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Wine Chillers

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Nothing is worse than a warm bottle of wine. We offer a number of options when it comes to chilling that nice bottle of chardonnay you picked up for your dinner party. From wine chiller buckets, to chiller/pourer hybrids, browse the several selections and see which will fit you and your needs best. Also making wonderful gifts for that wine loving hostess that most of us have and love, wine chillers are not only functional but are a gift that the recipient will use time and time again.

If you fancy yourself a wine connoisseur, you know that different wine variations require different temperatures. Normally white wines should be chilled in the range of 49-55 degrees Fahrenheit, while red wines optimal temperature is between 62-68 degrees. This is much cooler than your normal house temperature, reiterating the functionality of a quality wine chiller. Some settle for chilling in the refrigerator before serving, while this may work temporarily unless you want to be traveling between the fridge and dinner table all night a handsome wine chiller bucket might just be exactly what you need.

A great gift for people who love to host, wine chiller buckets make interesting table centerpieces and keep your wine within reach for everyone who may need a refill. Some of our wine chillers are also attachable to the wine bottles opening and also serve as pour spouts. Most of these wine chillers need time to freeze but once removed can chill your wines or liquors for an extended period of time when attached.