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Article: 23 Spectacular 5 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

23 Spectacular 5 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

23 Spectacular 5 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

Celebrate this Milestone with the Best 5 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him:

Can you believe it’s been five years? Your relationship or marriage feels pretty stable at this point, and like any anniversary, the 5th anniversary gift is worth buying and celebrating, too! Tradition calls for wood as a 5 year anniversary gift for him, and there’s no shortage of incredible wood-related gifts out there if you know where to look—think of a classy wooden watch customized with his name and your anniversary date, or a bespoke whiskey barrel set to toast to your journey as a couple together. Now, your main man will surely love anything thoughtful coming from you—woodgrain-themed or not—so it’s also best to add a modern twist to your gifts and incorporate silver—another 5th year theme that signifies purity and connection. Whichever route you choose, make sure the gift celebrates him and your love in style like the trendy and romantic gift ideas below.

1. Badass 5 Year Anniversary Gift for Him

5 Year Anniversary Gift for Him Bullet Whiskey Stone Set

Your man deserves a gift that is as awesome as he is for your anniversary, and nothing is cooler than this bullet whiskey stone set! By far the most badass 5 year anniversary gift for him, this monogrammed whiskey set will be his favorite way to enjoy whiskey from now on. The two of you can enjoy a couple of scotch on the rocks or Whiskey Sours and use the awesome bullet whiskey stones to keep your drinks chilled until the last drop!

2. Practical Anniversary Gifts Are Always a Good Idea

Custom Wood Cigar Humidor with Hygrometer as 5th Anniversary Gift

Kick off your five-year romance with something luxurious and timeless as the bond you’ve shared together—a custom wood cigar humidor with hygrometer. It’s made from the finest ebony wood with Spanish cedar lining and a glass lid you can customize to make it truly his. Like any gentleman who likes to see and sample his fine cigars in one handsome gift, the hygrometer keeps everything just right, ensuring his collection remains in peak condition when it’s time for the next invigorating puff.

3. No Fuss Luxury Grooming Set

Luxury Beard Care Set
Luxury Beard Care Set

Five years in, and his beard has never looked better—thanks to you and the soon-to-be gift of the decade from a loving spouse. This luxury grooming beard set has all the essentials to maintain his beloved mane including a beard shampoo, moisturizer, beard oil, and a vegan wooden beard brush. It’s the ultimate care package that ensures his facial fuzz is always at its finest whether he’s grooming for a special event, a night out with you, or just keeping things tidy for a Netflix marathon.

4. The Biggest 5 Year Anniversary Gift

Personalized Giant Beer Mug for Anniversary

Go all out for him this year with a huge 5 year anniversary gift for him! This giant beer mug might make him laugh at first because of its sheer comical size, but once he fills it up with beer and realizes that he can enjoy a generous serving of his favorite brews, he’ll never want to drink straight from the can again! Thanks to your awesome gift, he can sit back and relax with a whole liter of his favorite beer without needing to get up for a refill until the movie is over.

5. Unique Whiskey Gift Set

Seven Seas Ship Decanter with Oak Base for Whiskey and Spirits as 5 Year Anniversary Gift for Him

A voyage in a spigot decanter that’s as majestic as your 5th year together; encapsulating that is this whiskey and spirits barware that's sure to become one of his most prized gifts, and the most unique one at that. This hand-blown piece of art featuring a USS Constellation ship inside—all proudly perched on an oak wood base—is something to boast about. In addition, the detailed craftsmanship of this ship-themed decanter is one he’ll surely appreciate for many years to come, and also something that will permanently be docked at his bar.

6. Reclaim a Wooden 5th Anniversary Idea for Him

Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Table

Check out this traditional 5th anniversary gift, a bourbon barrel as a table! The table has actually been made of reclaimed wood from Kentucky bourbon, how neat? Also, this will work perfectly in his man cave, game room, home bar, or even as his coffee table. This unique gift for your 5th anniversary is sure to be a gift he’ll keep for the rest of his life.

Happy couple having dinner outside

7. Suave 5 Year Anniversary Gift for Him

Custom Leather Cigar Travel Case
Custom Leather Cigar Travel Case

Light up his 5th year with you with a bespoke gift that's bound to make him smile with every puff, no matter where in the world you two find yourselves in. Like a trusted companion for any cigar afficionado, this suave custom leather cigar travel case will keep his prized stogies fresh, fragrant, and ready to go on his next adventure. Its cedar-lined interior helps maintain the cigar’s flavor while the handsome brown leather wrap—customizable with your choice of design—ensures he’ll look like the classy gentleman he is while puffing on his favorite stogie. Completing this set is a cigar cutter that fits snugly inside the cigar case’s outer pocket—a practical and convenient accessory for any cigar lover on the move.


