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Article: 19 Charmingly Romantic Gift Ideas for Him

19 Charmingly Romantic Gift Ideas for Him

19 Charmingly Romantic Gift Ideas for Him

A Romantic Gift Idea for Him the Best Way to Keep the Fire in a Relationship

While every guy may not look like the type to enjoy a bouquet of roses or a box of chocolates, dudes do enjoy the occasional romantic present. After all, who doesn't like to feel loved and appreciated? That being said, buying a romantic gift idea for him can feel like a monumental task. These are gifts that let him know just how special he is to you and may even be memorable or a call back to a special time together. It's not like those gifts simply jump out to you, that is, until now! Still wondering: “What can I gift my boyfriend to make him feel special?” or “What do you get a man to be romantic?” We’ve spent years of our lives finding the ultimate romantic gifts for men so you can wow that special guy in your life!

A Sharp Romantic Gift Idea for Him

Whiskey and hatchet gift set

There is nothing quite as romantic for a guy as a gift that also reminds him of his masculinity. With this personalized whiskey set with his own hatchet, he’ll know that you truly love him. The personalization combined with the masculine energy is the best way to say, “I love you,” with a gift. Each time he has a sip of a perfectly chilled whiskey or when he sees his hatchet on the mantle, he’ll be reminded of just how awesome of a partner he has!

For the Beer Lover

Engraved Beer Mug Box Set for Him

There is something so magical about getting a crafted wooden gift box as a surprise gift for him. He’ll be so excited about what lies inside as he sees his name engraved on the lid and feels the quality of the grain in his hand. An engraved beer mug on the inside is a perfect surprise that he needed too! Add in a six-pack of his go to brews so he can enjoy his gift right away and he’ll have finally gotten one of the most romantic gifts for men around!

Coolest Custom Wine Gift Set

Personalized Wine Set is a Romantic Gift Idea for Him

Where could a list of romantic gift ideas for him be without a good wine set? After all, every man loves enjoying a Merlot or Chardonnay. With these gorgeous stemless glasses, each bottle of wine at home will feel like he is at his favorite five-star restaurant. The only difference is now he can feel classy from the comfort of his home while he enjoys a meal with you or while he is watching his favorite show in the comfort of his recliner.

Sail Away with these Romantic Gifts for Men

Unique Whiskey Ship Decanter with Globe Glasses

Your man means the world to you and you should show him that! This unique ship decanter is by far and away one of the coolest luxury and romantic gifts for him on the market. He’ll know you think the world of him at just one glance. Plus, the two of you can relieve some of your favorite travels or plan another trip while sipping on a perfectly decanted bottle of Johnnie Walker.

An Engraved Cutting Board

Grill Master Cutting Board is a Personalized Romantic Gift for Him

Men love to be in the kitchen, the stereotype that they can’t cook is just unfounded. After all, other than your husband or boyfriend, who would be making the best-grilled meats and veggies you’ve ever had. Help him prep for those awesome days on the grill with this engraved cutting board! Nothing will make him feel more loved than when he is slicing and dicing veggies on a custom butcher block that has been engraved just for him.


A Set He’d Be Happy to Meat

Steak Gift Box Set for Men

Speaking of getting him cooking, make sure your man is supplied with everything he needs to cook with this Kansas City Steaks gift box that comes with steaks and steak butter! These will be the juiciest and softest steaks that either one of you has ever enjoyed. And everyone knows, a box of steaks is one of the most unique romantic gifts he could ever want.

Personalized Beer Aficionado Gift Set

Custom Craft Beer Glass Gift Set

Craft beer fans are some of the hardest guys to get a gift for because their tastes are so dialed in to their unique beers. However, don’t despair, this craft beer lover box set is one of the ultimate romantic gifts for men who love beer! Sure, it isn’t a beer itself, but unlike a beer, he can use this set for years to come and each sip will remind him of how awesome you are for finding him such a practical and useful gift that he loves!

A Golf Romantic Gift Idea for Him

Golf Lover Set of Romantic Gifts for Men

Have him screaming “Fore!” when he opens his gift set with his unique golf lover gift set. Nothing will make him feel like you searched high and low for the ultimate gift for him than one that embraces his favorite hobby, golf! With this set, he’ll feel like he’s on the PGA tour when he is on the green thanks to the divot tool and bag tag but he can also enjoy the coffee tumbler off the course. So, a gift he can enjoy during his relaxation as well as during his 9-5 grind, that is hard to beat!

