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Article: 27 Best Anniversary Gifts for Him

27 Best Anniversary Gifts for Him

Best Anniversary Gifts for Him

In the intricate tapestry of relationships, anniversaries stand out as golden threads, marking milestones of shared memories, moments, and years spent together. As the date nears, the quest to find the perfect anniversary gift for him whether it’s your dad, brother, friend, or husband can be both exhilarating and daunting. In this expert guide we will cover the best anniversary gifts for him. Each gift is thoughtfully selected to be both meaningful and unique, ensuring that he feels loved on this momentous occasion.

The Best Anniversary Gifts for Him

#1 Sophisticated Whiskey and Cigar Box Set

award winner

Best Whiskey & Cigar Lover Gift

Decanter Set of the Best Anniversary Gifts for Him

His jaw will drop when he opens up this wooden gift box to see this decanter and cigar glass gift set! While some gifts may let him enjoy a stogie or a glass of whiskey, only the best anniversary gifts for him will allow him to take part in both at the same time! A gift that is this practical, good-looking, and unique is bound to make him feel sophisticated and classy each time he wants to enjoy some Maker’s Mark with a full-bodied Vegas Cubanas Generoso. He’ll feel so beloved by you when he’s using this gift, especially when the two of you are celebrating your anniversary with a drink!

#2 Custom End-Grain Cutting Board

award winner

Best Anniversary Gift for Meat Lovers

Custom Grillfather Bamboo Cutting Board for Him

Make him feel like the king of the grill with this bamboo cutting board! It’s one of the best mens anniversary gifts because it’s the perfect surface on which to chop up and season his favorite meats before throwing them on the grill. He’ll love making you some deliciously grilled foods as a celebratory meal on your anniversary! It also makes serving his meats to others easy when he has guests over, which he’ll greatly appreciate.

#3 Handsome Custom Toiletry Kit + Straight Razor

award winner

Most Practical Anniversary Gift for Men

Luxury Toilertry Kit & Razor Anniversary Gift for Him

Man holding DOPP kit

Let’s face it, guys are messy. Up his grooming game and solve the problem of his grooming supplies laying all over the bathroom both at home and when you travel with this Hayden Men's Toiletry Bag with Custom Straight Razor Kit. It is not just a present; it's an embodiment of sophistication and practicality. As one of the best anniversary gifts for him, this item ensures that your token of love is both memorable and timeless.

#4 Ammo Can Beer Set He’ll Love

award winner

Most Manly Gift Idea

Engraved Ammo Can Set of Mens Anniversary Gifts

When you have the best man ever, he deserves the best gift ever! This ammo can gift set is one of the best mens anniversary gifts that he’ll definitely get tons of use out of. He’ll be a big fan of the handsome ammo can that he can use to store accessories from his favorite manly activities, such as garage tools or fishing tackle. When he’s finished with his manly hobbies for the evening, he’ll love nothing more than filling up a personalized pint glass with his favorite beer. Talk about an awesome custom anniversary gift set.

#5 Limited Edition Jordans

award winner

Best Anniversary Gift for Shoe Fans

Annual Anniversary Michael Jordan Sneakers

Help him up his shoe game for your anniversary! Every year Nike releases new Air Jordans. To those that love them they are a luxury item that he may never buy himself. Click here to see this season's Jordans. If he's a shoe fan or a basketball fan he's sure to love the latest limited editions. Unique shoes are one of the best anniversary gifts for him because he’ll be joining an elite club, one that changes each year. Every time he wears them he will be thankful for this unique anniversary gift.

#6 Classy Globe Decanter Set - Mens Gift for World Travelers

award winner

Best World Traveler Gift

Globe Decanter Set

Show him that he means the world to you with this globe decanter set! It’s one of the best anniversary gifts for him that will simply make his entire year just because of how classy it is. His favorite liquor will look more appetizing than ever inside this handsome decanter as it sits on his home bar or dining room table. Nothing will bring him more joy on your anniversary each year than sipping a glass of liquor from the one-of-a-kind Glencairn glasses to celebrate.

