27 Great Gifts for Older Men

Check Out These Awesome Gift Ideas for Older Men:

No one seems to get the shorter end of the stick in gift giving quite like older gentlemen. They seem to have everything they want and enjoy their routines and hobbies they’ve cultivated over the years. But that’s only because that don’t know what incredible things are out there. Our team has scoured the globe to bring you the best gifts for older men anywhere on the planet. It doesn’t matter the reason you’re celebrating or shopping for a gift, you’ll be able to easily find everything from a birthday gift to a retirement gift for men that will bring a smile to his face like you haven’t seen in years.

Let Him Show His Competitive Side

Custom Cornhole Board Set of Gifts for Older Men

The older guy in your life hasn’t stopped having fun. He’s always up for a friendly competition. That’s why he will love having a cornhole set personalized just for him. It’s one of those gift ideas for older men where he can play games of bean bag toss with his grandkids to show that grandpa’s still got it. He can take it tailgating whenever he reunites with his friends from his alma mater every Saturday during the football season. Either way, he’ll be determined to be the master of this cool gift.

Cigar & Whiskey Gifts for Older Men

Cigar Whiskey Decanter Box Set of Gifts for Older Men

Just because they’re older doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve something truly awesome when it comes to getting gifts. Check out this personalized decanter box set that comes with matching engraved cigar glasses? What guy wouldn’t love this set? These gifts for older men allow him to easily indulge in scotch and a cigar at the same time. Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, holiday, or an unbeatable gift basket for men, he will surely love this gift set!

Worldly Birthday Gift for an Old Man

Vintage Globe Bar Cart Old Man Gift Set

Wondering just what to buy an elderly man who has everything? Give him the world! Well, not really but you can do your best with this awesome vintage bar cart. It will be an awesome-looking piece of home decor that not only will stun guests but can also be used to serve them tasty drinks! Fill it with his go-to gin or favorite scotch and you’ll have the most epic set of gifts for an old man!

Personalized Decanter

Custom Whiskey Decanter

A perfect gift idea for an older man is to get him a custom whiskey decanter. Not only is it great for pouring a glass of whiskey, bourbon, or scotch, but it is a great custom gift that he will want to show off in his home. Perfect for home bars and countertops alike, he’ll always have this decanter filled and ready to go so he can share a drink with friends and family with complete ease and class thanks to this fantastic-looking gift.

Every Older Man Appreciates Cigars

Cigar Lover Gifts for Old Men

It’s almost impossible to picture your man without a cigar in his hand whenever he gets a chance to unwind. Show him how much you pay attention to his favorite vices with a cigar gift set. This is one of those gift ideas for older men they’ll wonder where it’s been their entire lives. They’ll love having the tools on hand to get any cigar ready. But the real treat is being able to have a quality glass for his whiskey that will also keep his cigar steady and in place whenever he needs a free hand.


The Most Exact Weather Report He’ll Ever See

AcuRite Smart Weather System

Scientists haven’t been able to pinpoint why, but at some point in a guy’s life the weather becomes one of the most important things in the world. AcuRite has created the greatest possible gift in his life. He can now detect the weather directly outside and inside his home. He can monitor the humidity in the three different rooms at once. He can make changes on the fancy digital display or from his phone whenever he’s not at home. He may not be able to control what the clouds do, but he can control everything under his own roof.

Badass Beer Stein

Personalized Beer Stein for Older Guy

A glass of beer has always been a manly drink, but now that he has aged a bit and has become more refined, a personalized beer stein is exactly the gift an old man needs to take his beer sophistication to the next level. A beer stein is like a sports blazer for men, it allows him to look fancy but he can still get down to business if he needs to enjoy a few brewskis. Plus, this makes for a great mantle piece when it isn’t full of his favorite brew. This blog also has even more great suggestions for retirement specific gifts.

Smokin’ Gifts for Old Men

Custom Whiskey Smoke Box Gift Set

After all of his years, he will never have gotten such a useful gift set for an older man. With this smokebox and whiskey gift set, he can put a fun new twist on his whiskey. This set allows him to take flavors like cedar or thyme and infuse them into his whiskey, scotch, or bourbon. He’ll feel like a mad scientist and connoisseur fused together as he concocts new delicious flavor combinations!

Beer Birthday Gifts for an Old Man

Custom Beer Growler Set of Gifts for Older Men

After all of these years, he is still a stout beer lover. Get it, stout? Anyway . . . you know that any fan of beer will love getting an engraved growler box set. After all, he is older, with this growler that means fewer trips to his local pub or brewery to get his draft. Talk about a useful and unique set of gifts for older men!

Let Him Make His Own App

iOS App Making Class

The older man in your life has never believed that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. He’s always looking to keep up with the latest tech trends. Now he can be his own trailblazer when you get a course that shows him how to make his very own app. He can make an app to track just the stats of his favorite athlete or he can create the next iOS gaming sensation. The possibilities are endless. But whatever he ends creating he’s bound to love and you’ll basically be contractually obligated to download it and shower him with praise.

