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Article: 21 Unbelievable Executive Gifts in 2024

21 Unbelievable Executive Gifts in 2024

Executive Gifts

Executives are extremely hard-working, busy people who deserve a special gift once in a while. It’s an extremely nice gesture to give an executive, such as your boss, team lead, account manager, project manager, or the CEO of your company, a nice gift when the occasion calls for it. This could be Christmas, their birthday, or maybe even just because. We know that it can be difficult to know what kind of executive gifts to give.

These gifts should be functional, sophisticated, and personal without being too intimate. These fantastic gifts are also a great way to show them that you notice and appreciate all they do for you, or to thank them for their leadership after finishing a project, closing a deal, or getting a promotion. What kind of gift is appropriate for this kind of situation? What price range should you be looking for gifts in? We’ve found the perfect executive gift ideas on absolutely any occasion.

1. Custom Cocktail Smoker Kit of Unique Executive Gifts

Luxury Cocktail Smoker Set of Executive Gifts
Torch flaming a whiskey glass full of liquor

When you’re looking for unique executive gift ideas, you know they’ve already experienced a lot in life so you need to go the extra mile to find something unique. That is why a custom cocktail smoker kit is just what they need. Sure, they’ve had various scotch, whiskey, and bourbons but never with the ability to influence the flavor themselves. With this gift set, they’ll be infusing their drinks with a unique smoky flavor. Talk about a fun and interactive gift that also gives them a delicious drink!

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2. Dante Spanish Cedar Cigar Humidor Gift Set for Executives

Dante Spanish cedar cigar humidor with cigar accessories

Enjoying a nice cigar is a time to relax and reflect on the important things in life. To make those moments as special as possible, he needs a proper cigar humidor so that his favorite cigars stay in good condition the next time he lights up. This cigar set not only comes with a humidor, but also a cigar stand, a cigar cutter, and a lighter. With the cigar humidor, he'll keep his cigars' aroma and taste at their optimal level so his money will be well spent.

3. The Inventor Fine Leather Moleskine Journal Diary

Leather Moleskine journal diary for executives
The Inventor Fine Leather Moleskine Journal Diary

Is he the kind of man who's got his notebook close by in case an idea comes up or he needs to jot something down? Then you've got to get him this leather Moleskine journal, which is ideal for the man who's the note taking type. This journal comes with a Moleskine journal and is made 100% in the USA. The material is fine grain American leather, making it an incredibly well-crafted tool that acts as a piece of unique art. The best part is, he can change out the notebook with any other A5 page sized notebook, making this a gift that will last a long time.

4. For the Most Badass Bosses

Bull Bourbon Decanter

It takes a lot of talent as well as hard work to lead a group of people. To show your boss how much you appreciate their strong leadership, get them this bull decanter! It’s an incredible gift that will represent to your boss how their employees feel about them. Just as bulls are strong and unique, so is your boss, and you really appreciate them for it.

Executive man in suit posing with arms crossed

5. Personalized Beer Gift Set with Full-Sized Mugs

Two full sized custom beer mugs with bottle opener

Even a boss likes to unwind with a cold one, so you can be sure that this awesome beer gift set will not disappoint as one of the best executive gifts. The set comes with two sturdy beer mug glasses and a slim bottle opener—all of which are encased in a wooden brown gift box. Ideal for the executive who loves to unwind with a well-crafted brew after a long day or host gatherings where a good, cold beer is a must.

6. Visconti Medici Viola Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Visconti Medici Viola Limited Edition Fountain Pen
Visconti fountain pen close up

So you've decided to go all out on your CEO gift this year, but don't know exactly what to get. If you're going all out, get him this incredibly nice fountain pen that looks as good as it is expensive. This is a limited edition pen crafted by a true artist in the pen world, Jonathon Brooks, who's made some of the fanciest pens in the world. It's made with a double reservoir power filler and comes with an 18K gold inner material, so everyone will take notice the next time he signs the next big contract.

