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Article: 29 Badass Beer Gift Baskets

29 Badass Beer Gift Baskets

29 Badass Beer Gift Baskets

The Coolest Beer Gift Baskets for Beer Lovers

Let’s be honest, when is it not a good time for a great beer? If you know someone who's all about that brew life, then a beer gift basket could be the ultimate shout-out to their beer passion! Every day is a good time for a beer-themed gift, but giving them on birthdays housewarming event, or just because works just as well. It’s also good to know that the best beer baskets aren’t just a couple of random beers thrown together, rather, they’re a curated selection of the best brews there are that can take the beer lover you know on an incredible tasting journey beyond their local craft favorites. Think about the kinds of beer they love—are they IPA adventurers or stout connoisseurs? Maybe toss in some funky snacks or beer-pairing treats to round it out, too. Right below, we’ve put together thoughtful, boozy baskets that are perfect for any occasion.

1. Classy Beer Gift Set

Custom 50 Cal Pint & Ammo Box Set

Beer can be just as distinguished a beverage as whiskey. Make the beer lover you know feel like an extra suave drinker with this handsome beer gift set! He or she will love sharing a beer with you or a friend with the beautifully etched pint glasses and super cool bottle opener. On the go, they can fill up the flask with their liquor of choice or whatever he or she likes. The ammo can is the perfect finishing touch of this set because it is both the gift basket and a great storage piece for ammo or tools! This set is ideal for your anniversary, their birthday, or the holidays.

2. Beer Mugs for Two

Engraved Mug Box Set of Beer Gifts

There’s nothing like knocking back a cold one in a hefty beer mug or chugging a whole mug in a race against your friend or SO. With this gift basket, you don’t have to go to your favorite bar to do so! You and your best bud will love using these large personalized beer mugs to drink from as you’re glued to the TV where your favorite football team is head-to-head with their number 1 rival. This set would also make a fantastic anniversary gift for your beer-loving husband or wife!

3. Gourmet Beer Bucket

Around the World Beer Bucket - 12 Beers
Around the World Beer Bucket - 12 Beers

Want to give the beer lover in your life an incredible beer gift? This is it. Packed with 12 popular beers from around the world, gourmet snacks, meats, and cheeses, this incredible beer gift basket is a showstopper. Your husband or dad will be in awe of such an amazing gift for his birthday or Father’s Day that he’ll be bragging to everyone he knows about it! Who knows? He might just share a little of it with you. Also be prepared to get this for him every year because he’ll love it so much!

4. The Best German Beer Gifts

Personalized Beer Stein with Pewter Lid, Set of 2

Daily beer indulgence gets better with this handsome set of glass beer stein with pewter lid. Its robust design and classic aesthetic makes it a fantastic buy for the beer lover in your life. There’s no shortage of drinks for the beer lover who’s celebrating Oktoberfest, having backyard BBQs in the summer with family, or just enjoying a frosty ale during a football game with friends using this vintage inspired beer glass!

5. Ultimate Craft Beer Set

Ultimate Craft Beer Set

If you’re looking to blend full beer flavors with fun, this craft beer gift set is enough to fill your cravings. Designed for beer enthusiasts and casual sippers alike, this set comes with two IPA glasses and two snifters, each glass type being tailored to enhance the aromas and flavors of your favorite brews. Also included are two packs of savory beer nuts and a durable bottle opener—all neatly packed in a handsome box ready for gifting.

Happy group of guy friends holding beer mugs

6. New Beer Gift Basket Monthly

Beer Drop Subscription

If the beer lover you know is picky with his beers, then a beer subscription might just help him indulge in his favorites while offering a creative alternative to try out new ones. He’ll have to choose his beer styles first, and from there, the brand incorporates his choices along with their top picks to recommend five beers (depending on quantity of subscription) to be delivered each month, just like a surprise beer gift basket. Each drop can be changed and is customizable, ensuring he has fresh brews when he needs it.


