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Article: 21 Care Package Ideas for Boyfriends

21 Care Package Ideas for Boyfriends

21 Care Package Ideas for Boyfriends

Thoughtful Care Package Ideas for Your Boyfriend

You wish you could see your boyfriend every day, but that isn’t always possible. You can, however, make your presence felt by sending him one of these care package ideas for boyfriends! The best care package for your boyfriend will lift his spirits in some way. If he’s sick or stressed, they’ll help him feel better and bring him joy. When he’s away from home and misses you, they will show him how much you miss and love him too. But what items will your guy use all the time? What will make him feel better and remind him of home? The following are the best ever care package ideas for boyfriends that he is sure to love.

Whiskey and Cigar Care Package Idea for Boyfriend

Custom Whiskey and Cigar Care Package

Your boyfriend has been stressed with college recently, and you want to provide him a way to relax. He loves whiskey and cigars, and you want to help him enjoy those hobbies from afar. This whiskey gift set is the best care package for your boyfriend because it has the tools he needs to enjoy both cigars and whiskey. When he’s fully equipped with the items in this care package, he’ll be able to relax and de-stress. Your man will greatly appreciate this amazing gift set!

Manly Wine Glasses Set

Personalized Set of 2 Wine Glasses Care Package Idea for Boyfriend

You and your boyfriend are currently far apart, and you know he misses you a ton. Send him a care package to show him how much you miss him, too. This stainless steel wine glasses set is the perfect care package for your boyfriend to send him because he’s a huge fan of chilled wine. Since there are two glasses in this set, he’ll excitedly wait for the day that the two of you can share a glass of wine face to face.

Hole in One Boyfriend Gift Package

Executive Golf Putting Set

Golf is your boyfriend’s favorite sport, and he wishes he could play all the time. Bring a little bit of golf fun to him with this care package idea for your boyfriend. It contains all he needs to practice his short game, including a practice hole, travel putter, and two balls. He can set this up wherever he wants, so he’ll always have that taste of his favorite game wherever he goes. He’ll know how much you care about him and his favorite hobby when he sees this.

Amazing Liquor Gift Package Idea for Boyfriends

Custom Liquor Gift Set

Your boyfriend has a favorite liquor that everyone knows he loves. Send him a care package that will help him fully indulge in it. This amazing set comes with a handsome brown flask that he can use to discreetly carry his liquor with him at all times. When he’s just drinking at home, he can fill up this handsome rocks glass and enjoy his liquor from that. Include a bottle of his favorite liquor with this set, and you’ve got the perfect present.

Useful Care Package Idea for Boyfriends

Ammo Can Tool Set

He’s about to go on a long trip, and you want to send him something that will come in handy while he’s on it. He’s a big fan of useful gifts, so this ammo can set is a great gift. The ammo can is a great container for carrying anything he needs to carry around. When he's outdoors, this hatchet and knife will come in super handy many times. When it comes time to relax, he can use the cigar flask to sip his favorite liquor and enjoy a stogie. Your boyfriend will be appreciative of this care package that will equip him for his adventures.


Get Well Soon

Get Well Soon Care Package Idea for Boyfriend

Your boyfriend is sick, and you don’t live close enough to visit him and care for him. Do the next best thing: send him this amazing get well soon gift. It contains a bunch of items that will help him get back to feeling better. The loose leaf tea has a blend of herbs that have wellness properties, so he’ll definitely feel better after drinking some. The honey sticks are delicious and full of energy, so after he eats the honey, he’ll be rejuvenated as well. The vanilla sprinkle cookies don’t have any healing properties, but few things help cheer people up like mouth watering cookies do. These items and more will help him heal quicker, and he’ll be so grateful that you helped care for him from afar.

For the Cigar-loving Boyfriend

Cigar and Flask Box Set

You want to send your boyfriend a gift set that he’ll love that’s related to cigars, his favorite hobby, to congratulate him on an accomplishment at school or work. This super cool set has the cigar essentials he needs to be able to celebrate properly. When he wants to celebrate with liquor, this awesome flask is waiting for him. All these items come in a handsome wooden box, which your man can use to store photos of the two of you, mementos from your relationship, or anything else he chooses, making this a fantastic care package idea for your boyfriend.

Up the Ante

Personalized Poker Set

Maybe your boyfriend is overseas or in the military, and he has been missing his favorite game: poker. This set is an amazing care package for your boyfriend because it contains everything he needs for poker and other card games. This all comes in a black faux leather case that he can easily use to transport the entire set if he chooses. He and his buddies will have tons of fun playing poker on their down time. This awesome gift will show your boyfriend how much you love him and miss him.

Drink and Survive

Whiskey Accessories Care Package for Boyfriend

Awesome, unique whiskey accessories are what your boyfriend loves collecting, and you want to send him a care package that will add to his collection. The whiskey stones in this set are extremely unique in that they are crafted from stainless steel in the shape of bullets. They’ll keep your boyfriend’s whiskey extremely cold for hours. The bullet bottle opener is insanely cool, and your boyfriend will be obsessed with it. As a bonus, a tactical survival knife is included in the set. This set is full of totally awesome additions to his whiskey accessories collection, so he’ll very much appreciate this care package from you!

For Your Legend

Blackout Flask Gift Box

You miss your “legendary” boyfriend so much, and you want to display that through a care package. This awesome care package has two items with his name on them, so he’ll know you put a lot of time and thought into it. He’ll greatly enjoy taking this flask with him wherever he goes, sneaking drinks of his favorite liquor. This knife guarantees that your boyfriend will always be prepared for when he needs to cut something or defend himself. He’ll love that you’re worried about his safety because you love him so much.

