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Article: 19 Awesome Beer Gift Set Ideas for Him

19 Awesome Beer Gift Set Ideas for Him

19 Awesome Beer Gift Set Ideas for Him

Incredible Beer Gift Sets He Will Never See Coming

Sometimes a single gift for the man in your life just doesn’t cut it. Don’t know what to do? Get him a gift set themed around one of his favorite things: beer! With these beer gift sets, you can turn your generic birthday or holiday gift of a six-pack into a complete set that will make his hobby better than ever. In search of a unique beer gift set for him? Looking for a fantastic birthday beer gift? Struggling to find craft beer gift boxes for the guy who loves local brews? There are gifts for all kinds of beer guys among these awesome beer gift set ideas for him!

Beer Mug and Bottle Opener Box Set

Personalized Beer Mug Gift Set

Beer mugs are so much better than pint glasses because not only can they hold more beer, they are easier to hold, and the thicker glass keeps it cooler. The wooden bottle opener is a simple but handy tool that beer lovers can never have too many of. Also included in this set is a wooden gift box which he can reuse to start a bottle cap collection! This complete beer gift basket is ideal for any gift-giving occasion for the beer lover in your life. He’ll use it all the time, guaranteed.

Stainless Steel Beer Set for Travelers

Personalized Stainless Steel Growler and Pint Glasses

Sometimes a regular old glass or mug just isn’t enough to enjoy a beer. Made of double walled insulated stainless steel, each piece in this set will keep beer chilled four hours on end. This set is so cool, he’ll never have a warm beer ever again. Get it? The growler is also insulated and holds a whopping 64 ounces! Now he can bring all the beer he needs along when he goes fishing, camping, or to a BYOB party. The pints are even durable enough to bring on his travels too as they’ll never get broken. This would be an incredible birthday or holiday gift to any beer lover in your life, especially if he travels frequently.

Man Cave Beer Set

Personalized Beer Mugs and Sign Set

Has your boyfriend or husband always wanted to have his own man cave? Help him get started with this awesome beer gift set! The man cave sign and two matching beer mugs will be the first things he can decorate it with. You could even theme all of his presents around a man cave and get him a matching tap handle or a new TV! This will be the greatest birthday, Christmas, or anniversary ever. After all, no man cave is complete without beer.

Snacks and Beer Gift Set

Engraved Beer Tasting Box Set

Pairing beer and the correct glass to enjoy it from is an art form some people tend to overlook. It may not seem like a big deal, but it totally is. Giving this beer set as a gift is the perfect way to prove that it matters what sort of glass someone enjoys their drink from. Plus, the whole set is engraved with their initial and name, how cool is that for a gift? But seriously, the beer nut in your life will go from their understanding of beer now to a PhD in in flavors and aromas! Pair this set with a mixed sixer of various kinds of beer, and you've created the ultimate beer gift!

Ceramic Beer Steins for the Vintage Fan

Set of Two Ceramic Beer Steins

Beer drinkers know that their favorite beverage comes from Germany, and these steins have been used in the motherland for centuries! Perfectly sized and designed to comfortably hold any type of beer, the ceramic keeps it both insulated and cool so that he can fully enjoy his favorite beer just like his ancestors did. These steins are classic, vintage mugs that are even still used today in Germany and would be perfect for your father or grandfather. Talk about a great beer glass!


Craft Brewing Kit

Craft IPA Beer Making Kit

Has the man in your life always dreamed of making his own craft beer? Now he can with this awesome kit! It has everything he needs to create his own batch of IPA. He’ll love how easy and fun it is to make his own beer. The best part? This beer gift set is reusable! You can buy him a new recipe to try for every gift-giving occasion and help him pursue it as a hobby. Who knows, he might even create a custom IPA that he could sell one day thanks to this gift that got him started!

Tap Handles for Home Brewers

Custom Chalkboard Beer Tap Handles

Has the man in your life always wanted his own home bar or brewery? You can help him make his dreams come true with a couple of these awesome tap handles! They can be easily installed and hooked up to a keg tap so that he can serve beer with ease like a real bartender. He’ll love being able to write on the chalkboard surface what batches he’s serving his guests, making it easier to host tasting events.

Manly Beer Gift Set

Personalized Beer Mug and Survival Knife Set

Manly guys like beer, weapons, and survival tools, so this is the ultimate beer gift set for manly men! Included is a super cool beer mug, a wooden gift box, and a razor sharp double serrated knife that has a survival kit hidden in the hilt! He can use the huge mug to enjoy a quality beer whenever he wants as it is specifically designed to insulate his beer and create a longer lasting head. The survival knife is perfect for guys who like to go on outdoor adventures such as camping, hiking, or fishing. This set is by far one of the coolest beer gift sets ever. Any beer drinker will appreciate such an incredible gift on his birthday or the holidays.

