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Wedding Gifts for Parents of the Bride and Groom

Don’t forget to get gifts for the parents of the bride and groom! Wedding gifts for parents are thank you gifts from the happy couple to their parents, showing appreciation for their parents’ love and support throughout the wedding planning.

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What Are Wedding Gifts for Parents?

Typically these gifts are nice gift sets or gift baskets for both parents, and often the bride and groom will not only get gifts for their own parents, but for their future in-laws as well. Wedding gift ideas for parents are much like thank you gifts or appreciation gifts because the happy couple is thanking their parents and their future spouse’s parents for their support and contributions to the wedding. The parents of the bride usually pay for the wedding, and the parents of the groom are probably helping out as well, so it’s important to thank them properly for their support!

When do you give the gifts to your parents and in-laws? Wedding gifts for parents of the groom or the bride are typically given at the rehearsal dinner or on the day of the wedding. Usually these gifts are given as a gift for both mom and dad, but the bride and groom can certainly get each parent something unique to remember the special day their child got married!

Want to give something special for your dad? The father-of-the-bride is a key person in a wedding, especially, because he’s the one who walks the bride down the aisle to give away to the groom! As the bride, you can give him something sweet and thoughtful that shows how grateful you are for having his support throughout your life and for being there on your special day. For the father-of-the-groom, he deserves a gift that shows your appreciation for his support and contribution to your wedding! He likely helped out financially, and he’s been by your side since the moment you told him you wanted to marry your spouse.

When it comes to gifts for the mother-of-the-bride and the mother-of-the-groom, she’ll love a gift that serves as a keepsake from the wedding to treasure forever. She will want to savor every moment of your special day, after all! She’s been a big help in the wedding planning and you should show her just how important she is and how thankful you are for all of her help. Getting her a gift that she can display in her home is one of the most thoughtful wedding gifts for parents that you can give whether it’s a custom sign, a keepsake box, or even a picture collage.

Good Gifts for Your Future In-Laws

Gifts for your parents-in-law can be tricky. You could certainly take inspiration from your own parents, but you should definitely ask your spouse for help when choosing a gift. You want to give your mother-in-law and father-in-law something nice that shows how excited you are about becoming a part of their family while also being a respectful gift that they will enjoy. Items like decanter sets, wine glasses, and decor are the most popular types of wedding gifts for mothers-in-law and fathers-in-law.