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Article: 29 Incredible Gifts for Bourbon Lovers - Expert Picked

29 Incredible Gifts for Bourbon Lovers - Expert Picked

29 Gifts for Bourbon Lovers

Bourbon, a unique brand of whiskey, is quintessentially American. Did you know that for a whiskey to be considered a true bourbon, it must contain at least 51% corn and be aged in new charred oak barrels? Bourbon, with its rich, full-bodied flavor, is the preferred spirit for many who find it more appealing than beer or rum.

In this gift guide, our residence bourbon lover and expert Keith Winter will answer all your questions and more. No matter what type of bourbon lover your guy is, rest assured, we've got you covered. These top bourbon gift ideas are sure to impress any bourbon enthusiast.

Keith bourbon tasting at Old Forester Distillery


Keith Winter is a well known bourbon expert and is actively involved in over 27 regional and national tasting and barrel picking groups. His personal bourbon collection boosts over 350 bourbon bottles and he has traveled to 23 states and 11 countries sampling bourbon and whiskeys all along the way. Beyond his expertise in bourbon, Keith is our head of gifting and his gift collaborations and designs have enriched over 1.3 million lives over the past 20 years.

#1 Luxury Bourbon Gift Box and Treats

Luxury Bourbon Box and Treats

An important thing to remember is that the type of glass used can significantly impact the bourbon-drinking experience. So we start our list of the best bourbon gifts with this set. This incredible bourbon set for him includes personalized rocks glasses, whiskey stones to chill his bourbon without diluting it, a custom decanter for his bourbon, and some amazing treats. Every bourbon accessory he needs to up his bourbon experience in one gift set.

#2 Flaviar Bourbon Gift Subscription

flavor gift subscription

Can you really ever have too much bourbon? We think not. We’ve evaluated a number of these ourselves and consulted others including Food & Wine Magazine on the best bourbon delivery services. To quote Food & Wine Flaviar excels at “Professionally curated and themed tasting boxes and deep informational materials for club members” we tend to agree. That’s why we are ranking this subscription service high in our best bourbon gift guide. It’s perfect for the bourbon lover that can never get enough.

#3 A Classy Boxed Set of Cigar & Bourbon Gifts

Cigar and Bourbon Gifts for Men Box Set

There is nothing quite like pairing a good bourbon with a proper stogie, which is why this set of personalized bourbon gifts even exists! They’ll feel classier than James Bond at a poker table in Dr. No when they’re enjoying their go-to pairing of vices using this bourbon and cigar gift set! Perfect for an ice-cold drink, the set comes with whiskey stones and even has cigar holders so they can rest their stogie or travel with up to three cigars at once. Seriously, how great of a gift for a bourbon lover is this?

#4 Give Them Their Own Branded Decanter

Personalized Decanter

Every fan of whiskey has thought about what it would be like when they own their own brand. However, you may not be able to give them their own distillery as a gift, but you can give them the next best thing, a personalized bourbon decanter! How awesome will they feel every time they see their decanter on their home bar or table, only to be reminded they have their own in-house brand! Personalized with four lines of text, this decanter will truly make them feel like they’ve finally made it in the bourbon world!

#5 Barrell Bourbon Delivered

Barrell Bourbon Bottle

I’ve tried a lot of bourbon, hundreds, maybe even thousands at this point. Barrell has generated quite a reputation for their expertise in blending, and I can tell you based on the dozen or more I’ve tried, their bourbon does not disappoint. The fun thing is each batch is blended and so each batch of this bourbon is quite unique. So once it’s gone, you’ll never get another bottle quite like it again. This is the best bourbon gift for the bourbon connoisseur that’s tried it all.

#6 Upscale Bourbon Tasting Set

Bourbon Tasting Set with Glasses for Bourbon Lovers

Immerse your guests in a full tasting experience with this extraordinary set. Designed to allow you to serve guests with ease, this bourbon gift set adds a touch of class to your sipping experience. Perfectly crafted for the entertainment of multiple guests, the entire set can transport the included engraved Glencairn bourbon glasses effortlessly around, while neatly organizing them in order for bourbon tastings of up to 6 bourbons at a time. When idle, this striking bourbon lover gift set doubles as an eye-catching centerpiece for your home bar.

#7 New Twist on Bourbon Gifts

Custom Bourbon Twist Glass Wood Boxed Set
Men toasting with twist bourbon glasses

Make the most out of your luxury gifts for bourbon lovers with a classy gift that can’t be beaten. These personalized twist glasses are a fantastic way for anyone to enjoy their go-to bourbon while having them feel like they’re drinking from the absolute top-shelf liquor. Perfect for enjoying a drink before a date night, to catch up with a friend, or simply because it is Friday, these bourbon glasses will definitely see a lot of use.

