13 Impressive Poker Chip Sets He Will Love

Poker Chip Sets Every Guy Needs

You’ve been doing your weekly poker night for a while now, but you feel like it is time to step things up a bit. Your poker set is pretty basic and you’re wondering what all you need for a good poker chip set? You are going to want a quality set of cards, chips, and maybe even dice. To make the night even better a great set of glassware for drinks is always an added bonus! You want to be the host where all the guys have to do is show up. They won’t need to bring anything but their cash and their best poker face. A solid poker chip set sets the tone for the night, skip the cheap plastic and give your home a casino feel without having to actually go to the tables. With the perfect chip set, you now know you’ll have hosted the best poker night these guys have ever been to!

This Poker Chip Set Won’t Flop

Engraved Cigar and Poker Chip Set

Poker night is the one night a week that your guy and his boys can just let loose and have it all out. You all are able to shoot the bull while unwinding over a game of Texas Hold’em. Make the game night feel complete with everything they’ll need in one place. This engraved leather case will keep each piece of their home poker set ready to go at a moment’s notice. He will even have the ultimate poker drinking glass at the ready too! He’ll be the envy of all of his friends when he can have his cards in one hand and both his drink and cigar in the other!

Jackpot of a Set

Personalized Poker Chips Set

You can go as all out on a poker chip set as you want but if he is just starting it, why not get a quality set of the basics? This leather case comes with everything he’ll need, he’ll be able to gamble for years with all kinds of games before needing more poker stuff. This set allows him to play any form of card game he wants with all of his friends without sacrificing any chip, dice, or card quality. As a bonus, the display box set also makes a great travel case for when he wants to bring the games over to a buddies for the night!

Bet You Can’t Do Better Than This

Cigar and Decanter Poker Chip Carousel

Poker, whiskey, and cigars have been put together ever since you can remember. You think back to the movies you watched growing up, seeing Western films with cowboys always ordering a whiskey then sitting down to play cards. You want to capture that sort of masculinity in your home. Do it! Get the most manly decanter set you can find and a poker chip set that matches! This perfect poker set allows him to carry the chips by the handle in one hand and have his cigar whiskey glass in the other. This set is ideal for the nostalgic poker and whiskey lover!

A Power Play Poker Chip Set

Custom Leather Poker Chip Set and Charger

When he’s got his own engraved leather set of poker chips, he is going to be spending quite a long time at the table. So long in fact, that once he starts winning, he’ll never want to leave! The only downside is when he looks down to see his phone yelling “Low Battery” at him. Instead of forcing him to get up and leave, a portable phone charger will give him hours more of play time! Now, his phone will be able to last longer at the table than he can!

Ante-Up on this Set

Travel Poker Case with Cards and Dice

Whether he is tight on storage space or he is always on the go, this game set is perfect for the poker enthusiast that needs to get a game in. The travel case is of quality leather to protect the cards from any scratches, bends, or moisture. The sleek design fits in bag pockets with ease. The travel pockets also fit your dice, so aside from chips, you can have your own casino almost anywhere you go with this set!


High-End Poker Chips

High End Poker Set

Sometimes for dinner only the finest china will do. The same can be said for poker chip sets. For some games he can’t settle for anything less than the best. If he needs to have the most high-end poker set, look no further. The case itself is made from shagreen and it is then lined with suede. This poker set is definitely meant for special occasions; however, you want to make sure he is ready for a luxury game of poker at a moment’s notice, just in case!

A Flush Poker Set

The Ultimate Poker Chip Set

One of the best pairings when hanging out for a long period of time is beer and cards. So why not make his poker chips set focused around that? You know he loves his beer; so get an awesome professional grade LED table and match his beer accessories to it too! The guy in your life is sure to love this engraved poker set. Even the bottle opener is personalized to have his name on it! Make his home into a casino with the right poker night gear!

All-In on this Poker Chip Set

Poker Chips Set and Poker Outfit

You’ve seen plenty of poker sets that come with tables, chairs, chips, cards, and more. However, have you ever seen a poker set for your husband that gives him everything he needs to look and act the part of a professional poker player? The hoodie, ear buds, and sunglasses give him that stoic poker look he so desperately needs. Once he has the look down, make sure his poker chips and set looks professional by having the entire thing engraved to match!

Top Pair Poker Set

Personalized Whiskey Glasses

When he has his own poker set up at home, some of the last things he will need will be custom glasses. After all, what would a poker night be without a few drinks for him to share with the boys? These unique glasses will finsih off that casino level feel he has been going for around the table. Each time he or his friends go for a drink of their Old Fashioned, they’ll actually feel like they’re enjoying their favorite cocktail at their go-to casino!

Call on this Poker Set

Cigar Whiskey and Travel Poker Set

His favorite way to relax on Friday nights is playing a great game of poker with the boys. He’s smoking a cigar, having a drink, and enjoying each game of blackjack as the chips go down This kit is the perfect poker gift set for him! The personalization on the cases and glassware will make him feel like he is the words best blackjack player without having to ever leave the comfort of his own home! Give him a poker gift that he’ll love and you’ll love having him bring the party to your place!

Dealer’s Choice of Poker Set

Personalized Poker Chips Set

Whether he is an amateur poker player putting together his first poker night or has been playing for years, nothing will light his face up more than a surprise poker set with his name on it! This engraved leather case is perfect for all levels of poker lovers. It is great for keeping all the pieces organized around the house or for taking over to a buddy’s poker night! The weighty chips and dice give off the authentic casino feel he is after in his home poker set up too!

Raise the Bet to This Awesome Set

Luxury Poker Chips and Bracelet

The winner of each poker night needs something to mark his victory. For those occasions, he’ll need something that’ll match his smugness of having just beaten everyone else. A poker bracelet is the equivalent of those giant WWE belts in the poker world, so that is a start. But a luxury poker chip and card set are another way to mark his territory. When he is the reigning champ and hosts the game, your boyfriend or husband and everyone else will have to play with this over-the-top luxury chips and cards.

A Full House

Poker Table Set

Has he been playing poker for so many years with his friends that everything in his current set looks worn down? The chips are smoothed over from thumbing them over and over, the table is scratched and stained, and at this point their drinking out of old movie theater cups? Treat them with a full upgrade. Ditch the old and come in strong with new everything and even add a cigar case as part of your poker chip setup! Your boyfriend and the guys will be feeling like gambling kings by the end of the night!