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Article: 27 Custom Gifts for Dad

27 Custom Gifts for Dad

27 Custom Gifts for Dad

Custom Gifts for Dad are the Best Way to Show Your Appreciation for Him

Dad is the man who has been there for you from day one. From helping you learn to walk, to your first touchdown, to helping you buy your first house. He is the one that you always reach out to for guidance. Whether you’re looking to get custom gifts for dad to thank him for all of those years, for Father’s Day, his birthday, or for another reason, we’ve got your back! Customized gifts for dad are a great way to show your appreciation for everything he has done over the years. When a gift has been customized, he knows that you went the extra mile to find him something unique that he will love. Strengthen your bond as father and child (no matter how old you are) and get him something from this incredible list of suggestions!

Custom Gifts for Dad’s Relaxation

Whiskey Glass and Whiskey Stone Gift Box for Dad

There is something special about getting a gift box full of custom gifts for dad on any occasion. It is a way of showing him that he truly means something to you. Make this occasion memorable with dad with this engraved whiskey glass and whiskey stone box set. Perfect for sharing a drink to really make this day memorable, the two of you can have a toast to dad using his new favorite gift set.

For the Legendary Father

Ammo Can and Pint Glass Set of Customized Gifts for Dad

Keep dad armed to the teeth with only the very best gifts on the market for a man of his caliber. A personalized ammo can and beer lover gift set is the ultimate way for him to feel like a true man’s man. Just make sure to have his favorite Stallone or Schwarzenegger movie on when you give this gift to him. That will truly optimize the masculine experience that is this legendary set of customized gifts for dad!

Serve Up Hot Grill Gifts for Him

Unique Grill Tool Set of Keepsake Gifts for Dad

Throw some hot gifts on the grill this season for dad with this engraved grill tool gift set. There are few places where dads are at home as they are when they’re putting meat to flame, so make sure he looks damn good while he does it with this gorgeous rosewood grill tool set. Perfect for replacing his old tools, this set has everything he needs to be flipping burgers and searing steaks all summer long.

Classy & Personalized Gifts for Dads Who Love Whiskey

Decanter Set of Custom Gifts for Dad Who Loves Whiskey

How about a whole box set of classy and customized gifts for dad? What kind of man would not love to see their name on each piece of their gift? Let alone when the gift is a whiskey decanter set. He’ll feel like Don Draper each time he goes to pour himself, friends, and family a drink from this unique gift set. In fact, you can already see the spot he’s carved out for his set on his office desk or on his home bar.

Signs are Keepsake Gifts for Dad

Personalized Home Bar Sign

Add some decor to dad’s favorite hang-out spot at the end of the day with his own custom home bar sign. Perfect for the guy who's already got a home bar as well as for the one who dreams of building his own watering hole, nothing will inspire him to pour a cold one each night like seeing his name hanging above his beer, whiskey, or cocktails.


Personalized Golf Balls

Unique Professional Golf Balls

Make his time on the golf course even better with his own set of professional level and custom golf balls. Add his name or a fun saying of his for his unique balls. Just don’t be surprised when you find out these are some of his favorites to tee off with!

Customized Gifts for Dad Who Loves Beer

Beer Mug Box Set of Custom Gifts for Dad

There is nothing quite as refreshing as an ice-cold beer from a beer mug. In fact, sometimes the quality of the beer doesn’t even matter, simply drinking from a mug enhances the quality. Let your dad enjoy the mysticism that a mug brings to each beer with his own custom gifts for dad with a luxury beer mug box set. The classy black gift box helps make this an ideal gift for any occasion while you know your beer-loving dad will be over the moon for such a cool and custom beer box set.

For the Toughest Dads Around

Engraved Tumbler Gift Box

Use a set of blackout tumblers to create one of the most unique and customized gifts for dad by getting him something for every occasion. Want to have an ice-cold cocktail? Boom, blackout tumblers. Want a fantastic glass of wine? Boom, blackout tumblers. Need a glass for a beer? Yup, boom, blackout tumblers. So, not only does this box set look amazing but it is also multipurpose and incredibly functional. Is there anything a dad could ask for more of this gift set? Be honest, probably not, this gift set is perfect.