#7 Custom Outdoor Cornhole Set

award winner

Most Fun Anniversary Gift for Him

Personalized Bean Bag Toss set

One of the things you love about him is that he’s a child at heart, always ready to play any game or participate in any fun activity with you. That’s why you know he’ll be obsessed with this personalized bean bag toss board as an anniversary gift! He’ll have a blast challenging you to games of bean bag toss often, and he’ll really enjoy playing with friends and family when the two of you invite guests over!

#8 Decanter Set of Men's Anniversary Gifts

award winner

Most Sophisticated Bourbon Gift

Engraved Decanter Gift Box for His Anniversary

Wow him with the most gorgeous decanter set he’s ever seen for your anniversary! This crystal whiskey decanter box set is an impressive gift set that he’ll be pumped to use as soon as he possibly can. After all, nothing makes an anniversary feel special like having a toast toward a great year together! However, if you want to make this a truly memorable gift, all you have to do is add a bottle of his favorite liquor so he can use it right away!


#9 Grilling Tool Gift Set

award winner

Best Griller Anniversary Gift

Grill Tool Set of Mens Anniversary Gifts

The best anniversary gifts for him don’t need to be just romantic gifts. Some anniversary gift ideas can be useful, like items that enhance one of his favorite hobbies—grilling! He’ll love seeing the engraving on the box, and he’ll feel like the most skilled master of the grill ever when he’s using these grilling tools. He’ll be so excited to host a barbecue for family and friends so he can show off his skills with his new tools!

#10 Give Him the Stars this Anniversary

award winner

Best Gift to Start a New Hobby

Telescope Gift Set

What better anniversary present than one that helps him get into a new, cool hobby? This build-your-own telescope set is one of the best anniversary gifts for him because he’ll think it’s so fun to put this telescope together and observe the night sky through it. The set even includes a moon map so he can feel accomplished finding each and every detail of the moon through the telescope.

#11 Anniversary Date Night In Box

award winner

Best Date Night Anniversary Gift for Him

set of meats and Italian food in a anniversary gift box

Make this anniversary date night a trip to Tuscany without ever having to leave your home with this handsome gift boxed set of Italian meats, olives, nuts and cheeses. Just add a bottle of wine and you'll be swept away to an evening of the finest Italian delights with this Italian Meat Market Crate.

#12 Custom Cigar Band Shadow Box

award winner

Best Anniversary Gift for Cigar Smokers

Custom Shadow Box Holder for His Cigar Bands

This personalized shadow box will be a dream come true! It’s one of the most creative mens anniversary gifts that they’ll think is incredibly cool. Each time they enjoy a stogie while hanging out with their friends or relaxing with you, he’ll want to keep the band and put it inside this box. Each colorful band will represent a memory or experience that he wants to cherish the memory of.

#13 Engraved Beer Stein

award winner

Most Ornate Beer Lover Gift

Personalized Beer Stein Anniversary Gift

Surprise him with his new favorite way to enjoy a beer with this personalized beer stein! He’ll greatly enjoy the look and feel of this one-of-a-kind stein, especially with the special personalization that’ll make him feel so beloved. Drinking beer will be better than ever before when he’s using this attractive stein, and he’ll definitely want to use his custom gift when he is celebrating his anniversary with you!

#14 Cigar Set of Anniversary Gifts for Men

award winner

Best Cigar Accessories

Cigar Gifts Monogrammed for His Anniversary

Make him feel like the classy gentleman he is with one of the best anniversary gifts for him that exists, this monogrammed cigar gift set! Nothing will feel better to him than being able to enjoy his bourbon with a cigar while still having an arm around you on the night of your anniversary! Thanks to this set, he can have his vices all in one hand and even ash his cigar into the marble tray, all with one hand, talk about a badass anniversary gift for him!

