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Article: 21 Creative Gifts for Your New Boyfriend

21 Creative Gifts for Your New Boyfriend

21 Creative Gifts for Your New Boyfriend

Great Gifts for New Boyfriend He'll Never Expect

You’ve only been dating for a short while, so you don’t want to go overboard with crazy elaborate or insanely expensive gifts. That is fine! We’ve got great unique gifts for your new boyfriend that will show you put time and effort into his gift while also getting him something totally unique! Make yourself seem like the coolest, creative girlfriend out there by getting the most awesome gifts for your new boyfriend. Now, finding the right creative gift feels like it’ll be hard but we swear it won’t be! Think about it: What does your boyfriend like to do? What does he seem obsessed with? Or, what are things he’s talked about wanting? We know we’ve found multiple gifts that your boyfriend would swear he wouldn’t be able to live without if he saw our curation. So, these aren’t just the coolest gifts, but these will also be the most creative gifts he’s ever gotten before!

High-Caliber Gifts for New Boyfriends

Bullet Whiskey Stone Set Gifts for New Boyfriend

Use this whiskey stone gift set as a creative present that definitely won’t be a shot in the dark. He may have seen drinking sets before, but he’s never gotten one with his initials on it, let alone with novelty bullet stones. For giving him this awesome personalized gift, he’ll think you are the only thing cooler than his drinks!

Prep Him for Celebration with An Ammo Can

Engraved Ammo Can Gift Set

Men should always be ready for anything that comes their way, and thanks to these gifts for your new boyfriend, he will be! No matter the situation, he’ll be prepared with the pint glass and cigar accessories inside his custom ammo can gift set. Whether it is for celebrating your first anniversary or it’s your first New Years together, he’ll break out his new trusty celebration kit! As a bonus, he will get to carry the survival knife every day which he is sure to find endless uses for.

Custom Whiskey Gift Set

Sculpted Glasses Personalized Box Set

You’ve been looking for a unique gift just for him, and you’ve found it! He will know you went way out of your way to find him a liquor gift box with these sculpted glasses. When he has his next drink, he’ll be surprised how great these feel in his hands, they’re so comfortable he won’t want to put them down! His love of using the glasses will leave his keepsake box open to store some of his favorite or most treasured items too!

Cap Off the Start of Your Relationship

Beer Cap State Map

Your creative gift for your new boyfriend just fell into your lap—these beer cap maps! Choose his home state that he loves and pair it with a sixer of his favorite brand so he can start to fill it in right away! He’ll probably even have a cold one open as he hangs his gift from his bedroom or living room wall. No matter what, he’ll love seeing this unique gift every day!

A Classic Decanter for a Creative Gift

Monogrammed Decanter Set are Gifts to Give Your Boyfriend

Give a sleek and classy gift to make him feel like the smoothest gentleman in town. When he opens this decanter set, he’ll already be imagining how great it is going to look on his end table, counter, or home bar. You just know that he won’t be able to help but display this gorgeous set, which he’ll love even more since it has initials monogrammed. This is the perfect gift that lets your boyfriend enjoy or share a drink, while making him feel super classy too!


A Very Distilled Scent

Whiskey Soap Set

Scents have always been great gifts to give a new boyfriend. They’re a safe way to connect with the new guy in your life, but be creative with your gift giving by changing it up a bit! Have him smell like a man’s man with these awesome whiskey scents! These three bars of soap are a far better gift than any cologne because they’ll clean him and make him smell good, too!

His Personal Pub

Old English Pub Sign

No matter if he loves scotch, beer, cigars, or a little bit of everything, this unique sign will make his home feel like the bar he’s always wanted it to. This personalized sign is a piece of home decor you know he will appreciate! With this gift, every drink he has at home will feel like he’s on a night out on the town with you or with his buddies.

Perfect Tumblers for Any Occasion

Stainless Steel Tumbler Gifts for New Boyfriend

Gifts for new boyfriends should be something cool and unique. Giving a gift that comes inside an engraved wooden box is sure to surprise him. When he opens the latch to find two fantastic stainless steel wine tumblers, you know he’ll be taken back. These are the perfect set of glasses for your guy because he can enjoy anything from him. No matter if he is into wine or cocktails, he’ll want to immediately share a glass and toast your amazing gift!

Ultimate Beer Gifts to Give Your Boyfriend

Beer Mug and Bottle Opener Gift Box

A man who enjoys a good brew should never be without a mug, it is as simple as that. Don’t let your new guy be mug-less; instead, get him this gift set he’ll be blown away by. This gift set is the perfect all-encompassing present to make sure that every time he wants to enjoy a hefty drink. Nothing will feel as satisfying as drinking from a set that has been custom-made just for him!

