21 Unique Golf Gifts for Men

21 Unique Golf Gifts for Men

UPDATED: Jun 7, 2022

Find the Perfect Golf Gifts for Men Below!

Whether he considers the fairway his second home or he only goes golfing once in a while, he’s passionate about the sport, so you know he’d love a golf-related gift. Golf gifts for men are ideal gifts he can use on the golf course, after his round, or even as a way to remind him of his beloved sport on the days he can’t make it to the green. These gifts for golfers will make the guy in your life who loves golf feel so appreciative that you support one of his favorite hobbies. Want to give him these golf gifts just because? In search of a birthday gift for the avid golfer? How about a set of outdoor gift ideas for men? Whether you’re looking for golf gifts for dad, your husband, or any other man in your life, we’ve found the perfect golf gifts for him.

An Above Par Sign

Custom Golf Sign

Every golf lover needs a golf sign hung up in their home bar, kitchen, or garage! This handsome, personalized bar sign is one of the coolest gifts for golfers that they’ll enjoy, especially after finishing a round of golf. It’ll look awesome hung up in their home bar, man cave, or kitchen, and they’ll have a great time on the 19th hole, enjoying a cold glass of beer.

One of the Most Useful Golf Gifts for Men on the Course

Divot Tool with Ball Marker Golf Gifts for Men

Help him to make sure that the golf course always stays in tip-top shape with this custom divot tool! This tool makes it easy to fix any dents in the green, and it also makes a terrific ball marker. These ingenious tools make great golf gifts for dad, your husband, or any other grilling golfer you know.

Perfect Shoes for Gifts for Golfers

Nike Shoes Gifts for Golfers

Make sure he is the most stylish golfer on the course during his next outing when you get him the newest and sleekest set of golf shoes on the market! As he swings, he’ll have perfect grip with these shoes, meaning his drives will be even better! Talk about an awesome gift!

The Best Caddy Ever

Beer Caddy is a Personalized Golf Gifts for Him

The ultimate caddy for the golf lover in your life is not necessarily the man who knows every club for every shot. When shopping for the best golf gifts for men, you’ll want to get this personalized beer caddy! Now, your husband, dad, or brother can bring all the best brews with him from hole to hole in a creative, custom, rustic carrier. The outside even has a bottle opener, how cool of an all-in-one gift is this? Talk about an awesome set of retirement gifts for men!

Perfect Relaxation Golf Gifts for Men

Personalized Whiskey Stones Box Set

After a long morning or afternoon on the golf course, nothing sounds better than a delicious glass of his favorite chilled spirit. With this whiskey stone box set, he’ll be fully equipped to do so, and he’ll love being able to have the cold drink in hand seconds after walking through the door. The personalized wooden box is a great place to store mementos from his time on the golf course too. Now, thanks to this awesome golf gift, he can be ready to celebrate his new course record every time he breaks it!


Don’t Lose Sight of the Ball!

Mens Golf Gifts are Binoculars

Binoculars are a must for serious golfers which is why this set is one of the most useful golf gifts for men. He is sure to truly appreciate and use these cool binoculars every time they go golfing! He will be really thankful for this awesome gift that helps him always know exactly where his massive teeshot went!

A Gift for Golfers with a Thirst

Custom Flask Golf Gift for Men

Gifts for golfers can be unique and small items, they don’t always have to be whole club sets. This custom flask is one of the best-personalized golf gifts for him. After all, nothing tastes better than his favorite liquor after sinking the most difficult putt of the day. Or, sometimes a quick nip is the ideal way to take the sting of that double bogey away. Use this unique golf gift for him for the holidays, his birthday, or even just because.

Badass Set of Golf Gifts for Men

Custom Ammo Can Set of Gifts for Golfers

Give the toughest set of men’s golf gifts possible with a custom ammo can full of golfing goodies! The ammo can makes for the most badass gift box while it is filled with unique and matching gifts, plus whatever else you include inside, such as handwritten cards, personalized golf balls, or even a few hard seltzers for the next round. Take him by surprise with these awesome golf gifts for men that he will be enjoying on the course for years to come!

Protect the Polo

Light Jacket for the Golf Course

Through rain or shine, he wants to be on the green, so make sure he’s dressed appropriately with this light jacket! Not only will it protect his nice polo from rain, but he’ll look awesome wearing it! He doesn’t have to only wear this jacket when he is playing either, this sleek water-proof jacket is good enough to wear around town too!

Set Full of Golf Gifts for Men

Personalized Pint Glass Ammo Can Set of Gifts for Golf Lovers

The ultimate gifts for golfers are found in this ammo can gift set! He’ll feel like a legendary pro golfer using the personalized ammo can to store all his golf accessories, and he’ll feel awesome taking it to the club when he’s golfing. After a long round of golf, he’ll love using the custom pint glasses to sip on his favorite brew. He’ll love feeling like the best golfer ever and dream about someday playing in a big tournament.


Don’t Lose the Balls

Golf Ball Shadow Box

There is nothing quite like getting a hole in one, or an eagle on the difficult hole you’ve been working on for years. You know the feeling of pride that comes with any major golf accomplishment, and so does the guy you’re shopping for. Make sure he is able to show off his greatest golfing feats with this shadow box! Anytime he does something memorable, he can keep the ball in his custom display case which is perfect to show off in his office or man cave!