A Legendary Gift for a Legendary Man

Older Men Celebrate With this Whiskey Glass & Cigar Gift Set

Your man’s always been a bit refined, especially as the years have gone by. You know that all is refined ways as made him an even larger legend in your eyes and in your heart. This Distinguished Gentleman gift set has three engraved pieces detailing his legend. The cigar flask is great for taking golfing or on lake trips so he can enjoy a pull and a stogie whenever they’re needed. But the really cool part of this gift are the black onyx whiskey stones paired with the classic whiskey glass. They cover a larger surface area than regular whiskey stones, so they’ll get his drink chilled more quickly. After all, there’s no time to waste.

Gifts for Old Men For the Scotch Loving Guy

Engraved Glencairn Box of Gifts for Older Men

You don’t enter this planet with a well-developed scotch palate. That’s something your man has rigorously earned over time through a lot of trial and error. If you’re looking for a great gift for your dad or husband, then this Glencairn box set is exactly what you need. They think they know the ins-and-outs of scotch, but they haven’t truly elevated the experience until they have their own set of Glencairn glasses. The glasses will take any scotch to new heights while the box set is perfect for storing anything they’d like. It’s a gift they won’t expect, but will use as often as they can.

Your Guy Has Picked Up Some Cooking Skills

Personalized Cutting Board

At one point in his life, you guy’s culinary skills didn’t extend beyond boiling water and throwing some boxed pasta inside. Thankfully, he’s added a few pages to his mental cookbook and now actually enjoys spending time in the kitchen. A custom cutting board is one of those perfect gift ideas for older men to show that you’re genuinely impressed with what he can do with the right ingredients. He just needs the right tools for the job and that’s why he’ll love this clever gift idea.

Durable Leather Wallet

Stylish Brown Wallet

Yes, your guy has a wallet. Probably the same beaten up one that he’s never bothered to replace. You may not think this is a great gift for older men, but you’d be wrong. Not only is this a stylish leather wallet, but it can also charge his phone. It has a built-in battery and slim compartment for the charging cable. So it doesn’t add any bulk and provides a modern solution to a modern problem. Any older guy is guaranteed to feel hip when they bust out this wallet.

Bet on These Awesome Gifts for Older Men

Poker Birthday Gift for an Old Man

Place your best on getting unique birthday gifts for an old man with this personalized cigar whiskey glass and poker set! With his age, he likely has plenty of time to spend dealing hand after hand with his buddies. However, now he can look like a true card shark with these high-quality cards, dice, chips, and of course, his new glass!

Monogrammed Presentation Set

Serving Tray with Decanter and 4 Rocks Glasses

Deep down he knows he’s too old to be serving his friends and family with plastic cups from restaurants. It’s time for him to put away the college-aged way of serving drinks. He’s probably just a little stubborn. Give him a gentle push with a gift for an older man that blends his love of playing host with a stylish flair. Each piece in this presentation set is engraved with his monogram to really reflect how gracefully he’s matured, but still shows off his fun side as he brings out a decanter filled with his favorite spirit and four rocks glasses ready to serve the closest people to him in life. He’ll be using these gifts for and older man on holidays, at dinners, or whenever he has guest over. It’s even perfect for him to just unwind with a nightcap.


Timeless Footlocker

Black Storage Footlocker

Historically, guys could not care less about how storage. If the spot is empty and fits what they want, that’s good enough for them. That approach softens a bit with age. It will do a complete 180 when you get him his very own classic footlocker. It has a timeless look that appeals to every guy’s sense of style, no matter their preferred décor. It’s great at the foot of the bed, in the living room, or next to his desk. Your man never thought he cared about storage until he opens this gift.

Top Caliber Gifts for Old Men

AR-15 Decanter Set of Gifts for Older Men

Have him stare down the barrel of the set of the best gifts for older men on the market with this whiskey decanter set that comes in the shape of an AR-15. Even the glasses have bullets in them. How cool? This is the ideal gift for an older man who is into guns, action movies, and whiskey!

A Superb Sign for Home Bars

Personalized Bar Tavern Sign

Now that he is a bit older and retired, it is the perfect time for you to help him create that home bar he has always been after. Whether this personalized tavern sign is his first, 50th, or 100th piece to his home bar, you can be sure you’ll see it displayed with pride above his home bar every single night. Talk about an amazing gift idea for older guys!

Great Grilling Gift Box

Grill Subscription Service

Each new year, it feels like your guy tries to give something else to live a better and healthier life. But one thing he’ll never be able to give up is BBQ. It speaks to his soul in the way nothing else does. That’s why an awesome gift for older men is a subscription to a monthly grilling box. Every month they’ll sample some of the finest seasonings and spices in the U.S. and get ample supplies they’ll need to create their own. This is one of those gift ideas for older men that goes great with the grill light mentioned earlier.