Beer Growler Set

Personalized Beer Growler Gift Set

Beer growlers are one of the coolest beer enthusiast gifts because they’re great for home brewers to store their latest batch, bringing plenty of beer for everyone at the lake, or for bringing his favorite beer to a BYOB party. This growler set is one of the best gift sets you can give because of its versatility. The two pint glasses are a fine addition to any beer lover’s glassware and make this set perfect for Father’s Day, birthdays, or the holidays.


The Ultimate Beer Enthusiast Gift

Ultimate Beer Bucket Gift Set

This incredible set is one of the best beer gift sets in this blog. Seriously, it has everything a beer lover could possibly want: 12 beers from around the world and 8 different snacks to go with them. He might just cry tears of joy when he sees such an amazing gift for his birthday or Christmas! He’ll love trying all of the unique beer and mix of sweet and salty snacks. Watch out though, he won’t want any other present from you but this set from now on!

Help Him Start His Own Pub

Personalized Beer Mug and Bar Sign Set

Most beer enthusiasts want their own bar or pub. If he’s already got a home bar, this pub sign will be a great new addition and make it feel more official. If not, this mug and sign will help him get started! He’ll love the unique sign and the giant mug that looks just like the one in the graphic. The colossal mug holds an entire liter--that’s 8 ounces more than a standard beer mug! Now he can enjoy plenty of beer without constantly needing a refill as he watches his favorite sport.

Personalized Pilsner Set

Personalized Tall Pilsner Glasses

Does your beer lover already have beer mugs and pint glasses? These awesome pilsner glasses are one of the most unique beer enthusiast gifts. Standing 9” tall, these handsome glasses hold up to 16 ounces. He and his friends can enjoy a cold one with sophistication with this cool set. These pilsners allow your beer guy to enjoy the art of carbonation and a fuller foam head, which produces a fuller flavor than a standard pint. He will love that these attractive glasses also make his beer taste better than ever before!

Gift Set for the Dad Who Loves Beer

Ammo Can Beer Gift Set for Dad

Is your dad a beer lover? He’ll love this incredible gift set even more! Not only does it have two pint glasses, a bottle opener, and an ammunition box, but also a cool liquor flask when he wants a shot of something stronger than his IPA. You and your dad can crack open a couple of cold ones after spending a day at the range emptying his ammo can. He’ll love the thoughtful touch of the engraved birthdays of all of his children and the “World’s Best Dad” design. This set is one of the best beer enthusiast gifts to give your dad for Father’s Day, his birthday, or Christmas.

Beer Mug and Bottle Opener Set

Set of Two Personalized Beer Mugs and Bullet Bottle Opener

Any beer lover knows that mugs are the best way to drink beer. This beer mug gift set is one of the best beer enthusiast gifts and it works for any occasion! The two beer mugs are perfect for the two of you to share a cold one at dinner or watch a movie together. He’ll love the nifty bottle opener that’s made from a real .50 caliber bullet, which is so cool that he’ll want to display it on his home bar.

California Craft Beer Basket

IPA California Beer Basket

Whether he’s a California native or enjoys trying new craft beers, he’ll love this beer gift set no matter what. This set comes with six signature IPAs from California and some sweet and salty snacks to enjoy while he drinks. If he really enjoys them, you know what to get him for any gift-giving occasion from now on! This gift would be especially perfect for a man who used to or currently lives in The Golden State.

Copper Pint Set

Copper Pint Glass Set

Know a beer lover who tends to let his beer get warm in his regular pint glasses? Solve his problem with these neat copper pint glasses! The natural coolness of the genuine copper will keep his beer cold for hours. The set of four is perfect for him to share with his friends and family as they watch sports together from the comfort of his couch. He’ll never have a warm beer ever again thanks to you!

A Beer Set for Any Occasion

Beer and Snacks Gift Set

Another awesome beer gift set, this Cheers set includes 12 of the top rated craft beers and a few delicious gourmet snacks to go with them. Your beer-loving man will enjoy the variety of beers and scrumptious snacks while watching his favorite sports. This set is perfect for any occasion from Father’s Day to Christmas, and would be a nice annual gift.

Beer Flight Set

Personalized Beer Flight Set with Serving Tray

Craft brewing is at an all-time high, and your husband or dad has gotten into brewing from home. Give him this awesome beer tasting set so that he can share his latest batch with all of his friends and family! He will love the cool pint glasses and chalkboard strip on the serving tray where he can write what this batch is called. Now he can truly hold beer tastings with professional ease.

Custom Pint Glass and Growler Set

Personalized Beer Gift Set

This gift set is a must-have for beer lovers. He can never have enough pint glasses after all, and these are customized with three lines of your choice of text! The matching growler will be his new favorite traveling companion as it holds 64 ounces and will keep his beer cold all day long even if he’s at a BYOB party in the summer. He can also bring it along when he goes fishing or camping and have plenty of beer to share.


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