17 Best Personalized Groomsmen Gifts

17 Best Personalized Groomsmen Gifts

Your wedding day is fast approaching, and you’ve got a few more things to get. Do you have your groomsmen picked out? What about gifts for them? Not to worry, we’re here to help you do both! The best personalized groomsmen gifts are items that, of course, are personalized with their names but they should be cool things that your bros would actually enjoy. You could use your groomsmen gift as a proposal to ask your closest friends to be your groomsmen or give it at the reception as a thank you for being a great friend all the way until your wedding day. Whether you’re planning on getting matching personalized gifts or getting different groomsmen gifts for each guy, your groomsmen are going to love your gifts. Either way, we tracked down the coolest and most customizable gifts that all of your best friends will enjoy!

The Perfect Groomsmen Proposal

Groomsmen Proposal Gift

First things first: you need to pick out your groomsmen! You have a small circle of friends from your childhood, high school, college, and even coworkers that you’ve become good friends with. One of the best ways to ask your bros to be your groomsmen is with this awesome gift set! It comes with a cool personalized whiskey glass, a flask, a bow tie for the big day, and your choice of a groomsmen proposal card in a matching personalized gift box. They’ll be so surprised and honored that you asked them in such an awesome way, and will surely say yes. This set is one of the best personalized groomsmen gifts because of its many useful items and how customizable it is.

Custom Flasks For Everyone

Set of 5 Personalized Groomsmen Flasks

Your best bros are guys with many hobbies and lifestyles. You’ve been searching for the right gifts for each guy for weeks, but they’re all just so different! What if you didn’t have to get different groomsmen gifts for each guy? You could make it simple and get them all a single matching gift, like an engraved flask! See? Finding groomsmen gifts can be easy. This set of five custom flasks are the easiest gifts for groomsmen that they’re all sure to enjoy. They’ll probably have them in their suit jackets on your wedding day so that you can enjoy one last drink as a bachelor before walking down the aisle. After the wedding, they’re sure to keep their new flasks on hand to enjoy a shot while hanging out together or at a party with friends.

Different Groomsmen Gifts for the Outdoorsy Guys

Personalized Groomsmen Hatchet

Your bros are guys who love to spend their free time outdoors. Your best man enjoys woodworking and another groomsmen is always camping or backpacking through the local mountains. Trying to find awesome personalized groomsmen gift for outdoorsy dudes doesn’t have to be difficult. Each of your bros would love to get their own engraved hatchet! This nifty tool is perfect for using when building campfires, doing yard work, and even for fishing. You can customize the three lines of text to be anything you wish, such as “Dakota Johnson, Survival Expert, Coolest Guy Ever” or “Mark Simmons, Legendary Hunter, Professional Hiker.” Your bros will feel like total badasses when using their custom hatchets. You can get a set of five at once to make your shopping a little easier.

Awesome Ammo Can Gift Set

Personalized Groomsmen Ammo Can Beer Gift Set with Pocket Knife

Your best man is the coolest guy you know. He can down two or three six packs without even getting a buzz. He’s the best wingman you could ask for, and even helped bring you and your fiance together! Naturally, he deserves only the coolest groomsmen gift. This awesome ammo can set is the best personalized groomsmen gift for your best man. It has a custom ammo can, two matching custom pint glasses, a cool bottle opener made from a real bullet, and a pocket knife. Your best bro will love using his custom ammo can to store and transport his ammunition back and forth from the range. After a few hours of target practice, he’ll love coming home to an ice cold beer.

The Best Personalized Groomsmen Gift: Custom Pint Glasses

Engraved Pint Glass

When looking for the perfect groomsmen gifts, you can either get everyone their own personalized version of the same item or different groomsmen gifts for each guy. You want to give each of your friends something cool that they’ll like, so it can be difficult to find the right gift for each one. Or, you can take the easy route and get them all something simple and useful. One of the simplest gifts you can give is a custom pint glass! This way, you can ensure that they will like and use the gift you give them. All of your friends drink beer, and if not, the glass is just the right size for cocktails, sodas, or even iced tea. The glass is personalized with each of their names, a title or short phrase of your choosing, and the date of your wedding. Every time they use their glass, your groomsmen will remember how awesome you are and the great memories of your wedding.