7. An Epic Set of Customized Ammo Can Executive Gift Ideas

Customized Ammo Can Whiskey Gift Set

There are nice executive Christmas gifts, and then there are phenomenal gift sets that come inside an ammo can! This handsome ammo can gift set will cause the CEO of your company to immediately give everyone a raise! Just kidding, but they will absolutely love it! The ammo can is perfect for storing work essentials or whatever else they please, and they’ll love using the whiskey and cigar items to indulge in those vices once in a while!

8. Bradford Custom Marble Cigar Ashtray

Custom black marble cigar ashtray with cigar on it

For the executive who is also a cigar connoisseur, a leisurely smoke at home or bourbon parlor is better with this custom black marble ashtray. Beyond ashing out cigars, this is a striking art piece and elegant office table centerpiece rolled into one gift. He’ll be relieved to have this nifty cigar accessory during high-stakes negotiations in the boardroom or for a solitary, contemplative evening smoke in his home office.

9. Brown Custom Poker Set

Personalized brown poker set with dice
Poker set put away neatly inside custom leather case

Even the boss likes to have a little fun once in a while! This poker game set gives them the opportunity to enjoy tons of competitive, card game fun with their loved ones. They’ll have an absolute blast forgetting about any of the stresses of work and just have a good time with people they care about. A game night with their work friends may even be in the future!

10. I Smoke Cigars and I Know Things Cigar Shadow Box

I Smoke Cigars and I Know Things Cigar Shadow Box

Your boss may have a premium humidor that houses his precious cigars, but not this custom shadow box that he can fill with all the cigar bands from his collection. This is a unique way for him to showcase and preserve the bands from memorable cigars smoked on special occasions. He’ll be so thrilled to display this in his office or personal space where it’ll be a striking conversation piece every time a client or visitor shows up.

11. Custom Cigar Gift Box Set

Custom Whiskey Glass and Cigar 
Case Gift Set

Got a project manager who is a fan of cigars? Then look no further than this fantastic engraved whiskey and cigar gift set! It is so good that you won’t even have to wrap it! They’ll love seeing their name engraved on the classy keepsake box but still won’t be able to wait to see what is inside. This is the perfect gift for them to celebrate finally finishing a long project or even for them to kick back and relax after a week on the daily grind!

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12. Rustic Leather Catchall Tray Gift for Executives

Leather Catchall with Charger

The ultimate multitasker for the modern executive, this bougie leather catchall isn’t just a desk or home office accessory where he can place his keys, cufflinks, or wallet, it also features a sleek 2-in-1 power charging zone for his iPhone and AirPods side by side. He’ll never need another catchall for his everyday essentials once you gift him this, as it will be a permanent fixture on his office desk, bedside table, or entryway keeping all of his essentials charged up, organized, and ready to go the next morning.

13. Best Boss on Earth

Globe Decanter Set with Glencairn Glasses are Executive Gift Ideas
Executive man in suit sniffing a Glencairn whiskey glass

Considering they’re the best boss in the world, you want to get them a gift for Boss Appreciation Day that shows them that! This incredible globe decanter set is a fantastic gift idea that your boss will definitely love! They’ll proudly display it somewhere in their home to show off how loved they are by their employees, and using it to enjoy a drink after a long day at work will make them very happy.

14. Large Theodore Men's Leather Duffle Bag

Large Theodore Men's Leather Duffle Bag
Man holding Theodore duffle bag over his shoulder

Whether he's heading for the gym or has to hit the road for periods at a time, he needs a trusty duffle bag he actually likes. That's exactly what he'll get when you gift him this Theodore duffle bag, a gift that's not only useful but also good looking. This large weekend bag is the ultimate travel companion as it stores quite a lot and has a bunch of useful compartments to organize his things. He can even store his laptop in a designated padded pocket, so he'll be able to go anywhere comfortably and in style.

