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Article: 21 Custom Gift Ideas for Newlyweds

21 Custom Gift Ideas for Newlyweds

21 Custom Gift Ideas for Newlyweds

Make Their Big Day Even More Memorable with Gift Ideas for Newlyweds

The biggest first step for a couple to take together is for them to get married. It is a sacred union that signifies their love and commitment to one another. Although very serious, this commitment is something to be celebrated. So, whether it is at their engagement announcement, wedding reception, or throughout the year, it is important to get them awesome gift ideas for newlyweds. These are gifts that make their lives easier, add to their home decor, or celebrate them as a couple. Wondering which is the best gift for a newly married couple? Want to know what you give a married couple for a wedding gift? We’ve got just what you need! From ideas to spruce up the home to something they can enjoy together, we’ve found the best gifts for newlyweds!

Champagne Flutes are the Best Gifts for Newlyweds

Champagne Gift Ideas for Newlyweds

The perfect way to start their lives together after tying the knot is with a glass of champagne! Make the out of that celebratory sip with a custom champagne glass box set. They’ll feel incredibly special when they flip open the lid to reveal their matching glasses with their newly shared last name. Can you even think of any better wedding gift ideas for couples? They can even use this set for years to come to commemorate each anniversary!

Upgrade Their Wine Gift

Personalized Wine Tool Presentation Kit

At every wedding reception, someone inevitably gives a bottle of wine. It is practically tradition at this point. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t spice things up. After all, you’re looking for the best gift for newlyweds. With this wine tool and presentation gift box, you’ve taken a bottle of wine and given it a feeling of allure. They’ll be drawn to this over any other bottle they get because the box cradles their bottle so well and it comes with all the tools to make the most out of their wine.

A Whiskey Decanter Set of Gifts for Newlyweds Who Have Everything

Engraved Twist Decanter is a Unique Gift for Newlyweds

A great thing about gift ideas for newlyweds is that these gifts are the perfect excuse to be a little extra. Take this engraved twist decanter set for example. The set allows you to get the couple something gorgeous just because! The elegant twisting will remind them of how gorgeous the bride looked as she walked down the aisle on the biggest day of both of their lives.

Custom Cornhole Set for the Happy Couple

Custom Wedding Cornhole Game Set

Throw a custom cornhole gift set into the mix as one of the best gifts for newlyweds. While it may not come across as traditional, they’ll have love at first sight when they see it has been personalized with their initials and the year they are to be married. This is also a perfect gift for them to put to use at their reception for everyone to enjoy or at their first anniversary. Either way, with how much use this gift will get, they’ll both be top-tier players at the game of bags.

Unique Gift Ideas for Newlyweds and Their Cocktails

Sculpted Glass Box Set of the Best Gifts for Newlyweds

Don’t blend into the crowd with a standard gift, instead, be unique with these sculpted glasses. Add in the engraved gift box, and the happy couple will always remember this gift, even decades down the road. This gift is perfect for them to share a toast together on their honeymoon to many happy years together.


For Their Travels

Luxury Suitcase Travel Set

A new luxury set of suitcases are the ideal gift ideas for newlyweds. In their first year of marriage, you can be sure they’re going to be going on trips all over the place to celebrate their union. With this set too, they can easily be gone for well over a month at a time and still have everything they need with them. Talk about the best wedding gifts for friends or newlyweds!

Luxury Whiskey Gifts for Their Wedding

Whiskey Decanter Box Set of Gift Ideas for Newlyweds

A toast to the newlywed couple is just what they need. However, with an engraved decanter box set, they can toast each other every single night! A set this gorgeous is the only fitting gift to give when you’re searching for wedding gift ideas for wealthy couples or for the couples who have everything. In fact, this might become their finest drinking set, making it the glassware they take out for exclusive occasions such as their anniversaries, birthdays, or holidays.

A Sign They Are Meant for Each Other

Personalized Rustic Wooden Newlywed Sign

Custom signs make for some of the best gifts for newlyweds. They are a way to help them decorate their new space together while also giving them a creative gift. This drink together sign is a way to remind them that when things get tense, it is best to solve it over a pint or a glass of wine and all will be well!

The Coolest Wedding Gift

The Best Gifts for Newlyweds is an Engraved Wine Chiller

Make each bottle of wine the newlyweds share feel extra special with this engraved marble wine chiller. No more will they have to suffer the thralls of a warm bottle of wine, plus this is a gorgeous centerpiece that is perfect for every dinner. Also, with a gift like this, you know this marble wine chiller will last them for decades, talk about the perfect wedding gift that they can enjoy for years to come!

