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Article: 19 Amazing Holiday Gift Baskets

19 Amazing Holiday Gift Baskets

19 Amazing Holiday Gift Baskets

Feel Like You are Santa This Year by Giving Awesome Holiday Gift Baskets

The holidays are the time of year when everyone gets together and makes time for family, friends, food, and of course, presents. It simply wouldn’t feel like the holidays if you didn't see gifts wrapped in shop windows, under Christmas trees, on television, or have some of your own already in the works. A common gift idea is the holiday gift basket which is the perfect way to spread holiday cheer with a unique collection of gifts all tailored to the person you’re giving it to. So, while there may not be a single answer for “What do you put in a holiday gift basket?” “What are good gift basket ideas?” or “How do you make a holiday gift basket?” You can find your correct holiday basket by thinking of the person you’re buying for personal preferences. Now, think long and hard, but the holidays are right around the corner, so make sure you get your gift before it's too late!

Whiskey Holiday Gift Baskets are For Holiday Spirits

Custom Whiskey Holiday Gift Baskets

Sometimes getting into the holiday spirit can be difficult due to life. However, custom holiday gift baskets like this whiskey set ensure that they will be enjoying holiday spirits in no time! With a few whiskeys in their belly on a cold winter evening, their troubles will melt away and they’ll be as merry as Kris Kringle in no time!

Craft Beer Gift Basket

Engraved Craft Beer Glass Box Set

The holidays are all about being extra. You go all out on food so why not go all out on drinks? Give the beer lover that gift basket they never knew they needed with this perfect beer gift set! Complete with craft and IPA glasses, they’ll feel a connoisseur each time they pour one of their local brews into one of these custom glasses.

A Perfect Personalized Wine Gift Set

Personalized Holiday Baskets for Wine Lovers

A great thing about holiday baskets is that they are often shareable. There are so many unique and wonderful gifts inside a basket that it just makes sense to share some of the amazing gifts with a loved one. So, if you’re shopping for a couple or a wine lover, make their holiday season extra special this year with this gorgeous wine glass box set. The stemmed glasses are the perfect way to enjoy a drink with Christmas dinner or to have a glass of wine while opening presents. Better still, they can enjoy these glasses for holiday seasons for years to come.

Ultimate Holiday Baskets for Cigars

Unique Cigar Humidor and Whiskey Glass Gift Set

Want to keep someone warm during the frigid months of the holidays? You can’t do much better than this personalized cigar humidor and whiskey glass gift set. When they’re enjoying a stogie that has been kept in pristine condition along with a perfect glass of whiskey, they’ll feel as warm in the dead of winter as if they were sitting next to a roaring fireplace. Talk about a gift that creates an awesome feeling for the person receiving it.

Custom Luxury Whiskey Set

Personalized Whiskey Presentation Set

The holidays are a time to indulge when giving gifts more than usual. It is the time to show people with gifts just how much you care and think about them. When they receive this custom presentation gift set, they’ll think you are the most important person in the world to them. Better still, they can enjoy this gift just as easily all year long as they can for the holidays. Whether they are having a toast for New Year’s Eve or sharing a drink with their spouse after a long day, they’ll always be reaching for this awesome presentation holiday gift basket.


For Holiday Breakfast

Holiday Gift Baskets for Breakfast Lovers

Have some family fun with tasty holiday gift baskets like this breakfast basket. Complete with batter for pancakes and waffles as well as syrups, this is the perfect gift to wake someone up with on Christmas morning. They'll be able to enjoy everything from the classic butter flavor of pancakes or waffles to double chocolate or blueberry.

A Creative Christmas Gift Basket

Engraved Whiskey Decanter Box Set

Go over the top with your gift idea with this ultimate decanter gift set. They’ll feel incredibly sophisticated after they unwrap their holiday gift baskets to find that they have this gorgeous decanter to share rounds with both family and friends. Perfect for their home bar or countertop, you can be sure they’re going to leave this set out for all to enjoy all year long.

Fantastic Tumbler Gift Basket

Custom Tumbler Basket for the Holiday

Tumblers make great gifts for everyone. Why, because they can be used for just about any kind of holiday drink. From keeping sodas cold to chilling a wine, these are great gifts. That isn’t even to mention that this set comes personalized with their name, initial, and last name on the glasses as well as the gift box, making this a unique and memorable gift for the holidays.