#15 Sophisticated Silver Shaving Set for Him

award winner

Best Shaving Set for Him

Shaving Kit Gift for Him

An incredible gift set that also makes him feel more attractive and confident? How amazing! This silver shave kit is one of the best anniversary gifts for him because he’ll feel so fancy shaving with such a classy, sophisticated set. Shaving will be more enjoyable than ever before when he’s using such a nice set, and he’ll feel so confident on your anniversary date after having done so!

#16 Wine Tumbler Set of Mens Anniversary Gifts

award winner

Best Wine Gifts

Engraved Anniversary Wine Tumbler Set

Wine Tumbler Black Boxed Set

Ensure he never has to deal with a watered-down, room temperature beverage ever again! This stainless steel tumbler box set will definitely be a hit because not only will he appreciate them keeping his favorite drinks nice and cold until the last drop, but he’ll love how sleek and classy they look. Sharing a nice glass of his favorite beverage with you using this set will be the highlight of the anniversary. He’ll never want to use any other glasses again, both on anniversaries or any other day!

#17 Ultimate Golf Accessory

award winner

Best Golfer Gadget

Bushnell Rangefinder for Golfers

There’s no way your golf-loving husband or boyfriend won’t love this Pro Range Finder! It’s one of the best anniversary gifts for him because it’ll help him out on the golf course in a major way. It’ll make him feel like a professional golfer taking this tool out and using it to see flags up to 500 yards away. He’ll love the improvement in his golf game that this gift will bring him!

#18 Bar Signs Are Awesome Men's Anniversary Gifts

award winner

Top Gift for His Man Cave

Custom Wooden Sign

Make his dreams come true by getting him this incredible custom bar sign! This handsome, wooden sign will look fantastic hanging in his home bar, bar area, or kitchen. It'll make the whole space feel like his own professional bar, which he’ll think is super cool. There is nothing he’ll love more than hanging out with you at his bar, having a drink, and reminiscing about some of their first dates at various bars!

#19 Custom Cigar & Knife Anniversary Set

award winner

Best Value Knife + Cigar Set

Cigar Box Set of Best Anniversary Gifts for Him

Sometimes, the most memorable mens anniversary gifts aren’t the ones that are super large and flashy, but rather smaller, simpler ones are exactly what he would want. This engraved cigar box set is phenomenal because he’ll really enjoy keeping a few of his favorite stogies inside the handsome gift box, and he’ll really appreciate the cigar tools that make it easier for him to enjoy his stogies.

#20 Ammo Can Set of the Best Anniversary Gifts for Him

award winner

Most Unique Anniversary Gift

Engraved Whiskey Ammo Can

Want to make sure your anniversary gift really wows him? This custom ammo can set is definitely the way to go! He’ll be stunned by how manly and cool this set looks, especially with the special personalizations on the ammo can and glasses. He’ll no doubt put the ammo can to good use, keeping his favorite cigar accessories, ammunition, or anything else he wants inside of it. As for celebrating your anniversary together, he’ll want to use the handsomely engraved glasses to have a drink with you!


#21 Golf Anniversary Gifts for Him

award winner

Best Gift Set to Take on the Greens

Mug, Divot Tool and More Golf Anniversary Gifts for Him

Speaking of golf, show how supportive you are of his hobbies by getting him this golf gift set for his anniversary! He’ll be thrilled when he sees this personalized set that’ll make his future golf course outings awesome. Not only will the drink tumbler help keep him hydrated out on the links, but he’ll feel like a pro golfer with the custom bag tag and ball marker!

#22 Gift to Upgrade His Favorite Bottle

award winner

Best Way to Gift Liquor or Wine

Personalized Liquor Gift Box

You know he’d love a bottle of his favorite scotch as a gift, but you want your gift to be so much more meaningful. This engraved wooden liquor bottle box is one of the most impressive mens anniversary gifts that he’ll cherish long after the bottle is gone. It’ll make him feel incredibly special seeing the engraving, knowing you went to the trouble to get a gift that’s just for him. He’ll enjoy keeping a bottle of liquor inside this box, saving it for a special occasion.

