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Article: 19 Badass Brother Gifts

19 Badass Brother Gifts

19 Badass Brother Gifts

Make Him Feel Awesome with These Unique Brother Gifts:

When it comes to buying gifts for siblings, brothers are usually the hardest to get gifts for. Every time you've asked your brother what he wants for his birthday or Christmas, he just says "I don't know." You normally end up going with something generic like a new scarf or some socks, but not this time! Brother gifts should be cool, unique, and practical items that he can enjoy using often. They can also be nostalgic gifts that make him feel like a kid again and remind him of the good old days when you two were younger! Unique gifts for brothers are easier to find than you think, just ask yourself: What kinds of hobbies does my brother enjoy? Is there a cool tech gift or a new version of something he loves already that he would like? Is there a awesome brother gift out there that he must-have? Don't worry, we found plenty of awesome gifts for your brother for his birthday, Christmas, his anniversary, or even for a housewarming!

The Coolest Brother Gifts

Custom Whiskey Ammo Can Brother Gifts

Your brother is the kind of guy who enjoys doing badass things, like going on outdoor adventures and then relaxing with a drink when he comes home. Your birthday or Christmas gift to him should be all about the things he loves, like this gift set! He will love having a custom ammo can to store all of his tools and gear in whether he’s going hunting or camping in the wilderness. Once he gets home, the first thing he’ll reach for is one of his custom rocks glasses to enjoy a cool, refreshing drink of whiskey.

For the Brother Who Likes Beer

Personalized Wood Beer Tote

Unique gifts for brother don’t have to be anything fancy. You can’t go wrong with this custom beer caddy! Any guy who enjoys beer would be over the moon to get his own sturdy beer carrier, especially since it’s engraved with his name and even comes with a convenient bottle opener built in. Plus, if you fill it up with a six-pack of his favorite type of beer, he’ll be even more thrilled about his gift!

Make His Dream Home Bar a Reality

Custom Wood Bar Sign

Isn’t it weird to be grown up and talking about home improvements with your brother? Whether he dreams of building his own badass home bar or is in need of some sweet decor, you know you’ve got an awesome gift to help him out! This custom home bar sign is the perfect gift for any brother who has or wants his own home bar as it makes it official and looks awesome wherever he displays it.

The Best Brother Gifts Are Those He Can Share With You

Engraved Whiskey Stone Set of Brother Gifts

Whether you’re pretty close with your brother or you’re looking for something to help you bond with him, this custom whiskey gift set is the ideal gift for him! He can enjoy a perfectly chilled glass of scotch on his own, with his significant other, or you! In fact, you should also pick up a nice bottle of whiskey for him to enjoy with this set. Who knows? You two might become whiskey connoisseurs together thanks to this impressive gift for your brother!

Unique Gifts for Brother Who Grills

Personalized Cherry Grilling Tool Set

Has your brother discovered a love for grilling over the years? He’ll re-discover it all over again with his own custom set of grilling tools! Whether you give it to him for his birthday or as a housewarming present, your bro will be so excited to try out this handsome set. The next time your family gets together, he’ll certainly bring his trusty new tools over so he can grill up food for everyone!


Bring Back Those Memories of Nintendo Games

Nintendo Switch Lite

Remember when the Nintendo Entertainment System came out and it was the coolest thing ever? You and your brother would often fight over who could play Legend of Zelda and team up on Super Mario World. Bring back those good times with a whole new state-of-the-art Nintendo game console as a gift for him: the Nintendo Switch Lite! A portable version of the Nintendo Switch, this awesome console is sure to bring your brother hours of fun with the newest versions of his old favorite games you two used to play. This is seriously one of the best brother gifts money can buy!

A Badass Decanter for His Home or Office

Ship in a Bottle Decanter

You know how you see fancy decanters and glasses all the time in the homes of rich, powerful characters in movies? Make your brother feel cooler than James Bond himself with his very own badass decanter! Designed to look like a priceless antique ship-in-a-bottle, this incredible decanter will look amazing anywhere in his home or office. Anyone who sees it will be impressed whether they’re a potential client or one of his buddies!

Your Bro’s Own Beer Mug

Engraved Beer Mug Box Set

Fact: beer is better in a mug than in a pint glass. Make sure your brother can enjoy his favorite brew in the best way with his very own custom beer mug! He will love having his own special glass to enjoy his evening beer from, and he will also enjoy having a handy new bottle opener too! Plus, the wooden gift box his gift comes in can be used to start a bottle cap collection or store his custom glass so that no one else in the house can use it.

