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Article: 33 Cool Custom Beer Mugs

33 Cool Custom Beer Mugs

33 Cool Custom Beer Mugs

Make Your Home Bar Stand Out with Custom Beer Mugs

Using a beer mug instead of a pint or a pilsner can make a world of difference depending on the type of beer you enjoy. Mugs are ideal for drinking light to medium ales and lagers, but are great for all kinds of amber ales, stouts, and brown ales. Not only can custom beer mugs typically hold more beer than a standard pint or bottle, but holding it by the handle helps keep your beer cold. Having a mug custom made just for you improves your drinking experience even more. Looking for a classic lidded beer stein? We found plenty of modern and traditional steins to suit your needs! Whether you’re looking for a set of custom mugs for your home bar or for a custom beer glass with your name on it that no one else will use, you’re in the right place. Our experts gathered the best beer mugs and steins for you to enjoy or give as gifts to the beer lovers in your life.

The Custom Beer Mug to Trump All Beer Mugs

Engraved Giant Beer Mug

There’s nothing like coming home, laying back in the recliner, and enjoying an ice cold beer after work. Your muscles are aching from the day’s exercise, and you don’t want to move unless you have to. Before you know it, your bottle or can is out of beer but you just don’t have the energy to get up for a refill. With this gigantic beer mug, you won’t have to get a refill for a good while! This awesome custom beer mug boasts a carrying capacity of an entire liter, which is almost three full bottles of beer! Finally, you can relax through a couple of reruns of Star Trek or The Walking Dead before having to get a refill. The engraving of your name and initial is the cherry on top of this awesome mug as it ensures that no one but you can use it. This incredible beer mug would make an amazing gift to any beer lover in your life.

Unique Personalized Gift Set

Personalized Beer Mug Gift Set with Survival Knife

You’re an adventurous guy who enjoys the outdoors. You’ve climbed the tallest local mountain, hiked through the Alps, and camped in the woods on the outskirts of town that are rumored to be haunted. After another adventure, you enjoy relaxing with an ice cold beer. With this gift set, you’ll be prepared for anything. Your trusty new beer mug holds plenty of Fat Tire amber ale, your favorite. The tactical survival knife will go with you on every outdoor excursion as its double-edged blade and hidden survival kit are sure to come in handy. Plus, you can use the wooden gift box to store tools or fishing lures. Best of all, the custom beer mug, matching gift box, and the knife have uniquely customizable personalization that make it one of the best beer gift sets around.

Traditional Beer Mug

Pewter Beer Mug with Custom Crest

In Germany, traditional steins and mugs are made from all kinds of materials: ceramic, stone, wood, glass, and even metal. Each one has its own unique qualities and effects on the beer inside. While the modern world is used to using glasses for drinking beer, metal mugs should be just as popular! This handsome mug, for instance, is extra durable, naturally ice cold, and will keep your beer insulated and colder for longer than any other kind of mug. The ornate pewter crest bearing the initial of your choice gives this classic mug a traditional, vintage appearance and makes it ideal for drinking German ales from.

German Style Beer Stein

Modern Custom Beer Stein with Lid

Speaking of German steins, did you know that the lids were originally designed to keep flies out of your drink back in the 14th century? Today, they’re more for decoration. This unique personalized mug combines both a modern designed beer mug with a vintage-inspired lid. Perfect for drinking European brews, this mug will keep your beer cold thanks to the extra thick glass. This custom beer stein would make a great gift for dad or grandpa for Father’s Day or Christmas.

Bottle Opener Box Set

Custom Beer Mug Gift Set with Bottle Opener

There’s nothing like coming home after a long day to an ice cold beer. You grab a bottle from the fridge, your favorite glass from the cabinet, but then you can’t find any of your bottle openers! By the time you track one down, your beer’s gotten warm. Solve your problem with this unique box set! Not only does it have a custom beer mug, but a custom wooden gift box and a bottle opener with your name on it! How cool is that? You could use the gift box as the new storage place for all of your bottle openers, especially since you don’t want to lose this one.


Intricate Nautical Beer Stein

Vintage Ceramic Nautical Stein

Some men are drawn to the wide, open ocean. There’s just something about seeing a vast expanse of water stretching for thousands of miles and sailing in any direction you wish. However, not all are so fortunate to be able to chase their dreams of exploring the world. If you’re a landlocked sailor at heart, you need something to feed your hunger, like a nautical beer stein! This beautifully detailed stein is engraved with an ornate pirate ship, marine life, a mermaid handle, and more nautical details that will make you feel like a pirate captain every time you drink from it.

