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Article: 21 Epic Employee Gift Ideas

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21 Epic Employee Gift Ideas

21 Epic Employee Gift Ideas

Employees–they are the ones who are the foundation of your company. While you manage or act as a visionary, you know that your goals could not be accomplished without these individuals working as a team toward a singular idea of progress. When a quarter is over, the holidays are coming up, or you feel like they deserve it, reward each member of your team with an employee gift. These can range from a personalized gift set to something unique to their interests. However, avoid the pitfalls of cheap items like pens or gift cards. Put some real thought into your employee gifts to show that they’re so much more than just someone who punches in for you five days a week.

A Classy Employee Gift Set

Custom Twist Whiskey Glass Employee Gift Set

Reward your employees with a gift unlike they’ve ever seen before with this custom twist glass box set. Great for after-work cocktails or sips of whiskey on the rocks, they’ll love the luxurious styling as well as the personalization. With an employee gift like this, they’ll know just how valued they truly are.

Keep the Company Caffeinated

Personalized Coffee and Snack Gift Basket

Almost every employee starts their day off with a solid cup of coffee, but you can make that cup better than ever with this custom coffee gift set. They’ll love the presentation of the gift box, but the custom mug, Stroopwafels, chocolate-covered espresso beans, and coffee on the inside will keep them supercharged for hours!

Personalized Luxury Gift Set

Engraved Cigar and Whiskey Box Set for Employees

Reward them for that epic quarter that they busted their asses on with this unique set of personalized employee gifts. This cigar and whiskey gift set is the ideal way to cap off all of their hard work while also relaxing when all the work is finally done. Go the extra mile and give them a few stogies and maybe even a bottle of their go-to booze for those employees who really took the initiative head-on.

Make Them Smug with a Mug

Custom Large Beer Mug

Add more than just a little bit of cool factor to their next brew with this massive, custom beer mug. Designed to hold up to a liter of beer, this colossal mug is the perfect way for any beer-lover to get their post-work drink on. Holding 3x more volume than a regular mug, this gift idea for your employees will allow them to have a few more sips of their go-to beer without having to worry about getting up for a refill nearly as often!

Engraved Grill Tool Gift Set

Personalized Set of Employee Gifts are Grill Tools

Few days feel as rewarding out of the office as when they’ve got their grill tools in their hands and some meat over a flame. Replace their worn-out tools and make those days off even better with a custom grill tool set as the ultimate employee gift. It is a great way to thank them for all their hard work while giving them something that helps them unwind when their mind is as far away from the office as possible.


Plant Great Memories

Bonsai Plant

Bring some life to their desk with an ornate house plant. Perfect for adding some green to the office, this bonsai plant will have them obsessed with their new office plant. With only needed to water it every few days, this plant makes for a fantastic desktop gift.

Custom Wine Set of Employee Gifts

Wine Decanter Set of Employee Gifts

Many employees like to reward themselves with a job well done after a day’s work with a glass of wine. Elevate that experience with your epic employee gift with this personalized wine decanter gift set. It is perfect for them to feel even classier as they enjoy a good Pinot or Riesling. Plus, with the second glass, they can even indulge with their partner too!

Arm Them with Beer Gift Sets

Engraved Pint Glass and Ammo Can Gift Set

Keep them armed with everything they need to enjoy their lives off the clock with this engraved ammo can and pint glass gift set. This is a great gift to give the employee that practically works like a soldier. However, now they have an awesome ammo can that they can use for storage at their desk, bringing their lunch in, or keeping ammo in at home. Add in the pint glasses and they’ll love this unique and badass gift set!

A Stylish Shot Glass Box Set

Engraved Whiskey Glass Employee Gift

Have them toast to a job well done with an awesome custom whiskey glass and whiskey stone box set. Perfect for celebrating that massive bonus they earned, coming to the office and finding this gift on their desk will show just how much you truly value all of their hard work!