Turn His Living Room Into a Home Theater

Custom Movie Theater Sign Brother Gift

Is your brother really into movies? Then he is sure to have dreamed of having his own home theater with plush reclining chairs and a gigantic TV screen. The first step to making his dream come true is with the right decor, like this custom movie theater sign! By far one of the most unique gifts for brother, he will be excited to hang up his new sign in the living room. In fact, for every gift-giving occasion you could give him a new piece to add to his future home theater!

The Manliest Brother Gifts He’s Ever Seen

Manly Brother Gifts with Beer Glasses and Cigar Accessories

For the manly brother who loves all things manly such as the outdoors, beer, and cigars, only this gift set will do! Whether it’s for his birthday, Christmas, or another special occasion, your brother will be completely speechless when he opens up the ammo can to see all of the awesome things inside. He won’t know which part he likes more, the custom ammo can, the matching beer glasses, or even the tactical knife! He’ll certainly be bringing the entire set along on his next adventure!

The Perfect Gift for the Perfect Brother

World's Best Brother Shirt

Want to get your bro something to show him just how great you think he is? Well, you can’t go wrong with a T-shirt that literally says he’s the world’s greatest brother! He will be so touched that you think he’s the best brother ever, and will proudly wear his shirt all the time. (Note: especially effective if you have multiple brothers).

Unique Gifts for Brother Who Likes Whiskey

Personalized Whiskey Glass and Whiskey Stone Set

As his sibling, you probably know the kind of things your brother enjoys on his downtime, such as his drink of choice when he gets home. Naturally, he will be totally stoked to get this awesome personalized whiskey gift set! He will love having a uniquely engraved rocks glass and a nice set of whiskey stones to make his evening drink better than ever before. Thanks to you, every sip he takes will be perfectly chilled and he’ll never have to mess with ice again.

Family Game Night Will Be Better Than Ever

Custom Brown Leather Poker Chip Set

Do you often have a game night with your family where you play poker, Sorry, Life, and more classic family games? Your brother will insist upon playing Texas Hold ‘Em at the next game night after you give him this luxurious personalized poker set! He will love having a brand new set to play with his family and friends, and won’t go anywhere without it!

Classy Gifts for the Distinguished Brother

Monogrammed Cigar and Whiskey Gifts

Brother gifts can be as simple as a monogrammed glass and a cigar case, but they will mean the world to him all the same! Any brother who enjoys a glass of whiskey along with a freshly cut stogie will love this handsome gift set. He’ll be amazed by the glass because it conveniently holds his cigar for him, which frees up a hand to flip through shows on Netflix or enjoy a good book. Just don’t forget to fill up the cigar case with a couple of his favorite cigars, and you’ll probably want to get him a bottle of his favorite whiskey as well!

Something to Remind Him of Home

Bottle Cap Map of His Home State

Whether your brother has moved out of the state you grew up in or has always had great pride for where he comes from, a bottle cap sign shaped like his home state is one of the most unique gifts for brothers! He will love filling up the sign with bottle caps from his favorite brews over time. This sign makes an awesome decoration for any home bar, man cave, or even just the kitchen!

The Ultimate Tool Set

Complete Tool Kit

Not sure what to get your brother as a gift? Any man who prefers to be practical will be ecstatic to receive this ultimate tool kit! He will be fully prepared for anything whether it’s fixing up an old car to repairing the dishwasher. These tools are especially great brother gifts for housewarming or graduation!

Impressively Unique Gifts for Brother

Engraved Whiskey Decanter Set Brother Gifts

Want to give your bro something really special? Look no further than this stunning crystal decanter and whiskey glass set! He will be awestruck by the large, sturdy glasses and the intricate design of the beautiful decanter. In fact, he’ll want to display his impressive new decanter set in the center of his living room, home bar, or office so that everyone who visits can admire it! As soon as he opens up his amazing gift, he’ll want to pour you a glass of liquor from it as a thank you!

The Perfect Brother Gift for the Aspiring Connoisseur

Personalized Whiskey Room Sign

Whether he’s really into whiskey or is a die-hard fan of the classic Jack Daniels, he will love this awesome sign! The perfect addition to his home bar, man cave, or even his dining room, he can finally show off his love for whiskey in the coolest way. Inspired by the famous label, he will love that this unique sign is custom made just for him!

Unique Gift He’ll Never Forget

Monogrammed Beer Stein Brother Gift

You’ve made it this far and you still don’t know what to get your brother for his birthday or Christmas? Don’t worry, a custom beer stein is a fail-safe gift that even the brother who wants nothing will love! Beer steins are not just cool to drink out of, but this vintage-inspired stein is also a great piece of decor to display anywhere in the home or office. You can make this cool gift even better by pairing it with a case of his favorite beer so that he can try out his awesome new glass right away.


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