The Perfect Mug for Oktoberfest

Personalized Oktoberfest Mug

Oktoberfest is known around the world for being the biggest celebration of beer. Originating from the motherland of all beer, Germany, the festival lasts for just over two weeks in the state of Bavaria. During the festival, only Oktoberfest beer that has been brewed within Munich can be served, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a celebratory local ale in your own Oktoberfest mug! This cool mug features the classic dimpled style of Germanic beer mugs that are most popular during the festival, but this one is engraved with an initial of your choice! Now you can relax with your favorite German beer and watch footage of the festival from the comfort of your own home.

Gold Rimmed Mug

Engraved Gold Rimmed Beer Mug

Sometimes, drinking beer doesn’t feel like a sophisticated activity, such as smoking a cigar and sipping top-shelf whiskey. You’re a classy guy, but you prefer beer over any other spirit. You enjoy all kinds, too, not just a specific brand from Natural Grocers. Upgrade your favorite beer glass to one with a little more sophistication, like this beautiful gold-rimmed mug! You’ll feel like the Dos Equis man himself when you drink from this spectacular custom beer mug, which you can engrave with two lines of text in your choice of font!

Regal Beer Mug Fit For a King

Medieval Beer Mug with Custom Crest

As a manly man, you’re the head of the house. You’re the king of your own castle, and you deserve to feel like it. You don’t want just any old beer can to drink your nightly beer from, you need something better like this regal beer mug! Designed to resemble medieval beer mugs and emblazoned with an ornate pewter crest bearing your initial, you’ll truly feel like a ruler as you drink from this incredible mug.

A Mug Just the Right Size

Smaller Beer Mug

Sometimes, a can just doesn’t cut it when you want a beer. Cans are easy to knock over, they don’t stay cold, and don’t allow much room for adequate foam. It’s time for an upgrade! This beer mug has a 14 ounce capacity, which is just enough for your Budweiser and the head it produces. The thick, sturdy glass helps insulate your beer and even prevents condensation rings from ruining your table.

Classic German Mug

Germany Ceramic Beer Mug

Looking for a mug to drink beer from like a modern German citizen? This is it! Simple and patriotic, this mug is the epitome of a classic German mug. You can enjoy your evening beer in this half-liter mug or use it for decoration. Ideal for German beers and ales, this handsome stoneware is a must-have piece for any German beer fan.

Traditional Stein

Traditional German Beer Stein

One of the best ways to celebrate your German heritage or adopted culture is with honoring a traditional custom, such as drinking beer! Did you know that beer is the most popular beverage in Germany and that their Oktoberfest is the most popular holiday? Grab a case of your favorite German beer and pour into your own custom beer mug that’s inspired by traditional beer steins! This handsome stein is a modern twist on the classic ones from the homeland of beer. The tall, decorated pewter lid and matching monogrammed crest is an elegant tribute to the proud country and will look great when displayed on your home bar when not being used.

Custom Beer Mug Gift Set

Engraved Beer Mugs with Bottle Opener

You’ve just gotten home from work and you feel like a beer, so you text your best bud or your girlfriend and invite them over for a drink and maybe some video games. You typically serve your guest beer straight from the bottle, but perhaps it’s time you got the proper glassware. This beer mug gift set comes with two handsome beer mugs that hold plenty of beer for you and your friend to enjoy during the newest episode of Falcon & Winter Soldier. Also included is a nifty bottle opener made from a genuine .50 caliber bullet! How cool is that? Your guest will be so impressed at this awesome set!

Hand-Painted Custom Ceramic Beer Stein

Ceramic Beer Stein

If you’re looking for a quality glass with more of a traditional appearance, this is the mug for you. Made of genuine ceramic and hand-painted, this unique mug is inspired by the original 14th century beer mugs and steins. With this antique piece in hand, you can enjoy your favorite German lager and imagine life as your ancestor in medieval Bavaria.

Ultimate Man Cave Gift

Man Cave Beer Mug Gift Set with Sign

Beer and man caves go together like peanut butter and jelly. Your man has a sizable collection of beer glasses, especially for his man cave. However, you’ve noticed that he’s always having to come to the kitchen to refill his mini fridge or his pint glass with beer. With these gigantic mugs, he and his best friend can relax and enjoy plenty of beer until half time. Also included in this set is the finishing touch to his man cave: a custom wooden sign that makes his awesome hangout official.


