27 Way Too Cool Brother-in-Law Gift Ideas

Get the Coolest Gifts for Brother-In-Law This Year with Our Fantastic Gift Ideas!

Your brother-in-law is either the easiest or the hardest person in your significant other’s family to buy for. If you two are close, then finding him a gift he will like should be easier when using this guide. If, like many people, you are struggling to find something he likes, your research will pay off below. Cool brother-in-law gift ideas include things like personalized glassware for his kitchen or dining room, the latest tech or video games you two can play together, and unique gift sets tailored just for him. Giving your brother-in-law something that you also enjoy can become a bonding experience that will make your relationship better with your in-laws. You might be wondering, “What kind of Christmas gift ideas for guys are appropriate to give a brother-in-law?” “What kind of gift would both my brother-in-law and his wife like?” “What gift can I give that he and I can bond over?” Don’t worry, these 27 way too cool brother-in-law gift ideas have everything you need to find the perfect present this year.

A New Twist on Classy & Classic Gifts for Brother-in-Law

Engraved Cigar Whiskey Gifts for Brother-in-Law

Use your set of birthday gifts for brother-in-law as the perfect way to keep him feeling classy and sophisticated with this twist whiskey glass and travel cigar set! Engraved with his name and initial, what was already a refined gift becomes one that will make him feel like a dapper gentleman each time he takes it out to enjoy his favorite classic whiskey with a perfectly matched stogie. Better yet, this set comes with two glasses, so for getting him a gift that is this good, he may just share a glass with you too!

A Gift for Your Brother-in-Law Unlike Any Other

Engraved Beer Stein Gifts for Brother-in-Law

Your brother-in-law deserves a gift that’s just as cool as he is, and this beer stein is one of the coolest gifts you can possibly get him! He will love the traditional German style of this handsome beer stein, but he will especially enjoy using it to drink his favorite beer because it makes him feel like a Viking. When he’s not using it, this unique stein makes a fantastic decoration for his home bar or kitchen! Ideal for his birthday, retirement, or anniversary, this amazing beer stein is one of those gifts for brother-in-law that is sure to make you his favorite in-law.

Unique Brother-in-Law Gift

Custom Signs Are Brother-in-Law Gifts

How cool is this custom sign? Perfect for making your brother-in-law’s awesome home bar an official pub, this rustic decor will instantly make his favorite room in the house feel like a real bar. By far one of the most thoughtful brother-in-law gifts you can give, this awesome sign will be treasured for years to come whether you give it to him for his birthday or for the holidays!

A Gift So Good He’ll Know You’re Not Bluffing

Embossed Poker Set Gifts for Brother-in-Law

A perfect way for you to bond with your in-law is most definitely over a hand of cards. While you, he, some friends and family sit around a card table with this embossed poker set, there is no doubt the family love will grow stronger while bluffing, betting, and maybe even a bit of friendly trash-talking. After a few hands of poker, these birthday gifts for brother-in-law will have it feeling like you two were long-lost brothers!

Impressive Brother-in-Law Gifts

Monogrammed Decanter Set

Show your favorite in-law that you think the world of him by surprising him with this stunning monogrammed decanter set! He will be in awe of this classy three-piece set, but once he recovers from the surprise, he will want to fill up his new decanter and pour the two of you a drink using his new glasses. No matter his spirit of choice, he can store and serve it in the handsome decanter. This impressive decanter set is one of the best gifts for brother-in-law for celebrating the holidays, housewarming, or his birthday!

Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Fact: everyone loves music. If your brother-in-law is often on the go or likes to hear his music no matter where he is, then you should get him a portable Bluetooth speaker this Christmas. This speaker is way too cool because it is water-resistant, floatable, and super powerful. The device comes in 4 colors and can connect to his device from 30 feet away. It may look small, but this little speaker is ultra loud and clear. He can listen to his tunes in the pool, camping, sailing, hiking, anywhere! It even has a handy little hook to clip onto his backpack so that it’s secure. He can even answer his phone calls with it! This speaker is seriously cool and one of the most foolproof Christmas gifts for brother-in-law.

