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Article: 33 Best Housewarming Gifts of 2023

33 Best Housewarming Gifts of 2023

33 Best Housewarming Gifts of 2023

Buying a new house is a big deal, and it’s important to help new homeowners settling into their place with gifts! The best housewarming gifts are household items that they need for their new place such as decorations, kitchen gadgets, or personalized gifts that make it feel like home. Some people create a wish list for what they want and need for their home, but most of them just prefer to accept gifts at their housewarming party. Personalized gifts are always good housewarming gifts, especially, because they’re more meaningful and help make a new place feel more like they’re at home. Wondering what kinds of tech gifts are best for new homeowners? Are you looking for gifts for a pair of newlyweds who just bought their first house? We’ve put together all of the best and most impressive housewarming gifts of the year!

Cutting Boards Always Make the Best Housewarming Gifts

Engraved Cutting Boards are the Best Housewarming Gifts

Cutting boards are by far the best gifts you can give for housewarming! Everyone needs a good cutting board, after all, and this handsome hardwood board is beautifully engraved with their name. When it’s not being used for preparing delicious meals, it will look absolutely stunning on display in their kitchen. Whether it’s for newlyweds, a friend, or a family member, this cutting board should be your go-to housewarming gift for anyone!

A Bottle of Wine is Never a Bad Idea

Custom Wine Bottle Gift Box

It’s customary to bring a bottle of wine or champagne to a housewarming party, but you can make yours stand above the rest by giving it in this gorgeous gift box! The lid is personalized with their name and a date, making it perfect for newlyweds. Inside, they’ll have all of the tools they need to enjoy their new bottle of wine! This simple but thoughtful wine gift box is one of the best housewarming gifts you can give.

A Stunning Decanter Set

Etched Globe Decanter Set

One word will come to mind when you give the hosts this spectacular globe decanter set: “Wow!” This incredibly detailed decanter set is so beautiful that they will want it to be their new centerpiece in the living room, home bar, or office. They will adore using this luxurious set for drinks on date nights or to relax with after work. You might want to give it to them before their housewarming party so that they can have it on display for all of their guests to admire!

Wine Chillers are Good Housewarming Gifts

Personalized Marble Wine Chiller

One of the most thoughtful housewarming gifts you can give is a personalized wine chiller! Not only will you be ensuring that the new homeowners will have perfectly chilled wine whenever they wish, but the marble chiller is also a lovely decoration for their kitchen or dining room! They will especially love that it’s beautifully engraved with their name and initial. Of course, don’t forget to put a bottle of wine in it before you give it to them!

Make Their House Feel Like Home

Custom Wood Sign is One of the Best Housewarming Gifts

Personalized signs are the best housewarming gifts! By having a unique sign with their names, wedding date, or even their street address on it, their new house will feel a little more like home. This lovely wooden sign is perfect for a couple as it features their first names, last name, and wedding date. Such a unique gift is one-of-a-kind, and is something that they will enjoy forever!


The Best Way to Eat Breakfast

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Sure, you could get them a boring old coffee maker or a crockpot, but you know what they definitely won’t get as a gift from someone else? A breakfast sandwich maker! This revolutionary gadget cooks all of the components of a tasty breakfast sandwich at once, making their mornings quicker and easier. Now they won’t need to go to McDonald’s for an Egg McMuffin every morning because they can make one themselves with all of the ingredients they want!

Monogrammed Decanter Set

Monogrammed Decanter Set

How beautiful is this three piece decanter set? The unique monogram can be used for a single person or a couple and the entire set can be used for any type of liquor, which makes it the perfect housewarming gift for anyone! Whether the newlyweds you know enjoy making cocktails together or your friend is a fan of whiskey, whoever you give this set for their housewarming will greatly appreciate it.

Coasters are the Housewarming Gift No One Thinks About

The Best Housewarming Gifts Are Personalized Bamboo Coasters

Coasters are by far one of the most forgotten items on registries and lists, especially when moving into a new house! These beautiful bamboo coasters will show the hosts that you are thinking of what they really need, and they will be so thankful that they have coasters to help protect their new furniture! Plus, they’re personalized, and you definitely won’t have to worry about anyone else buying the same gift as you.

The Coolest Decanter Set Ever

Customizable Whiskey Label Decanter Set

It doesn’t matter if the people you’re buying this decanter set are whiskey enthusiasts or not, everyone has dreamed of their own famous liquor brand like Jack Daniels or Jim Beam and you can make it come true for them! By far one of the coolest and best housewarming gifts ever, this incredible custom decanter box set is so awesome that the new homeowners will want to use it right away to serve all of their guests a drink. The “brand” is fully customizable so that you can make it especially unique for the person you’re giving it to, making it one of the most thoughtful and awesome gifts they have ever gotten!

Custom Signs are Good Housewarming Gifts for Him

Personalized Man Cave Sign

Did your bro just buy himself a new place? Then he needs a custom man cave sign! Every man has wanted his very own man cave, after all, and now that he has a new house you can help him make it happen. This awesome wood sign is the perfect way to start creating his dream man cave or bachelor pad, and he will be stoked that you got him such a unique and cool gift that will help make it happen.