Traditional Dirndl Mug

German Dirndl Beer Mug

You’ve probably seen a couple of these fun mugs before. Often used at Oktoberfest, the dirndl mugs are designed to resemble a traditional Austrian women's dress. At cultural festivals and events to celebrate Germany, modern women enjoy dressing in dirndls and lederhosen. This traditional-inspired mug would be a great gift for anyone you know who enjoys Oktoberfest or celebrating their German roots.

Funny Game of Thrones Custom Beer Mug

Gigantic Custom Game of Thrones Beer Mug

Can you believe that Game of Thrones has ended? This season was intense, and you needed plenty of beer to get you through the inevitable deaths of all of your favorite characters. However, you couldn’t possibly look away from the screen for a second to get a refill without missing an important part! With this awesome and huge beer mug, you can enjoy plenty of beer without having to miss a single second of the extended episodes as you rewatch it. This giant beer mug might look like a coffee cup in the hands of the Mountain, but it’s the perfect size for you as it holds an entire liter of your favorite GoT beer. The engraving of Tyrion’s famous quote just makes it all the more awesome!

Set of 5 Custom Mugs for All of Your Friends or Groomsmen

Set of 5 Personalized Beer Mugs

You and your best bros love to drink beer together. You’ve got a favorite bar that you all frequent so much that the bartender knows to pour your beers before you even sit down. You all hang out at each other’s houses drinking beer, watching your favorite sports and TV shows, and playing board and video games. As a groomsmen gift or Christmas gift, one of the best possible gifts you can give your friends are these awesome personalized beer mugs! Each one is engraved with their names followed by “The Man. The Myth. The Legend.” that will make your bros feel like the coolest guys in the world every time they drink from them.

Custom Military Beer Stein

Patriotic Beer Stein

Whether you’re an active duty soldier, a veteran, or the spouse of one, finding a gift that adequately honors the incredible service of our Armed Forces can be challenging. Not anymore! This awesome beer stein is both an awesome tribute to anyone in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marines as well as a great personalized gift. The very American pewter crest is regal and proud, and the customizable engraving within the shield makes it perfect for any occasion, such as a military retirement or promotion.

The Perfect Set for a Beer and a Cigar

Unique Beer Gift Set with Cigar Accessories

Some people say that the perfect companion to a cigar is a glass of whiskey and vice versa, but you’re more of a beer guy. There’s nothing quite like a rich stout and a fresh cigar on a cold winter night, after all. You’re an adventurous guy who appreciates atypical combinations anyway, like dipping fries in your milkshake or pickle-flavored potato chips. This unique gift set was designed precisely for men like you! From the custom beer mug to the personalized tactical survival knife, this set is a very unique combination of items. Thanks to the cigar accessories, you’ll always be prepared for a stogie wherever you go. Now you can enjoy a cigar and a beer in style!

Wooden Beer Mug

Wooden Beer Mug

Drink your beer like a knight in this handsome wooden beer mug! Inspired by medieval beer mugs, you’ll see these all over medieval fairs and renaissance festivals. Pour yourself a mug full of your favorite wheat beer and you’ll instantly be transported to the 14th century where you’ll hear the blacksmiths hammering steel, families selling their wares, and the clinking of the knights’ armor.

Unique Pilsner Mug

Custom Pilsner Beer Mug

You enjoy pilsners as much as the next guy. The trouble is, your drink tends to get warm quickly because the pilsner glass absorbs the heat of your hand from every sip. You’ll never have that problem again with this awesome pilsner mug! This very unique glass has a handle attached to the side so that you can enjoy your favorite type of beer in the proper glass, but without the hassle of it getting warm too quickly. Plus, the handle makes it easier to hold.

Simple Ceramic Mug

Personalized Ceramic Beer Mug

Sometimes, you have to go back to the basics. Whether it’s for your job, the decor in your house, or your beer, there’s something comforting about going back to what you know rather than trying something new. For example, you know that beer tastes differently depending on the glass you drink it from. In a mug like this one, you can enjoy beer just like your ancestors did back in the 15th century at the height of beer’s popularity in medieval Europe. They drank simple ale, sometimes flavored without hops, in simple wooden, horn, or ceramic mugs just like this one! Unlike your ancestors, you can have this one engraved with three custom lines of text of your choosing or give it as a unique gift to the beer lover in your life for their birthday.

Personalized Mug Set

Custom Beer Mugs and Bottle Opener

You and your SO love drinking together. You even met a craft brewery and talked at length about your favorite concoctions there and the interesting ingredients that the brewery uses. The rest is historic bliss of good times and good beer! Surprise your beer-loving sweetheart with this beer mug set for two. Engraved with your shared last name, he or she will love having quality beer mugs just like the ones you drank from in your favorite local brewery in the comfort of your own home. Perfect for a date night or your usual beers during dinner after work!