Cool Cutting Boards for Employees

Personalized Cutting Board

The kitchen is a fantastic spot for an employee to celebrate their individuality and make cooking more fun with a custom cutting board. These cutting boards are fantastic employee gifts because after all, all of your employees have to eat! Whether they prepare the basics or have chef skills beyond your wildest dreams, this will be the ideal place for them to do all their slicing, dicing, and meal prep.

They’ll Like The Sound of These Gift Ideas

Bose Earphones

Distractions can bother everyone. Keep them focused on what they’re doing but do so with an awesome gift, a set of Bose headphones. These noise-canceling headphones will have all of their music, audiobooks, and podcasts coming in crystal clear while also isolating any noise that might be distracting.

Classy Cigar Employee Gift

Personalized Cigar Case is an Employee Gift

Have a big holiday coming up or maybe your team absolutely crushed it this quarter? Help them celebrate with a personalized cigar case. Throw in a few stogies so they can put their gifts to use right away and you’ll be the manager for them to brag about for a lifetime!

Wonderful Wine Box Box for Workers

Custom Luxury Wine Glass Box Set for Employees

Add some class to the end of the quarter with an engraved wine gift box set. Perfect for your employees to create a classy night at home, this set comes with everything but the bottle to feel like they’re at a 3-Star restaurant having pre or post-dinner drinks.

Present Them an Awesome Presentation Set

Personalized Wine Presentation Set

Give them a bottle of wine to celebrate the holidays in style with this personalized wine presentation gift set. Inside they’ll find the bottle you chose cradled gently in a luxurious cloth while the lid contains all the tools they’ll need to make the most out of the bottle. Talk about a great employee gift.

Employee Gifts for Beer Lovers

Luxury Beer Mug and Snack Box Set

Give the most epic set of employee gifts possible with this luxurious beer gift set. It’s like a party in a box! Complete with personalized beer mugs, snacks, and a bottle opener, all they’ll need is some brewskis of their own to unwind like they’re at their brewery.


Catchall Their Needs

Wireless Catchall Charging Tray

When people walk through the door at home they have a set spot for everything, giving them the same feeling at the office, but elevated! This wireless catchall allows them to have a spot for their keys or anything else they need to set down but also has a wireless charging mat which is perfect for things like their phones or wireless headphones.

Start Their Morning Off with a Great Brew

Employee Gifts are Personalized Coffee Sets

Every company knows that to start their day right, their employees need a healthy dose of caffeine. Shake things up a bit with a gourmet coffee set. Not only does it come with a bag of coffee but also with delicious, chocolate-covered espresso beans. Add in the personalized coffee spoon and tumbler and this will be one of the more memorable and well-used gifts they’ve ever gotten at their jobs.

Art Deco Sign

Custom Art Deco Sign

Employee gifts don’t need to all be enjoyed in the office, some are better from home. Take this unique art deco sign for example. It is a great gift because they can enjoy it from the comfort of their home as well as without thinking about work. It is the ideal way for a CEO or manager to say, “Thank you for all your hard work.”

Badass Employee Gifts for Wine Lovers

Engraved Tumbler Box Set

Help your employees truly unwind off the clock with an awesome wine-lover gift set. This luxury set will have them feeling like the office badass as they uncork a Merlot and tie one off to unwind after a day of meetings and spreadsheets.

Get Things Hot and Humid

Desktop Humidifier

A desktop humidifier and diffuser is the perfect way to make every workstation as comfortable as possible. Keep the dry air away or help fight off a cold’s congestion with a humidifier that can be right in front of your employees at all times.

A Memorable Employee Gift

Custom Shadow Box Employee Gift Idea

A great employee gift is one that is never forgotten! A personalized shadow box will ensure that they will always remember their epic gift. That is because a shadow box is an ideal place for them to store memories. Whether they leave it on their desk or take it home and mount their present, this gift is the perfect place to store, collect, and enjoy trinkets that bring back memories. Wine corks, cigar wrappers, ticket stubs, cards, anything that brings them joy when they look at it should go inside.


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