25 Awesome Bachelor Party Gifts

Give Your Friends the Gifts They Deserve With These Bachelor Party Gifts!

Your bachelor party is one of the most exciting events of your life. While the games, drinks, and experiences will be totally awesome, the people who are alongside you are what you’ll remember most. To make the party even better, you’ll want to bring all your best friends an awesome gift to thank them for coming out to a night that is all about you! The perfect bachelor party gifts help you and your friends enjoy a fantastic night at the bars, on the party bus, at home, or they can even be unique gifts that are useful for the reception and wedding. Ensure you have one of the best times out during your bachelor party by giving each member of the party the ultimate bachelor party gift! 

Most Unique Gift Sets for Bachelor Parties

Set of 5 Ammo Can Gift Sets

The perfect way to show your bachelor party you appreciate them is to arm them! Well, not really. But you can get them these unique ammo can sets as the perfect way to thank each guy for being there on your big night! They can immediately indulge in a cold drink (or two) while celebrating you. Plus, you could even add a few small bottles of their favorite liquor inside the can, this way, you and your best friends can get the party started as soon as they open their presents!

Two in One Bachelor Party Gift Idea

Customized Cigar Glass

When it’s your bachelor party, you want to feel your best. You want to have fun, enjoy something delicious, and fully experience one of your last times with your friends as a bachelor. Help all your friends enjoy this feeling, too, with these cigar glasses! They’ll love having a free hand to play poker, give out high-fives, or do anything else while their favorite vices rest comfortably in the other hand.

Crate of Cigar Accessories

Cigar Crate Groomsman Gift Set

You want to ask your closest friends to be your groomsmen/bachelor party guests in the best way possible: with this awesome cigar crate box set. they’ll love seeing their names inside this awesome box along with the cigar accessories and bow tie they’ll wear at your wedding. Add a stogie or two and a miniature bottle of their favorite liquor to make this gift the best ever.

Classiest Bachelor Party Gifts

Flask Glass and Watch Case Set

When it comes to classy gifts, this gift set is what comes to mind! Your bachelor party guests will be immediately obsessed with the three awesome items in this set. They’ll love using the flask at the party and even on your wedding day, and the personalized glass is perfect for toasting to you. They’ll love the usefulness of this watch case that they’ll use to store their watches, cufflinks, and other accessories.

Gift for the Great Outdoors

Camping Gift Set

Maybe you want to really rough it for your bachelor party and go camping, or you just know that your boys are big fans of the great outdoors. Either way, this camping set is an awesome bachelor party gift idea! You and your boys will be fully equipped for your outdoor adventures with this gift, and it’ll be a terrific bonding experience for the entire group.

Pint Glass Bachelor Party Gifts

Personalized Pint Glass Gift Sets

While it’s a simple thing, there’s nothing quite like seeing your name on your cup as you drink your favorite beverage. With these classic pint glass sets, your closest friends will be able to enjoy that simple luxury all together at your bachelor party! These pint glasses will really complete the awesome party mood, and your friends will love having a keepsake they can use forever!


A Keepsake for Enjoying Spirits

Set of 5 Engraved Flasks Bachelor Party Gifts

A big component of a fun bachelor party is making sure everyone goes home with something awesome to remember the occasion! Make sure this happens and that they can indulge in their favorite spirits with these personalized flasks! Your friends will get a kick out of these handsome gifts because they have their name on them and fit snugly in their pockets, making it so easy to bring with them wherever they go. They can even use these bachelor party gifts at the wedding!

Strongest Friends

Bull Decanter

Your friends are some of the most strong and courageous people you know. Get them a gift that reminds you of them with this bull decanter! They’ll be obsessed with how unique and cool this gift is, and they’ll love how it looks displayed in their home. It’ll give them strength every time they see it!

Handsome, Personalized Glasses

Personalized Rocks Glass Set of Five

Sometimes, simpler is better. This set of five rocks glasses are simple, classy bachelor party gifts that your friends will be obsessed with and want to use for every beverage they drink from here on out! Seeing the personalization will set these apart from any gift they’ve ever gotten, and they’ll love using them to toast to your friendship.

Time for the Bachelor Party

Watch for Bachelor Party

What time is it? Bachelor party time! With this creative black wristwatch, all your best buds will be super impressed! This custom printing you pick for this watch can perfectly embody you and your friendships with your bachelor party guests, making not only an awesome keepsake from your special day but a useful timepiece they can wear forever. Such an awesome gift won’t be forgotten!

Vintage Stein

German Beer Stein

Your guys deserve the coolest bachelor party gift idea known to man to celebrate with at you. That’s why you’re getting this traditional German beer stein for them. They’ll love how unique and vintage these steins look, and they’ll have a blast drinking beer from them with you at your bachelor party. They also make an awesome keepsake so your friends will always remember your bachelor party.

