera Whiskey Decanter Set with Handcrafted Wood Box

DiMera whiskey decanter set with whiskey glasses and stones

Looking for a one-stop shop for his whiskey gift? Look no further than this whiskey glass decanter set, which is fully loaded with everything he'll need to enjoy a nice glass of his favorite whiskey. As one of the more premium gifts for men on this list, it's got everything, including a whiskey decanter, four glasses, whiskey stones, a pouch to hold the stones, and a gift box. Everything in this set is also personalizable, so you'll be giving him something he can cherish for a long time.

Stylish man at home with whiskey on table

27. Personalized Wine Decanter Set

Monogrammed Wine Decanter Set

Some guys enjoy wine more than beer. His absolute favorite is Liberty Creek’s Cabernet Sauvignon and always has a constant supply of it. You’ve noticed that he doesn’t have a wine decanter, and you’ve tried telling him over and over that decanting his reds will make them taste better. For Christmas, you should get him a wine decanter set! This way, he’ll finally try properly decanted red wine and will be amazed at how much smoother his Cabernet tastes. Thanks to your useful gift, he’ll have better wine than ever before!

28. Custom Poker Set - A Fun Expensive Gift for Men

Personalized poker and game expensive gifts for men set

All work and no fun makes Danny a dull boy, right? Well, this personalized poker set will certainly add a bit of fun to his life and make for one amazing expensive gift for men. Whenever he's hosting game night, he'll be able to whip out this personalized set which includes cards, chips, dice, and a fancy leather case. He can even take it over to his buddy's place and be "the guy with the awesome poker set." Not a bad idea to get him this as a gift if you know he's a card enthusiest.

29. Personalized Cigar Glasses with Expensive Gift for Men Humidor

Cigar glass set with cigar accessories and cigar humidor
Hygrometer close up for a cigar humidor

Smoking a nice cigar and drinking his favorite whiskey is a time for peace and enjoyment, so why not make it the best it can be? With this personalized cigar glass set and humidor, you'll be doing just that. As a more cigar and whiskey centric expensive gift for men, this set comes with two cigar glasses, a cigar cutter, a cigar lighter, and a top-of-the-line humidor and hygrometer. The cigar glasses are simply amazing as they'll let him hold his cigar safely while he sips or rests his whiskey. The best part is the humidor which will allow him to keep his favorite cigars tip-top and have a place to store his cigar glass set.

30. A Fun Game for His Whole Family to Enjoy

Custom Bean Bag Toss Set of Expensive Gifts

The best kind of gift for a family man is something that he can share with everyone. A grill or a new TV, for example, is a gift that everyone can enjoy together. Another great gift idea is a custom bean bag toss set! Anyone, no matter how young or old they are, can enjoy this easy and fun game. Best of all, it can be played inside, outside, and it’s portable!

31. The Perfect Gift for a Suave Gentleman

Engraved Whiskey Ammo Can Expensive Gift Set for Men

A sophisticated guy who enjoys a cool glass of scotch on the rocks and a fresh cigar after work every evening is usually hard to impress with a gift. He’s a classy guy who loves to read, listen to records, and talk about psychology and philosophy in depth with you and several of his friends. One of the most sophisticated expensive gifts for men, this personalized ammunition box set has it all: two matching engraved rocks glasses, a cigar cutter, and a lighter, all within a custom ammo can. He will be so impressed by this amazing gift set as a birthday or anniversary gift set. He’ll certainly be using the glasses and cigar cutter for his evening drink and stogie every day!

32. Give Him the Gift of Never Mowing Again

Worx expensive gift for men robot lawn mower on green lawn
Robotic Lawn Mover

The future is here, and it comes with robots that do yard work! The guy you’re shopping for hates doing yard work as much as the next guy, and mowing is one of the most tedious. With a robotic lawn mower, he’ll never have to mow again! This incredible gadget has top-of-the-line AI technology that comes equipped with a rain sensor, navigates tight spaces, has a customizable schedule, and more. All he has to do is program the mower and it’ll do all the rest for him automatically. How amazing is that? This high-tech gadget is certainly one of the coolest and most expensive gifts for men!

33. Glencairn Whiskey Decanter Set

Glencairn whiskey decanter set with wide bowl whiskey glasses

Whiskey is one of those refined spirits that is meant to be experienced and enjoyed slowly. There are even specially designed glasses to help you do so, like the Glencairn mixer glasses! The whiskey lover in your life has always wanted a set of Glencairn glasses, and now is the perfect time to get him one, like this expensive gift set! This set comes with four Glencairn mixer glasses, a decanter, and a large wooden gift box that are all personalized with his name and initials. He will love using the professional glasses to slowly experience his finest scotch with a couple of friends, and will be impressed by the improved taste and aromas!

Expensive Gifts for Men FAQ

What do all guys like for gifts?

Hard to say for all guys, but, like most people, they want gifts that align with their interests and daily lifestyles. If they're into sports, get them tickets to a game. If they're whiskey aficionados, get them a stylish Glencairn whiskey glass. Whatever it is, get them something that matches who they are and what they're about.

What is the most expensive gift to give someone?

The most expensive gift is the one that you can afford without breaking the bank. In our list of products above, there is a suite of choices for a range of budgets. $1500 watch? Check. $100 whiskey glass? Check. In the end, it's less about the price you pay and more about the emotion you strike.

How much should you spend on an expensive gift for him?

Totally up to you, but I'd veer on the high end if you're looking for something luxurious. With that in mind, you probably don't want to dip below $100 but instead hover in the hundreds of dollars range. Of course, for that extra special guy, getting into thousands of territory won't be forgotten for a long time by him or by those who witness it.


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