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Article: 37 Impressive Gifts for Brothers

37 Impressive Gifts for Brothers

37 Impressive Gifts for Brothers

Our Gifts for Brother Will Surely Impress Any Sibling!

You and your brother have many fond memories of growing up together. Finding a great gift for him has never been easy, but no longer! Our experts scoured the internet to find the best possible gifts for brothers for any and every occasion. But what makes a good gift for him? Something that is personalized, reminds him of a fun childhood memory, or even a gift that he can share with you or his kids. Family is forever, after all, and you want to get gifts for your brother that is something nice. You’ve probably got a few questions: How much should I spend on a gift for my brother? What do I get someone who never wants anything? Should I get him something related to his interests? Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of great gift ideas for brothers who game, hunt, travel, draw, and more!

Personalized Whiskey Gift Set

Whiskey Stone Gift for Brother with Custom Rocks Glass

Your brother is a cool, classy guy who only drinks single malt whiskey, such as 12-year-old Macallan. His birthday is coming up and you want to get him something special that’s just as cool as he is. You know that he’s got a couple of glasses and has expressed a desire to try out whiskey stones. Surprise him with this awesome whiskey stone gift set! He’ll be delighted that you custom engraved a rocks glass and a set of whiskey stones just for him. He’s sure to enjoy sipping his favorite scotch now that it’s perfectly chilled and not watered down. This set is definitely one of the best badass gifts for brothers who drink whiskey!

Make Sure He’s Prepared for Anything With This Tactical Survival Knife

Custom Tactical Survival Knife

Is your brother an adventurous guy who loves to explore? He’s always spending his weekends in the mountains, nearby woods, the lake, or even the beach with his wife or a couple of friends. Whenever he comes by to visit, he always has some crazy story about a near-death experience or an animal encounter. With this handy survival knife, he’ll be prepared for anything that comes his way! Jam-packed with tons of cool features such as a double serrated edge, hidden survival kit, and sturdy steel, he’ll never go on another trip without it. Whether he’s your younger brother, older bro, or even your brother-in-law, this is the perfect badass brother gift.

A Beer Growler for His Home Brewing Business

Personalized Craft Beer Growler

Growing up, your brother has always been a dedicated beer guy since the day he turned 21. He’s known at the local breweries and bars, tried all of the rarest beers, and has begun to dabble in homebrewing. One of the most essential items in homebrewing is a growler! This amber glass growler is great for storing and transporting his latest batch of beer as it has a 64 ounce capacity, a twist-off cap, and a carrying handle. The amber glass prevents UV rays from affecting the taste, even if he’s sharing his homebrew with friends at the lake! This custom growler is one of the most useful gifts for brothers into craft beer and homebrewing, especially as a birthday or holiday gift.

His Very Own BB-8 Droid

Remote Controlled Star Wars Droid BB-8

Is your brother a big Star Wars fan? Give him an incredible gifts for brother that he’ll never get tired of: his very own Star Wars droid! This adorable BB-8 is the size of a dog and can be remote controlled or will even follow him around the house! Equipped with dozens of different sounds, animations, and lights, he’ll have the time of his life with BB-8. A must-have for any Star Wars fan!

Make His Commute A Little Easier

Insulated Travel Tumbler

Is your brother always complaining about how tired he is from sitting in traffic every day for hours? Even when he gets up extra early, that annoying construction on the interstate makes traffic come to a stop for several minutes no matter what time it is. Coming home is just as bad! Surprise him with an insulated travel cup that will make sure he has plenty of hot or iced coffee to keep him energized through the long drive each day. He’ll love that the insulated cup will keep his hot coffee piping hot from the minute he pours it to the last drop before lunchtime or iced coffee chilled all day long.


Your Brother’s New Traveling Companion

Engraved Liquor Flask

Whether he’s at a party or on the go for work, your brother is always traveling somewhere. He’s a smart guy who knows how expensive the drinks at local clubs are and usually likes to keep a flask or two on hand. One of the best gift ideas for brothers like yours is a personalized flask! You get to customize the three lines of text on this cool matte black flask. He’ll love bringing it everywhere he goes as it is very discreet and will fit in any pocket whether he’s wearing a fancy suit or cargo shorts.