Cool Whiskey Gifts for Brother-in-Law

Engraved Box Set of Whiskey Gifts for Brother-in-Law

Treat your partner’s brother to a proper gift that only a true brother deserves: this legendary whiskey set! No matter the occasion, he will feel like the coolest man in the world thanks to your incredible gifts for brother-in-law that declare him “The Man. The Myth. The Legend.” As soon as he opens up the custom gift box to find the beautiful crystal glasses and stainless steel whiskey stones inside, he’ll want to pour the two of you a couple of drinks and toast to such an amazing set of Christmas gift ideas for him.

Practical Gifts for Brother-in-Law

Custom Ammo Can Sharp Tool Set

Men like getting gifts that are practical, like tools or a gadget they can utilize while working or with their hobbies. Your brother-in-law is no exception, and he would be over the moon to get this incredible ammo can gift set! With a hunting knife, hatchet, cigar flask, and large ammo can, everything in this set is both practical and awesome. He can use each item in this set at home or he can take everything with him the next time he goes camping, hunting, or fishing! Rest assured, he will be enjoying all of these amazing brother-in-law gifts.


Classy Birthday Gifts for Brother-in-Law

Whiskey Decanter Set of Brother-in-Law Gifts

How awesome is this unique decanter set? The custom decanter’s cool design makes it ideal for giving your brother-in-law for his birthday! He will marvel at the sculpted glasses and be amazed when they fit so perfectly in his hands. Once he tries them out, he won’t want to use a regular old round glass ever again! The only thing that would make these unique gifts for brother-in-law better is if you also get him a bottle of his favorite liquor so that he can try out the set as soon as you give it to him.

Unique Gifts for Brothers-in-Law

Custom Beer Mug Box Set Gifts for Brother-in-Law

Is he more of a beer drinker? Then you should definitely get him this nifty personalized beer mug set! These unique birthday gifts for brother-in-law will make him feel cooler than Tom Cruise himself when he’s kicking back with a cold one in his new custom beer mug. He will want to use the mug and the bottle opener every night when he comes home from work thanks to your great gift! Of course, make sure you also get him a six-pack of his favorite brew so that he can try out his incredible gift right away.

A Cool Watch for Him

Watch for Brother-in-Law

Watches are always great go-to gifts for men, but this watch is especially cool for your brother-in-law. The watch comes loaded with features: digital and analog time, date, full calendar, alarm, chronograph, dual time zone, 12 or 24 hour time format, backlight, water resistant up to 100 feet, and 2 years of battery life. This sporty watch will go with everything as it is nice enough for formal wear and perfect for casual wear. The band is genuine leather that is fully adjustable so that you don’t have to worry about getting it fitted for him. You can even choose between a steel white or the matte black for the face of the watch. He will love getting this super cool watch this Christmas, but if you want to get him a complete gift then you should get him an extra watch band so that he has a backup just in case. Watches are some of the coolest Christmas gifts for brother-in-law because everyone needs a good quality watch that has many useful features and a long battery life.

Precise Cutting Board

Custom Cutting Board Gifts for Brother-in-Law

This Christmas, give the gift of perfect cooking to your brother-in-law with this super precise cutting board. The board features 8 cutting guides for him to follow to ensure that everything he cuts, dices, chops, or shreds is absolutely perfect. This Christmas present is humorous at first glance, but it is a genuinely useful tool for men who enjoy cooking and want to improve. He will never have too much or too little of an ingredient in his meals ever again thanks to this cool cutting board. He’ll want to try it out immediately, so this would be a great gift for giving before Christmas dinner and help make the perfect meal for the family. Helpful kitchen tools like this cutting board are great brother-in-law Christmas gift ideas if he enjoys cooking as a hobby or professionally because it makes their experience a little bit easier and more efficient.

Unbeatable Gifts for Brother-in-Law

Bullet Whiskey Stone Gifts for Brother in Law

Want to get your brother-in-law something really cool? This bullet whiskey stone is literally one of the coolest and most badass brother-in-law gifts! He will be amazed by the realistic look of the whiskey stones and will love how using them to chill his drink in the monogrammed glasses makes him feel more badass than Chuck Norris. As soon as you give it to him, he’ll want to pour you a drink to celebrate your awesome gift!

