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Article: 21 Best Cognac and Brandy Snifter Glasses

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21 Best Cognac and Brandy Snifter Glasses

21 Best Cognac and Brandy Snifter Glasses

Find the Perfect Cognac Glasses for You Right Here:

What is Brandy vs What is Cognac?

Looking for a cognac or brandy glass? First of all, you may be wondering what is the difference in brandy vs cognac? All cognac is a brandy, but only certain brandy is cognac. Confused yet? Let us explain further: Cognac is a specific type of brandy produced in the Cognac region. Much like Champagne which can only be produced in Champagne, France. Cognac can only be produced in the Cognac region in France.

Brandy is a distilled spirit made from grapes or fruit like wine which is distilled and matured in oak barrels. Wine in fact, is what most brandy starts as, a specific type of wine that wouldn't be very great for ordinary drinking. The wine must be high in acidity and low in alcohol and residual sugar. The wine is heated gently in a still, where the alcohol and the wine's water evaporates. Then, the concentrated vapors are cooled and condensed into a very pure alcohol that is matured in oak barrels.

Now that you know the difference, check out these awesome liquor gift baskets and custom glasses to find the right set of glassware for you!

What Makes a Good Brandy Snifter or Cognac glass?

The Standard Brandy Snifter Glass

In order to fully enjoy the complex aromas and flavors, a proper brandy snifter glass is needed to direct the flavors to the right part of your nose, mouth, and palate. The best, most ubiquitous style of brandy and cognac glassware is the snifter glass. Known for its generous bowl size, a snifter allows the aromas and flavors to blossom and build inside so that the drinker gets an enhanced experience. I love this particular brandy snifter because of the extreme change in radius from rim to base. When you lift a glass of brandy to drink, the aromas have had so much room to expand that taking even a brief whiff before sipping makes the complex flavors easier to notice.

Small Brandy Glasses for Tastings of Fine Cognac

Small Snifter Glasses for Tasting Parties

Fine cognacs can be borderline outrageously expensive. A tasting set with small glasses such as this allows you to serve small tastings of your favorite brandies and cognacs to your friends without coming off looking stingy, plus the carrying board frees up your other hand for a fine cigar or brandy glass of your own. Made in the timeless snifter shape, a natural wood paddle makes it simple to pour, carry, and serve your guests. For your tasting selection, try different levels of cognac, or brandy with several different origins. You might select spirits distilled from different types of fruit, and challenge your guests to see if they can decipher which is which. Talk about a great set of cognac glasses gift set!

Crested Brandy Glass Snifter

What makes Cognac Different?

Large Snifter Cognac Glass with Warmer

Grapes from the Cognac region are distilled in copper pot stills. Cognac is distilled twice, vs brandy is distilled once. The spirit then develops and ages in the oak casks for 10 to 15 years, sometimes longer. The Cognac houses then blend older and younger brandies to give their product a consistent and desirable product year after year. As you can see, the complexity of cognac demands a special glass to enjoy all of those complexities. That's why you don't drink cognac or brandy from a typical open ended glass.

Rolling Around

Rolling Brandy Glass

Sometimes, you’re in desperate need of a drink of cognac, and you don’t want to have to wait for it to breathe before indulging. That’s what this unique rolling glass was made for! Its pointed base makes it twist around and around so it oxidizes as it sits on the table. You’ll never have more fun with any set of cognac glasses, and your taste buds will thank you, too!

Classic Snifter Set for the Cigar Smoker

Engraved Cognac Glasses with Cigar Accessories

A nice cigar and a glass of brandy go together like rum and Coke. This sophisticated set is perfect for lighting up a stogie and pouring a glass of brandy for a friend or loved one. The snifters are perfect for sipping a warm brandy whether it's heated on an actual warmer like the ones above or just through your natural body heat. These snifters fit snugly and securely in your hand and are designed to allow plenty of heat to be absorbed to warm your drink. This set even comes with a cigar cutter, lighter, and a personalized gift box where you can store your snifters for safekeeping when not in use, making this complete set a must-have for any cognac connoisseur.

Best Brandy Glass Set

Monogrammed Decanter and Cognac Glasses Set

The finest of brandies can’t be fully enjoyed without the finest of glassware. That’s why you need this brandy decanter and glasses set in your life. Nothing will be better than pouring yourself a glass of brandy from this stately liquor decanter that has your initials engraved into the side. You’ll feel like the classiest person alive using this fancy brandy glass set, and your brandy-drinking experiences will be better than ever before!


A Set to Adore

Snifter Glass and Cigar Accessories

There’s something about a nice glass that makes your cognac taste much better. All the aromas and flavors will be brought out when you sip from this glass, filling your nose and mouth with pleasure. What happens when the rich smell of cigars is added to the mix? Well, it’s something truly amazing. With this cognac gift set, you’ll discover the awesomeness of this combo!