Incredible Beer Gift Set

Custom Beer Lover Gift Set

Your brother is a great guy that you’ve always looked up to. Since you were a kid, you’ve wanted to be just like him. He’s intelligent, charming, and always gives great advice whether you’re asking for help to ask out a crush or for craft beer suggestions. This incredible beer gift set is the best gift idea for your brother! Almost every piece in this set declares your big bro as the coolest guy ever, and he’ll love showing it off to his friends.

Throwback to Childhood Games

Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition

Remember when you and your brothers would take turns playing Super Mario Brothers, Metroid, and Legend of Zelda on the first Nintendo console? Technology has come a long way since then, and you all have your own high-tech gaming systems such as the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 Pro. Give your brothers a taste of nostalgia with their own NES consoles that are just like the one you played on as kids! This throwback gift idea for brother comes loaded with all of your favorite classics. Now you can share your childhood games with each other and your own kids. This awesome gaming system is the perfect Christmas gift for brothers!

Brand His Own Steaks

Custom Brand His Own Steaks

Your brother is a simple guy. He likes to cook, grill, golf, drink beer, and build things from scratch. He’s not into big fancy gifts such as a smartwatch or a new kitchen gadget. One of the best gifts you can give him is something that will either make him laugh or actually use, and this one does both! This funny branding iron allows your bro to brand his own steaks with any phrase or name he wishes. He’ll love serving steaks to everyone in the family with his name or a clever pun branded onto them and it’s sure to give him a chuckle every time he uses it.

The Essential Whiskey Set

Whiskey Decanter Gift for Brothers

There’s nothing like a cool glass of whiskey to relax after a long day at work. Your sibling loves scotch as much as the next guy, but doesn’t have the proper tools for a quality glass. Solve his problem with this monogrammed whiskey gift set! It comes with the two essentials: a decanter and a set of whiskey stones. A great gift for any occasion such as his birthday or his housewarming, he’ll love being able to show off his top-shelf scotch and serve guests in style with the beautiful decanter. Thanks to you, his scotch on the rocks will never be watered down with ice ever again!

Show Off His Favorite Beers

Custom Bottle Cap Collector Sign

Whether he’s into craft beers or the popular domestics, your bro loves beer. He could talk about the different types and brands of beers for hours. With this cool bottle cap sign, he can show off the bottle caps from all of his favorite beers as a work of art! It’s the perfect piece of decor for his man cave, kitchen, dining room, or home bar. He’ll love that you personalized it just for him too!

A Creative Gift for the Artistic Brother

3D Art Pen

Growing up, you and your brother were very artistic children. The two of you loved to draw, paint, and mold anything that came to your minds. Now that you’re grown, you both still enjoy art, but don’t have as much time for it. The future is here, and your brother will now be able to “draw” his own 3D sculptures whenever and wherever he is! This amazing 3D pen is an awesome set of gift ideas for brother that can create awesomely detailed figures, sketches, and doodles with ease. He will love seeing his two-dimensional drawings become physical works of art that he can display on his desk at work.

The Best Way to Travel with Beer

Monogrammed Portable Beer Growler

Your family goes on a trip to the summer home every year where you take dad’s boat out on the lake, go fishing, hunting, and more for weeks at a time. Since you both turned 21, you and your brother have argued about who is bringing the beer and who is bringing the snacks for your fishing trips. After giving him this insulated drink tank, he’ll always be the one to bring beer so that he can drink it all! This awesome growler holds 64 ounces of beer and is mega-insulated with double walled stainless steel to keep it ice cold all day long, no cooler or ice required! The perfect holiday gift for brothers, you could get one for yourself so that you’re both prepared for a full day of fishing and boating.

Customize an Awesome Ammo Can for Him

Personalized Ammo Can Gift for Brothers

Speaking of outdoor adventures, camping and hunting are both great family activities that you’ve grown up doing every year. Your dad taught both of you how to shoot all kinds of guns, how to cook outdoors, and how to build a fire. After so many adventures together over the years, you know exactly what to get your bro for his birthday: a custom ammunition can! This genuine military surplus can is perfect for holding ammo for hunting, camping gear, a survival kit in case of emergencies, or even tackle and bait for fishing. The best part? You can customize the three lines of text to be anything from “Best Brother Ever, Jeff Williams, Since 1994” to “Private Property of Roger Davies.” It can be as cool or fun as you like, making it one of the best gifts for brothers out there.