Must-Have Moscow Mule Gift Set

Moscow Mule Holiday Baskets

Don’t leave out people who don’t fit into the common mold of wine, whiskey, and beer. For the Moscow Mule fans, there is no better gift than one of these holiday baskets filled with four Mule mugs. Made of copper, they’ll enhance the flavor of each mule they enjoy during their holiday season.

Monogrammed Holiday Gift Baskets for Whiskey Lovers

Monogrammed Whiskey Tasting Luxury Holiday Basket

Celebrate the person with a taste for whiskey with one of these awesome monogrammed holiday baskets. Perfect for enjoying the finest flavors of their go-to whiskeys or for getting the fullest experience of their fanciest bottle, they will love the whiskey-tasting glasses as well as the Glencairn glasses. However, the box set is also complete with old-fashioned glasses for when they’re in the mood for something more classic.

Comfy, Cozy Christmas Gift Basket

Cozy Holiday Gift Basket

The holiday season is often cold and blustery so make sure they stay warm and cozy no matter how blustery a blizzard gets with this warming gift basket. This is a fantastic gift to add under the tree or maybe even in their stocking stuffer.

Holiday Baskets are Great for Wine

Personalized Wine Presentation Set

A great part about giving a gift during the holidays is seeing the reaction of the person when they tear off the wrapping paper. See a reaction unlike any other with this wine presentation gift box. You’ll need to add their favorite bottle of wine too, but it’ll be such an incredible all-in-one gift for a wine lover that they’ll be blown away. From their go-to bottle of wine to the wine tools to even the luxurious padding the bottle is cradled in, they’ll be thinking that they were at the top of Santa’s nice list!

An Awesome Cigar Glass Gift Set

Unique Cigar Whiskey Glass Gift Basket

You may be wondering, do perfect holiday gift baskets exist? Once you understand the nature of this awesome cigar glass gift basket, you’ll know just how perfect of a gift this is. To start, you won’t even need to wrap it. Thanks to the engraving, they’ll already know it is their gift, and cradled inside they’ll find the cigar glass with a matching engraving, cigar accessories, and whiskey stones. This is the perfect way for anyone to embrace their vices during the holidays. They can even enjoy a stogie and whiskey while unwrapping gifts thanks to the unique glass. How cool is that?


Celebrate the Holidays with Champagne

Champagne Set Holiday Gift Baskets

A good glass of champagne is always appreciated but it is a little bit more special around the holidays. This personalized champagne gift box is a great way for someone to celebrate an extra-special holiday season with friends and family or for them to even ring in the New Year in style. Make that next glass of champagne incredibly memorable by gifting them this amazing champagne gift set.

Personalized Mug Holiday Gift Basket

Beer Mug Box Set Holiday Baskets

If you’re shopping for a lover of beer, few holiday baskets will bring them as much joy as one that holds their very own custom beer mug. They’ll feel like King Arthur pulling Excalibur from the stone when they grab this mug by the handle the first time. From then on, every beer–Christmas or not–will surely be drunk from solely this epic beer mug!

For Those with a Sweet Tooth

Chocolate Lover Holiday Gift Basket

Snacks are fantastic holiday gift baskets. They’re the kind of gift that says, “Hey, let’s indulge this holiday season.” For the chocolate lover, you really can’t do better than this chocolate gift basket that has everything from cookies to pretzels to truffle balls! Make this holiday sweet with the perfect tasty gift basket.

Classy Cognac Holiday Gift Baskets

Custom Cognac Gift Basket

There is nothing quite as classic as a glass of cognac by the fire while the snow is falling in December. Ensure that anyone can experience this luxury with this gorgeous cognac glass gift box set. This is a great gift for couples too because it comes with two glasses as well! Make this the holiday gift that becomes a traditional event. From now on they’ll always know the holiday season has begun when they enjoy their first sip of cognac during a cold snap with this gift set.

Fantastic Flask Set

Travel Flask Gift Set

Some holiday baskets are all about the flair. They’re stuffed full of towering treats, but once those are eaten, what is left? Not a lot, that is what. Sometimes, the small and effective gift will leave the longest-lasting impression. This personalized flask gift set is a great way to carry the holiday spirit from party to party in sleek style. Perfect for any jacket pocket, the flask is easy to conceal but classy enough to show off.

Test Their Poker Face

Engraved Poker Holiday Gift Baskets

You can bet on giving a great holiday gift idea this season when you gift this poker and unique whiskey glass gift set. Perfect for playing cards with friends and family, few people will be able to resist engaging you when you show them this gift set. Add in the matching stainless steel Glencairn glasses, and you’ve got a holiday kit perfect for enjoying a cold winter night in comfort with those closest to you.


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