#8 Smoke Infused Bourbon Set

Smoker Bourbon Gift Set for Infusing Bourbon Cocktails
torch lighting smoker

Long a staple of high-end bars and restaurants, bourbon smoking has finally made it’s way home. Take his love for bourbon to new heights with this smoker kit that creates smoke-infused flavors. With it, you’ll be experimenting and creating new concoctions in no time. Here is how it works: Simply place the topper on one of the four included glasses, and light to infuse your bourbon or bourbon cocktail with rich smoky flavors.

#9 Cut Glencairn Crystal Glasses and Decanter

Crystal Decanter Set of Personalized Bourbon Gifts

True connoisseurs of bourbon come from far and wide, but if you run into one, you’ll definitely want to get them a top-notch gift set. For the highest quality set, look no further than this engraved crystal tasting gift set! The Glencairn glasses are the perfect way for them to be able to taste and fully experience their bourbon. Plus, the crystal glass looks amazing! Not only will a true bourbon-lover enjoy every part of this gift set, but you can also be sure they’ll use it as their new centerpiece in their home too!

#10 Gift Him a Smoker to Take His Bourbon to the Next Level

Bourbon Glass and Smoke Box Set

Tired of giving the same old gifts for bourbon lovers? Get them something that will revolutionize the way they enjoy their bourbon with this smoke box gift set! Instead of having the same glass night after night, now they have the opportunity to make a new, creative, and tasty bourbon whenever they want! Simply throw their glass inside the box, and smoke it with things like cedar, rosemary, or thyme to create unique flavors that bring life back into a bourbon they thought they were getting bored of!

#11 Kentucky Bourbon Trail Glasses

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Glasses
Kentucky bourbon trail glass bottom

When enjoying a liquor as fine as Four Roses Single Barrel, Wellers, or Michter’s, you have to have the proper tools. Bourbon is a spirit that can be used for shots and cocktails, yes, but top-shelf blends are meant to be sipped slowly and carefully enjoyed. You’ll want some bourbon snifter glasses like these, small in size but uniquely designed to expose the subtle notes, aromas, and flavors that make each bottle of bourbon special. This bourbon gift set of four official Kentucky Trail bourbon glasses fit perfectly in your hand, but their hourglass shape serves a purpose: the wide base and rim funnel all of the subtle flavors and aromas from the bottom of the glass to the top where you will be able to enjoy your bourbon to the fullest. Talk about a great set of bourbon glasses!

#12 Have Bourbon Will Travel Gift Idea

Glencairn Travel Bourbon Gift

This bourbon gift is truly unique. The nearly indestructible case will allow him to enjoy his bourbon to the fullest no matter where he goes. Allowing him to enjoy his bourbon fully when traveling, at friends houses, on vacation or even at the lake. It features a nearly indestructible personalized bourbon travel case, custom Glencairn Glasses, three bourbon tasting sample bottles, and a bourbon tasting wheel. This bourbon gift is perfect for bourbon connoisseurs and serious industry professionals alike.

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#13 Barrel Aged Coffee Every Day

Bourbon Infused Coffee

You’ve probably had Irish coffee, but have you ever had bourbon coffee? Bones Coffee makes a special blend of coffee beans that are aged inside an oak bourbon barrel. While this coffee does not contain actual alcohol, you can enjoy the delicious, smoky taste with this incredible medium roast coffee every morning before work! Now you can enjoy a “spiked” coffee in the morning without having to worry about the effects of actual alcohol. Any bourbon fan would be overjoyed to receive this scrumptious bourbon gift for Christmas or their birthday, but make sure you do include a bottle of their favorite bourbon too!

#14 Single-Handed Cigar and Bourbon Gift Set

Personalized Cigar and Bourbon Gift
cigar whiskey glass

There is no cooler set of bourbon gifts for men than this! The custom box set with cigar glass allows him to enjoy a stogie and bourbon in the coolest way possible, with one hand. Now, he can pour another drink or fist bump you for getting such an awesome gift set, while still enjoying his stogie and bourbon! How cool is that? This unique set is so good, he’ll want to use it every single time he has a stogie, bourbon, or both!

#15 Luxury Bourbon Gift - Presentation & Serving Set

serving tray
Custom Decanter Set with Presentation Tray

Like scotch, bourbon can be a refined spirit. Whether you’re drinking Elmer T. Lee Single Barrel, Weller, or Old Forester, you’ll feel classier than James Bond himself with this presentation set. This bourbon lover gift features four double old-fashioned glasses, a decanter, and an acrylic serving tray, this breathtaking set belongs in a place of prominence in your home office or home bar. The decanter will keep your favorite blend of bourbon fresh and secure while also showing off its lovely golden hues. You can serve a couple of friends a classy drink in style with this set, that’s for sure! Any bourbon drinker is sure to be impressed by this matching decanter set.