Vintage Beer Stein

Engraved German Beer Stein

Whether he’s a fan of antiques or is just a beer drinker, a beer stein is one of the coolest gifts for your brother. They come in all shapes, sizes, and materials such as metal, wood, and ceramic. Some are decorated with 3D decor of German scenes and have lids, some do not. This particular stein is a little more modern with a simple engraving that you can customize and hand-painted details. He will love displaying the mug when he’s not using it to drink a German import at dinner.


Tactical Pen

Unique Tactical Pen

Do you have a brother who is in the military or law enforcement? He’s a practical guy who doesn’t want much and is always difficult to buy gifts for whenever his birthday or Christmas comes around. This year, you’re determined to get your brother something awesome that he’ll actually like, such as this multi-functional tactical pen! Certainly not an ordinary pen, this cool gadget has a whistle, fire starter, and a glass breaker! He’ll love using his badass pen wherever he goes and will want to keep it in his pocket at all times.

The Only Way to Drink Whiskey

Custom Whiskey Stone Gift Set

Whiskey is a man’s drink, and your brother is a manly guy. He can chop down a tree in mere minutes and down a bottle of Fireball without so much as a blink. A guy like him is always difficult to buy gifts for, but not anymore! This whiskey gift set is the perfect combination of manly and classy which makes it the best gifts for brother. He’ll love the unique whiskey stones and personalized rocks glass for his evening drink.

Help Him Start a Collection

Personalized Shadow Box for Collecting

Your brother has been searching for a new hobby to start after spending the last year devoting his free time to building puzzles. One of the most thoughtful gift ideas for your brother is by giving him a fun new hobby to start, like collecting! With this fun shadow box, he can collect anything from bottle caps to event ticket stubs. He’ll enjoy watching his box fill up with each and every he collects, turning his hobby into a unique piece of decor! You could help him out and turn it into a fun hobby to enjoy together!

Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board

Bamboo Personalized Cutting Board

Your sibling has always enjoyed cooking. Since you two were kids, he’s enjoyed creating new recipes and helping mom out with dinner every night. Now that he’s grown, he’s a master home chef and the family prefers his cooking for the holidays! The last time you came over, you noticed that his cutting board was looking a little worse for wear. For Christmas, you should surprise him with a new one, like this personalized bamboo board! See the little hole on the side? It’s not just a handle, but also makes it easy to scrape food off onto plates or scraps into the trash.

He’ll Always Have Great BBQ Wherever He Goes

Gourmia Portable Grill

Speaking of a brother who likes to cook, what’s a better pairing to a new cutting board than a portable grill? Both an electric and charcoal grill, the Gourmia grill is easy to use, transport, and clean. Ideal for tailgating, camping, or hosting the neighborhood cookout at the park. He’ll love being able to grill away from home and share his excellent cooking with everyone.

Upgrade His Home Bar

Customizable Beer Tap Handles

Whenever your family wants to get together, you all usually congregate at your brother’s house. He’s got a beautiful big house, an awesome home bar, and the most seating. He usually makes cocktails for mom and your sister, but keeps a keg on tap just for you and your dad. One of the best gift ideas for your brother is a custom tap handle to make his home bar even cooler. He will love that you had an awesome handle customized just for him.

A New Way to Enjoy His Scotch

Personalized Whiskey Glass with Rock Spheres

Your brother has a set routine for when he comes home after work. He takes off his shoes and jacket, goes to his home bar, and pours himself a glass of scotch on the rocks to enjoy before dinner. He’s had this routine since he turned 21 and developed a taste for Johnnie Walker, which is also your dad’s favorite brand. For his birthday this year, you should get him a custom scotch glass and a set of whiskey stones! With these large whiskey spheres, he won’t have to use ice ever again and be able to enjoy every sip without it being watered down. You can personalize the engraving to read “World’s Best Brother” followed by his name and birthday, for example. He’ll be excited to have an improvement to his 10-year-old routine!