Chicken Noodle Care Package

Chicken Noodle Soup Care Package Idea for Boyfriend

When a loved one is sick, you want to take care of them as best you can. Your boyfriend is far away from you right now, but he’s really not feeling well, so you want to send him the perfect care package. This extremely thoughtful care package contains chicken noodle soup, rolls, and cookies, along with a ladle to make serving the soup easy. This soup is filled with vitamins and antioxidants that will give your boyfriend energy and help him recover quicker. This is an amazing care package idea for your boyfriend when he’s sick because it contains food that will make him feel better and brighten his day.

Cigar Essentials Care Package

Engraved Cigar Box Set

When you want to buy someone a gift, you want to buy them something that they’ll use fairly often, not sit and collect dust. This cigar gift set is something your boyfriend will use all the time. It contains the necessities when it comes to enjoying stogies. Also included in this cool set is a liner lock knife, which your boyfriend will be able to keep in his pocket safely. These three items come in an attractive wooden cigar box that will make it easy for your boyfriend can transport cigars easily.

Flask Care Package for Boyfriend

Engraved Flask Set with Shot Glasses

College is one of the most fun times in a person’s life, and your boyfriend is greatly enjoying his experience. After studying hard all week, he likes to have fun and let loose on the weekends. Buy him this awesome flask set to help him do that. This matte black flask is very attractive and will make all his friends jealous. This set is perfect for taking shots as well with the super cool shot glasses. Your boyfriend and his friends will have so much fun with this set, and he’ll think of how grateful he is for you every time.

Shake it Up

Steel Bar Tool Set

Your boyfriend loves making cocktails for his loved ones, and he prides himself in being really good at it. Send him a care package with all the proper bar tools so he can be even better at making drinks. This set has nine pieces, including a cocktail shaker, stir spoon, serving tray, and many more items. He’ll feel like the coolest guy ever when he’s making drinks with his stainless steel tools, and he’ll think of you fondly every time he’s using it.

The Whiskey Must-Haves

Custom Whiskey Decanter Care Package for Boyfriend

Your boyfriend is a huge whiskey fan, but he doesn’t have what he needs to enjoy his favorite drinks while he is away—a decanter or whiskey stones. Send him a care package with those whiskey necessities. This phenomenal set contains a gorgeous square decanter, beautifully crafted from premium crystal, with thick glass that will keep his whiskey fresh and clean inside. The nine whiskey stones are what your boyfriend needs for chilled whiskey. All he has to do is keep them in the freezer before he puts them in his whiskey glass, and he’s got cold, non-diluted whiskey for hours. This is an amazing care package for your boyfriend because they will make his whiskey-drinking experience so much better.


Sophisticated Care Package

Customized Stainless Steel Gift Set

One of the reasons you love your boyfriend is how classy and sophisticated he is. Buy him the care package that matches his awesome personality: this stainless steel drinking set. The pint glass is perfect for keeping his beer, cocktails, or any other drink cold inside. He’ll be able to take his liquor with him wherever he goes with this sleek flask. All these items come in a handsome wooden gift box that your man can use to store mementos from your relationship inside.

Relaxation Station

Spa Tower Care Package Idea for Boyfriend

Your boyfriend has been stressed out lately, and you want to bring him some relief through a care package. This spa gift set contains several items that will induce amazing relaxation that even the most manly man will enjoy. Some of the items include a cotton robe, relaxation tea, sugar scrub, exfoliating shower gel, and many more. This care package idea for your boyfriend is amazing because it will help him fully relax when you aren’t there to comfort him.

Outdoorsy Care Package

Engraved Ammo Can Outdoorsy Set

Your boyfriend is the outdoorsy type, and you want him to be equipped when adventuring outside. This unique set will make his life in the outdoors easier and safer. This ammo can is a fantastic way for your boyfriend to safely store items that he needs in the outdoors, because it’s a very durable mode of transporting items. This axe included in the set is great for chopping through dense forestry and shrubbery and could even save a life at some point. The flask included will ensure that he has his favorite liquor with him when in the great outdoors. As for the rocks glass, he can leave that at home and use it to enjoy his favorite whiskey when he’s relaxing in front of the television.

Beer Memories

Customized Beer Gift Set

You and your boyfriend have enjoyed your favorite beer together for years, and you both miss doing that while you’re apart. Help him relive that amazing memory in a way with this beer care package. This mug is sturdy and handsome, and your man will feel like the coolest guy in the room when he’s drinking his favorite beer out of this mug. A beech wood bottle opener comes with the mug, so he won’t have to worry about not being able to open beer bottles. These items in a handsome wooden box that your guy can use to store items inside it. Every time he uses the box, bottle opener, and especially the mug, he’ll remember those amazing times enjoying beers with you and look forward to the next time.

Scrumptious Care Package for your Boyfriend

Snack Care Package Idea for Boyfriend

Finals are coming up for your boyfriend, and you want to send him a care package to make the week easier on him. A couple of the items in the set are EmergenC packets to prevent him from getting sick, as well as an energy drink, which is an essential for those all-nighters spent studying. Also included are a bunch of snacks, such as chocolate chip cookies, sunflower seeds, cheddar popcorn, and more goodies. Your boyfriend will be extremely grateful for this delicious care package.

A Beer Gift that Won’t Break

Engraved Growler Set and Gift Box

Your boyfriend is overseas, and you miss him greatly, so you want to send him a nice care package. He loves beer, so you want to send him a beer growler and pint glasses, but you’re afraid that they might break. Never fear, stainless steel glassware is here! Stainless steel is incredibly durable, so it won’t break inside this sturdy maple wood box. Your guy will be very impressed with these amazing gifts and will feel extremely missed and loved!


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