Creative Custom Gifts for Dad in a Whiskey Set

Whiskey Label Sign and Glassware Set of Customized Gifts for Dad

Get luxurious with your dad’s gift ideas with this unique whiskey label gift set. Not only is it a badass set of glassware but it even comes with a matching sign. That means this is a top to bottom whiskey set that will make his house, office, garage, and wherever he stores his gift, feel like he is the owner and proprietor of his own whiskey label.

Meaningful Gifts for Dad Can Be a Game

Personalized Cornhole Toss Gift Set

One thing that every kid remembers is playing a game with dad. Whether it was having a catch in the backyard, kicking a ball back and forth, or maybe something else. Rekindle that part of your relationship with him with this engraved cornhole gift set. These are perfect customized gifts for dad that allow him to keep his competitive side going with his friends and family while also having an awesome way to hang out in his own backyard while BBQing or having a bonfire.

Embossed DOPP Kit

Monogrammed DOPP Kit

Customized gifts for dad don’t always have to be something about luxury or impracticality, in fact, the opposite is often quite true. Some of the best custom gift ideas for dad are practical items where the customization is what puts the gift over the top. Take this monogrammed DOPP bag for instance. He will be using this to keep organized at home as well as bringing everything with him when he has to travel, but the monogram of his initials will be what makes this an extraordinary and memorable dad gift idea.

Perfect Glasses Fore Him

Golf Lover Whiskey Glass Set

Bring dad’s love for the golf course home with him every single day with this set of customized gifts for dad! Unique whiskey glasses like these will have him celebrating his love for the game each time he goes for an Old Fashioned or a Whiskey Neat. Add in that he can enjoy these with the boys after their Sunday round (turning his place into the official/unofficial 19th hole) and you may have just found one of the coolest and most meaningful gifts for dad out there.

Keep Him Cookin’

Engraved Cutting Board for Dad

Every dad, whether they admit it or not, knows how to cook. Somehow, even the most unskilled in the kitchen can step-up to a grill and they just have it as an instinct on how to cook food on an open flame. Get him in the kitchen and perfect his grilling skills with a personalized cutting board. Now, he will be able to do everything from prepping the food to putting it to flame and serving up delicious steaks, burgers, and grilled veggies.

Call His Bluff on Gift Giving

Poker and Cigar Glass Set of Custom Gifts for Dad

Don’t bluff that you’re getting awesome custom gifts for dad. Go all-in with this unique poker gift set. From the case to the glass, he won’t know which part he likes more. In fact, the one thing you know for sure that your dad will enjoy is how much of a card shark he is going to feel like when he’s got his cigar and whiskey in one hand while still being able to hold his cards or chips in the other. Just don’t be surprised when he starts to host weekly card nights at his place from now on.

A Beer Gift Dad Can Take Anywhere

Engraved Stainless Steel Beer Growler

Never let your dad be tied to where he can enjoy his beer. After all, one of the great pleasures of man is to be able to have a brewski anywhere you can be. So, make sure when he does have an adventure beer it is a good one with this personalized stainless steel beer growler. Perfect for taking craft brews to the peaks out mountain tops or driest and harshest of deserts. Another defining quality he will love is the insulation, thanks to the double-walled stainless steel he can have ice-cold beer on the go for at least 24 hours! How cool is that?


Powerful Custom Gift for Dad

Custom Sledgehammer

Smash on into the good and unique gifts with a custom engraved sledgehammer. Choose your size and swing away at getting the gift that your dad won’t be able to wait to mount in his shop. Personalize the handle with a unique message and you’ll give him an unforgettable dad gift.

The Most Epic Gift Box for Dads

Badass Whiskey Ammo Can Set of Customized Gifts for Dad

Keep your dad armed to the teeth with a set of meaningful gifts for dad like this personalized ammo can gift set. Complete with snacks, badass whiskey glasses, a survival knife, and even a bottle opener made out of a real .50 caliber bullet, he can’t ask for much more. Oh, and that isn’t even to mention that the gift box is a real United States military ammo can. Talk about a unique gift idea for your dad. Whether he loves action movies, whiskey, or retired military, you can be sure that any dad will love something as cool as this gift set.