#23 Custom Beer Mug Box Set

award winner

Best Beer Anniversary Gift for Him

Engraved Beer Mug Box Set

There’s nothing like a hefty mug full of delicious, cold beer to make a man happy, and this set has two of them! This custom beer mug box set is a terrific anniversary present for him that gives him a way to have two hefty mugs full of beer! He’ll feel incredibly awesome seeing the engraving on these mugs, and it’ll make sipping on his favorite beers more enjoyable than ever before!

#24 Boxed Whiskey Set

award winner

Best Whiskey Glasses for Him

Custom Twist Whiskey Glasses for His Anniversary

No gift will ever be as memorable and awesome of an anniversary present as this twist whiskey glass set! He’ll be thrilled with the unique shape of these classy glasses that make him feel super cool every time he uses them to enjoy a drink of whiskey. He’ll definitely want to pour his favorite whiskey into both glasses and use the set to enjoy your anniversary with you as well as every other special occasion the two of you share!

#25 Sit & Workout Work Desk for Him

award winner

Best Anniversary Gift for Workaholics

Workout Office Chair for Him

Get him an awesome anniversary present that helps him multitask! This all-in-one bike workstation helps him get some exercise while doing some work! He’ll be blown away by the creativity of this gift that encourages him to stay in shape even when he has work to do. He’ll wonder why he ever used a normal desk!

#26 This Whiskey Sign is a Great Anniversary Gift Idea

award winner

Best Gift for His Home Bar

Unique Wooden Whiskey Sign

Get him the manliest, most awesome piece of home decor he’s ever seen! This personalized whiskey sign is one of the coolest men's anniversary gifts that he’ll be pumped to hang up in the home bar or kitchen. He’ll feel like he has his own whiskey label, which will make him feel awesome. He’ll really enjoy having his buddies over to his whiskey room to have a drink or two!

#27 Custom Poker Set

award winner

Best Anniversary Gift for Guys Night

Monogrammed Poker and Cigar Mens Anniversary Gifts

Whether he’s a poker aficionado or would like to be, he’ll love this monogrammed poker set! It’s one of the greatest mens anniversary gifts that gives him an opportunity to play some of his favorite card games with you and his buddies whenever he wants. He’ll feel so classy holding his cards in one hand with this cigar glass full of whiskey in the other. Hosting awesome game nights will be something he gets really excited about!


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Anniversary Gifts for Him


What are the Anniversary Gifts by Year?

The traditional gifts often reflect materials that were once considered rare or valuable, while the modern list includes more practical or contemporary items. However, the most important thing is to choose a gift that you think will be meaningful and appreciated by your partner.

Traditional Anniversary Gifts:

  • 1st Anniversary - Paper (e.g., a personalized book or love letter)
  • 2nd Anniversary - Cotton (e.g., a cozy robe or custom T-shirts)
  • 3rd Anniversary - Leather (e.g., a leather wallet or jacket)
  • 4th Anniversary - Fruit or Flowers (e.g., a fruit basket or bouquet)
  • 5th Anniversary - Wood (e.g., a wooden watch or personalized cutting board)
  • 6th Anniversary - Iron (e.g., iron cookware or sculpture)
  • 7th Anniversary - Wool or Copper (e.g., a wool blanket or copper mug)
  • 8th Anniversary - Bronze (e.g., bronze figurine or vase)
  • 9th Anniversary - Pottery (e.g., handmade pottery or ceramics)
  • 10th Anniversary - Tin or Aluminum (e.g., a tin of gourmet cookies or aluminum watch)
  • 15th Anniversary - Crystal (e.g., crystal glassware or figurine)
  • 20th Anniversary - China (e.g., fine china dinnerware or teapot)
  • 25th Anniversary - Silver (e.g., silver jewelry or picture frame)
  • 30th Anniversary - Pearl (e.g., pearl necklace or cufflinks)
  • 40th Anniversary - Ruby (e.g., ruby ring or wine with a red label)
  • 50th Anniversary - Gold (e.g., gold watch or personalized gold jewelry)
  • 60th Anniversary - Diamond (e.g., diamond jewelry or crystal decanter)