New Favorite Set of Golf Balls

Custom Golf Balls Golf Gifts for Dad

The best golf gifts for men make them feel like pros. So, don’t make him wait any longer to feel like the golfer he has always wanted to be. Step up his game with his own personalized set of balls and tees! He’ll feel his golf game rise to a whole new level when he’s using these awesome golf balls, and he’ll definitely want to keep them forever!

Kiss His Putt

Engraved Whiskey Glasses for Golfers

Whether you’re looking for golf gifts for dad, your husband, brother, or any other man in your life, you can rest assured that he will love these personalized whiskey glasses! The golf pun, along with their name engraved onto these glasses, will make him laugh and feel like a pro golfer with their very own glasses. This is the perfect set when he’s attending the 19th hole with his buddies or even when he just wants a night cap!

Boomerang Golf Balls

Electric Putt Game Gifts for Golfers

Improve his game as well as his time at the workplace with this electric putting green! He’ll love taking breaks from staring at the computer screen or making calls to practice his short game. This putting green is electric, so the ball will come right back to him whether he misses or makes the ball in the hole, making it an even more awesome golf gift!

Protect His Eyes

The Best Golf Gifts are Polarized Sunglasses

Few things are worse than trying to play golf with the sun in your eyes. With these Maui Jim sunglasses, he’ll never have to worry about the sun affecting his shot ever again! Not only will he look great cruising down the course in the golf cart with these stunning shades, he is sure to save a stroke or two on his game now that he’ll always see the fairway clearly!

Gifts for Golfers When They’re Writing

Unique Golf Gifts are Golf Pens

Even the smallest golf gifts will make him happy every time he uses them. These golf pens with a golf bag are great gifts for golfers because every time he writes down a note for work or a list for the store, he’ll be dreaming about being on the golf course again. He may even bring one of his club pens with him to keep score during his next round!

Hear From the GOAT

Tiger Woods Hardcover Book

You can’t think of golf without thinking of Tiger Woods. That’s why every golfer needs a copy of his book How I Play Golf. He’ll love getting into the mind of the greatest to ever play the game, learning the secrets of Tiger’s success, so he can improve his own golf game. He’ll be so thankful for such a creative gift and chance to still enjoy an aspect of golf even when he’s not on the course.

A Custom Collection of Golf Gifts for Men

Flask Knife Bag Tag Set of Personalized Golf Gifts for Him

Don’t let him ever walk out of the house without one of your unique gifts for golfers ever again! This set is great for the guy who needs a little bit of everything. From a sharp knife for anything on the course to a flask for celebrating the best round of his life, these are some of the best golf gifts for men you can possibly get! After all, whether he is on the course using the bag tag and divot tool or out on the town with the flask and knife, you can be sure he’ll always have one of the pieces of this gift on him, no matter where he goes.

Coolest Sign for the Golf Fan

Engraved Golf Sign Golf Gifts for Men

A wooden, personalized golf sign is just what he needs to make his home bar or man cave the most awesome room ever! He’ll love hanging out with his golf buddies while they all admire this super cool piece of decor. This sign will always remind him of all the fun times he’s had on the golf course as well as make him look forward to the next time.

Golf Gifts for Men for His Head

Golf Visor

You can’t really look the part of a golfer without a visor! This black visor is part of the classic golf look and is perfect for shading his eyes while he’s trying to birdie on the 17th hole. He’ll feel like a stylish pro golfer sporting this sweet visor every time he is on the course; in fact, he’ll probably never want to take it off!

Tag His Bag

Custom Golf Bag Tag with Tees

Making sure his golf bag doesn’t get mixed up with others is important. That’s why this handsome golf bag tag is one of the best golf gifts for dad or any other man you know. He’ll love that no one will mistake his bag for theirs with this attached to it, and the tees inside it are a nice bonus for when he is out on the green too!


What do you get someone who is obsessed with golf?

You get them golf gifts of course! Find them something that is related to their passion but make it unique. A set of golf clubs can be cool, but if you make them personalized, they’re even better! Going the extra mile to make sure you get unique golf gifts is the best way to make sure that anything you get them will feel like a hole-in-one.

What to buy for a person who loves golf?

Golf gifts for men who love golf need to be things he will enjoy on the course, off, and sometimes, both! Find him something like a monogrammed bag tag, a custom golf sign for his home bar, or a beer caddy for a post-round drink with the boys. Anything that makes him enjoy his time on the green or reminisce about his best rounds is a way to make sure that you are getting the best golf gifts for the man who loves golf!

What accessories do golfers use?

Golfers love any kind of accessory that has to do with their favorite game, however, things that they can take on the course are exactly what they will use. Bag tags, divot tools, golf balls, club covers, and even flasks for a quick nip of liquor make for some of the best golf accessory gift ideas. You can also give them signs, posters, or golf-themed decanters because if they’re a die-hard golfer, you can be sure they’ll enjoy their game from the comfort of their home as well.

Are personalized golf gifts good?

Personalized golf gifts are fantastic golf gift ideas for men. It is the perfect way to take his passion to the next level while showing you love that he loves his hobby. Plus, you can already see him using his customized gift even more than a version that feels simply store-bought. So, when finding gifts for golfers, always have them engraved if you want them to be the best golf gifts for men possible!


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