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Article: 21 Must-Have Cigar Accessories

Cigar Gifts

21 Must-Have Cigar Accessories

21 Must-Have Cigar Accessories

Elevate Your Stogies with the Ultimate Cigar Accessories

Indulging in one of the best cigars—be it a Cohiba, Ashton, Arturo Fuente, or Padrón—is one of the greatest pleasures a person must experience in life. Hardcore cigar aficionados know this, that’s why they go in the extra mile and invest in premium cigar accessories to enhance their overall smoking experience. If you’re a newbie, you’ve probably stocked up on the basics: a cigar cutter for a clean cut, a sleek lighter for an even burn, and a humidor to keep your entire collection fresh. But did you know that there are still more you can add to make every smoke smoother, tastier, and more enjoyable? It’s time to get your cigar setup all decked out with some top-notch cigar gears below.

1. Custom Cigar Whiskey Glass and Decanter Set

Custom Decanter Set

What does every cigar smoker need? How about an engraved decanter set to embellish their love for their favorite form of tobacco? Using this decanter, they can easily pair their two favorite vices of all time together. Better still, with the spare glass, they can include a friend or spouse for fun, too. Think of how much they’ll enjoy seeing the glasses, decanter, and even the keepsake each time they enter their cigar lounge.

2. Personalized Pint Glasses with Cigar Accessories

Personalized Pint Glasses

These personalized pint glasses come with the best cigar accessories–cigar cutters! For your group of friends or groomsmen, what could be better than a glass, a cigar cutter, and your hand-picked stogies? After all, this set will make celebrating and having a keepsake from the night a breeze.

3. A Fashionable Cigar Lover's Accessory

Cigar Cutter Necklace
Cigar Cutter Necklace

Fusing fashion with practicality is this unique cigar cutter necklace, designed to be a mix of jewelry and must-have cigar accessory. The double-blade, stainless steel cigar cutter is the focal point of this dog tag-like necklace that not only adds a handsome vibe to your causal or formal outfits but lets you enjoy your favorite stogie, as well, wherever you are. For low key moments, simply tuck this necklace in your coat like a pocket watch.

4. Luxury Cigar and Liquor Gift Set

Custom Whiskey Glasses and Cigar Gift Set

The great thing about cigar accessories is they are something that every cigar lover needs. They can never have enough cigar holders, cases, lighters, or even glasses. With this custom whiskey and cigar box set, everyone who enjoys a good stogie will feel like they’ve been given the most luxurious box set of their life! When cigars are their hobby and passion, look no further than this awesome gift box set!

5. Monogrammed Marble Ashtray

Black Square Marble Cigar Ashtray

So, you’re wondering what does every cigar smoker need? How about a monogrammed marble ashtray? Every cigar makes ash and they’ve been using their same old ashtray for years. This large piece of marble not only looks classy but also has cigar holder spots cut into the marble, making it a handy piece to have in any home cigar lounge.

Portrait shot of gentleman holding a whiskey glass and cigar

6. The Best Cigar Accessories are Lighters

Le-Grand-Dupont Lighter

To enjoy a cigar, they of course need a lighter, but you can make their lighter feel special too with a St Dupont lighter. With a butane torch and decorative design, this touch of luxury is an easy way to add class to every smoking experience.

7. Signs Make the Best Cigar Accessories

Custom Cigar Sign

Speaking of cigar lounges, make sure they’ve got a flair of personality in their room with a custom cigar sign. This is the perfect way to add some regal decor with a bit of fun, too, when they have their wooden sign with a smart-ass saying on it.

8. Custom Cigar Case Accessory

Personalized Cigar Case
Personalized Cigar Case

The worst feeling in the world is reaching into your pocket for that cigar you so desperately have been wanting to enjoy just to find it smashed. Nevermore! Protect your stogies with a custom cigar case. These are some of the best cigar accessories because they last forever, and keep your precious stogies in perfect smoking condition!

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9. Monogrammed Poker Set of Cigar Accessories

Monogrammed Poker Set

A great part about enjoying stogies is that they pair well with activities, too. Take poker for example, how fun is it to bet with high stakes while puffing on a cigar? Make that fun even better with a monogrammed cigar glass that lets you have a drink at the same time. With this gift set, they’ll be going through more cigars than ever.

10. Ultimate Cigar Humidor

Custom Wood Cigar Humidor with Hygrometer

A cigar aficionado wouldn’t be able to call himself as such without a trusted humidor. This must-have cigar accessory is a non-negotiable in the world of cigars. This one isn’t your average humidor, as it features a hygrometer that helps in tracking and maintaining your cigars’ freshness. It comes in a handsomely stained ebony wood with a glass lid so you can view your collection any time and it fits perfectly well with any cigar bar or lounge.