Gift Baskets Make the Best Housewarming Gifts

Good Housewarming Gifts in a Basket

What is a better way to welcome someone into their new home than with a gift basket full of goodies? Gift baskets are good housewarming gifts from the realtor, their parents, friends, or even family members because they’re so versatile! This gift basket in particular is filled to the brim with tasty treats like cookies, candy, coffee, and even a cute mug.

Romantic Wine Decanter Set

Custom Wine Decanter Set

Looking for a sweet housewarming gift for a loving couple? This lovely wine decanter set is perfect! They will especially adore the engraving of their last name on the entire set, but what they will love the most about this beautiful gift is that it makes red wine taste amazing! They will love using this set to enjoy a couple of romantic drinks together on date nights, their anniversary, and to celebrate their new home together.

A Place to Start a New Collection

Custom Shadow Box

A new house means a lot of things: new beginnings, new decor, and new habits. One of the best housewarming gifts you can give someone is a way to start a new collection! With a personalized shadow box, they can start collecting things on the same day that they move into their new place such as wine corks, bottle caps, cards, fortunes, or anything else they wish. The longer they live there, the bigger their collection grows!

Good Housewarming Gifts for a Beer Fan

Monogrammed Growler and Pint Glass Set

Sure, you could bring a six-pack to your friend’s housewarming party and call it good, or you can go all out and get them this monogrammed beer glass set! With plenty of pints to go around, they’ll be able to enjoy a couple of brewskis with the bros at his place instead of going to the bar. He can also take the cool copper growler to his favorite brewery and fill it up with the latest concoction to bring home and enjoy in his new house!

The Classiest Housewarming Gift

Custom Glencairn Glasses Set of the Best Housewarming Gifts

Keep it classy with this handsome whiskey box set! The Glencairn glasses are great for whiskey tasting if the new homeowners are into that sort of thing, but they’re also perfect for casual drinks with friends or romantic drinks with their sweetheart. Either way, they will feel sophisticated and classy when they use these fancy whiskey glasses! They can even use the wooden gift box to store them in between uses or repurpose it for storing keepsakes.


A Housewarming Christmas Ornament

Personalized Ceramic House Christmas Ornament

How cute is this little house ornament? It doesn’t matter what time of year they moved into their new home because their first Christmas in their new house calls for a celebration! Whether you give this adorable ornament to them at the housewarming party or their Christmas party, they will adore having such a cute keepsake to mark the occasion.

The Coolest Gifts to Celebrate With

Custom Whiskey Glass and Cigar Case

Buying a new house is a celebratory occasion, so why not make your housewarming gifts all about enjoying the moment? This pair of cigar and whiskey gifts is perfect for any man who is celebrating his new home! He will love the awesome cigar-holding whiskey glass so that he can enjoy a quality glass of scotch and a fresh cigar at the same time. Make sure you fill the cigar case with a couple of stogies so that he can light one up right away at his housewarming party!

The Best Housewarming Gifts for Someone Who Grills

Custom Grilling Tools are Good Housewarming Gifts

Does your host love to spend his summers at the grill? Now that he’s got a new place and a nice patio to enjoy grilling on, he needs a set of BBQ tools! This handsome, professional-quality set is sure to be his favorite new tools when he’s grilling up steaks, burgers, kabobs, and more. The awesome personalized case means he can bring his trusty new tools anywhere so that he can grill at the campground, lake, his parents’ house, or even the local park!

Give His New Home a Classy Touch

Crystal Whiskey Glasses with Decanter Best Housewarming Gifts

When someone buys a new house or gets a new apartment, one of the best housewarming gifts you can give is something that makes the place a little classy or luxurious. This impressive decanter set is the perfect addition to anyone’s new place with the personalized decanter and gorgeous crystal Glencairn glasses! In fact, it’ll become their new favorite way to enjoy a romantic drink with their love on date nights or to celebrate in style with a friend.

Something to Make the New Place Feel Like Home

US State Bottle Cap Signs

This unique gift can go two ways: a thoughtful gift for someone who just moved from their home state as a reminder of where they come from or as a fun decoration for someone who loves their state! Either way, a bottle cap collector sign shaped like their home state is one of the most unique and good housewarming gifts you can give! They will love filling up the sign with the bottle caps from their favorite beers over time to make it into a one-of-a-kind piece of decor they’ll enjoy forever.

Nothing Says “Welcome to Your New Home” Like a Welcome Mat

Welcome Home Mat

You just can’t go wrong with this cute and thoughtful housewarming gift! Anyone with a new place will appreciate this adorable welcome mat and they will certainly feel more at home when it greets them every day. Besides, a welcome mat is one of the last things they’ll be thinking of when they’re moving, and this simple but nice gesture is something anyone would appreciate.