7. A Beer Gift Basket for Craft Beer Adventures

Red Handle Beer Flight Set

Indulging in your craft beer adventures is good, but sharing them with friends—even better. This stylish beer flight set lets you do just that as it comes complete with four snifter glasses and a sturdy wooden tray for easy serving and storage. Each snifter glass enhances your favorite ales, lagers, or stouts while keeping them organized in one set. This is ideal for diversifying a dinner party or experimenting with home-brewed beers.

8. Build Your Own Vintage Beer Basket

Custom Beer Growler
Customized Beer Tankard
Black Wooden Gift Box

Not seeing any premade gift baskets that fit the person you’re shopping for? Create your own! DIY gifts are super popular right now because they’re fun and are super thoughtful. Is the recipient into vintage decor and antiquing? This set idea is completely vintage-inspired! It can include a growler, beer stein or a pint glass, and a matching engraved wooden box. Each item in this set is custom engraved to add even more of a personal, thoughtful touch. Whoever you give this amazing set to will be so touched that you went above and beyond to make sure their gift was perfect for them.

9. A Set of Personalized Gifts for Beer Lovers

Engraved Beer Mug Britannia Dimple

Featuring a traditional and mesmerizing look, this set of dimpled beer mug can quench the mightiest of thirst which makes it the ultimate beer accessory to include in your beer gift basket. It’s perfect for serving up German beers, ales, lagers, or even ice-cold root beer floats during backyard barbecues or even toasting with a stout on St. Patrick’s Day.

10. Ultimate Beer Lover Gift Set

Drinking Horn Mug

Let the beer lover you know fulfill his Viking dream with this horn mug gift set. It’s crafted from genuine ox horn, with each piece having its own unique finish. This kind of mug blends ancient tradition with modern celebrations which makes it the perfect beer accessory during medieval-themed parties or weddings. While this mug may be awesome to look at, it’s also meant to be enjoyed by filling it up with your favorite ale, mead, or beer.

11. Add Your Own Beer Cap Map to Complete This Incredible American Beer Lover Set

US Beer Cap Map

Your best friends love beer almost as much as they love their partners, so you usually stick to beer-related gifts for their birthdays and the holidays. A vintage Budweiser sign for their birthday, a novelty bottle opener for Christmas, that sort of thing. With this ultimate beer lover gift set, you’ll top every other gift you’ve given! The large USA bottle cap map will be a fun new way for them to collect bottle caps. They will love everything about this amazing beer cap holder, and all you need is to include this in your beer gift set.

12. California-Themed Beer Basket

California Beer Gift Basket

Whether the person you’re shopping for lives in California or just enjoys their beer, this set is all about their citrusy craft beer and unique snacks. You could give this as a graduation present to a college student who is either going to university in California or has just graduated from one! Any California native or visitor will enjoy this gourmet beer gift basket.

13. Tulip Glasses for a Badass Beer Gift Box

Personalized Set of 4 Tulip Beer Glasses
Personalized Set of 4 Tulip Beer Glasses

If you’re looking to add a main showpiece for your beer gift basket, this set of tulip beer glasses works wonderfully, especially if you want glassware that fits a range of occasions from formal to casual. These glasses fare well in a sophisticated dinner party, especially if you’re pairing a craft brew with fine dishes. In addition, the tulip shape of the glasses not only looks elegant but enriches the whole beer drinking experience by unlocking the beer’s full aroma and flavor.

14. A Gift Basket With All of the Essentials

Signature Beer Gift Basket 13pc set with Custom Pint Glasses

Want to give a really awesome housewarming gift to a beer drinker? A case of beer is great and all, but this set is ten times cooler! From the personalized pint glasses to the coasters with hidden bottle openers on the bottom, this incredible beer lover gift will leave them speechless. He or she will be over the moon for each piece in this set. Now, they’ll be able to drink their favorite beer with ease as well as have both coasters and handy bottle openers for company. Can a beer gift get any better than this?