Memorable & Unique Gifts for Newlyweds

Custom Shadow Box and Wine Glass Newlywed Gift Basket

Want to make the happy couple feel like they just got the most unique newlywed gift basket on the planet? Check out this engraved shadow box and wine glass gift set. Gorgeously engraved with their names and wedding date, it is the perfect way for them to start a lifetime of memories together!

Keep Them Caffeinated

Espresso Machine

Keep them ready to go in the morning with a high-class espresso maker! They’ll be so thankful that they no longer have to pay for those expensive espressos and coffees from name-brand shops and instead can make gourmet coffee from the comfort of their own kitchen!

A Top Cut Gift Idea for Newlyweds

Engraved Cutting Board

Ensure they’re ready to go in the kitchen with a unique and custom cutting board. These make for some of the best gifts for newlyweds because they replace their old worn-out boards or even that old scuffed cutting board that they have had since college. With a cutting board that looks this good, they’ll also double its use by having it work overtime as their charcuterie board when they have friends over too.

Enhance the Flavor of Their Wine

Aerating Wine Decanter Set of Gift Ideas for Newlyweds

Get wild with your gift ideas for newlyweds and go with a decanter they’ve only thought existed in movies and wine tasting venues with this gorgeous aerating decanter. Perfect for filtering their finest wines and helping them taste their best, once they start using your wedding gift ideas, they’ll never go back! Also, considering the multiple bottles they’ll be receiving for their wedding, they will be able to put this gift to use right away. How cool is that?

Monogrammed Whiskey Gift Set for Their Wedding

Monogramed Whiskey Presentation Set

Present the newlyweds one of the classiest gifts you can think of with a monogrammed whiskey decanter gift set. This is one of those gifts for newlyweds who have everything and they’ll still be in awe! Sure, they may have a few glasses laying around or maybe a decanter, but there is no way they have their shared initials on all six pieces of a custom-made set! Perfect for their home bar or coffee table, you can be sure this set of newlywed gifts will always be on display for all their guests to see.


Custom Couples Sheet Set

Sateen Sheet Set of Gifts for Newlyweds Who Have Everything

A perfect set of gifts for newlyweds who have everything are high-quality sheets. These sateen sheets are at 420 count cotton so the newlyweds are bound to enjoy the comfort of this gift endlessly and not only on the bed either, but this set also comes with pillow cases as well.

Wine Sets are the Best Gifts for Newlyweds

Engraved Wine Glass and Tool Set

Give unique wedding gifts for newlyweds with this engraved wine tool barrel and glassware gift set. Engraved with their wedding date and names, this will surely be one of the most sentimental and emotional gifts they’ll find when they open their pile of gifts from their wedding. Plus, they are sure to try these out as they are writing the hundreds of thank you cards for all of their loving family and friends.

Personalized Wine Cellar Sign

Personalized Wine Sign for Couples

Part of sharing a home together is sharing your passions in one spot. Take this custom wine sign for example, for the bonafide wine lovers, what could be better? The date on the sign will show when they took their love for wine as individuals and combined them as a union that has a burning passion for not only one another but wine too!

Globe Decanter Set of Gifts for Newlyweds Who Have Everything

Globe Decanter Set of Gift Ideas for Newlyweds

Give the best gifts for newlyweds in the world with this unique globe decanter set! It is the perfect gift for any young couple to use to plan their honeymoon as they gaze at the globe etching on each glass. Years later, they’ll be sharing cocktails from this set and reminiscing on all of the places they’ve been as a couple.

Surround Them with Sound

Logitech Surround Sound System

A great gift that often gets overlooked at weddings is a surround sound system. People think of fancy glassware, signs, and even televisions, but everyone neglects the sound. Don’t let that person be you! Instead, make their whole house rumble with this Logitech sound system that will make it sound and feel like the T-Rex for Jurassic Park is in their living room.

An Awesome Decanter Set

Monogrammed Wine Decanter Set of the Best Gifts for Newlyweds

If there is one kind of alcohol that will be part of a wedding gift, you need to be your bottom dollar that it is going to be wine. Take this opportunity to make the most out of all the bottles of wine the newlyweds are bound to receive when they tie the knot with a monogrammed wine glass and wine decanter gift set. Rather than enjoying their bottles out of their same old glasses, these are the ideal way to enhance their flavors while also celebrating their nuptials since it shares their initials on each piece.

Home is Where They Make It

Custom Home Sign for Couples

It doesn’t matter if they’ve been living together for some time or if they finally moved in now that they’ve tied the knot, a home sign is the perfect gift idea for newlyweds! It is the ideal way to signify that they have been united as one and now this home is their home together. Each day when they come home from work, they will love seeing this sign being proudly displayed in their foyer or living room.


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