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Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Groomsmen Gift Ideas
The best gift selection is important when choosing gifts for groomsmen. First, choose a design that appeals to the recipient. Second, personalize it with their name, a title such as "best man", and the wedding date. Third, skip the middle man. Buy from a vendor such as HomeWetBar that personalizes gifts in-house and sells direct.

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What you get your groomsmen, it's a big deal. They want to know you appreciate them, and won't forget them when you get married. Your best man and this group of guys mean lot to you, so we're here to help you every step of the way. We have thousands of unique groomsmen gifts with free personalization and have been in the wedding business since 2004 so you know your gifts are going to be amazing. Gifts for groomsmen come in a variety of styles and shapes, so we're going to briefly go over the basics to help you come up with gift ideas for each of these guys and your best man.

When do I give my gifts? You will typically get gifts for your entire wedding party including the best man, groomsmen, and father of the bride and give them to them the night before the wedding at the rehearsal dinner. The time for gift giving is typically right after dinner but before the other guests start to leave so everyone can see what great gifts you chose!

How to Choose Thoughtful Groomsmen Gifts

Getting married is a wonderful time in your life, but it can also be stressful. Before you get overwhelmed, take a step back and think about the men that will be receiving these gifts. You know them better than anyone. Consider why you are best friends with them, and follow our guidelines below to help you come up with some truly unique groomsmen gift ideas that they will love.

The best way to start is to look through our thousands of gift ideas and decide on a gift he can use. Something that he can use in his daily life is sure to be an instant hit. Think about his interests, and choose the gift based upon that. Some unique gift ideas that always go over well are things like an engraved flask or a set of engraved whiskey glasses. Pretty much any guy will like these types of gifts, and he will find many uses for it spanning from tailgating, to drinking with friends, to celebrating the holidays. You can even use these inspirational gifts as a starting point when you have to find unique best man gift ideas.

How much should you spend?

This is a personal choice, but here are some tips to think about when buying groomsmen gifts. The minimum you should spend is $25 on your gifts. Anything less than that, and you risk looking cheap. If you are over 30 years old you will want to spend in the $50-$75 range; and if you have a professional career that you are established in, or are over the age of 40, you should spend $100-$150 per groomsmen gift. Who buys the gift is between you and your bride to be, but typically the groom buys the gifts for his best man and the guys in the wedding party.

Final tips...

Really it's all about you and your best man's style. Some of the best groomsmen gift ideas are beer cap maps, personalized beer glasses, whiskey gifts, ammo boxes, etc. If you're looking for gifts in the $40-$60 range then consider a decanter and whiskey set or a personalized sign for their man cave. Finally, if you're in the $100+ price range we would suggest moving up to one of our hand-crafted wood boxed gift basket sets. They come in many styles, and even the most discerning groomsman young or old is sure to appreciate the fine quality and workmanship.

If you still cannot decide then we recommend sticking to the basics! Cool gifts such as these come in many sizes but are almost always personalized to your friend's interests. What that means is buy gifts for your wedding party that they have fun with, or that they can show off to the other guys, and be sure to make it unique by engraving their name on it. That way, every time they use it they will remember you and your wedding day.