11. An Engraved Shadow Box for Cigars

Engraved Shadow Box

Not all cigar accessories are things to enhance the cigar itself. Some of the best accessories exist to help you remember the moment. This engraved shadow box keeps your most memorable cigar bands all in one place and on display. Hang it up in your office or cigar lounge as a constant reminder of some of the best evenings you’ve had.

12. Cognac Set with the Best Cigar Accessories

Custom Cognac and Cigar Gift Set

Cognac is a great drink for warming the body but for some, cigars aid in warming themselves on chilly winter and fall evenings. This personalized cognac set is a great way to pair the two together. With two glasses, a cigar box, cigar cutter, and a lighter, it is a set with some of the best cigar accessories around!

13. Luxury Leather Pouch for Cigars

Leather Cigar Pouch
Leather Cigar Pouch

Humidors work wonders, but for a traveling smoker, it can be hard to lug around. This leather cigar travel pouch provides the perfect solution by organizing and keeping all of your cigar essentials in one rugged-yet-elegant case while keeping them fresh. No need to rummage through pockets, as this handy leather case lets you whip out your favorite stogie or cutter wherever you are. It has snug compartments for up to four cigars, two cigar cutters, a cigar rest.

14. A High-Caliber Cigar Humidor

Personalized Ammo Can Humidor

Ever wonder what can be used as a cigar humidor? Bet you never thought a custom ammo can could be the answer. This real United States ammo can has been fitted with everything needed to protect your cigars from humidity while the ammo can itself ensures your cigars will always be protected.

15. Always Room for a Luxury Cigar Gift Set

Cigar Gift Set with Cigar Holder and Cocktail Smoker

A luxury cigar gift set is always appreciated, especially if it contains all a cigar lover might need for an unforgettable cigar and liquor experience. This gift set has it all: whiskey glasses, whiskey stones, a cigar stand, a lighter, a cocktail smoker, set of wood chips, and a cigar case with cigar cutter all encased in a sleek gift box. Seriously, what could be a more luxurious cigar gift set than this?

16. A Quality Cigar Glass Accessory

Engraved Cigar Holding Twist Whiskey Glass

This twist whiskey glass with a built-in cigar holder is the perfect companion for all those high-stakes poker nights or if you just want to simply unwind with your favorite stogie in style after a long day. The thick yet elegant twisted base is extremely durable—the kind you want in a cigar glass if you want it to last for years. This is one of those cigar accessories that looks and feels expensive to have, as well.

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17. Gunmetal Beer Mug

Gunmetal IPA Glass Mug with Pewter Crest

Beer and cigar? Why not! Beers have complex flavors that, when paired well with the rich and earthy notes of a cigar, can enhance the overall beer and cigar tasting experience like no other. So, if you’re a beer and cigar lover, you’re in luck with this gunmetal beer mug as a must-have cigar accessory. Whether you’re pairing your Padron or Ashton with a stout or an ale, this beer mug can handle it all.

Close up shot a man's hand cutting a cigar

18. Luxury Cigar Accessories for the Aficionado

Cigar Gifts Engraved Ashtray Set
Cigar Gifts Engraved Ashtray Set

Give them everything they need to practically have their own cigar lounge with this engraved ashtray set. Complete with a cigar case, lighter, whiskey glass, and of course an ashtray, they have everything but the booze and tobacco to have one of the greatest nights of their lives!

19. Engraved Wooden Cigar Humidor

Wooden Personalized Cigar Box

Give a simple but memorable gift with one of the coolest cigar accessories, a wooden humidor. Perfect for keeping stogies in pristine condition, these are a must-have accessory for any cigar fan. Nevermore will they be dealing with single-wrapped cigars in cellophane, missing stogies, and ones that have been crushed or dried out. Now, every smoking experience will go as smoothly as possible.

20. High-End Cigar Cutter

Damascus Steel Cigar Cutter

Get the king of all cigar cutters with the William Henry Kingman. This Damascus steel blade cuts through cigars 52 gauge and below with ease. Doubling as a full-on pocket knife as well, this is a fantastic cigar accessory that every cigar lover will enjoy having on their person at all times.

21. Custom Keepsake Box to Keep Them All

Large Wooden Keepsake Box

Now that you have everything—your favorite cigars with its accessories and all—you need a durable organizer to keep them all in check. You can do so in style with a premium wooden keepsake box. Sure, a humidor only works for cigars, but this keepsake box lets you store your cigar collection along with your cigar cutters, lighters, ashtrays, and cigar stands/holders in one portable box. It’s a must-have cigar accessory for pros or cigar newbies who are always on the move.

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