19 Luxurious Cigar Gift Sets

19 Luxurious Cigar Gift Sets

UPDATED: Oct 24, 2022

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Enjoying cigars is an art form, and true fans consider themselves artists in that regard. You know someone who would love a cigar gift set because it would accentuate the experience of smoking a cigar. However, you aren’t sure what to get in a set. There are so many great combinations, from sets with whiskey glasses and flasks to whiskey stones and fancy knives. A luxurious set contains items that make cigar enjoyment reach its full potential, which varies from person to person, so you have to know the recipient very well. But how do you capture that full potential? What would be a great gift for those who like to pair whiskey with their stogies? What do you look for when shopping for amazing cigar gifts? Keep reading to find out which gifts for a cigar lover will make the best present for the cigar fan you know… or even for yourself!

Ammo Can and Cigar Accessories

Ammo Can Whiskey and Cigar Gift Set

For some men, few things say luxury more than a legitimate, repurposed ammo can. This ammo can gift set is perfect for cigar lovers because it contains the essentials: a lighter, cigar cutter, and two lowball whiskey glasses. The glasses are great for him to enjoy a nice glass of whiskey with his favorite cigar, which is a great way to relax after a long, hard day. This set makes a fantastic gift for cigar lover because it has all the essentials for enjoying whiskey and cigars to the full.

All-Encompassing Cigar Gift Set

Cigar Case and Whiskey Set

Enhance your friend’s cigar game with this set that will make any cigar aficionado giddy with excitement. This set combines the two hobbies of of cigars and whiskey to create a perfect gift set. The lucky owner of this amazing set can use the beautiful personalized cigar box to store cigars or anything else they may choose. The matching personalized whiskey glass and whiskey stones are necessary for enjoying their whiskey with their cigars, which can be stored in this cigar holder and cut with the stainless steel cigar cutter. Any cigar lover would adore this set of cigar accessories.

Can’t Go Wrong with a Decanter

Cigar Glasses and Decanter Set

Whiskey decanters are all the rage, especially for big cigar fans. This luxurious set of two cigar glasses and a stunning crystal whiskey decanter is a fantastic gift for cigar lovers. These square cigar glasses have a built-in indentation where a cigar fits snugly. This makes it easy for the person who owns this set to hold their glass and cigar together in one hand, so the other hand will be free. Many cigar and whiskey fans enjoy using decanters to oxidize the whiskey, so this decanter is a great addition to this set. Any fan of whiskey, cigars, and convenience would love this set.

Dreaming about Cigars and Wine

Bourbon and Cigar Gift Set

This gift basket is a dream for any lover of cigars and wine. It comes with cigars and a cigar cutter, so you’re equipped to enjoy that half of the basket. A delicious bottle of wine also comes in the set, so you can enjoy a glass while smoking your favorite stogie. As a treat, imported chocolate is in this set, so you have three of your favorite things included in this set. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? There is no doubt that this is an ideal gift for cigar lovers.

Game Night Gift for Cigar Lovers

Poker Set Gift for Cigar Lovers

Nothing’s better than a game night with your friends, especially if you are all enjoying your favorite cigars. With this personalized poker chip gift set, you can have fun with one of your favorite card games while enjoying cigars and whiskey, making game night better than it ever has been before! The awesome cigar glass makes it easy for you to enjoy your cigar and whiskey while playing games at the same time! Will all the essentials included, you and your friends will have hours upon hours of fun playing poker and other card games, making memories that will last a lifetime, thanks to this awesome set of gifts for a cigar lover.


Classy Set for Cigars and Whiskey

Whiskey and Cigar Gift Set

Some cigar lovers can’t fully enjoy their cigars without a glass of their favorite whiskey. Help your husband enjoy cigars to the max with this gift set. The cigar glass makes it very easy to enjoy both whiskey and cigars simultaneously. Toss the chilled whiskey stones into his new glass, and his Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey will stay ice cold until the last drop. He’ll be incredibly grateful when he sees this amazing gift set you bought him.

Cigar Gift Set For a Newbie

Cigar Ashtray and Accessories

Your special guy recently has gotten into cigars, but he doesn’t have any of the necessary tools yet, and you know he would love some to hope him get started. Get him this cigar accessory set to help him dive into the cigar world. This set includes an ashtray, punch, and cigar cutter, making enjoying cigars so much easier than without these items. These items are high-quality, so you know that they’ll last a long time, making this set a great gift for cigar lovers.

The Very Coolest Around

Whiskey Glass and Cigar Case

Coolness is subjective and can’t always be measured; however, anyone who receives this set will definitely be the coolest guy around. This personalized whiskey and cigar glass set is an amazing gift for any cigar aficionado. Included is a super handsome imitation leather-wrapped cigar case that anyone will feel like a stud carrying around, storing their cigars. The square cigar glass in the set makes drinking whiskey and smoking a cigar that much easier and makes the recipient of this gift set the coolest person in the room.

Legendary Cigar Humidor

Custom Ammo Can Cigar Humidor

You know a man who is truly a legend, and he deserves an amazing cigar gift set so he can indulge in his passions. This .50 caliber ammo can is actually a cigar humidor! How awesome will he find that? After all, if an ammo can is able to protect rounds of ammunition, you can imagine that when it has been outfitted with a hygrometer and humidifier that his stogies will never be safer! Plus, thanks to the size of the ammo can and handle, he can bring his cigar collection with him anywhere he goes.