15. The Only Survival Tools You Need

Personalized Beer Mug Gift Basket with Survival Knife

Your father, brother, or boyfriend is an adventurous guy. He spends his weekends hunting, going shooting, fishing, hiking, camping, or some other outdoor activity. You also know that he loves beer, and he’ll usually settle on a six-pack and some tools as his birthday gift. Step it up a notch and give him something truly awesome, like this survival beer gift basket! Simple, practical, and personalized, he’ll love everything in this set. The large custom beer mug holds about two cans’ worth of beer and will help keep his beer cold through its extra thick and hefty glass. The tactical survival knife has two serrated edges, a hidden survival kit, and will come in handy for all of his outdoor excursions. He can even use the matching personalized gift box to store his keepsakes from his adventures! This awesome gift basket is the perfect birthday, holiday, or “just because” gift for the manly guy in your life.


16. Beer Variety Gift Basket with Snacks

Variety Beer Gift Basket

Are you a fan of many different types of beer and are always willing to try new ones? Treat yourself to this variety beer gift basket! Packed with unique snacks and four microbrews and imports, you’ll be ready to binge watch that new TV show that everyone is raving about. This gift basket is also a great beer gift for anyone you know who enjoys beer and snacks for any occasion.

17. Not Your Average Beer Gift Basket

Custom Beer Tasting Kit

Diving into the world of beer means you need to familiarize yourself with not just beer speak, but the glasses, too. As any beer connoisseur would tell you, there are different beer glasses meant for different types of beer. This tasting set includes six meticulously crafted glasses so that the beer is presented at its best—wheat beer glass, tulip glass, porter/stout glass, pilsner glass, nonic glass, and stange glass. He’ll never want anything after you include these glasses to your ultimate beer gift set.

Happy group of friends having a beer toast

18. A Classic Beer Gift Basket Idea

Classic Pitcher Set
Classic Pitcher Set

The classic pitcher set—no other beer accessory will make a beer lover want to imbibe more than this. The set includes a clear glass pitcher with matching pilsner glasses all made from premium glass—a timeless choice for serving his favorite brew. This set is perfect for lagers, ales, and stouts, with the glasses complementing the pitcher by allowing the color, carbonation, and head of the beer to show through. This beer gift set is also versatile to accommodate other beverages like water, iced tea, or homemade lemonade.

19. Ultimate Microbrew Basket

Microbrew Beer Gift Basket

Surprise your boss or your spouse with this lovely microbrew gift basket! He or she will enjoy trying the unique American microbrews and gourmet snacks that pair perfectly with each one. This variety gift basket would make a great holiday, promotion, or even a birthday gift to anyone in your life who enjoys microbrews.

20. Custom Gold-Rimmed Pint Glass Set with Beer Accessories

Engraved Pint Glasses & Snacks Luxury Box Set

If there is one thing that you want to do when you get an awesome beer gift box for a beer lover, you want to make sure that it comes with everything possible that they could ever want or need when they are cruising for a brewski. With this engraved box set, all they will need is the beer! They’ll be so thrilled with your gift you shouldn’t be shocked when they offer you a pint in a toast to getting such a good gift!

21. Thoughtful Addition to A Beer Gift Basket

Monogrammed Beer Can Cooler

One of the simplest yet thoughtful gifts to include in your beer basket is a beer can koozie. The beer lover in your life would have never thought of getting one, but thanks to you, he’ll be able to maintain the perfect chill on his favorite beverage with this handy beer accessory without the cold affecting their hands. The anti-slip tan leatherette design adds a fancy touch, too. So, whether he’s out tailgating at a sports event, relaxing at the beach, or lounging on the porch, this koozie will keep his brew perfect.

22. DIY Beer Gift Basket

Set of 4 Pilsner Glasses
Coaster with Beer Bottle Opener
Wooden Gift Box

One of the best possible beer gift baskets you can give is one that you put together yourself and tailor it for the person you’re buying for. This classic gift basket includes your choice of four monogrammed pint glasses or pilsner glasses, matching wooden coasters with bottle openers, and a customizable wooden gift box. The glasses and coasters are engraved with a single initial, but you can engrave two full lines of text on the gift box! A gift basket like this suggested one would make the perfect housewarming or holiday gift.