A Unique Cognac Glass Gift Set

Smoke Box Brandy Glass Gift Set

Give your cognac and brandy that unique spin you’ve been looking for with this glass set that not only comes with a fantastic rocks glass to drink from, but also comes with this smoke box! Now, you can easily alter the flavor of your go-to liquor in minutes with smoky flavors of thyme, cedar, or anything else you want to infuse your drink with!

Stemless Brandy & Cognac Glasses

Simple Stemless Brandy Glass

Most people don't realize it, but brandy is a distilled spirit, just like whiskey or vodka. Because of this, several styles of cocktail glasses can be appropriately used on occasion. For those in search of stemless brandy glasses, this tumbler is a stylish choice. It's smaller than a balloon or snifter but offers comparable benefits with its rounded shape. The bubble detail in the base adds a polished look.

The Finest Brandy Set You've Ever Seen

Wildlife Crystal Snifter Set

If you're looking for a really fancy set of brandy glassware to impress your boss, a high-profile possible business partner, or any guests, this is the set for you. The Queen Lace crystal set is expertly handcrafted to show off the elegance of wildlife, and you can get all kinds of brandy snifters designed with a rhino, lion, elephant, and more! You get to pick your favorite animals and build a set that is customized just for you. You'll feel like a king when drinking from this beautiful set, and anyone who sees it will be awestruck by your luxurious glassware. Only the finest top-shelf brandy and cognac should be served in such a spectacular set!

Most Unique Glasses

Unique Sculpted Brandy Glasses

The best way to enjoy your favorite cognac or brandy is with unique glasses that nobody else has. That’s what makes these sculpted cognac glasses so awesome! You’ll love the novelty of these attractive glasses, and you’ll greatly enjoy sipping cognac and brandy from them.

Hip and Cool Cognac Set

Personalized Cognac Glass Set

Cognac and cigars are classic combo that people have been enjoying for years and years. That’s what makes this cognac and cigar set so awesome. You’ll love using this perfectly sized and shaped glass to sip your cognac. The shape of your custom glass opens up the flavor of the cognac, making the pairing of your favorite cigars even more delectable. Make your most refined dreams come true with this personalized box set, perfect for all your cognac and cigar needs!

The Best Cognac Glasses for the Adventurous Spirit

Ship Decanter with Cognac Glasses

Sail away in the most awesome glassware set for your cognac available with this amazing-looking ship decanter set. Your drinks will swirl, warm, and taste fantastic from the glasses. However, the real treat will be looking at your glass ship sail in your go-to brand of liquor. This set even has a spigot to pour from, how cool and sailor-like will that feel? You won’t be able to help but want to show this set off to anyone who comes into your home!

Custom Brandy Glass

Crystal Brandy Snifter

Crystal Brandy Snifter

If you're looking for a high-class glass to sip your cognac from, a crystal snifter is the best way to go. Drinking from this glass will make you feel like a truly sophisticated connoisseur who only buys top-shelf liquor. The fine crystal is the most beautiful addition to your glassware, and you'll want to have this glass front and center for all to admire on your home bar.

A Brandy Glass for Stogies

Engraved Cigar Glass

Use this cognac and cigar glass to never again have to worry about being able to hold both your cognac glass as well as your stogie at the same time. The edge of the glass is indented so that you can easily fit your cigar in the notch while also holding onto your glass. While some people may be concerned about how much you pour into a glass, what a cognac glass is called, or what size the glass for brandy should be, you’ve got your priorities straight by using the perfect brandy glass for a drink and a cigar!

A Sophisticated Set of Cognac Glasses

Luxury Custom Black Box Set of Cognac Glasses

If there is one thing that this fantastic liquor makes everyone feel, it is classy. There is something magical about sitting down with a friend or loved one and enjoying a drink of cognac together. The next time you do, make the experience feel even classier with this engraved box set of cognac glasses. The box gives the whole set a refined feel while the glasses are perfect for a glass of Bardient or Paul Masson.


The Most Useful Crystal Cognac Glass

Monogrammed Crystal Glass with Ashtray

Enjoying a glass of brandy or cognac needs to be both relaxing as well as regal. With this unique monogrammed crystal glass, you can have both! You can easily swirl and enjoy your drink with one hand while using the ashtray and your phenomenal stogie in the other!

Brandy Tumblers

Vintage Brandy Tumblers

Apple brandy is known as a prominent ingredient in cooking and party punches. However, fine brandies made from apple are delicious on their own. It's a very American spirit as well, dating back to colonists who planted orchards and distilled apple cider. These vintage water glasses would make perfect brandy tumblers. I love the color of the glass and the embossed details.

A Whole Set of Custom Brandy Snifters

Engraved Double Brandy Snifter Set

Make nosing your favorite brandy or cognac a fun and easy experience with this set of engraved tasting glasses! Originally designed to be the official tasting glasses of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, the unique shape of these glasses enhance the flavors and direct the aromas to your nose so that you can enjoy your bourbon or cognac to the fullest. This set of four is great to take out for brandy or cognac tasting parties, too!


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