The Biggest Beer Mug He’s Ever Seen

Gigantic Beer Mug

Your bro is known for his love of beer. He is good friends with the owners of local breweries and several bartenders. He even has a separate refrigerator dedicated to beer! When any gift-giving occasion comes around, everyone usually just gives him a case or a six-pack of beer, but why not add a custom beer mug to your usual gift? This massive mug can hold an entire liter of his favorite brew, which is about 3 bottles’ worth! Thanks to your amazing gift for your brother, he can enjoy his evening beers all at once and be able to relax for a while without needing to get up for a refill. This awesome mug is the perfect gift for your brother for his birthday, housewarming, Christmas, or any other occasion!

The Only Travel Bag He’ll Ever Need

Handy Duffel Bag

Whether he frequently travels for work or just likes to go on trips with his family, luggage is always a much-appreciated gift. This incredibly useful bag has five exterior pockets, three interior pockets, a removable strap, and is made of extra durable canvas and leather. He can use it as his carry-on for planes, an overnight bag for work trips, to hold his camping gear when his family goes to the lake, and so much more. It comes in three colors, too!

Unique Flask Gift Set

Custom Flask Gift Box Set

Your little brother is a man now, and deserves a manly gift to celebrate his birthday! Whether he’s turning 21 or 30, this unique gift set is the perfect set of gift ideas for brother. The set comes with a flask, a pocket knife, a cigar box, and plenty of room for a small bottle of liquor. His new knife and flask will go with him everywhere as they are both useful, manly accessories that often come in handy. He’ll love having the personalized cigar box on display where he can share a stogie with your or your dad when the family visits. Even a guy who is hard to buy for can’t help but enjoy this awesome gift set.


Custom Beer Caddy

Personalized Wooden Beer Caddy

Your brother loves tailgating and going to the lake with his friends. One of the most useful things to have for both is a wooden beer caddy! He’ll love being able to carry around a six-pack to share with friends and neighbors with ease. The caddy even has a handy bottle opener attached to it so that he doesn’t have to bring one along. This is a great “just because” or birthday gift, just don’t forget to include a case of beer too!

Funny T-Shirt

Funny Brother T-Shirt

Over the years, you and your brother have given each other plenty of gag gifts and playing pranks on one another for your birthdays. One year you got him good by gift-wrapping every single item in his cubicle at work, and he returned the favor by Saran-wrapping your car. You can keep the tradition going with this fun T-shirt, which declares him as the “World’s Okayest Brother.” He’ll get a kick out of the funny gift and will definitely wear it!

Bottle Opener Coasters

Personalized Wooden Bottle Opener Coasters

Your bro just moved into his very first house and is throwing a housewarming party. He’s always been hard to buy for, so you’re pretty stumped. You want to get him something useful. Why not a set of personalized coasters that have bottle openers on them? Throw in a case of beer or a set of matching glasses to make it a complete gift! Thanks to your great gifts for your brother, he won’t have to search for a bottle opener ever again and all of his guests will have their own to use while also protecting his new furniture.

The Manliest Personalized Gift You Can Give

Engraved Hatchet

Your sibling is not an actual lumberjack, but he might as well be for how manly and awesome he is! He can easily chop down a tree by hand, build anything from a deck to a treehouse, and is a master at most outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing. He usually gets tools, supplies, and gear as gifts from the family for his birthday and Christmas. This year, you want to give him something special. Certainly not your ordinary axe, this custom engraved hatchet is the perfect gift idea for your brother! Made of razor sharp steel and coated with a rust-resistant matte black finish, you can engrave up to three lines of text of your choosing right on the blade. How cool is that? He can take this useful tool along when he goes camping to chop up wood for a campfire or even utilize it for clearing branches in the backyard.

Custom Beer Gift Set

Personalized Beer Glasses and Bottle Opener

Your little brother is graduating college soon and you have no idea what to get him to celebrate his graduation! He’s just turned 21, but hasn’t had much time in his senior year to do much drinking and partying with his friends. One of the best graduation gifts for brothers is this custom beer gift set! He’ll love the ease of using the wall-mounted bottle opener and having two pint glasses to share a beer with you or a friend. Thanks to you, he can start his home bar when he graduates.