8. An Ideal Gift for the Refined Man

Custom Cigar Gift Set

In search of a smoking hot 5 year anniversary gift for him? This personalized gift box with a cigar whiskey glass is a fantastic gift idea! Generally, anniversaries are all about celebration and when he opens up the blackout keepsake to find this glass, cigar cutter, and personalized lighter, he’ll want to have a glass of Basil Hayden’s and light up a Montecristo right away! This is the perfect gift that lets him celebrate his anniversary with you as well as every other occasion in life, too!

9. Impressive 5 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

5 Year Anniversary Gift Globe Decanter Set

Surprise your partner with a luxurious 5 year anniversary gift for him that he’ll never expect: this stunning etched globe decanter set! Firstly, he will be in awe of the detailed map of the world on the decanter and glasses, but his favorite part about this set will be the beautiful glass-blown ship sailing through his favorite whiskey inside the decanter. Secondly, you can be sure that he will definitely want to try out the decanter set right away and toast to a happy 5 years together, so make sure you pick up a bottle of his favorite liquor so that he can pour the two of you a couple of drinks with the globe glasses as soon as he opens up the box.

10. Unique Wooden Bluetooth Speaker

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

For a clever twist on a traditional wood gift, these unique speakers give your guy unparalleled sound quality while also having an appealing wood design. Made from natural bamboo, these Bluetooth speakers have a wireless range of 30 feet and a 15-hour battery life. They're perfect for any room in the home as the rustic appearance fits in seamlessly with all of his decor. Your guy will feel like he’s hearing some of his favorite songs for the first time!

11. Must-Have 5 Year Anniversary Gift for Him

Opulent Custom Charcuterie Board Gift - Large Black Marble and Acacia Wood Cheese Board as 5th Anniversary Gift

If he has a knack for hosting and is always crafting delicious eats, a tailor-made cutting board works wonders in enhancing the tastes and tales of your journey together as a couple. In addition, the elegance of the black marble mixed with the rustic charm of the acacia wood is sure to be a statement piece in any gathering, and any food or charcuterie served on it becomes an instant culinary masterpiece whether he's dicing, serving to guests, or just admiring its beauty on the countertop.

12. Decanter Set for His 5th Anniversary Gift

Custom Wooden Decanter Gift Set for Husband

This decanter box set is all about spoiling your man. He will love having the combination of a modern as well as a traditional 5th wedding anniversary gift for him. Additionally, the wooden gift box combined with a custom decanter set is surely the best way to show him how much you love him as well as make him feel incredibly dapper. The two of you can even have anniversary drinks from the set that night!

13. Personalized Pub Sign

5th Anniversary Gift Personalized Pub Sign

In the 5 years you’ve known him, he has always had a fascination with his own home bar. Whether you have the space for a fully stocked bar or simply want to create a spot he can call his own, this sign is perfect! The custom engraving means you can put your anniversary date on it, as the perfect way to commemorate when he opened his bar in the first place. Now, he can enjoy a drink and maybe even serve a few while he proudly has this sign hanging on the wall behind him.

14. The Perfect 5 Year Anniversary Gift for Him

Custom Marble Cigar Ashtray as 5 Year Anniversary Gift

Year five also calls for something as solid as your relationship, and this custom marble cigar ashtray is a good find. This coveted piece of art is carved from elegant black marble—sleek and sturdy as he is—ready to grace and jazz up the confines of his man cave, office, or any corner of your home. It’ll also be the envy of his fellow cigar afficionados who will want to have the same thing as their table centerpiece while enjoying their favorite stogies.

15. The Coolest 5th Anniversary Gift for Guys

Custom Shadow Box - Cigar Band Holder as 5 Year Anniversary Gift for Him

You have five years on lock and a lifetime more to go with this creative and unique gift. Every time he saves a cigar band in this custom shadow box, every piece becomes a part of your shared history. Not only that, this shadow box turns his love for cigars into an art piece, creating a personalized collage of all the good times and great smokes he’s had over the years. It’s also versatile enough to be hanged in his man cave, office, or anywhere in between making it easier for him to fill it with memories wherever he is.

