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Article: 11 Best Beer Tap Handles for Home Bars

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11 Best Beer Tap Handles for Home Bars

11 Best Beer Tap Handles for Home Bars

Always Have Beer On Tap In Your Home Bar With a Beer Tap Handle

The best beer tap handles are eye-catching, well crafted, and invite people to sample whatever beer they hold. There’s a wide selection of tap handles for all kinds of home bars, man caves, kegerators, or any DIY set-up. It’s common to have questions when looking for tap handles. Do beer tap handles work with any set-up? Can tap handles be given as a beer gift? Can I get multiple tap handles and swap them out? We’ve meticulously put together answers to all of these questions to ensure you find a tap handle that works best for you.

Dark Walnut Beer Tap Handles

Custom Set of 4 Cool Keg Tap Handles

Awesome beer tap handles give you unheard levels of customization. These dark walnut handles not only let you customize two lines, but you even get back to choose from a variety of symbols. If you love Guinness the shamrock would be a great choice. If you plan on having wheat beer on tap then the wheat symbol just makes sense. They’re perfect gifts for anyone that has a man cave, home bar, or homebrewers.

Chalkboard Beer Tap Handles

Personalized Chalkboard Beer Tap Handles

If you have a rotating selection of homebrews then a custom Hopewell beer tap handle is the perfect item to elevate your craft. Each line has an engraved design on top with a long chalkboard so you can easily label your latest creation. That’s what sets this apart from any other tap handles out there. The Hopewell handles are a really cool gift idea for any homebrewer. It doesn’t matter if they’re new at DIY brewing or refined beer connoisseurs. The handles are easily swappable for any set-up.

Well Crafted Stamp Tap Handles

Engraved Wooden Set of 4 Cool Beer tap Handles

A cooler design aspect for a keg tap is one that blends the modern wood approach with the classic slender design. These custom Stamp handles are striking with a custom line of text engraved from stamp to spout. This is something that is both striking and different from your average tap handle. With a timeless design, these are the kind of handles that your dad, brother, or husband would love to have for their home bar.

Monogrammed Keg Handles with Custom Name

Custom Cool Tap Handles for Beer

Add a sense of class to your kegerator with personalized keg tap handles. The dark walnut design blends well in any home. Everyone will know who to thank for the ice-cold beer when they see your name and initial adorning the top of the handle. It’s also a spectacular gift for any beer lover or anyone that has their own DIY draft brew setup. This is one of the best tap handles because it will look new as ever even as you shuffle from keg to keg, beer to beer.

Feel Like Royalty with a Classy Keg Tap Handle

Beer Tap Handles - Royal Black Tap

The next time you go to your home bar, make sure that you feel like the king of your own castle thanks to this royal-style keg tap handle! Each head of beer you pour will be as classy as the royal crown itself! Never again suffer from cheap plastic taps, make sure your home bar is as sophisticated as the British royals thanks to your own custom royal beer handle!


Electric Guitar Beer Tap Handle

Novelty Guitar Tap Handle

When you down a great beer sometimes you just want to rip a jaw-dropping guitar solo. You can’t pick up amazing guitar skills overnight, but you can get a cool tap handle that looks just like an electric guitar. This is one of the best items to get for your bar if your man cave or home bar is also where you go to listen to music, play records, or tap on your jukebox like you’re the Fonz.

Refined Beer Tap Handle

Personalized Classy Cool Beer Tap Handle

For a beer tap handle that commands a powerful presence look no further than Initial Draw handle. Its arresting allure is further strengthened when you decide on the name and initial you want on full display. Wrap your fingers around the handle, slowly pull it toward you, and watch as delicious golden ale fills your cup. Such a gift should be shared with anyone and everyone in your life.

A Classy Monogrammed Handle

Monogrammed Best Beer Tap Handle

Cool tap handles don’t always come with your initials engraved, but this one does! Make your home bar feel totally personalized with your very own custom handle! You already stand out a bit for having an awesome home bar set up, so why not take it to the next level by personalizing things? Sure, you know a few guys that have a home bar, but none of them have their own monogrammed beer tap handle! Give your bar the final custom touch to make it stand apart from every other home bar you know.

Pints for Your Pub Tap Handle

Engraved Keg Tap Handle with Pint Glasses

Just because you have a tap handle at home doesn’t mean your home bar is good to go. You still need a pair of pint glasses too! Without personalized beer glasses to match your handle, do you even really have a home bar? Create the most professional looking set up for your bar as a beer lover with this engraved matching set of pint glasses with a tap handle. Better still, the tap handle has a chalkboard on it so you can even write what brew you’re serving up that night!

Tap Handles from Your Favorite Brewery

Brewery Keg Tap Handles

If you plan on having one of your favorite beers in your keg then you can easily find keg tap handles that will match the brew inside. Craft beer favorites like New Belgium, Ska Brewery, and Lost Coast all have tap handles that you can rotate out with each keg. Even larger breweries like Pabst Blue Ribbon and Sapporo have really cool tap handles available that make your man cave feel like a real bar.

Stylish Blue Custom Keg Tap Handle

Personalized Blue Beer Tap Handle

A beer tap handle should be a snazzy, eye-catching, slender centerpiece. A True Blue tap handle hits all of those marks. This is the tap handle for someone that wants to have a little color in their life. Drinking from your own keg is worth celebration. Grab a tap handle that matches the emotion. It can even be customized to perfectly fit whoever gets this splendid tap handle.


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