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Article: 13 Coolest Birthday Presents for Brother

13 Coolest Birthday Presents for Brother

13 Coolest Birthday Presents for Brother

Give the Best Birthday Presents for Brother Ever!

You may have squabbled when you were younger but as adults, he’s practically your best friend. Being close with your brother means you know what he likes and dislikes. However, if you’re shopping for a birthday for him that means you have to try to find something interesting after giving him gifts for decades. To keep things feeling unique and fresh we’re here to help you get the ultimate birthday presents for brother. These are unique and custom gift ideas that enhance his favorite hobbies or maybe even introduce him to something new that you just know he’ll love. So, don’t sweat Googling “What should I gift to my brother on his birthday'' What is the best gift for my brother?” or “How can I make my brother feel special on his birthday?” Because with these gift ideas, he’ll know you went the extra mile to get him something truly awesome!

An Ammo Can for the Badass Brother

Custom Pint Glass Ammo Can Set of Birthday Presents for Brother

You know your brother better than anyone else and of course, you know that he is a manly dude, so only a manly gift will do! Make his whole year with this epic ammo can gift set. From birthday pints to after-party snacks this set has it all for him! Even the ammo can will be a long-lasting part of this set that you’ll see in his house as the coolest toolbox around or the most badass storage box he’s gotten. So, surprise him this year with this masculine gift set that comes as its own gift box!

Best Birthday Gift for Brother Who Loves Whiskey

Engraved Rocks Glass Set with Whiskey Stones

A birthday is always the ideal time to have a toast with your biological bro. Make it special with this customized whiskey glass and whiskey stone gift set. This is one of the best birthday gifts for brothers because what man doesn’t want to enjoy a chilled glass of whiskey on their birthday, oh, and in case it wasn’t mentioned, this set will also have his name on each piece. That means each drink will make him feel like the luckiest guy in the world. So, be ready with a bottle in hand because you can bet your ass he’ll have you sipping from the second glass in this set as the two of you celebrate his big day!

Bring on the Billiards

Personalized Billiard Sign

Birthday presents for brother aren’t all fun and games, some are decor about having fun and games! This personalized billiard sign is a great gift that he can show off in his entertainment room, man cave, or even garage. Wherever he likes to hang out and kick it with the boys, you can be sure he’ll have this on display for every time he goes to break on his pool table or line up the perfect throw at his dartboard.

A Luxurious Custom Decanter Set

Decanter Box Set is the Best Birthday Gift for Brother

Treat your brother to a luxurious experience each time he wants to have a glass of scotch, whiskey, or bourbon with this amazing, custom decanter box set. Whether he already has a decanter or this is his first one, you know he is going to be in love when he sees that his name is on each piece of this gorgeous set. It’ll sit front and center in his home bar so he can easily share a drink with anyone who asks, “Hey, what is that awesome looking glassware set over there?”

Monogrammed Birthday Presents for Brother

Monogrammed Cigar and Whiskey Unique Gifts for Brother

His birthday is a celebration! So make your birthday present for your brother a celebration as well with this monogrammed cigar glass and cigar case. There is no better way to welcome another year on this earth than with a quality stogie and glass of whiskey and this set makes combining the two a breeze! Better still, he can easily enjoy this set year-round when he’s craving his vices or even if he wants to bring a few cigars with him on the go.


Something for His Stuff

Personalized Docking Station is a Birthday Present for Brother

Whenever he comes home, the first thing he does is empty his pockets. However, this always creates a bit of a mess, and then half the time he never empties everything in one spot, leaving him wondering where his keys, wallet, or glasses are. Make his life so much easier and more organized with a docking station. Now, he has a place for everything when he gets home, and the station even has a phone charger! How cool is that for a birthday gift?

Birthdays are a Fine Time for a Beer Stein

Engraved Beer Stein for Brothers Birthday

Give your brother the most regal-looking birthday present he’s ever received with a personalized beer stein. These aren’t just great for drinking (which they do totally excel at!) but they are also fantastic pieces of decor. Anytime a person walks into a home with a beer stein, you know there is going to be a conversation about it. Also, considering your brother will keep his stein on his mantle when he isn’t drinking from it, you know he is going to be talking about it all the time!

Sip Liquor in Style

Flask Gift Box is the Best Birthday Gift for Brother

Still finding yourself searching for the best birthday gifts for your brother? What about one that he can use to celebrate his birthday as well as on special occasions? This personalized flask gift box is the classiest way to enjoy liquor on the go. Whether he’s grabbing a few sips before going into the bar or enjoying a nice drink while sitting in a cold deer blind, you can be sure he’ll be thankful that he's got such a classy flask on him at all times!

For the Culinary Sibling

Custom Cutting Board

An engraved cutting board is just the gift that every brother needs. After all, everyone has to eat. This gift simply encourages your bro to make his own food. Whether he is into all-out nine-course meals or wants a place to chop his salad, this engraved cutting board is the perfect place for all of it!

Unique Gifts for the Brother Who Loves Wine

Badass Tumbler Gift Box Set for Brother

Give the best birthday gift for your brother possible with this personalized tumbler box set. Why is it the best gift possible? Well for one, it comes with his name on it already and it is its own self-contained gift box. Secondly, what guy doesn’t want a set of matte black tumblers to enjoy his drinks from. After all, the stainless steel will keep his drinks chilled to perfection for hours, meaning he never needs to have his drink watered down with melted ice or have to get up to get more ice during the middle of the big game.

Best Birthday Gift for Brother on the Go

Garmin Watch is an Expensive Gift for Brother

It is simply time to upgrade his watch. It is the 21st century, there is no reason that his timepiece shouldn’t also be performing a ton of other necessary functions too. Instead of just telling the time, this Garmin watch monitors his health, helps him train, sends notifications to him from his phone, it even helps him navigate topography. You know that any active guy in the world (especially your brother) would kill to have such a good watch. So, save him the trouble of a murder and give him this awesome watch for his birthday this year!

An Engraved Birthday Mug Set for Your Brother

Custom Beer Mug Box Set of Birthday Presents for Brother

Say cheers in the only way a brother can, with a beer mug! Or better yet, with this custom beer mug box set you get to make that a double! This set of birthday presents for a brother is a must-have if he is any kind of beer fan. There is simply no better way for him to enjoy a drink than out of a manly mug, especially when it is on his birthday. So, make the most of this gift set and add a six-pack of his go-to brew and watch his eyes pop as he sees the best gift he’s ever gotten for his birthday!

Bet on Your Brother Loving This Set

Monogrammed Tumbler and Poker Gift Set for Brother

There is no bonding experience for two brothers quite like one over a game of poker. It has been your monthly tradition for years, one of you hosts the game and the other brings the liquor. Take his poker set up a notch with this monogram whiskey and poker gift set. He’ll feel like his home setup rivals that of the local casino when he sees the quality of the engraving, cards, glasses, dice, and poker chips. Things just got a little more serious each time he decides it is his time to host game night!


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