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Article: 21 Best Father's Day Gifts for 2023

21 Best Father's Day Gifts for 2023

21 Best Father's Day Gifts for 2023

Showing dad that you care goes well beyond words, hugs, high-fives, and horsing around. But now that you are no longer under the same roof, giving him a keepsake that reminds him of you is the next best thing to time spent together. So what are some of the best gift ideas for fathers? Is it possible to find all of the best gifts for father's day in one place? If so, how do you decide what is the right gift for dad? What separates the best from good Father's Day gifts? In order to help make your search easy, here are 21 of the best father day gifts for 2023, all of which will offer some sentimental value to the man who raised you up right.

1. Personalized Wall Plaques - for the Creative Man of the House

Custom Sign Gift Idea for Father's Day

Stellar buying options rest around every corner, but when it comes to giving your father something special, nothing compares to a personalized dad sign with his children’s names on it. We recommend getting something made of sturdy wooden materials that can be inscribed with more than one name in case siblings are part of the pack. A father’s day gift from all of you is sure to make your old man proud, and will forever serve as a reminder of his greatest accomplishment in life.

2. Insulated Pint Glasses - for the Practical Father Figure

Personalized Pint Glass for the Dad Who Loves Beer

Glass is so 2022. Upon receiving his custom stainless steel pint, with its vacuum-sealed, double walled insulation, you can rest assured that the only item in the kitchen cabinet he’ll be reaching for will be your father’s day gift. With the ability to keep beverages either hot or cold for up to 4 hours, and custom inscriptions for up to four children's birthdays scrawled down the side, personalized drinking glasses have entered a new era of amazing.

3. Give Him Grill Lights to Light-up the Night

Solar Grill Light Gift Idea for Fathers

Dads treat manning the grill like a time-honored tradition, because… well… that’s precisely what it is. Give the guy who has love for grilling the best father’s day gifts imaginable, by surprising him with tools that are just as hardcore about charcoal as he is. There are a multitude of reasons why you should consider a good quality solar grill light as a father’s day gift this year. Just be sure that it’s salt water resistant, has at least 4 hours of life once fully charged, and never requires battery replacement. Also, always opt for something tall (at least 18-inches) for increased dexterity, and make sure that the clamp end of the lamp can open an inch or more for multiple mounting options.

4. Multi-Purpose Bottle Openers - for Dads Who Love Beer

Magnet Bottle Opener

Dad always told you to “work smarter, not harder,” and now it’s time to return the favor for that little gem of wisdom. A magnetized bottle opener that doubles as a cap catcher is just what he needs when Father’s Day 2023 rolls around, and here’s why. Rocking a beer cap backing made from natural acacia wood, bottle openers like these pack massive magnets just below the surface for hidden, hardware-free mounting. That means everything from tool chests and refrigerators, to the bed of a pickup truck can now be turned into a bottle opener, with the same magnet snagging bottle caps as they fall! Make it 100% his with a customized engraving to remind him of the kid who loves him most. This has got to be one of the best Father's Day beer gifts ever!

5. Grill Tool Sets - for Guys Who Like to Golf

Grill Tool Gift Set for Golfers on Father's Day

Whereas the aforementioned solar grill light is a gift any guy can appreciate, it takes a man with… ahem… golf balls to truly revel in this next father’s day gift idea. Featuring leisure sport inspired stainless utensils like a club replica spatula and golf ball shaped tongs, as well as a grill scraper, a silicone basting brush, a meat fork, and a bag to put them all in, this golf set for men who grill is sure to make his list of best father’s day gifts ever.

6. Cocktail Mixing Tools - for Men Who Love Mixology

Mixologist Tools Father's Day Gift Set

A top-tier bar tool set can be just as indispensable as any socket set or screw gun if it is made from the right materials and gifted to the right guy. Dad deserves the best, so why not give him one of the most useful father’s day gifts for amateur mixologists? Change thing up a bit by skipping the inexpensive, mass-produced metal look and opt for a hammered stainless steel bar set like the one pictured here instead.


7. Cigar and Alcohol Canteen - for Fathers Who Prefer Flasks

Personalized Cigar and Liquor Flask for Dad

Remember that time dad was determined to smoke a stogie in -5 degree weather and he came back looking just as cheerful as Santa Claus on Christmas Eve? Chances are he probably had a flask tucked inside his coat pocket and you just didn’t know it at the time. Give him the best of both worlds this father’s day with a personalized drinking flask with a pewter crest on it that also doubles as a cigar protector, and then top it off with his favorite cigars and liquor for an added finishing touch.

8. Shotgun Shell Coasters - for Dad's Who Love to Hunt

shotgun shell coasters for hunters

Over-sized 12-gauge shotgun shell coasters have to be one of the most unique present ideas for Father’s Day 2023. Made out of stone and then hand-painted, coasters like these don’t come around that often and can be stored in a holder that resembles the casing of a shotgun shell. Having anti-slip grip padding on the bottom is a touch to look for too, as it prevents both marring and skidding.

9. Personalized Liquor Decanter and Glass Set

Engraved Liquor Gift Set for Veteran Dads

If your father ever served in the military then this American military liquor gift set is right up his alley. Showcasing four 11.5-ounce glasses and a 26-ounce decanter, this set is ideal for any veteran dad once engraved with their military stats and an American flag.

10. Campfire Fishing Rods - Help Dad Tackle the Great Outdoors

Campfire fishing pole tool gift idea for father's day

He may not know it yet, but a fishing rod roasting stick is the perfect father’s day gift for the guy who taught you how to camp and fish. Complete with a stainless steel line, roasting hooks, and a heat resistant wooden handle, it’s the gift that puts the “fun” in the word functional. Engineered to last, this is the sort of silly gift that actually makes sense, making it one of our top picks for best father’s day gifts of 2023.