15. Custom Presentation Set with Crystal Decanter and Glasses

Personalized whiskey presentation set with four glasses

Drinking whiskey has a lot to do with the set and setting of the environment, and doing it just right can be a challenge. With this whiskey presentation set, he'll have the perfect environmental setup whether he's entertaining guests or clients. Made with high-quality crystal, the decanter and glass set are truly magnificent, all of which are nicely placed within the stylish presentation tray. The best part is that you can personalize it with a design of your choice. This is surely an executive gift he'll truly love.

16. Nineteenth Hole Custom Wall Sign for the Executive Golfer

Executive golfer custom wall gift sign

Is he a golfing fanatic who wishes there were more holes on a course than just 18? With this nineteenth hole custom sign, he'll be able to show off his favorite sport wherever he decides to hang it. Made from all natural birchwood, this custom sign not only looks great but it's incredibly sturdy, too. It also comes with pre-drilled holes, so he can hang it practically anywhere or even have it sit on its sign stands. This handcrafted piece is incredible and would be a perfect personalized gift for any golf loving CEO out there.

Executive man in suit attending a meeting

17. 1-Inch-Thick Engraved Cutting Board

High-end personalized wood cutting board

Any kitchen-related gift is always appreciated, even for a boss. So, if you’re looking for executive gifts that blend practicality with a bit of culinary savoir-faire, you can’t go wrong with this custom engraved wood cutting board. This stylish kitchen accessory will be the executive’s little helper in every upscale gathering—from meal preps to serving charcuterie at home or in an office setting. It also doubles as a decorative piece in the kitchen, so you can personalize this with their name to show how much you support their hobby and culinary interests.

18. Hayden Men's Toiletry Bag with Straight Razor Kit

Hayden Mens Toiletry Bag with Straight Razor Kit
Man holding dopp kit by the side handle

Keeping all his toiletries in one place can be a challenge when going to and from the gym or on business trips. Help him out with this awesome Hayden men's toiletry bag, which is an ideal item to keep the CEO in your life more organized where he needs to be. With this toiletry bag, he'll be able to store all he needs in one place, and he'll be able to do it in style. It also comes with a classic straight razor shaving kit, which he can use to get the best shave he's ever had in his life.

19. Classy Cigar and Whiskey Executive Gift Ideas

Engraved Decanter and Cigar Glass Box Set of Executive Gifts

Executives like to live life as classy as possible, so make each sip of whiskey or each pull on their cigar feel like the most sophisticated experience of their life. The unique notch in the whiskey glass allows every executive to easily hold their drink and cigar in one hand, leaving their other hand open for handshakes, refills from the decanter, or signing deals.


20. The Executive by Teak and Twine

The Executive Gift Box by Teak and Twine

Not entirely sure what to get the CEO who has everything? Then you should get him this gift box by Teak and Twine, which comes with a collage of items that are sure to please any man in your life. With a plethora of gift items, including a wireless charger, a spiral bound notebook, and more, he'll certainly have a lot of cool and interesting things to keep him productive and busy. These are unique executive gifts that will not go unnoticed.


21. Gorgeous Glassware Set of Executive Gifts

Personalized Twisted Decanter Set of Executive Gifts

This twisted decanter set is absolutely stunning, so you know that your company’s CEO or boss will absolutely love using it to celebrate a special occasion or work-related victory. They’ll feel so respected and appreciated seeing the customization as well as the beauty of this unique glassware set. Nothing will make them happier than a celebratory drink from this set or going home and relaxing with a glass of their favorite scotch after a long day or week at work.

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Gifts for Executives FAQ

What do you gift a wealthy man?

When gifting a wealthy man something, you want to focus on getting him something unique and personal rather than focus on price. Gift items that align with his interests and that are personalized are a great way to show him you care. The key is to get him something thoughtful that's uniquely him without spending a fortune.

Do men like appreciation gifts?

Yes, men like appreciation gifts! Giving him recognition for doing a job well done is oftentimes all he needs, so gifting him something that acknowledges that will go a long way. The focus here is less on how expensive or exquisite the gift is, and more on something that resonates with him. A great way to achieve that is by getting him something simple, yet personalized, like a decanter set or custom sign.


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