Fancy Matte Black Set

Black Cigar Accessory Set

Some people are fancy, and fancy people need fancy cigar sets. This luxurious cigar gift set includes a double flame lighter with a slide-action button for easier lighting. Also in this set is a high-tech cigar cutter is stainless steel has rubberized handles for more comfortable cutting. Both items are coated in a handsome matte black color, making this set very attractive and fancy, perfect for any cigar lover.

Don’t Fold with this Amazing Set

Cigar Box Set

This cigar box set is a great one for the cigar-lover you know that will help them truly enjoy their favorite hobby. This set is special because it comes with a beautiful dark brown cigar box. Also included are a sleek black lighter as well as a matching cigar cutter, so once they have a cigar, they’re all set to enjoy it. A liner lock knife is also included, which can come in very handy all the time, perhaps if they are in the woods and cutting through shrubbery. This great set has all the essentials for them to enjoy their favorite cigars with ease.

Awesome Cigar Gift Set

Game Night Gift Set

Two of the most exciting words you can hear: game night! Game nights are fun and not complete without your favorite cigars and whiskey. Lucky for you, this marvelous game night set is packed with essentials. The cards and dice are all you need for hundreds of fun games. Your favorite whiskey will look and taste phenomenal coming out of these rocks glasses, and your cigars will rest perfectly inside this black cigar case. You and your friends will have a fantastic game night using this set.

High-End Accessories

Travel Humidor

Your fancy cigar-loving friend deserves the fanciest gifts. This stunning cigar set has a cigar tube, a sophisticated way to store cigars to keep them safe and sound. Your friend can easily bring a cigar along wherever they go. The cigar cutter and lighter are also tools they can use to enjoy their cigars. All three of these items are made from strong metal and colored gold, making the recipient of this gift feel like the coolest cigar aficionado of all time.

Decanter and Cigar Glasses

Whiskey and Cigar Set Gift for Cigar Lovers

Few things in life bring more joy than relaxing with a nice glass of whiskey and your favorite cigar with a good friend. It’s an even more enjoyable experience if you can pour your friend a glass of whiskey from your stunning matching decanter. This personalized decanter set contains two square cigar glasses have a spot for your cigars, so you don’t have to use two hands. Along with the decanter is a big brown wooden box, perfect for storing several cigars or anything else you want to store.


Before & After

Cigar Box and Shadow Box

You are obsessed with cigars, and you want a way to display them before you smoke and a way to display the bands afterward. These gifts for cigar lover are perfect for you: this wooden cigar box and this custom shadow box. The beautiful light brown personalized cigar box is an amazing way to display your cigars to all the guests who enter your home. The customized shadow box will also look fabulous on your wall, showcasing behind glass the bands of your favorite cigars. These couple of items are perfect together because once you smoke your cigar, you have the perfect place to put the band.

Maintain Proper Humidity

Cigar Humidor

A cigar humidor is a container for cigars that is designed to help maintain a proper humidity level for the tobacco leaves to stay fresh. This cigar humidor is crafted from beautiful Spanish cedar and inside has a removable tray with a divider, so several cigars can be stored inside. Also included with this set is a two-toned finish ashtray, so keeping the area clean while enjoying a cigar is made so much easier. This lovely set will look stunning in any home as well as keeping cigars at the perfect humidity level. Any classy cigar lover would adore this humidor as a Christmas gift.

Resting Place for Cigars

Ashtray and Cigar Holder

Your husband wants to rest his cigars on a beautiful spot when he isn’t holding them. You want this spot to be just as classy and beautiful as his cigars themselves are. Look no further than this stunning ashtray. This elegantly crafted ashtray comes with a cigar holder and a cigar cutter. The beautiful brown platform has built-in magnets inside it, making sure that the stainless steel, silver ashtray, cigar holder, and cigar cutter stay in place. This is a beautiful resting place for your husband’s cigars, and is extremely functional and convenient as well.

Beer & Cigars Gift for Cigar Lovers

Beer Ammo Can Set Gift for Cigar Lovers

While whiskey and cigars are a common duo, many people also really enjoy cigars and beer together. With this .30 cal ammo can beer gift set, beer and cigars can easily be enjoyed together by you and a friend. Coming in an ammo can repurposed from the U.S. military, this set of gifts for a cigar lover contains two classic pint glasses, perfect for enjoying your favorite beers. Also included are a lighter and cigar cutter, both of which are very useful for smoking cigars. A survival knife is also included, which is a knife containing a hidden survival kit inside the hilt, which has a fishing kit, sewing kit, matches, and a compass. With this, you can rest easy when outdoors knowing that you have several tools to help you in whatever situation you find yourself in. This is a fantastic set for your or a gift for anyone who loves cigars, beer, and the great, great outdoors.

Best Cigar Box

All-Encompassing Cigar Gift Set

Classy cigar boxes are all the rage, and the stunning box in this set is the greatest of them all. The box has a stunning wooden brown finish is perfect for keeping your cigars safe and sound inside. A black cigar cutter and black engravable lighter comes with the box, completing the trifecta of cigar accessories. On top of these three items, there are two fancy whiskey glasses, essential for enjoying a delicious glass of whiskey with your cigars. You and a friend can enjoy a glass of whiskey and a cigar together, making a memory that will last forever.


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