#16 Best Bourbon Gift for Foodies

Bourbon Lover Food Gift Box

You can certainly enjoy that delicious smoky bourbon flavor in other ways besides the liquor itself or cocktails. If you’ve never had bourbon truffles, you’re seriously missing out. Bourbon Barrel Foods created the ultimate bourbon lover gift set of unique and yummy foods infused with the taste of bourbon! How cool is that? It comes with different sauces, salts, seasonings, and other unique edibles that will give your food an extra kick.

#17 Custom Set of Glencairn Glass Gifts for Bourbon Lovers

Glencairn Gift Set for Bourbon Lovers
bourbon tasting with Glencairns and bottles

Is there any better set of gifts for bourbon lovers than a set that lets them share their love of their favorite drink? Help them have their friends and family become as enthusiastic about bourbon as they are with a personalized gift set! This is the ideal way for any fan of bourbon to share their top bottles since the Glencairn glass will enhance all of the subtle notes of flavor. Now, instead of going on and on about how great bourbon is by themselves, this set of personalized bourbon gifts guarantees that they will have people to discuss flavors, bodies, or even just how generally awesome their new bottle of Rip Van Winkle bourbon is!

#18 Put Wind in the Sails of Your Bourbon Gift

Globe Decanter & Glasses Bourbon Gift

This globe decanter set feels right at home on the set of mad men, or in a home office. The bourbon globe decanter with the intricate ship inside of it is eye-catching, while the glasses are endlessly practical. Could any other set of bourbon accessories surpass the sheer cool factor of this remarkable set for him? We think not. This set not only serves its purpose but transcends it, becoming a conversation starter, a centerpiece, a delight to both the bourbon lover and the aesthete.

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#19 Manly Bourbon Gift

Engraved Ammo Can Gifts for Bourbon Lovers

Looking for the perfect gift for the awesome guy in your life who loves drinking the American liquor more than any other spirit? You’ve found it. Everything about this incredible gift set screams “I’m the coolest guy in the world!” He’ll love it, especially since it’s personalized just for him. After a romantic date, you two can enjoy a nightcap of his favorite bourbon chilled with whiskey stones. Plus, he can use the ammo can to store anything from live rounds to tools! It’s the perfect bourbon gift for your anniversary, his birthday, or the holidays.

#20 Customize Your Bourbon Gift

Custom Bourbon Box

Presenting your friend, husband, or dad with a bespoke arisan-etched wood box such as this, containing his favorite spirit, elevates an ordinary bourbon bottle to an extraordinary bourbon gift.

Why we love it: Because it’s not only an exquisite presentation, it’s also an endlessly useful bourbon accessory that he can use to store favorite bourbon bottle corks, poker cards, spare change, or nearly anything else he desires.

#21 The Best Bottle of Bourbon You'll Ever Have

23 Year Pappy Van Winkle Kentucky Bourbon

As a bourbon drinker, you’ve heard of Pappy Van Winkle. The famous distiller of what is perhaps the finest, smoothest, most sought-after bourbon whiskey in the world. This 23 year old bottle is the best of all, and it’ll set you back a couple of thousand! Those who can snag a bottle will only pour a tiny amount to taste, not a usual full glass. Such a fine bourbon is the absolute best gift for bourbon lovers you can possibly give if you can afford such luxury! Whoever you gift it to will certainly want to give you something as equally amazing in return.

men drinking bourbon at party

#22 Bourbon Gift for On the Rocks Lovers

Ice Bucket Gift Idea for Bourbon Lovers

There is a reason this is a classic gift for bourbon lovers. Endlessly useful, this personalized ice bucket will alleviate the back and forth between the freeze and bar as he makes bourbon cocktails and serves drinks on the rocks. Double wall design ensures the ice won’t melt until long after the cocktail hour ends, what more could you ask for?

#23 Basic Bourbon Tasting Set

Bourbon Tasting Set with Whiskey Stones

When it comes to the fine liquors, you have to have the proper tools. Two things are vital when enjoying bourbon: the right glass and whiskey stones. Why the latter? Well, you want to enjoy your drink to the fullest, right? You can’t do that with regular old ice. Whiskey stones are made of natural soapstone and can be frozen so that they will chill your drink just as well as ice does, but they won’t affect the flavor. These classic old fashioned glasses were literally made for drinking bourbon. Named after the popular cocktail, you can enjoy the perfect amount of Woodford Reserve in these six ounce glasses with a couple of whiskey stones. Thanks to this essential set, you’ve got everything you need to enjoy a nice after-dinner drink with your SO or a friend. This set is by far one of the best gifts for bourbon lovers because it’s got everything they need for a proper drink, and is perfect for any occasion!

