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Article: 17 Celebratory First Anniversary Gift Ideas

17 Celebratory First Anniversary Gift Ideas

17 Celebratory First Anniversary Gift Ideas

Find Your Memorable First Anniversary Gift Ideas Right Here!

You’ve made it a whole year already with your spouse, congratulations! That first year is a big first step toward a lifetime of happiness and marital bliss. While the traditional gift for your first anniversary is paper and the modern tradition is a clock, we’ve compiled an eclectic collection of first anniversary gift ideas that every couple will love! Don’t sweat worrying about What is a traditional 1 year anniversary gift? What is a good first anniversary gift for a couple? Or even, what do you buy your wife for your first wedding anniversary? Celebrate that monumental first year with awe-inspiring gifts that your spouse is sure to love!

Perfect First Anniversary Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

Custom Wine Box Set of First Anniversary Gift Ideas

Wine is the center of almost every amazing first anniversary. After all, you’ve survived your first year together after tying the knot and loving each other more than ever now! The two of you deserve to make each other feel special, and this personalized wine glass gift set is just what you need! Whether you have a drink after a night out or pair these glasses and good wine with a home-cooked meal, you’ll love using this set at every chance you get!

Celebratory Crystal Decanter Set

Engraved Crystal Decanter Set

Want your first anniversary gift ideas to be remembered forever? This custom crystal decanter set is what you need! Timeless and classic, this set is the ideal way for the two of you to make this first anniversary monumental! You can even use this set for celebratory drinks for the rest of your anniversaries, too!

A Classy Clock

Acrylic 1st Anniversary Gift Idea is a Clock

Clocks are the modern tradition when it comes to finding 1st anniversary gift ideas. Celebrate the modern tradition with a custom clock. Perfectly sized for your mantle, this will be a fantastic memento for the time you and your spouse have spent together.

The Couple That Drinks Together

Custom Drink Together Couple Sign

A little home decor for your anniversary? Of course! Something to brighten up your home for both you and your spouse is a great gift idea. This personalized sign is a fantastic way for both of you to enjoy your gift, plus that little reminder to share a cocktail each night together definitely won’t go unnoticed.

Classy Whiskey Set of 1st Anniversary Gift Ideas

Engraved Glencairn Glass Box Set

Use your search for amazing 1st anniversary gift ideas to feel luxurious during your celebration! Custom Glencairn kits are a fantastic gift idea for the couple celebrating a year together, especially if they love whiskey. These glasses will enhance the flavor and aromas of any whiskey, bourbon, or scotch they drink and will leave any whiskey drinker feeling like they’re a bonafide connoisseur by the end of the night.


A Worldly Map of Paper Anniversary Gift Ideas

Push Pin Travel Map is a Paper Anniversary Gift Idea

Paper anniversary gift ideas are the tradition, but that doesn’t mean they have to feel old and traditional. A push-pin map is a great paper gift. This will show all the places you and your spouse have been as well as all the places you can’t wait to visit together!

Personalized Wine Tumbler Gift Set

Personalized Wine Tool and Stemless Glass Set

How fun is this 1st anniversary gift set? The wine glasses have a matching engraving but the small wine barrel full of tools makes this a memorable gift for any couple’s 1st anniversary. This is the perfect gift to take out at the end of the night, after dinner, to ensure that the two of you have a first anniversary that you’ll never forget.

A Unique Decanter for Their First Anniversary

Globe Decanter Set of First Anniversary Gift Ideas

A globe decanter is a fantastic set of first anniversary gift ideas. It is the perfect way to talk about all the places you visited on your honeymoon or to use as a way to plan your next worldly adventure as the two of you sip on perfectly chilled drinks while celebrating your first anniversary.

Home is Where They Make It

Custom Home Sign

Everyone knows that home is where the heart is, but this custom sign is a fantastic reminder that your heart will always be with your significant other. You and your spouse will love seeing this sign each and every day reminding you that no matter where you are in the country or if you just moved, as long as you have each other, you are home!

An Amazing Moscow Mule Set of First Anniversary Gift Ideas

Engraved Moscow Mule Box Set

A custom Moscow Mule box set makes for a fantastic set of 1st anniversary gift ideas. With a box set like this, you, your spouse, and maybe some friends can easily spend the next year and more of your living kicking back and relaxing with a tasty drink each time the mood strikes you!

To Keep Track of Time Together

Unique Clock is a 1st Anniversary Gift Idea

Clocks are the modern first anniversary gift and this unique clock is just what every couple needs to celebrate after spending a year together in marital bliss! The base even has a nameplate where your names and date can be added.

Keep ‘Em Cooking Together

Engraved Couples Cutting Board

Are you the couple who prefers to skip the takeout and would rather make their own gourmet meal? This engraved cutting board is the perfect first anniversary gift. Made of hard Acacia wood, this cutting board will last as long as your marriage, if not longer! Complete with a gorgeous engraving, you and your spouse will be looking for reasons to cook at home even more just to use this fantastic gift.


Monogrammed 1st Anniversary Gift Ideas for Whiskey Lovers

Monogrammed Decanter Gift Idea for 1st Anniversary

Celebrate with cheers that you’ve found the 1st anniversary gift ideas that you’ve been after! A monogrammed decanter set is a great way to share your drinks a year, especially when that set has been engraved with your initials. There cannot be a more personal 1st anniversary gift to celebrate with than a monogrammed decanter set!

Wine Presentation Gift Box

What anniversary would dare celebrate without a bottle of wine? When you’re searching for your unique first anniversary gift ideas, make it an extra-special occasion by dressing the wine up in a gift box as well. This presentation box has all the tools needed to enjoy the bottle as well as a spot for you to put that special wine you want to celebrate your anniversary with as well. Finally, the lid is engraved which will easily make this gift memorable as part of your first anniversary!

A Clearly Awesome First Anniversary Gift

Personalized Vodka Decanter Set of 1st Anniversary Gift Ideas

Keep your gift giving for 1st anniversary gift ideas in clearly high spirits with an engraved vodka decanter set. Perfect for celebrating one year together, you and your spouse can put this set to work right away! Plus, it’ll keep your liquor ready for pouring at a moment’s notice! As an additional benefit, it is great for more than just anniversaries too, every time you and your spouse want a cocktail, you know you’ll be reaching for this set.

Challenge Book for Couples

Couples Challenge Book

Challenge your spouse to keep things spicy with a challenge adventure book! Never settle for a night on the couch watching television when the two of you can be out experiencing life and finding new hobbies together!

A Sign They’re In a Great Marriage

Rustic Marriage Sign

While a wooden gift idea technically falls under the fifth anniversary, you cannot wait to get this wedding anniversary sign. After all, that would be five years without this gorgeous, custom wooden sign on your walls that you know your spouse simply must have! Celebrate your love every day with a custom sign just like this.


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