23. Around the World Sampler Basket

Around the World Beer Gift Basket

Are you or is the person you’re shopping for a dedicated beer drinker who enjoys sampling imported beers from all over the world? This is the perfect beer gift basket! It comes with different kinds of imported beers as well as an assortment of gourmet snacks, chips, nuts, salsa, and more. This amazing beer lover gift basket will be a fantastic holiday, promotion, or anniversary gift to anyone in your life.

24. Unique Addition to an Outdoor-Themed Beer Gift Set

Stainless Steel Pint Glass

One of the best gifts he’ll never see coming in a beer gift basket is a stainless-steel insulated pint glass. This one takes the cake when it comes to being the handiest of beer accessories since he can bring this along when camping, during a soccer match, or when fishing with his best buds. He’ll never have to worry about his beer turning warm since this insulated set is crafted from durable materials that can withstand the elements, ensuring long-lasting use.

25. The Perfect Picnic Basket

Picnic Beer Gift Basket

Know someone who loves to munch on sweet or salty snacks while enjoying a couple of cold ones? This is the perfect beer basket for them! Whether it’s for their birthday or given as a holiday gift, they will love all the peanuts, crackers, and pretzels inside this set. Of course, the big bottle of Belgian beer is the best part. If you’re lucky, they’ll share some with you! This assortment is perfect for a weekend of binge-watching the new Netflix hit series with your significant other.

26. Awesome German Boot Beer Gift Basket

German Beer Boot
Nuts and Pretzel Treats

What’s a beer gift basket without a little bit of novelty? You can add a touch of fun and whimsy to your beer gift basket with this German beer boot and he’ll remember you as being the wittiest beer gift giver. He’ll also be drinking his beer the way German soldiers did it nearly 100 years ago, which is using their boot—but this time, he’ll be able to enjoy his in a cooler way. Pair this up with nutty and pretzel treats to give the beer lover you know a jolly good time.

27. Classic Variety Beer Basket

Beer Gift Crate

Pairing bold flavors with his favorite brews is this beer gift crate. It has everything he needs to enjoy a laid-back weekend or hosting a tasting party with friends. Beer enthusiasts or gourmet food lovers alike will appreciate the fine mix of craft beers along with a Jalapeño Monterey Jack cheese, gourmet water crackers, teriyaki beef jerky, and garlic sausage in this set. With a gift crate this good, he’ll never have to go out to pubs or bars for the night as he has everything he needs in this luxury gift crate.

28. Manly Ammo Can Set

Ammo Can Beer Hatchet Set

Your boyfriend or husband is a manly guy who loves beer, football, and spending his free time outdoors. He’s usually pretty easy to buy gifts for as he appreciates getting tools, a case of beer, and even new clothes. You know that he’s building you a new dining table set for your upcoming anniversary, and you want to get him something just as nice. This beer gift basket ammo can set is perfect! He’ll love having his own personalized pint glass to use at home and a flask to bring on the go. The hatchet will come in handy for when he takes the family camping so that he can show the kids how to build and start a fire. You can even customize the engraving on the set to be two custom lines of text of your choosing to make this gift as fun or romantic as possible.

29. A Tall Drink of Beer Gift Basket

Tall Personalized Grand Footed Pilsner

Designed to satisfy even the most discerning of beer drinkers, this grand footed pilsner glass set ensures he’ll always have a tall drink of beer whenever he needs it. The glassware’s distinctive conical design and narrow shape enhance the pilsner’s full aroma and taste, letting him explore, enjoy, and repeat the experience every time. In addition, this beer gift basket accessory is perfect for toasting at a wedding reception, making a splash at your next barbecue, or just making your weekend brew more special.


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