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Article: 23 Remarkable Gifts for College Guys

23 Remarkable Gifts for College Guys

23 Remarkable Gifts for College Guys

Amazing Gifts for College Guys They'll Enjoy Even After They Graduate

College is the most exciting, transitional time in a person’s life. Whatever your student is interested in, we have a ton of amazing gifts for college guys that will make their life on campus a lot easier and more fun. Not sure what kind of gifts a college guy would need or want? Need cool gifts for young guys? Struggling to find a gift for a college man that doesn't want anything? It doesn’t matter if they’re a freshman or in grad school, we’ve found something for everyone.

A Flask Meant to Share

Flask with 4 Shot Glasses

Some people might say the most important tool to have in college is a laptop. But that’s the case. College is all about building connections and that’s why your guy is going to need his own engraved flask set. Being able to take his flask anywhere and easily share a shot with his friends is what makes this an awesome gift for college guys. This set even comes with a classy way to store the flask so they don’t have to worry about stashing it anywhere.

Class Up the Dorm Room with a Decanter Set

Custom Decanter Perfect for any College Guys Room

College is meant to be the first real transition into adulthood. And adults don’t just do pulls off a bottle of whiskey. They pour their whiskey into a decanter, so it looks even better than it does in the same bottle everyone else gets from the liquor store. That’s what makes this one of the best gifts for college guys. It blends that hint of adulthood with all the fun of college. It even comes with a set of proper rocks glasses, so he and all his friends have a drink already in hand as they debate what drinking game to play.

Display his Beer Loyalty

Beer Cap Map Gifts are Great for College Men

Most college students put empty liquor bottles above their kitchen mantling. But your college student has never been one to follow the crowd. That’s why he’ll love this beer cap map of the United States. He’ll be able to collect the beer caps from his favorite new beers or from beers he drank on an especially great tonight and he wants to cherish the memories. Whatever he chooses, he’ll love filling up this affordable gift for men. Plus, you know he will love the way it looks in his place once it is full!

Modern Cocktail Glass for the Modern College Guy

Stainless Steel Cocktail Glass

When someone is in university that’s where they acquire a wealth of knowledge that will serve them for the rest of their lives. For instance, what’s inside a Long Island Iced Tea? Do you need actual crushed mint to make an authentic mojito? Put your college student a step ahead of the game with this stainless steel cocktail glass. They’ll be able to learn all the answers to those key questions while drinking from a glass that will keep any cocktail cool for hours on end. Plus, it definitely looks cooler than anything their friends will be drinking out of.

The Manliest Gift to Prepare Your College Guy

Custom Ammo Can with Axe, Knife, and Cigar Flask

When you’re in college, you need something that sets yourself apart. Now, we’re not suggesting you get them a snake and have them be that weird guy that walks around the quad with a reptile around their neck. Instead, get a manlier gift for college guys like this .50 caliber ammo box. It’s packed to the gills with cool stuff. It has a liner lock knife for taking care of anything that needs to be quickly reworked in their college home. It has an axe so they can get the tougher tasks done when they need a break from staring at textbooks. And they can even celebrate with a cigar and a shot of liquor when they ace their finals. There’s really no other gift like this out there.


Clever & Stylish Way to Hide his Drinks

Brown ManTable

He’s moving into his own home for the first time. He needs furniture. Why not get him that will look amazing in any room and is a hidden minifridge? This Man Table will keep their favorite drinks hidden from any prying roommates, give them a quick boost to start their day in the morning, and let them keep exactly what they need close by after they pass out for the night.

Dual Drink Dispenser

Backpack Dispenser

Part of the college tradition is spending time tailgating. Some people camp out for days to get the perfect spot. Now, your guy won’t have to waste his Friday’s alone sitting in a lawn chair waiting for the tent cover to arrive. He’ll be the walking tailgate with this dual tank backpack drink dispenser. People will flock to him as he serves whatever drinks he has inside. He could have whiskey in one and a cocktail in the other. It’s whatever he wants. He could even fill one with orange juice and the other with vodka to be a walking screwdriver. Whatever he chooses, it will certainly make him the big man on campus.

Beer Essential Gift for College Guys

Beer Box Set with Mugs and Bottle Opener

Beer chugging contests are born and bred on college campuses. Give your college a guy a leg on the competition with his own beer gift set. No one else in his frat house or college apartments is going to have their own personalized beer set. Soon enough people will be flocking to him asking for beer advice, beer pong tips, and soon enough life advice. He’ll become a sage like oracle all thanks to this gift that lets him have a little fun. You can fine even more gifts that he'll love using after graduation right here.

Get a Full Meal In Your Dorm

He’s not going to survive college eating microwave ramen by itself. Give him a fighting chance to actually have full, delicious meals without breaking the bank with an induction cooktop. He can actually make eggs and pancakes in his own dorm room. For lunch he can have hamburgers. If even has a little bit of cash lying around at the end of the month and feels like treating himself he could make a steak. Food is the fuel for success and that’s what makes this an amazing gift for college guys.

The Only Whiskey Glass He'll Need

A Whiskey Glass Gift for Every College Guy

When you’re in your twenties you’re way too young to swear by just one kind of spirit. It’s time for your college student to experience the world through different flavors. That’s where these custom Benson rocks glasses come into play. They’re designed to be the perfect glasses for neat liquor, cocktails, or drinks on the rocks. With a set of 4, this gift for college guys will give them an education you can’t buy with tuition dollars.