Watch How Much He Loves This Gift

Personalized Valet Tray and Watchcase

Customized gifts for dads can be more unique than you may think. Most people think dad will want something like cufflinks, tie clips, pens, watches, or other accessories. Well, what is he supposed to do when he already has all of those things but can’t keep them organized? He will need an engraved valet case. Now, he can keep all his awesome gifts organized with his latest gift. Not only will he be organized, but he’ll easily be able to get dressed and look as dapper as ever since he’ll always know where his best accessories are.

A Wonderful Wine gift Set for Dad

Luxury Wine Set of Personalized Dad Gifts

Some dads prefer a good glass of wine over something like a brewski or a shot at the end of the night. For those men, you need to look no further than this luxury wine box gift set. Complete with gorgeous stemless glasses, wine tools, and a gift box too, it has everything but the wine! No matter if this personalized dad gift is for his birthday, the holidays, or just because, you can be sure he will never forget this gift.

Glencairn Set of Custom Gifts for Dad

Custom Glencairn Whiskey Glass Set

Bring a whole new world of flavor with these amazing custom gifts for dad. A custom set of Glencairn glasses are the most sophisticated and appropriate way for him to grow his whiskey hobby. Now, he will have the ultimate set of glasses to experience every flavor, every aroma, every tannin of his favorite drinks. Whether he enjoys these as a flight of different drinks or shares drinks with three other friends, you can be sure this is the dad gift he’ll never stop talking about!

Make Him Part of His Favorite Team

Unique Team Jersey

Make dad an official part of his favorite sports team with one of the coolest keepsake gifts for dad, his own custom jersey. Choose from any professional team and add his name and favorite number. Now, he can go get groceries on game day while rocking his team gear or support their efforts during the game!

For a Drink on the Go

Flask Gift Box of Customized Gifts for Dad

Sometimes, the perfect dad gift doesn’t have to be the largest gift set on the list, just the most practical. After all, if there is one thing we all know about dads is that they love practicality. For the one who enjoys a nip here and there, this leather-wrapped flask set is just what he needs. When he is on the go, his go-to liquor will always be right where he needs it and he can even share a shot or two at home if he likes thanks to the shot glasses. Talk about a perfectly planned dad gift idea!

Create His Home Pub

English Pub Sign

Decor for dads is always a fun gift for the guy who has always been there for you. After all, many times people grow up without seeing their dad’s eye for design displayed in many areas of the house, if at all. So, with this personalized pub sign, he can easily add some flair to his home bar or it may be the perfect excuse for him to finally create the home bar he has always dreamed of. So, make your dad proud of a room in his house with an epic home pub sign.

The Perfect Gift Box of Customized Gifts for Dad

Whiskey Gift Box Set of Meaningful Gifts for Dad

Customized gifts for dad are a great way to make him feel like an absolute legend. Something as cool as this engraved whiskey and knife gift box let him know that he did something right while he was raising you. Have your dad feel like the manliest guy in town each time he goes for a drink or for when he places something inside the keepsake box with this epic gift set. With two glasses too, don’t be surprised when he toasts you and shares a drink with the second glass for finding him the coolest dad gift he’s ever seen!

Show Your Dad the World

Vintage Globe Bar Cart

While nothing on this gift is quite customizable, it simply cannot be ignored from a list like this due to the uniqueness of the gift idea. A vintage globe bar cart is a fantastic way to make him feel like you went out to get a one-of-a-kind gift idea that he has never seen before. Even if you do want to customize it, you can preload the bar cart with his favorite liquors and mixers so your dad can get the party started right away!

Every Dad Needs a New Wallet

Personalized Fossil Wallet

Dads are always in need of a new wallet. Most of them are still using the first or second wallet they’ve ever gotten in their lives. Upgrade his life with a modern monogrammed Fossil wallet. The high-quality leather and stitching are sure to last him at least another decade, which everyone knows he will appreciate almost as much as the touching gift itself.

The Perfect Presentation Gift Box

Unique Liquor Gift Box for Dad

When you’ve gone through a whole list of amazing custom gift ideas for your dad and still haven’t found something just right, why not go with a cool and unique gift idea? This personalized gift box is a fantastic way to present him with his favorite bottle of liquor or maybe a bottle he has always wanted. Plus, because it will be presented inside a gorgeous keepsake box, he’ll still have something fantastic to hang onto long after the bottle has been drunk.


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