Monogrammed Travel Bags

Are you having a destination wedding? One of the best personalized groomsmen gifts you can give is something that will make their travels a little easier. After all, they’re traveling just to be by your side for your wedding day. You could get each of them their own monogrammed travel bags! They’ll love having a nice Dopp bag to store their essentials in for the journey. You could even take it a step further and fill each one with a toothbrush, toothpaste, a travel size of cologne, or whatever you wish. Either way, they’ll definitely appreciate this nice groomsmen gift.

Get the Whiskey Drinkers Their Own Custom Whiskey Glass Set

Custom Whiskey Stone Set with Glass

Do each of your groomsmen have different liquors of choice? Your best man prefers beer, one groomsman loves tequila, and another will only drink straight whiskey? You could definitely theme your groomsmen gifts around that. For the latter, he’d love to get his very own personalized rocks glass and a nice set of whiskey stones. Thanks to you, he’ll be able to enjoy a nice scotch on the rocks without sacrificing the flavor. Once he sees his awesome gift, he’ll immediately want to pour some whiskey and raise a toast to your awesomeness.

How to Pick a Best Man

Best Man Flask and Bow Tie Box Set

You’ve got your groomsmen picked out, but you haven’t decided on who should be your best man yet. You’ve got Jack who has been your best friend since 1st grade as you grew up in the same neighborhood. There’s Hunter, who you met in high school and have played video games together ever since. And then there’s Stephen, your college roommate who was always there to help you back to the dorm when you got too drunk and always the best wingman. The number one quality a best man needs to have is to be your sounding board for all of your problems or ideas. He’s always supported you but keeps your crazy ideas in check. He’s the guy you can trust to keep your wedding rings safe through the ceremony and not to let you do anything too wild or dangerous at your bachelor party. Once you’ve decided who that is, the coolest way to ask him to be your best man is with this custom best man gift set. It’s got a personalized cigar box, a flask, bow tie, and your choice of a greeting card. He’ll love everything in this set, and that you chose him for the honor of being your best man.

Beer and Cigars All Around 

Custom Beer Mug with Bottle Opener and Lighter

Your best bros are simple guys. They drink beer regularly and you all go to the cigar lounge on occasion. The best groomsmen gift you can give them is something related to those two things because they’re sure to enjoy it, like this cool gift set! It comes with a personalized beer mug, a bottle opener, a lighter, and plenty of room for a stogie or two. Beer mugs always make the best personalized groomsmen gifts, but this set really steps it up a notch. Your best buds will love everything about this set and will immediately want to raise a glass to you, so make sure you have plenty of beer on hand when you present them at the reception!

A Unique Set That Celebrates Your Groomsmen’s Awesomeness

Custom Whiskey Glass Set for Groomsmen

Your best buds are the coolest guys you know. Whenever you all hang out or go on a trip together, it’s always an amazing time. Remember when your best man ate a raw ghost pepper on a dare? It was hilarious and awesome, and you’ll never forget it. Let’s face it, how can you find a gift for your groomsmen that’s just as cool as they are? Look no further, this unique gift set is perfect. It comes with two whiskey glasses for sharing a drink together after a crazy day of adventures and a handy new pocket knife that will always be in their pockets just in case one of you one of you gets stuck in a booby-trapped net in the woods, again. But the best part of this set is the engraving on the box and whiskey glasses, which declares each of your groomsmen as the most awesome man on the planet.




Monogrammed Cufflinks

Monogrammed Gunmetal Cufflinks

One of the classic gifts for groomsmen are cufflinks, but these aren’t just any old random cufflinks you can pick up at your favorite clothing store! These handsome gunmetal rectangular cufflinks are personalized with a three initial monogram that is quite unique. Your groomsmen will love wearing these on your wedding day, at their own future weddings, and any formal event.