Insulated Stainless Steel Growler

Black Growler with a Travel Cup for College Men

The college lifestyle isn’t meant to be sedentary. Your guy is always going to be on the go. Whether he’s shuttling between classes, house parties, or just trying to catch the bus to campus, he’s going to need a drink by his side. This growler stands out from your standard fare because it comes with a twist off cup. He’ll always be able to pour hot coffee into it as he gets through a long day in class or some cold beer when he’s relaxing at a house party.

Legendary Whiskey Stones

Bullet Whiskey Stones with Bullet Bottle Opener & Rocks Glass

Legends are born on college campuses. Sometimes it’s for scholastic impossibilities, other times it’s for putting a horse in the Dean’s office. Now you get one of those great gifts for college guys that will propel their legend by the time they put on the cap and gown. No one else is going to be able to pop open beers with a .50 caliber bullet bottle opener, chill their drinks with bullet whiskey stones, are carry around set that details their legendary to anyone that glances their way.

Get a Wine Education

Modern Wine Aerator

College is a time where you expand your palate. Box wine opens up an entire new world. Students learn what it means to slap the bag. They actually learn that the “t” in Merlot in silent. Now they can really show their studio art major friends how to elevate any kind of wine they drink with this stylish decanter. It will enrich the taste and enrich their life.

The Essential College Cookbook for Guys

The Hungoevr Cookbook

Some mornings, or afternoons, he’ll roll out of bed with a pounding headache from having a little too much fun the night before. He won’t want to think, but his stomach will be growling. That’s where the hungover cookbook comes into play. It will teach how to reach into his pantry to find ingredients that almost every college guy tends to have lying around and how to turn them into a dish that will cure any kind of hangover.

Upgrade His Posters

Personalized Wooden Man Cave Sign

Every college guy’s room is covered with an abundance of posters. It doesn’t matter if it’s their dorm, college apartment, or frat house. Don’t let the place where your college guy is going to spend most of his time just be another forgettable space. Get him a Famous Whiskey custom sign. It will love replacing one of his sun-stained posters with this sign and it will give his space just the slightest touch of adulthood that any guests will be bound to appreciate.

One Drinking Game to Rule Them All

Beeropoly Board Game

Trying to pick which drinking game to play can take up almost as much time as the game itself. It should never be that. Especially in college when you finally get a chance to close the textbook. That’s what makes Beeropoly the only real gift for college guys. Does he like 2 Truths & A Lie? Thumbmaster? Never Have I Ever? This game has it all every single time you play. It’s the only drinking game of choice for any college student.

Essential Ice Luge for All College Parties

Dual Ice Luge is a College Gift for Guys to Remember

No party beats a college party. Not a birthday party. Not a shindig. Not a hootenanny. Not a box social. But a college party needs that special something to make it memorable. That’s where this party ice luge comes in. There isn’t a more fun way to take shots. Your college student can even race someone with dual ramps to create awesome bonding moments while rapidly consuming chilled booze.

Always Keep His Phone Charged

Belkin Portable Charger

Having a working smartphone while in college is arguably more important than even making sure you have your textbooks. Not only is it his lifeline back home and for his social world, but it also keeps in the loops on campus events and is the primary way he stays up to date with the latest changes and reminders happening in each of his glasses. That’s why it’s a necessity that it always has enough power to get him through his long days. An external charger, made by Belkin, will ensure he gets the most out of his college experience.

Flask for Future Educators

Stainless Steel Flask Gift for College Students Majoring in Education

Education majors are one of the fastest growing across all universities. They also have a course load like no other as they try to get an education in the classroom and learn classroom management. That’s why they’ll appreciate this flask detailing why they drink. It’s perfect for them to make an impromptu mix drink when they get a breather from studying. It will be a welcome sight even when they get their own classroom.

Ceramic Beer Stein

Monogrammed Beer Stein

Beer goes beyond the can when you’re in college. It’s time for your college dude to be the toastmaster with his own ceramic beer stein. There’s no other gift for college guys like this when they’re bro-ing down and having a few brewskis. It’s exactly what they need when they’re pregaming before they go out, are celebrating Thirsty Thursday, or the end to another successful semester.

Bike to Get Around Campus

Schwinn Bicycle

Every college needs a bicycle. It’s the best mode of transportation to get across campus without sprinting across camping, papers flying everywhere, desperately gasping for air. This stylish Schwinn bike ensures they won’t have to huff it from the South Oval to the North Oval in record time to make it to class on time. It also gives them the freedom to explore their new college town without feeling like they’re trapped on campus at all times. This is a gift for college guys that gives them a sense of freedom they won’t experience with anything else.

Insulated Coffee Tumbler

Personalized Black Coffee Tumbler

Name a study session that didn’t involve coffee. It can’t be done. That’s why college campuses are littered with coffee shops. It’s what fuels entire universities. That’s what makes this insulated coffee tumbler one of the best gifts for college guys. It doesn’t matter if they’re a freshman or in grad school, this is what it takes to get an “A” on their test or pull an all-nighter to write that ten-page paper.

Refined Whiskey Cigar Glass Gift

Customized Whiskey Cigar Glass

A guy’s love of poker begins during their college years. Five Card Draw, Seven Card Stud, and Texas Hold ‘Em are played across college campuses every single day. Wherever they’re playing a bottle of whiskey and cigars are always within reach. That’s why he needs this whiskey cigar glass holder. He’ll be able to enjoy his favorite whiskey and cigar in one cool glass. That way he’ll still have a free hand to rake in his big pot of winnings at the end of the night.


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