A Handy Gift He Will Take Everywhere

Personalized Wooden Beer Caddy

Whether you know your brother-in-law very well or not, he will love this custom beer caddy! Any man who drinks beer struggles with transporting a six-pack of beer bottles because they’re so fragile, after all. On top of that, not having a bottle opener around when he needs one is always frustrating. This cool beer caddy ensures that he will always have a bottle opener handy and that he can bring his favorite beers anywhere from his buddy’s BYOB party to the lake on the weekends without having to worry about them getting broken!

The Perfect Relaxing Gift for Your Brother-in-Law

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set with Cigar Accessories

There’s nothing as relaxing as a glass of scotch and a freshly lit cigar, and your brother-in-law knows it! This set is perfect for celebrating a special occasion such as his birthday, a promotion, his retirement, or even his anniversary. He will love using the professional Glencairn glasses to sip on his scotch and the handy cigar accessories to prepare a quality stogie. You could also get him a whole pack of his favorite cigars to complete the gift!

Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini

Smart home technology is all the rage right now, and your brother-in-law wants to get into it. A Google Home Mini is a great starting device to jump on the smart tech bandwagon. Starting this Christmas, he will be able to get any Google search answer, the weather, his daily schedule, take phone calls, play games, and play music all from one little hands-free device. He will never want to be without his Google Assistant after he gets the hang of it. Electronics like the Google Home are great go-to Christmas gift ideas for him because of their many features and additional accessories so that it becomes the gift that keeps on giving. You can get your brother-in-law a new component from the Google Home line every Christmas to build his collection and turn his house into a smart home!

Must-Have Brother-in-Law Gifts

Whiskey Box of Gifts for Brother-in-Law

Want to give your really nice birthday gifts for your brother-in-law that will also make a great impression? Look no further than this luxurious whiskey gift set! From the handsome black gift box to the elegant glasses, every aspect of this gift set is very impressive. He will be so amazed by how classy these unique brother-in-law gifts are that you’re sure to be his new favorite in-law from now on. This set is ideal for giving him for his promotion at work, anniversary with his partner, or even just because you want to get him something to celebrate becoming in-laws!

Flask Set for Brother-in-Law

Brother-in-Law Gifts Leather Flask Set

If your brother-in-law is the kind of guy who is always traveling, likes liquor, or both, this flask gift set is for him. This Christmas, he will be getting not just a flask, but an entire gift set that has a handsome leather case, a leather-wrapped stainless steel flask, 2 shot glasses, and a funnel. Both the case and flask are personalized with his name, initial, and a phrase of your choosing. This set is ideal for traveling so that he can bring his favorite spirit along when he goes hunting, hiking, camping, fishing, and more. He can share a shot with you, his spouse, or a friend thanks to the stainless steel shot glasses. The coolest part about this set is that he can use the case as a safekeeping space for the set, or he can reuse it as a nice storage case for small items such as cigars or watches. This handsome set has many uses, which makes it one of the coolest brother-in-law gifts.

A Unique Set of Gifts for Brother-In-Law

Custom Knife Watch and Leather-Wrapped Flask

Get a whole set of gifts for brother-in-law that are as unique as he is with this personalized flask, watch, and knife gift set! What is awesome about this gift for him is unlike most gifts, this one is easy for him to always have on his person. How cool is it that he doesn’t have to leave his present at home or only use it for special occasions? This brother-in-law birthday gift can be used every day and is as easy as slipping on a watch and putting the flask and knife in a jacket pocket to ensure he can use it whenever he wants!


Pressure Cooker for the Brother-in-Law Who Cooks

Pressure Cooker for Brother-in-Law

In the last year, pressure cookers have become the hottest new kitchen gadgets for amateur and professional cooks. If your brother-in-law likes to cook, this cool pressure cooker will make his kitchen faster and more efficient than ever before. The Geek Chef pressure cooker has 11 functions: pressure cooker, sous vide, rice cooker, slow cooker, soup cooker, sauté, yogurt maker, pressure canner, steamer, simmer, and insulation warmer. The pressure cooker can also adjust the temperature and timer if needed. He will never have to wait hours for a meal to be ready in a slow cooker ever again with the pressure cooker. He can make mashed potatoes in 15 minutes instead of having to wait 20 minutes just to get the water to boiling. Most of the functions only take mere minutes, which means a quicker and easier meal for your him, his friends, and family. If he’s in charge of making something for Christmas dinner, he’ll want to use this right away and show off his awesome new kitchen gadget to everyone in the family.