The Biggest Mug Your Groomsmen Have Ever Seen

Giant Personalized Groomsmen Beer Mug

You and your bros are legendary in your favorite bar. You all go there at least once or twice a week, and the owners know you all by name. When you’re not hanging out at the bar, they’re all at your house watching the game because you have the biggest TV, the best setup, and the most beer glasses. Give your best friends their own top-notch beer gear with these humongous beer mugs! This monster holds an entire liter of beer, which is about 2.5 bottles’ worth of beer. Seriously, this huge mug is one of the most amazing personalized groomsmen gifts and they will love that they can enjoy a fair amount of beer without having to get up for a refill.

Make Sure They’re Energized for Your Big Day

Engraved Insulated Travel Mug

You’ve been searching for the right gifts for your groomsmen for weeks because each one has very different tastes. You would like to give them all a matching, practical gift that they will genuinely enjoy and use. When all else fails, go with something simple like a personalized travel tumbler! They all drink coffee, after all. No need for different groomsmen gifts, this simple monogrammed travel tumbler is the easiest gift you can give. You could even fill it with a couple of their favorite K-Cup pods! They’ll for sure be energized and awake for your wedding day, even if they’re a little hungover from your bachelor party the previous night. It’s perfect for their morning commutes, too.

Matching Personalized Whiskey Glasses for All of Your Groomsmen

Personalized Groomsmen Whiskey Glasses Set of 5

Your groomsmen are classy guys who all enjoy a glass of scotch now and then. You all make sure to go to the local cigar lounge at least once a week to catch up with each other. These guys are less likely to chug a beer and more likely to appreciate a fine bourbon with slow sips, making a matching set of rocks glasses the perfect gifts! Each glass features a unique bubble design on the base which beautifully reflects the whiskey inside and helps prevent condensation stains on their antique coffee tables. They’re all engraved with their names, a title, and the date of your wedding so that they can always remember your awesome wedding and how you gave them such a cool gift for being part of it. By far, these simple but classy whiskey glasses are one of the best personalized groomsmen gifts. They’ll love using their personal whiskey glass to make an Old Fashioned or to sip scotch on the rocks from after a long day at work.

Personalized Beer Growler

Custom Insulated Stainless Steel Beer Growler

In your friend circle, you each have a preferred microbrewery and you take turns going to each one to try the new beers on tap. You and your bros enjoy comparing the unique concoctions to the other breweries and discussing what ingredients are used. For the ultimate craft beer lovers, a custom beer growler is the most useful personalized groomsmen gift! They can each take their insulated growler to their favorite brewery and fill it up with 64 ounces of a new brew or a classic staple to enjoy in the comfort of their own. They’ll love that the growler will even keep their beer cold all day long so that they can take it to the lake, the beach, or a BBQ in the middle of summer.

Custom Multi Tool

Engraved Multi Tool for Groomsmen

Your groomsmen are practical guys who never want anything besides tools or materials for their next fixer-upper project. For fun, they enjoy being in the outdoors and going fishing, hunting, and camping. You’ve considered camping gear, but that’s not quite personal enough. How about a custom engraved multi tool that they can use for just about anything? A very different groomsman gift, this handy tool has a knife, scissors, a ruler, three different screwdrivers, nail cleaner, tweezers, bottle opener, and even a nail file. This incredibly useful multi tool will always be in their pockets whether they’re working in the garage or out camping with the family. You can customize the engraving as well, with your own line of text wherever you want it with different colors and font options.

A Different Groomsmen Gift They’ll Love

Personalized Groomsmen Gift Set with Shot Glass and Pocket Knife

You’ve scoured the internet for the perfect groomsmen gift. You’ve found plenty of cool beer mugs, whiskey glasses, and T-shirts but nothing cool enough for your best bros. How about this unique gift set? Inside a personalized cigar box there’s a monogrammed shot glass, a pocket knife, and plenty of room for a small liquor bottle or a pack of stogies. Your groomsmen will love this practical gift set! They can never have too many pocket knives, after all, and shot glasses are always great gifts. Plus, they’ll have a dedicated place to store their cigars now!




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