A Place to Store His Cigars

Personalized Cigar Box for Your Brother

Your dad introduced you and your brother to cigars when you turned 18, and have enjoyed smoking them together ever since. The three of you have favorite cigar lounges and are well versed in the differences between each brand. One of the best gifts for your brother is this awesome cigar box! Now he’ll have a proper place to store his stogies. Whenever you or dad comes over to his place, he can easily grab a couple for you two to enjoy during your visit. You could get a custom cigar box for yourself and your dad, too, so that the three of you each have one!

Nerdy Tool Set for Him

Thor Tool Set

Since the first Iron Man movie in 2008, your brother has been to every single Marvel movie premiere and even watched the Avengers double feature of Infinity War and Endgame when the final movie was released. Over the years, you’ve gotten him first printings of the Avengers comics, attended Comic-Con with him dressed as Thor and Loki, and debated endlessly about which Avengers could beat each other in a fight. For his birthday this year, give him this awesome Thor tool set! The toolbox looks just like his trusty hammer, Mjolnir, and comes with a 44-piece tool set: a hammer of course, ratchets, screwdrivers, pliers, tape measure, wrench, knife, tool bits, and more.

Monogrammed Set of Whiskey Glasses

Set of Four Monogrammed Whiskey Glasses

Your brother is a distinguished gentleman who appreciates fine liquors. The best gift you ever received from him was a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label one year for Christmas. This year, you want to find him a nice set of whiskey glasses to drink from that he can use for formal dinners with family as well as casual visits from you. Look no further than these handsome monogrammed double old-fashioned glasses as the most awesome gift ideas for your brother! The unique square-shaped base makes them easy to hold and they beautifully reflect the colors of the whiskey inside. He’ll love using these handsome personalized glasses all the time!

A Gift for His Whole Family to Enjoy

Personalized Bean Bag Toss Game for Brother and His Family

You’re the favorite uncle of your brother’s kids, and your wife gets on famously with your sister-in-law. Your two families often visit and your kids love playing together. Surprise your brother and his family with a fun game that everyone can play together! Bean bag toss is an easy, fun game that’s perfect for anyone of any age to play. You can play indoor or outdoor, winter or summer. The two boards are even engraved with your brother’s name! He and his family will love playing the game for years to come and it’s sure to become a tradition at family reunions.

Unique Gift Set for the Gun-Loving Bro

Custom Bullet Whiskey Stones with Whiskey Glasses

Since you both were old enough to handle a gun, your dad taught you two how to hunt and go skeet shooting. Now that you’re grown, you both have been in your share of shooting competitions and own several firearms. When the holidays come around, you usually get each other ammo or gun parts. This year, however, you want to change it up a bit and get him something unique, like this whiskey gift set! The stainless steel bullet whiskey stones will give him a chuckle whenever he uses them to chill his scotch. The perfect gift for a brother who loves guns, the two of you can enjoy a glass of whiskey together after going shooting with this set.

Custom Tailored Wardrobe Just for Him

Stitch Fix Subscription

Men often dislike shopping for clothes and leave their wardrobe choices up to their spouses or mothers. StitchFix has changed the game! Your brother will have an entirely new look thanks to their personal Stylist, who picks out a variety of clothes and accessories for him. Then, the items are shipped to him and he gets to choose from those items what he wants to keep and sends back what he doesn’t. It’s that easy! He gets to choose the price range, specific styles and fits, and more to get a totally customized shopping experience. He’ll be so stylish, you’ll want a subscription for yourself!

The Perfect Game of Thrones Gift for Your Brother

Gold Rimmed Game of Thrones Glass

You and your brother read A Song of Ice and Fire years before it was adapted into the HBO show Game of Thrones. Together, you watched every new episode up over its 8 year run from the first one in 2011 to the last one in 2019. In between every Sunday, you discussed the possibilities of the next episode and various theories floating around the internet. Now that the show is over, you should give your brother something to remember the good times of watching the show together like this pint glass! Engraved with Tyrion’s famous quote “I Drink and I Know Things” and signed with your brother’s name, this regal gold-rimmed glass is fit for a Lannister. He’s sure to love it!


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