#24 Custom Bourbon Glass and Chilling Sphere

Custom Bourbon Sphere and Rocks Glass

Feel like a stud when you’ve got to chill your bourbon with this glass and bourbon sphere combo. Sure, you could let the sphere chill your drink in due time, but instead, you know rolling is faster, more efficient, and just looks so damn cool. Add in the fact that the glass is personalized, and you’ve got a fantastic set of bourbon gifts on your hands.

#25 A Badass Bourbon Smoker

Engraved Bourbon Cocktail Smoker Kit
bourbon smoker torch

Add a touch of unique flavor to your gifts for bourbon lovers with a smoker kit. These are the ideal gifts for the bourbon lover who wants something new and exciting in their lives. With this gift set, they can infuse each drink they have with a new smoky flavor. That means all those bourbons they’ve had have just become interesting again as they now have so many new flavor combinations to try. Everything from different woods like cedar to herbs such as thyme are great for smoking drinks.

#26 Classy Flask that Can Be Used Anywhere

Bourbon Gift Set with Flask

Make sporting events, outdoor concerts, and even the ballet better for your bourbon drinking man with this classy set. Oh so much better (a million times more classy) that carrying bourbon in a ziplock baggie or little sample bottles, this suave flask set will come in handy on cold winter nights, and long operas alike.

#27 El Matador Bull Decanter for His Bourbon

Custom Bourbon Bull Decanter Gift Set
man holding bourbon glass

Give a memorable set of bourbon gifts with a personalized bull decanter set. Sure, it works exactly the same as any other decanter but this one is in the shape of a bull mid-charge, how cool is that? Perfect for any home bar or office, it’ll be the centerpiece that is perfect for every occasion.

#28 Chill His Bourbon without Diluting It

Whiskey Stones

Does your dad, husband or boyfriend like his bourbon on the rocks but hates a watered down drink? Well then this bourbon gift is ideal for him. Personalized for an extra special touch, these whiskey stones will keep his bourbon cold without diluting his bourbon. Endlessly useful, every home bar needs a set of these for hot summer nights and bourbon cocktails next to the fireplace in the winter.

#29 The Ultimate Tasting Set for Bourbon Lovers

Bourbon Tasting Gift Set
Glencairn glasses

You’re still here? Well, then why don’t you get the kitchen sink of classy gift sets with this amazing bourbon tasting set? Monogrammed with three initials on each piece, this is the set of bourbon gifts that you give when you want them to have it all. Rocks glasses, Glencairn glasses, and tasting glasses. It doesn’t matter what occasion you’re getting this for because it is so good, it is perfect for everything.



How do you gift a bourbon bottle?

At bottle of bourbon should be gifted inside a liquor sized gift bag with with a bow tied on the top. If you want to really upgrade the gift, give it to him in a handsome custom liquor gift box paired with custom whiskey glasses . At a bare minimum you’ll want to add a bow to the top and a hanging tag. This will make clear your gift of bourbon has a special meaning and that it wasn't a last minute gift.

How much is a bottle of good bourbon?

For a good bottle of bourbon to give as a gift, you’ll want to look at spending at least $60. Some bottles can range into the hundreds if not thousands but you can find a lot of great options in the $60-$100 range. At that price range there are plenty of great brands and even some special blends from distilleries like Buffalo Trace, Knob Creek, Wild Turkey, and Old Forester.

What is a good gift for a bourbon lover?

The simple answer here is gifts that enhance the bourbon tasting experience. Custom bourbon glasses, ice balls, decanters, even chocolate can enhance the bourbon experience. Read our guide above contains dozens of excellent recommendations.

What is a Kentucky Bourbon Hug?

A "Kentucky Hug" also called a "bourbon hug" is the warm feeling you sometimes get in the back of your throat all the way down your esophagus when sipping bourbon. It's a unique feeling that warms you up from the inside out.

Is bourbon the same thing as whiskey?

The short answer is yes bourbon is a type of whiskey. Both tend to use the same glassware, decanters, and accessories. However, not all whiskey is bourbon. Bourbon has it's own unique requirements including it is always made of at least 51% corn mash and has to be aged in a new oak charred barrel. To be considered bourbon it also has to be distilled at no higher than 160 proof.

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