Tap Handle Set

Custom Tap Handle and Matching Beer Mugs

You’ve got almost everything you need for your own home bar. You’ve got the essentials: an actual bar, the decor, a couple of glasses, neon sign, and bar stools. For the finishing touch, you need these patriotic custom beer mugs and a matching tap handle! Your guests will feel like they’re in their favorite bar when you serve them beer with this set. Get a couple of these tap handles for different types of beer and you’ll be all set!


Regal Ceramic Mug

Vintage Decorated Traditional Beer Mug

Even if you’re just looking for a beautiful beer stein or mug to display, drinking from this ornate regal mug will make you feel like a king or queen. The intricately detailed Bavarian castle scene is simply breathtaking, and the delicate floral border makes it a touch more feminine than most beer mugs. The beer-loving woman in your life would thoroughly enjoy displaying and/or using this gorgeous mug.

Like Drinking Beer from a Coffee Mug

Seidel Small Beer Mug

Chances are, you’ve seen a couple of these dimpled mugs in your local pubs before. Traditionally used in England, these unique mugs have become quite popular in America. Their design is easy to hold, and you can certainly knock back a couple of glasses’ worth before getting your fill. These mugs are often called seidels, and are ideal for stouts, porters, and German ales. The short, wide shape and wider mouth are ideal for taking larger, deep sips. The thick glass will also help keep your beer colder, but these particular mugs should not be chilled or frozen as they can cause unwanted condensation.

Game of Thrones Mug

Game of Thrones Beer Mug

It’s 8 o’ clock on a Sunday and you’re just about to watch the newest Game of Thrones episode. You’ve got your popcorn, candy, and plenty of beer or liquor to get you through it just in case any of your favorite characters die. The only thing you’re missing? This Game of Thrones beer mug! This awesome custom beer mug is engraved with a twist on the famous Stark words: “Beer is Coming” along with your name in the classic font. With this large mug, you’ll have plenty of your favorite ale to get you through the episode so that you don’t have to pause for a refill halfway through.

Custom Beer Set for Two

Custom Beer Mugs and Bottle Opener Gift Set

One of the easiest gifts to give a beer lover is a case of beer, of course, but sometimes a special occasion warrants something a bit more personal. These custom beer mugs and the personalized bottle opener make a great gift set that is perfect for any beer lover’s birthday, anniversary, or to commemorate a special day. Whether it’s your best friend, your best man, or your SO, anyone who enjoys beer would be thrilled to receive this set as a gift.

Personalized Bar Sign Set

Matching Custom Beer Mug and Bar Sign Set

Do you consider yourself a major beer lover? You’ve got the home bar, a vast collection of vintage beer brand signs, a drawer dedicated to bottle openers, and a variety of beer glasses? You think you have it all, but surely you can add this gift set to your collection! The gigantic beer mug can hold twice as much as your go-to pint glass, and the word art sign is the perfect piece of decor for your home bar as it will complement your existing vintage signs. The difference is, this one is personalized!

Crystal Beer Mug

Rock Cut Crystal Beer Mug

Your wife has an entire crystal collection of wine glasses, plates, bowls, the works. You’re a simple guy who just wants to have a beer at dinner, but she won’t let you use one of the fine crystal glasses for a cheap can of beer. With this gorgeous crystal beer mug, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite beer during Thanksgiving dinner with your in-laws without standing out. The beautiful mug will match your fine crystal perfectly, and you’ll feel like a king when drinking your Coors Light from this spectacular piece.

Personalized Groomsmen Beer Mug Gift Set

Groomsmen Beer Mug

Your best man has been by your side for years. You grew up together, have helped each other through college, and now you’re getting married to the girl he introduced you to all those years ago. A guy like him deserves a truly special gift that shows how much of an awesome and valuable friend he has been to you over the years, like this gnarly beer mug gift set! The custom beer mug is personalized with his name, title, and the date of your wedding. He’ll be prepared for anything thanks to the handy bow tie, bottle opener, and new pocket knife. This awesome gift set really conveys how cool of a guy he is!

Unique Painted Ceramic Stein

Engraved Ceramic Beer Mug

Go back to your German roots with a traditional beer stein! This beautiful ceramic stein is hand-painted and has a telltale antique appearance that make it both the perfect piece of decor on your home bar and a unique glass to enjoy your nightly amber ale from. Your friends will think you got this beautiful work of art from an antique store and that it just happened to have your name engraved on it as if it were fate.


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