Modern Anniversary Gifts:

  • 1st Anniversary - Clock (e.g., a stylish clock or watch)
  • 2nd Anniversary - China (e.g., fine china dinnerware or teapot)
  • 3rd Anniversary - Crystal or Glass (e.g., crystal glassware or decorative glass items)
  • 4th Anniversary - Appliances (e.g., kitchen appliances or gadgets)
  • 5th Anniversary - Silverware (e.g., a silverware set or personalized utensils)
  • 6th Anniversary - Wood (e.g., a wooden watch or furniture)
  • 7th Anniversary - Desk Sets (e.g., a desk organizer or personalized stationery)
  • 8th Anniversary - Bronze (e.g., bronze sculpture or home decor)
  • 9th Anniversary - Leather Goods (e.g., leather bag or accessories)
  • 10th Anniversary - Diamond Jewelry (e.g., diamond-studded accessories)
  • 15th Anniversary - Watches (e.g., a luxury watch)
  • 20th Anniversary - Platinum (e.g., platinum jewelry or gifts)
  • 25th Anniversary - Silver (e.g., silver jewelry or home decor)
  • 30th Anniversary - Diamond (e.g., diamond jewelry or watches)
  • 40th Anniversary - Ruby (e.g., ruby jewelry or clothing)
  • 50th Anniversary - Gold (e.g., gold jewelry or accessories)
  • 60th Anniversary - Diamond (e.g., diamond jewelry or crystal decanter)

How do I choose a gift that suits his interests?

When choosing a gift that suits his interests, start by considering what he loves to do in his free time. If he’s a whiskey, bourbon, or beer guy that’s easy. A personalized glassware set or gift box will amaze him. If he's a sports enthusiast, consider tickets to a game or sports-related memorabilia. If he has a favorite band or artist, look for concert tickets or vinyl records. For the outdoor enthusiast, consider camping gear or a guided adventure experience. If he loves to cook, high-quality kitchen gadgets or a cooking class could be the perfect gift. Paying attention to his hobbies and interests will help you choose a gift that he will truly appreciate and enjoy.

What are some popular anniversary gifts for men?

When you're on the hunt for the perfect anniversary gift that aligns with his interests, begin by delving into what ignites his passions during his leisure time. If he has a refined palate for whiskey, bourbon, or beer, a personalized glassware set or a beautifully curated gift box of his favorite libations will surely captivate his senses. Is he an avid sports fan? Tickets to witness his favorite team in action or a piece of sports-related memorabilia would be a home run. If he's a connoisseur of music with a favorite band or artist, surprise him with concert tickets or a vintage vinyl record that he can treasure. For those who find solace in the embrace of nature, consider high-end camping gear or an exhilarating guided outdoor adventure. And if he's the culinary wizard in your duo, premium kitchen gadgets or a masterclass cooking session would make for an ideal gift. Tuning into his hobbies and interests is the key to unlocking a gift that he will truly cherish and appreciate.

How much should I spend on an anniversary gift?

The monetary value assigned to an anniversary gift is ultimately a personal choice and should be reflective of your financial comfort and the dynamics of your relationship. It's paramount to remember that the sincerity of the gesture and the thought invested in the gift far outweigh its price tag. There's no need to break the bank to demonstrate your love and appreciation for your partner. Focus on selecting a gift that is laden with significance and best encapsulates your sentiments. An insightful, tailor-made gift often carries more emotional weight than its costly counterpart.

How can I make the gift more personal or meaningful?

Personalizing a gift is the best way to make an anniversary gift more personal or meaningful. You could also include a handwritten note, or consider creating an experience that is meaningful for both of you, such as a surprise date or a special activity that you can enjoy together. Think about what represents your relationship and what will best reflect your feelings for each other. Then think about his interests and what he would love. The golden rule is to showcase the thought and effort you've poured into the gift, thereby rendering it a unique and special memento for your partner.

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