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Article: 13 Custom Cigar Boxes

Cigar Gifts

13 Custom Cigar Boxes

13 Custom Cigar Boxes

Store Your Stogies with Confidence Using a Cigar Box

A true cigar aficionado would tell you that cigars are a hobby, not a habit. For a hobby dating as far back to the Mayan civilization, one thing remains true no matter what kind of cigar you acquire and puff in your lifetime: you’re going to need a custom cigar box or humidor, and a high-quality one at that. When choosing your cigar box, consider the material, capacity, and humidity control—you want to make sure that it emulates the perfect temperature conditions where tobacco naturally thrives in order to keep them crisp and fresh for years. You can even pass it on to one of you children, provided you invest in a premium cigar box. So, whether you’re thinking of gifting one for a groom, relative, or one for yourself, here are some top-notch cigar boxes that store your stogies in style and at the peak of perfection.

1. Stogie and Scotch Combo Box

Custom Whiskey Glasses and Cigar Gift Set

Make every endeavor feel luxurious with this gorgeous custom wooden cigar box that allows you to easily store your whiskey glass, cigar accessories, and even a few stogies. Each time you pop the lid to enjoy one of these vices, you’ll feel like Don Draper with how dapper you are. Better still, this gift box comes with a cigar case, lighter, and cigar stand, which are all incredibly easy to bring with you everywhere you go. Now, you’ll be looking for an excuse to indulge in a cigar at any time.

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2. Classy Cognac Cigar Box Set

Personalized Cognac Wooden Cigar Gift Box Set

Cognac pairs with cigars wonderfully well, making this personalized cognac gift box set just what a stogie lover needs. It works perfectly as a gift because you can fill their wooden box with two cigars, making indulging in their gift easier. From then on, the wooden box will become the perfect storage space for the next two cigars they can’t wait to smoke! Hint: Enjoy this set with a Hennessy XO and La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor.

3. Elegant Custom Cigar Boxes

Military Glass Top Cigar Humidor
Military Glass Top Cigar Humidor

A cigar box humidor that looks as good as it performs, this military glass top humidor has a matte tan exterior finish for an elegant look. It’s engineered with a patent-pending Hydro Systems, a feature that lets you electronically control the humidity between 65-72%. It also has a removable storage tray and accessory drawer at the bottom so you can store and access the rest of your essentials in one box.

4. A Traditional Wooden Cigar Box

Custom Cigar Box for Storing Stogies

A traditional box for cigars is a great way to store those stogies you can’t quite get to smoking just yet. The wooden box does a great job at keeping your cigars from the elements or from accidentally being lost or crushed. Add in the unique engraving, and this is a box that you’ll be just as proud of as the cigars inside.

5. Decadently Enjoy Whiskey and Cigars

Decanter Set with Custom Cigar Box

Not all cigar boxes just have to be boxes. Some can come with a whole decanter set. After all, a custom decanter box set is a great thing to pair with a cigar–especially when it comes with awesome cigar whiskey glasses. Imagine how classy you’ll feel being able to pour a drink with one hand while having your cigar and whiskey in the other. Add in that the box has plenty of room for your stogies as well as your glassware and this is a gift that is a win across the board! Hint: Try this gift set with a J.P. Wiser’s rye and a Davidoff Winston Churchill Churchill.

Handsome man in suit sitting on chair smoking a cigar

6. Gorgeous Custom Cigar Boxes

Luxury Cigar Humidor

Regardless of if you have $7 cigars or ones that cost a small fortune, you can dress them up inside this gorgeous cigar humidor. Complete with a digital hygrometer, this Spanish-cedar-lined box is a fantastic way to store up to 120 cigars in style.

7. For the Badass Cigar Lover

Personalized Whiskey Ammo Can Cigar Box

Okay, there have been multiple wooden boxes but how about a metal one that is built to carry cigars? This custom United States ammo can will definitely protect your cigars from nearly anything that could hurt them. If it can bring ammo to the troops in one piece, it can surely bring your glassware, stogies, and accessories anywhere you need to be.


8. The Perfect Way to Remember a Stogie

Custom Shadow Box - Cigar Band Holder
Custom Shadow Box - Cigar Band Holder

While many boxes for cigars are concerned about keeping the cigars safe from things like humidity or being lost, this one holds onto their memory. An engraved shadow box is a fantastic cigar box. It is the perfect way to hold onto the memories of the cigar by collecting the band. The bands, after all, will last much longer than any cigar smoking experience. However, now you can enjoy that memory over and over again each time you see this on display in your living room or office.

9. The Perfect Pairing & Tasting Set

Custom Bourbon and Cigar Gift Box

Bourbon and cigars are a fantastic pairing, and to some, are a flavor combination that cannot be beaten. Pairing such vices is why this custom bourbon gift box with cigar accessories exists. Now, pairing bourbon and cigars has never been easier, thanks to the Kentucky bourbon trail glasses, even the flavors will be at their peak. Hint: try an Ashton VSG with Blanton’s bourbon.

10. A Box for Cigars with Everything You Need

Custom Cigar Glasses & Humidor Gift Set

Smoking your favorite stogie and drinking your favorite whiskey can’t get any better than this cigar set. The humidor’s rich espresso finish and solid construction makes it a standout piece in your cigar bar or man cave. It also comes with a sharp cigar cutter, flip-top lighter, and two elegant twist whiskey glasses with cigar holder so you can enjoy both of your vices seamlessly and in style. This cigar gift set is perfect for celebrating any milestone, when you’re hosting a poker night, or gifting a close friend.

Handsome older genetleman holding a cigar and whiskey glass

11. One of the Toughest Custom Cigar Boxes Around

Ammo Can Humidor Cigar Box

There really are no tougher cigar boxes out there than the personalized humidor ammo can. While there have been humidors as well as ammo cans on this list, this is both of them in one! Now, it can protect your cigars from something like humidity just as well as it can from rough travel as well as gunfire! Plus, you know something like this ammo can humidor will look amazing on a home bar.

12. One of the Most Luxurious Cigar Boxes

Bluetooth Humidor

Upgrade your humidor not just in terms of quality but in terms of portability too. The Vaultek Lifepod is a travel humidor designed with one thing in mind, keeping your cigars safe. The hard shell combined with the humidity-controlled interior means that you and your 10 favorite cigars can travel the world safely together. This humidor even comes with an app so you can monitor or adjust settings via Bluetooth from your phone. How cool is that?

13. Monogrammed Cigar Lover Gift Box

Monogrammed Cigar Glass Gift Box

Feel magnificent with a monogrammed cigar gift set complete with a wooden box. From storing stogies to being able to enjoy them in the comfort of your own home, this cigar box has you covered. Few things will be as enjoyable as seeing your initials on your glass each time you perfectly pair a drink with some whiskey. Hint: Try a Four Roses small batch with a Montecristo No. 4.


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