11. Toilet Mugs - for the King's Morning Routine

Funny Toilet Mug for Dad

Regardless of whether your dad is a plumber or just spends entirely too much time in the bathroom, this ceramic toilet mug is a guaranteed way to make him laugh. Brandishing a mug that holds up to 12-ounces of liquid or solids is a fun alternative to the norm for dad that is guaranteed to gross mom out in the process.

12. Give Him Engraved Whiskey Stone Sets

whiskey stone set for dad

Some guys don’t like having their alcohol watered down, but still prefer the smoothness associated with tossing liquor on the rocks. By giving dad a set of whiskey stones this year as father’s day gifts, you are offering him the chance to have the best of both worlds. Handcrafted out of granite and wood, and accompanied by a complementary duo of whiskey glasses, this whiskey rocks set is of particularly good value and can be engraved for a modest fee for additional sentimental value.

13. Bacon Racks - for Dads Who Prefer an Open Flame

Bacon Cooker for Dads Who Grill

So the grill is lit and the burgers are about to go on, but dad has to suddenly put everything on hold because frying bacon on an open grill is a four alarm fire waiting to happen. Eliminate the need to rush inside and fry bacon on the stove with a grill-friendly bacon tray! With its deep pocket collecting whatever fat may fall, and a raised rack allowing up to six strips of bacon to be crisped and smoked at one time, this dishwasher safe stainless contraption is a must for any pork loving patriarch.


14. Engraved Cornhole Sets for Him

Custom Cornhole Bean Bag Set father's day gift

You’ve never seen him happier than when he’s hanging out with his buddies, goofing around and talking football. Help dad pass the time next season by giving him a personalized cornhole set. Engineered to latch together for easy transportation, and crafted out of solid pine, this is the sort of gift that he will want to break out any time the weather looks nice and friends or family are around.

15. Engraved Copper Mug Gift Set - for Dads Who Love Moscow Mules

Fathers Day Copper Mug Box Gift Set

Made entirely from 100% pure copper, this traditional Moscow Mule gift box set is tailor-made for dads who savor the flavor of ginger beer and vodka. Each 18-ounce mug sports a kicking mule stamped in the middle, and comes coated in a protective finish to keep it from tarnishing. Packed inside a handcrafted maple gift box that has been finished with two lines of text, this stylish gift set is the sort of thing that will make father's day 2023 that much more memorable.

16. Glass Bottle Ship Decanter: The Seafaring Father’s Closest Friend

Ship Decanter for Dad

If your dad has a penchant for distilled sugar cane and would sooner be seen aboard a schooner than in his own backyard, then a decanter with nautical inclinations is just the thing he needs this father’s day. Hand-blown to mirror the USS Constellation, the first ship commissioned by the US Navy, this sailing ship liquor decanter is sure to be the centerpiece of his bar, with its sturdy oak base and leak-proof stainless steel spigot providing perfect pours every time.

17. Personalized Sample Glasses - Perfect Gifts for Father’s Day 2023

Whiskey Sample Set for father

Leave your papa with fond memories every time he samples whiskey with his friends thanks to a personalized liquor sample set. While there are numerous styles out there to choose from, we suggest going with traditional Glencairn glasses that have been emblazoned with his first initial, as well as a custom serving tray for easy carrying and storage. Opting for something like the one seen here, with its birch wood base and acrylic glass shrouding not only looks great, but permits engraving along its top for a personal finishing touch.

18. Beer Cap and Wine Cork Signs - for the Dad Who Loves to Collect Stuff

Dads Wine Cork and Beer Cap Wall Sign

Is your old man that guy who calls around to every liquor store in town when a super limited craft beer is slated for release? Does he always save the cork when he stumbles upon a special bottle of vino? If this sounds familiar then maybe getting something that will help him immortalize his accomplishments is the way to go. Surprising him with a sign that holds beer caps and wine corks is sure to go down as one of the best father’s day gifts of all time, especially if you accompany it with a special craft beer or bottle of wine.

19. Clear Ice Cubes - the Best Father’s Day Gifts for Hard Liquor Drinkers

Clear Ice Balls Are the Best Fathers Day Gifts of 2018

Your eyes aren't deceiving you, these ice cubes really are that crystal-clear! Simply get dad to pour his water of choice into the insulated foam shell, and then have him toss it in the freezer. In due time all of the oxygen that creates cloudiness in ice will be pushed toward the base of the tray, leaving a completely transparent and super-slow-melting frozen ball behind. Available in both cubed and ball form, these crystal-clear ice molds make for one of the best father's day presents of 2023 and make four ice balls or cubes at a time.

20. Leather Bar Travel Kit - for Dads Who Like to Come Prepared

Leather travel bag for the cocktail making father

Stealthy never looked so svelte, especially if secret agent bar tools are something your dad would geek-out over. Crafted to mimic a top dollar travel shaving kit, portable bar sets are ideal for dads who like to surprise people with impromptu cocktail time. Wrapped in ultra-suede and then finished in Italian leather, with a contrasting brown ultra-suede interior, this travel bar kit accommodates standard 750ml bottles, and includes stainless steel gadgets like ice tongs, a wine corkscrew, a stirring stick, and four collapsible 5-ounce cocktail glasses.

21. Dad’s Personal Tap Handle

Monogrammed Tap Handle

He always has a beer (or two) on tap when you come over to visit, so why not give your old man a gift he will cherish every time he pours a pint? There are countless custom tap handle options out there, so do some research and pick a style that you think he would gravitate toward. Then once selected, have something meaningful etched toward the top for a finish that is sure to make him think of you every time he taps a fresh keg.


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