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Wine Bottle Holders

Wine Bottle Holders

For the true wine lover, finding the perfect place to display your wine bottle is just as important as the wine itself. Whether a classic wooden wine holder, a wall-mounted wine rack, a metal wine holder, or a funny animal bottle holder is your style, we’ve got what you’re looking for.
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Wine Bottle Holders

Gravity Leather Wine Bottle Holder - Black

SaleGravity Leather Wine Bottle Holder - Black
Original Price: $29.95 
SALE: $22.95

Santa Pants Wine Bottle Holders

SaleSanta Pants Wine Bottle Holders
Original Price: $9.95 
SALE: $4.95

Wine Sticks Glass and Bottle Holder, 3 Piece Set

SaleWine Sticks Glass and Bottle Holder, 3 Piece Set
Original Price: $15.95 
SALE: $12.95

Caribbean Parrot Bottle Holder

SaleCaribbean Parrot Bottle Holder
Original Price: $29.95 
SALE: $25.95

Curious Arctic Cub Wine Holder

SaleCurious Arctic Cub Wine Holder
Original Price: $33.95 

Frolicking Polar Bear Single Wine Bottle Holder

SaleFrolicking Polar Bear Single Wine Bottle Holder
Original Price: $36.95 
SALE: $30.95

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Every wine drinker needs a perfect place for storing their wine bottles, it separates the real wine lovers from the pretenders. Embellish your home bar or countertop with only the finest wine decor while creating unique storage for your wine bottles at the same time. Our extensive collection of unique wine bottle holders and wine racks make it easy to show off your bottle of vino during those exclusive wine tasting parties. Although very similar the wine holder and wine rack differ in many ways, which is what distinguishes an occasional wine drinker from the true wine connoisseurs.

Types of Wine Bottle Holders
Typically made of wood or metal, a single bottle holder is like the stepping stone to becoming a true wine connoisseur. These are great for storing your fine wine for that special occasion and for those expensive bottles of wine which are too nice to be thrown away. Wine bottle holders, also known as wine caddies, are usually limited to a small amount of bottles that it can hold making it a creative centerpiece for the dining table. For example, our animal holders come in adorable playful designs fit for any wine or animal lover’s kitchen table and also make great housewarming gifts. Wine decor has become very popular in the modern home, metal wine holders are a great way to create a decorative sleek, modern appeal. Our wide range of unique wine bottle holders make a terrific start to your wine bottle collection and once you have too many bottles for the average wine holder it may be time to mature as a wine lover and advance to wine racks.

Wine Racks
Wine racks are typically made to store two or more bottles of wine at once. Most wine connoisseurs can agree to having one in their home either in the wine bar or conveniently placed in the kitchen. Our variety of unique wine racks includes everything from wooden wine racks to wrought iron wine racks and can save precious space in your home while still allowing your bottles of fine wine to be seen and admired by visitors. Perfect for wine tasting parties, our metal wine racks are sturdy enough to handle more than one bottle of wine without tipping over, yet elegant enough to stand out among your other wine decor. The best thing about wine racks is there is always room for more!

Choosing which wine bottle holder is right for you may be a tough task. If wine drinking is an event that happens occasionally, think small and work your way up to wine racks. Pair your wine bottle holders up with our innovative wine cork cages and have some fun making your own set of wine decor.