The Perfect Package for Gifts

Liquor Presentation Box

So, you know the thing he really wants is a bottle of his favorite booze, that’s cool! It is a totally safe gift that you know he’ll love and you know for sure will use. But you are wanting to spice it up more than putting a bow on top. Make him feel like an adventurer or even a pirate with a presentation box for his whiskey! He may drink your gift in a short amount of time but he’ll always have this engraved box. Whether he leaves it on display or keeps it to collect his favorite memorabilia, he will always treasure his presentation and keepsake box!

An Unusual Coffee Date

Coffee Brewing Class

Many first dates take place in coffee shops (or at least they do in movies). You’re clearly well past the first date mark but you want to capture some of that fun coffee energy; use this master class in brewing as the perfect way to reinvent your first date together! Now, the two of you get to experiment in making the best cup of coffee and become expert baristas at the same time!

Gifts He’ll Never Leave Home Without

Personalized Patriotic Coffee and Flask Gift

Struggling to find the perfect gifts to give your boyfriend who is a veteran, patriot, or simply loves his country? Check out this matching engraved knife and drinking gift set! You’ll have made his life so much easier since he can have a sip of coffee or whatever his preferred beverage is throughout the day, and have a nip to cap the night off! This whole set will easily be carried on his person. There is no cooler gift than one you know he gets to carry with him and use all day long!

Whiskey Gifts for Your New Boyfriend

Custom Whiskey Stone Gift Set with Two Glasses

Get him a whiskey stone set so that no matter if he needs a drink to unwind or to celebrate, he’ll be ready. These gifts for new boyfriends are great because he is guaranteed to love a personalized glassware set that makes his drinking experience feel unique. This gift will have you looking like the coolest girlfriend ever because you know he’s never been given such a cool customized gift before!

Go Fore This Creative Gift

Golf Grill Tools Gifts for New Boyfriend

This hole-in-one set of grilling tools is sure to be a gift he will have never seen coming. When he’s out searing steaks and flipping burgers on the grill, he’ll always be grinning ear to ear while he uses these novelty grilling tools. All of the gifts for your new boyfriend in this set are even contained in a golf bag! This golf inspired set doesn’t hold back with how inspired by the game it is!

A Formidable Flask Gift

Custom Hip Flask Gift Box

Men should never have to go without their favorite liquor. Get him this classy hip liquor flask set so he can take a sip when he’s on the move. The whole gift set comes in a gorgeous box set, which includes shot glasses for when he wants to share a drink with you or one of the boys. This is a gift for your new boyfriend that you know he’ll be thankful for because thanks to you, he can always enjoy a little Jameson or Jack anywhere he wants!


The Hottest Gift for Him

DIY Hot Sauce

You always hear things being called this year's hottest gift, well depending on how your boyfriend uses his gift, this might just be it! Spice up his life with a gift that lets him create his own hot sauce. Cooking and creating hot sauces are always a good time and there is something about spices that makes experimenting with food even more fun.

A Beer Gift That Won’t Fall Flat

Beer Bar Sign

Bottles of beer will eventually fall flat, but this gift never will. Decorate his home with one of his favorite beverages, beer! What is cooler than having his living room, garage, or man cave feel like his favorite bar that he already likes drinking at? For the guy that loves to have a cold drink, he will love having a cold-one as he looks up at what has got to be the most creative gift he’s ever gotten from a girlfriend before!

For the Adventurous Boyfriend

Monogrammed Ammo Can Gift Set

He is always on the go, so your gift should keep him prepared for any situation. Every bit of this gift from the ammo can to the hatchet will keep him ready when he is on an adventure, no matter how trivial or how far. Plus, he gets to fill his flask and pint glass with his favorite things to drink. These monogrammed gifts aren’t just creative, they let him enjoy his drinks and hobbies in a whole new way!

Custom Poker Gifts to Give Your Boyfriend

Poker Set Gift to Give Your Boyfriend

Men love to compete, whether he is a hardcore poker player or has been talking about establishing a game night with his friends, you can’t go wrong with these poker gifts to give your boyfriend. He’ll have everything he needs for all sorts of card games included in his engraved carrying case! Win the game of gift giving with this incredibly unique poker set!

The Most Unique Pen Ever

Mammoth Ivory Pen

A gift that often gets looked over but is always a classy gift for guys are nice pens. However, you want to keep things creative, to do so, get him this pen made from mammoth ivory. He’ll literally have never seen one like this before. He can use this sweet gift at work, when he signs checks, or even if he enjoys practicing penmanship. This will certainly be one of the most unique gifts he’s ever gotten.

Creative Craft Beer and Cigar Gift

Custom Beer and Cigar Gift Box

A great way to give a creative gift is when it looks like you’ve put together all the pieces to a gift box yourself; however, you can save yourself the trouble by using this fantastic gift box! This custom gift set will have him nosing craft beers from his new glass while he puffs a fancy cigar with the other. This gift doesn’t just give him stuff, it changes his experiences while he enjoys some of his favorite things, beer and cigars!


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