Let Him Enjoy His Vices

Ammo Can Gift Set Gift Ideas for Older Men

If there’s any group of individuals that deserve to enjoy their favorite vices, it’s older men. After all, they’ve spent decades working hard and providing for their families. This ammo can gift set is just what he deserves and is full of great gifts for old men! This set provides him with the highest quality accessories to enjoy his favorite spirit and most trusty cigars, all while storing important items such as drinking accessories, fishing tackle, or sentimental trinkets inside the unique ammo can.

Top-Notch Wine Must-Haves

Custom Wine Tumbler Gift Box

Drinking wine out of the perfect glass is an unmatched experience. That’s why this wine glass set is one of the best gift ideas for older men! Not only are the glasses gorgeous and personalized just for him, but the stainless steel will ensure his wine stays the perfect temperature until the last drop. He’ll love the convenience of having the engraved box to keep his favorite wine accessories in, like the corkscrew, wine stopper, or corks.Throw in a bottle of his favorite red, white, or rose and you’ve created the greatest gift he’s ever gotten!

Elevate His Steak

Joule Sous Vide

Your guy can instantly check the sports score of the most minute sports competition on his phone. He can pull up footage from the first concert he attended in the 70s from the comfort of his couch. And now, with a Joule sous vide, he can get a restaurant quality steak from his own home anytime he wants. Joule’s sous vide is extra special because you can download the app, direct what you’re cooking, and how you want it cooked all from your phone. This gift will give the older man you’re shopping for enough confidence to believe he can become America’s next top chef.

Legendary Ammo Can of Gifts for Older Men

Engraved Pint Glass Ammo Can Set of Gifts for Old Men

Just because he is older doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be prepared for anything that comes his way. This pint glass ammo can gift set ensures that anything from a refreshing brewski to surviving the harshness of the wildernesses is right at his fingertips. Make sure he is ready to brave anything that comes his way with this epic gift set.

Classic Crystal Whiskey Glasses

Classy Crystal Whiskey Glasses for Old Guys

Scotch glasses are the ultimate gifts for old men. They are perfect for any of their homes, after all, what old man doesn’t enjoy a refreshing glass of scotch? The only thing that makes a glass of his go-to liquor even better is putting it inside a classic crystal glass. This set of timeless glassware will last him for decades, and from the day he gets them, they’ll look like he’s always had them in his collection.

Comfy House Shoes Are Essential

Black Suede Slippers

As he’s gotten older, your man has come to understand the importance of good footwear. He has shoes for work, when he goes for a jog, when he’s got a date, when he’s working in the yard. It doesn’t seem to end, but one thing every older guy needs a pair of shoes for when he gets a moment to relax around the house. These Ascot suede slippers have a rubber traction, so they can still do stuff around the house when needed, but also have a plush lining designed to comfortably fit around any foot. It will feel like they’re walking on a cloud whenever they slip on this gift.

Gift Ideas for Older Men and Their Cigars

Personalized Ammo Can Cigar Humidor

His favorite stogies are some of his most prized possessions, and he deserves an amazing gift that will keep those cigars safe! One of the greatest gifts for old men is this ammo can cigar humidor because it not only will keep their cigars intact for a very long time, but it looks incredibly awesome! He’ll love seeing his name on this ammo can that he’ll surely display on his home bar or anywhere else for all to see, and he will greatly appreciate that his precious cigars will stay in perfect shape while inside it.


What do you buy an older man that has everything?

To get the older man who has everything something memorable, it has to be a gift that creates a core memory or experience. Think about what has stuck out to you more in a lifetime. Was it the toy on your sixth birthday or an unforgettable experience? Use one of these custom gifts for older men as a way to make this a memorable gift. After years of mass-marketed gifts, a custom gift will be a memorable experience for him. Plus, if it is practical and he uses it daily, it will be simply unforgettable, even for the older man that has everything.

What is a good gift for a 70 year old man?

A good gift for a 70 year old man is anything that will make him feel appreciated for everything he has done in life. Ensure that this gift has something to do with his favorite hobbies, but you’ll also want it to be unique as well. After all, he has spent decades defining who he is, so his gift needs to be as unique as his personality.

What do you get an older gentleman?

Older gentlemen deserve dapper and classy gifts. Things such as fine clothing, glassware, or accessories are exactly what they need. Sure, they likely have some of these items already but this is your chance to take what they enjoy and take it to the next level. Make their gifts personalized or so luxurious that they could never have dreamed of getting themselves something that nice. That is how you get gifts for old men and blow them away when they open their presents.

What do you buy an 80 year old man?

Much like a gift when he is 70, a gift for an 80 year old man needs to be very fitting, however, at 80 you can take the custom, personalized, and engraved gift ideas even further by going for more regal and sophisticated items since he is an older man. A gift like a custom sign that is always on display or a personalized decanter that he gets to use as well as show off are perfect ideas for the classy 80 year old man.