Drink Uniquely

Groomsman Gift Box Set with Glass and Flask

Get your groomsmen the coolest gift set ever! This groomsmen box set is a terrific gift that not only has items that they can use at your bachelor party and wedding but that will remain keepsakes forever! They’ll love using the flask and glass to enjoy their favorite spirits with you at the party, and they’ll definitely use the personalized wooden box to store mementos from your bachelor party and wedding.

Snacks: A Bachelor Party Must

Beer and Snacks Gift Box

There are few better times to indulge in delicious food and drink than at a bachelor party. With these beer and snack gift boxes, your bachelor party guests will be set! They’ll love sampling these delicious items, and they can even take some home to enjoy at a later time. Food coma incoming!

Cool Custom Mugs Bachelor Party Gifts

Customized Beer Mug Bachelor Party Gifts

Check these out! Your friends will obsess over these cool, custom beer mugs and want to use them every day. Their hefty, attractive look along with the personalization will make your buddies feel cool using them, and they’ll definitely use them to toast to you and your future marriage!

Pop them Open

Set of Five Custom Bullet Bottle Openers

Everybody has a bottle opener, but how many people open their beer bottles with an actual bullet? Not many! Your friends will be obsessed with these ultra-rad bullet bottle openers as the ultimate bachelor party gift ideas, especially considering their names are engraved onto the side! They’ll be so impressed and use them to open all their drinks during the party and then back at home.


Matching Shirts for the Bachelor Party

Matching T Shirt Bachelor Party Gift Idea

Always dreamed of rolling up to the club with your boys with matching shirts? Whether you have or not, you and your friends will have a blast wearing matching shirts for the party! With these personalized T-shirts, everyone will know that you and your crew are the coolest guys in the room! Plus, they make good keepsakes for everyone, so they’ll never forget one of the most fun times of their lives.

Chill Gift Set

Set of Five Whiskey Stone Gift Sets

When your bachelor party guests see these gifts, they’ll be so excited to use them! These whiskey stone sets are phenomenal bachelor party gifts because they’ll feel so incredibly classy sipping chilled whiskey from their customized glasses at your bachelor party! They’ll know how much you appreciate them knowing you went to the trouble to get them such cool, customized gifts.

Hold ‘Em

Personalized Poker Set

There are so many party favor-like gifts that no one ever really looks at or uses again. This poker set, however, is the kind of gift that your guys will use for the rest of their lives! You all will have a blast playing poker at your bachelor party, and then they’ll each be so happy to go home with their own personalized set.

Ammo Can Bachelor Party Gifts

Customized Ammo Can Bachelor Party Gifts

You want a unique gift that looks super cool while also being useful. That’s why this personalized ammo can is the PERFECT bachelor party gift! You can add liquor, cigars, beer, or any other awesome accessories inside these cans to make perfect gifts for your friends. They’ll love that these genuine ammo cans have their names on them, and they’ll definitely enjoy using them to store mementos from your bachelor party and wedding, drinking equipment, or whatever else they want.

Bobbled Heads

Customized Bobbleheads

A humorous bachelor party gift idea that will sit on their desk forever, always reminding them of your awesome bachelor party? That’s what these groomsmen bobbleheads will accomplish! Your friends will love seeing themselves in bobblehead form, and it will make them smile for years to come.

Cut it Out

Survival Knives Set

Keepsakes mean a lot to people, so you know your friends would love a gift that they’ll use forever that will always remind them of your bachelor party. That’s why these survival knives make awesome bachelor party gifts! These unique knives make super cool presents because not only are they attractive knives, but they have hidden survival kits inside them so your friends can always feel prepared.

Give the Gift of Liquor

Engraved Wooden Liquor Bottle Box

There are few gifts that you know will be huge hits more than a bottle of their favorite liquor. That’s what makes these wooden engraved boxes such awesome bachelor party gifts! They’re perfect for pairing with a bottle of your buddies’ favorite spirits, both because of how cool the engraving on the box is and how useful it is to store important bottles of liquor.

Coolest Crate Ever

Wooden Gift Crate Bachelor Party Gift Ideas

Don’t just casually ask your friends to be your groomsmen. Use these awesome wooden gift crates so they’ll definitely say yes! They can use the cool flasks at your bachelor party to enjoy their favorite spirits. They’ll love the novelty of this gift and really enjoy using the handsome personalized crate to store photos, ticket stubs, cigars, or anything else they want.

Incredible Sets for Them

Personalized Beer Mug Sets

A classic gift set is just what your friends will love, especially if it’s as incredible as these beer mug sets! No only are the mugs super cool because they’re personalized, but the items inside are unique, manly, and useful. Plus, the bowties will be worn at your wedding, making them, and yourself, even more excited for the big day.

Bachelor Party Gift for Any Party

BBQ Gift Set Bachelor Party Gift Idea

Your bachelor party will be such a blast that you and all your buddies will be excitedly thinking about the next time that you can have an all-guys get together. Get them even more excited with this personalized bbq tool set as a gift! They’ll be thrilled to receive such a unique gift, and they’ll greatly look forward to grilling up some food with you time and time again.