The Best Monogrammed Gift Set Ever

Monogrammed Whiskey Decanter Presentation Set

Shock him with a luxury romantic gift idea for him with this monogrammed presentation gift set. Every guy will have to literally have their jaw picked up off the floor when they see this custom gift set (already filled with liquor by you of course) on his home bar or table. Whether this is a gift for his anniversary, birthday, or just because, you can be sure he’ll never forget the day you got him such a memorable romantic gift set.

A Perfect Set of Romantic Gifts for Men Who Love Wine

Wine Presentation Gift Set

Wine is one of the best romantic gift ideas, right? Well, instead of just doing a bottle of wine for this special occasion with you man, why not spice things up a bit with this unique presentation gift box? He’ll get a bottle of wine, a fun presentation, and tools (come on, what guy doesn’t love having more tools?), talk about a perfect gift set! Plus, he can use this presentation box for other important bottles of wine he wants to save, like one for your upcoming anniversary or celebration of a major life milestone!

The Most Comfortable Robe

Robe is a Luxury Romantic Gift Idea for Him

Keep him comfy with your romantic gift idea for him with one of the most comfortable robes on the market. Whether he wears this each morning as he is getting ready or it is his lounge clothes for when he is unwinding on the weekend, you can be sure you’ll see him rocking this comfortable robe on nearly a daily basis!

Arm Him with Awesome Beer Gifts

Personalized Pint Glass Ammo Can Gift for Him

Not every romantic gift idea for him has to be something lovey-dovey, some can be awesome custom ammo can gift sets! This pint glass ammo can set shows him that you pay attention to him and that a set of flowers won’t due for this romantic occasion. Since you know your man, you can be sure that only something as manly as this will have him shed a tear.


A New Twist on Romantic Gifts for Him

Custom Twist Decanter Gift Set

An engraved twist decanter gift set is a timeless gift set that every man can enjoy. Each time he even looks at it, he’ll feel like a classier gent than he really is. Surprise him with this romantic gift by placing it on the counter or on his home bar, top it off, and have a glass poured for him. That will be a night he remembers forever and he’ll be reminded of each time he sees this gorgeous whiskey decanter set.

The Coolest Throwback Sign

Art Deco Sign is a Romantic Gift Idea for Him

Got a man who loves some throwback styling? Whether the roaring 20s are an idea of his good time or his favorite film is Metropolis, he will simply love this Art Deco-styled sign. It is the ideal way for him to decorate his office, man cave, or even his garage. Anywhere he places this romantic gift for men, it is sure to class the place up a few notches!

A Badass Set of Romantic Gifts for Men

Engraved Stainless Steel Tumbler Set

Being romantic doesn’t mean you have to get a gift he might see as “soft.” These personalized tumblers are an awesome and badass-looking gift that are perfect for romantic gift-giving occasions. After all, there is nothing more romantic than a drink with his partner but few things are more badass than getting a gift that has his name engraved into stainless steel with a matte black coating. Perfect for his cocktails or wine, he’ll be using this set anytime he gets the faints need for a drink.

A Monogrammed Dopp Bag

Monogrammed Dopp Kit

A man is nothing without his grooming kit. Sure, a lot of guys may say they don’t need a way to keep everything with them, but when they travel or even for organization at home, they’ll feel so much more dapper when they go to shave when all their gear comes from inside a leather monogrammed Dopp bag with their initials on it. Plus, when they travel for a trip with you or for a wedding, they’ll love just how easy it is to ensure they have their razor, tweezers, and shaving cream all in one spot.

Watch How Organized He’ll Be

Custom Watch Case and Valet Set is a Romantic Gift for Men

A gift that keeps him organized, does that really sound like a romantic gift idea for him? He will think so! He’ll love that not only have you made his mornings of getting ready easier but that you’ve done so in a stunning way. This watch case and valet tray is personalized and it shows off his incredible collection of watches, tie clips, and cufflinks. How cool of a gift is that?

A Sign that He Loves His Cigars

Custom Cigar Sign

Don’t let your love for him feel like you’re blowing smoke up his (well, you know). Instead, encourage his love for a smoke with a custom cigar sign. This piece of decor is a great way to show that you love him and his hobbies. It is the perfect way for him to start his own cigar lounge in the house. So prepare for him to want to mount this in his man cave or the garage and have a stogie to commemorate the occasion.

Touchdown with an Awesome Decanter Set

Football Whiskey Decanter for Him

Throw a hail mary pass to him with one of the most unique romantic gifts for men on the market with a football whiskey decanter set. This set will show just how well you know your guy because other than you, his greatest love is football! This will be a perfect gift to give before the next big game, this way he can toast you during halftime with this set for getting him such an amazing gift!


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