Impressive Monogrammed Decanter Set

Monogrammed Decanter Set with Serving Tray

Is this one of the most impressively good housewarming gifts you’ve ever seen or what? This incredible monogrammed decanter set is a fantastic gift for any couple or person. Not only is it gorgeous as a display piece, but it’s actually fully functional as a serving set! This way, they can serve guests their drinks with ease and class at the housewarming party, holidays, and family gatherings! Such an amazing gift will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Everyone Needs a Charcuterie Board

Custom Slate Charcuterie Board with Handles

It’s not a party without hors d'oeuvres! This lovely engraved charcuterie board and its convenient rope handles make serving and enjoying appetizers so much easier. It can even be written on with chalk so that they can label which kinds of meats and cheeses are on the board, making it much easier for guests to pick out what they want. Make sure to give this gift before the housewarming party starts so that the host can use it right away!

Their Own Beer Mug Set

Personalized Beer Mug Box Set of the Best Housewarming Gifts

You know that the host is a fan of going to pubs and breweries, so why not surprise them with a set of their own custom beer mugs that are just like the ones at their favorite bars? They will love being able to relax in their new home with a large beer, especially since they can have a cold one with a friend or their significant other other thanks to this awesome set. Their new home bar will definitely feel like a real pub with this mug set!

Good Housewarming Gifts for Couples

Monogrammed Wine Glass Set with Wine Opening Tools

How adorable is this wine gift set? Any happy couple will be thrilled to celebrate their housewarming, anniversary, and the holidays with this lovely and romantic set. They will adore the unique engraving of their initials on the glasses and the super cute wine barrel that holds all of the essential wine tools. Perfect for a pair of newlyweds, this wine gift set will be their favorite housewarming gift for sure!

Stunning Agate Bookends

Agate Bookends are Good Housewarming Gifts

When it comes to the best housewarming gifts, home decor is always a right theme to stick with. These beautiful agate bookends are a great way to add a pop of color or a decorative element to a bookshelf, desk, or even the mantle! This set of bookends will be so well-received that you’ll want to give a set to anyone you know who got a new house, especially since they come in different colors.

Spruce Up His New Bachelor Pad with a Luxurious Decanter Set

Engraved Crystal Decanter Set

Know a guy who got his own awesome place to call his bachelor pad? He needs this engraved decanter set! This incredible five piece set is personalized with his name and will make him look classier, richer, and more impressive than ever before. He will enjoy using this set for evening drinks with dates, friends, and parties as it is perfect for any occasion! It’s definitely going to impress all of his guests whether he keeps it in the living room, home bar, or even his office.

All New Homeowners Need Tools

Personalized Wrench Multi Tool

Tools are some of the best housewarming gifts for a reason! However, don’t just pick up a run-of-the-mill tool set from Lowe’s, you need to get your host something a little more meaningful like this custom wrench multi tool! Perfect for tinkering, DIY projects, home improvement, or even changing a tire, this multi tool is sure to be the most-used tool in their new home. The fact that you can engrave it with any kind of message from something funny to sweet makes it an above-average gift they’ll hold on to forever.

The Ultimate Housewarming Gift for a Beer Drinker

Custom Beer Glass Tasting Set

Moving and settling into a new area can be stressful because you have to find a whole new bar to go to. However, you can help them out by giving them this complete set of beer tasting glasses so that they can enjoy all kinds of brews in the comfort of their own home! This amazing set is the perfect gift for any beer drinker, and they will want to start hosting their own beer tastings with friends once they try out each and every unique glass.

Make Sure They’re Prepared to Entertain

Steel Bar Tool Set is one of the Best Housewarming Gifts

Now that they’re all moved into their new house, they’ll be wanting to host parties and events, so why not get them a gift that will help them out? This complete bartending set ensures that they will be fully prepared to make any kind of drinks for their guests from custom cocktails for each person to themed drinks for watch parties!

Get Them Started on Their New Garden

Set of Three Flower Pots

When getting a new place, it’s important to take note of the exterior and if it needs some work on the yard or the flower bed. These beautiful flower pots will help any new homeowner spruce up their garden! You could even pair these pots with plants already inside them or a gift card to the nearest gardening center if you want to make this lovely gift even better. Thanks to you, their new house will be a little more like home even on the outside!

New Wine Glasses Are Must-Have Housewarming Gifts

Engraved Wine Glass Set

Whether their old wine glasses got broken in the move or they just haven’t gotten around to getting a nice set, these lovely personalized wine glasses are the best housewarming gifts! This essential four piece set is great for entertaining friends or simply having romantic drinks with their spouse by their beautiful new fireplace. This set is designed to last for years and be suitable for any kind of occasion, even if it’s just for dinner or a formal housewarming party.

Several Good Housewarming Gifts in One Unique Set

The Best Housewarming Gifts are a Custom Whiskey Glass and Stone Set

Why settle on one housewarming gift when you can give several all in one awesome set? This thoughtful box set of whiskey glasses and whiskey stones has plenty of room for additional gifts such as a gift card, liquor bottles, cigars, snacks, or anything else you can think of! The fact that the unique gift box and glasses are all personalized makes the set that much more impressive.


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