Customizable Beer Lover Gift Set for Any Occasion

Brother-in-Law Personalized Beer Lover Gift Set

If you know that your brother-in-law is a beer lover, then he’ll love this awesome gift set. Almost everything in this set is engraved with his name, a phrase, and a date, making this a more thoughtful birthday gift for brother-in-law. He’ll love using the growler to bring plenty of his favorite craft beer along to the next family reunion because it will keep it ice cold all day long, even at the annual lake trip! The pint glass will become his go-to at home, and he’ll certainly never lose his new bottle opener. As for the engraved gift box, he can use it to store all kinds of things from his bartending tools to photo albums.

Proper Whiskey Set

Personalized Whiskey Glass and Stones Brother-in-Law Gifts

Not sure what to get as a gift for your brother-in-law? For the guy who likes whiskey, you can’t go wrong with this custom rocks glass and set of whiskey stones. All that’s missing is a bottle of his favorite whiskey! This classic brother-in-law gift is a guaranteed win even if you don’t know him that well, but it will certainly show him that you care about him and the things he likes.

Ultimate Brother-in-Law Gifts

Personalized Gift Set for Men

Whether you’re really close with him or not, finding the perfect gifts for brother-in-law is never easy. The first step in your shopping should be to figure out his interests. Ask your spouse, your mother-in-law, and maybe even his wife to get a good idea of what his hobbies are. If he’s the kind of adventurous guy who loves beer, smoking cigars, and spending free time outdoors, this is the perfect gift set. The custom pint glass will be the first thing he reaches for when he gets home from work, and the cigar lighter and cutter will be the second. He’ll definitely love the awesome tactical survival knife for his weekend fishing and hunting trips with his friends, especially since it’s personalized just for him! Whether it’s his birthday, Christmas, or a job promotion, he will be amazed that you got him such an incredible gift.

Badass Brother-in-Law Gifts You Can’t Beat

Beer Ammo Can Brother-in-Law Gifts

Does your brother-in-law like spending time outdoors and relaxing with an ice cold beer afterward? Then this badass ammo can gift set is perfect! He will love every piece in this unique set for his outdoor adventures such as using the ammo can for storing his fishing gear when he goes to the lake and bringing the pocket knife on a camping trip. When he gets home, the custom pint glasses and bullet bottle opener will be waiting for him!

Sega Genesis Game Console for Christmas

Sega Genesis

If your brother-in-law is a gamer, then he’ll love getting the Sega Genesis console for Christmas this year. This throwback console has 81 classic Sega games like Mortal Kombat and Phantasy Star that inspired the modern video games of today. The console comes with two controllers so that you can play with him and relive the old classics. The coolest part about this revamped console is the port to insert original sega cartridges if you or him still have some lying around. Sega games are incredibly cheap now so he can play his old favorites that aren’t already included in the console. Classic game consoles like the Sega Genesis or Nintendo Classic are way too cool Christmas gifts for brother-in-law who grew up playing the classic video games growing up. This way, you both can relive your childhoods and bond over gaming together.

Glencairn Whiskey Glass

Glencairn Whiskey Glass for Him

Did you know that Glencairn glasses are specially crafted to improve both the aroma and flavor of whiskey? If your brother-in-law likes whiskey, then he needs a Glencairn glass. The glass has a unique shape and base that are designed to enhance the whiskey experience. He will be amazed at the noticeable difference in his whiskey when drinking from a Glencairn, so be sure to include a bottle of his favorite spirit for him to try right away on Christmas Day. Unique drinkware such as these Glencairn glasses are very cool brother-in-law gifts because they improve his drinks and look awesome when displayed.

The Manliest Brother-in-Law Gifts

Custom Whiskey Gift Set with Hatchet Brother-in-Law Gifts

Show your respect for your brother-in-law with this incredibly cool and manly gift set! He will feel like the coolest, manliest guy in the world once he’s wielding his custom hatchet and rocks glasses. He’ll love bringing his hatchet along when he goes hunting or camping, but it also works for yard work too. But that hatchet is only part of the gift, his whiskey stones and rocks glasses will be waiting for him inside to cool him down after a hard day’s work or a fun day filled with adventure!