16. Custom Smoker Kit for Cocktail Lovers

Engraved Cocktail Smoker - 5pc Set as 5th Year Anniversary Gift
Engraved Cocktail Smoker - 5pc Set as 5th Year Anniversary Gift

Five years down and what better way to celebrate than with a gift that will help him become the mixology artist he’s always wanted to be. This custom cocktail smoker kit is his arsenal to crafting smoky, Instagram-worthy cocktails right at home. It's packed with everything he needs including the smoker, a torch, a set of wood chips, a metal filter, and even a cleaning brush. He’ll also have guests wondering if he really made the incredible smoke-infused bourbon they’re drinking, and he’ll have the smoker kit to show for it, all thanks to you.

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17. Watch How Much He Loves This Gift

Engraved Watchcase 5 Year Anniversary Gift

Whether you dated for a long time before you got married, or you have been giving him gifts on the regular since you got married, you have given him a few watches, cufflinks, or tie clips. With this in mind, you can make his year with this incredibly cool 5 year anniversary gift for him, a personalized watch case! Now, he will always be able to find his go-to watch, classy cufflinks, or lucky tie clip! Plus, the top of the case is glass, allowing him to easily show off his amazing collection.


18. Catchall for the Things in Their Pockets

Wireless Charging Catchall

Make his life a thousand times easier with this awesome classy and high-tech anniversary gift for your 5th anniversary. This leather catchall isn’t just the perfect place for him to keep his wallet, keys, or other things he needs daily, but it is also the ideal spot for him to put his phone since it has a wireless charging pad! Thanks to this awesome anniversary gift, he’ll always be ready when he needs to walk out the door!

19. Personalized Ammo Can Gift Set for a 5th Anniversary Gift

Hatchet and 50 cal Ammo Can Gift Set

No other 5 year anniversary gift for him screams adventure and cheers than with an ammo box can gift set packed with all the manly essentials needed for his fun-filled day out in the wilderness: a rugged hatchet, a sleek liquor flask, and a classic pint beer glass. This is his survival kit for fun, made to blend his love for the outdoors with a good beer session whether he's chopping firewood, toasting under the stars, or just kicking back with his favorite brew, this set has got him covered.

20. The Sharpest 5th Anniversary Gift Idea

Damascus Knife 5th Anniversary Gift for Him
Damascus Knife 5th Anniversary Gift for Him

Get right to the point when finding a 5th anniversary gift with an incredible looking knife as his gift! This knife is made of Damascus steel, which means this knife is made of a ton of layers, just like your relationship! You can also be sure he will keep this new knife on him all the time, whether that is for his next hunting trip or simply having to cut some twine. Either way, he’ll love that he is always prepared thanks to this awesome anniversary gift.

21. A Sleek Liquor Bottle Gift Box

Liquor & Whiskey Bottle Gift Box

Your wood anniversary deserves a celebration that's sure to make his spirits soar – so when you gift him his favorite liquor, make sure to gift it in a personalized wood box. Not only does it add a dash of fancy to his gift, but it also serves as a versatile accessory where he can stash his cherished keepsakes and handy bar tools. In addition, this handsome box with metal clasp is also made from American Maple wood—strong and enduring as your love together.

Lambeau Stadium Wood Cufflinks

Wood seems like a difficult and boring 5 year anniversary gift, right? Wrong! You can get a lot of great gifts that follow the theme, like these wooden cufflinks! They may look like ordinary cufflinks, but they’re actually made from the seats of Lambeau Stadium, home of the Green Bay Packers! How cool is that? Now, your husband or boyfriend can proudly show off his style and love for his favorite NFL team at the same time.

23. Unique Gift Set with All of His Favorite Things

Monogrammed Variety 5th Anniversary Gift Set

You’ve been married to your husband for half a decade now, but he can be difficult to buy for. He’s the kind of guy who always says he doesn’t need anything and has various interests. Think about his favorite hobbies: Does he drink liquor or cocktails? Is he a beer fan? Does he drink cigars? If you answered “Yes” to any or all of those questions, look no further because this is the perfect 5th anniversary gift! This incredible gift set comes with all of his favorite things: a personalized whiskey glass that’s great for straight liquor or cocktails, a new bottle opener for his beers, a lighter for his cigars, and even a handy liquor flask to bring his favorite spirit on the go. The monogrammed wooden gift box can also be used to store his watches, ties, and more!


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