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Best Man Gifts

Best Man Gifts
Your best man is your best bro, and he deserves a nice gift that shows him just how much you appreciate him. Our best man gifts and gift sets ensure that he knows just how much you value his many years of friendship and loyalty!

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What Do I Get My Best Man?

As your best man, he is responsible not only for keeping the bride’s wedding ring safe until you say your vows, but also for planning your bachelor party, keeping you calm, and resolving any problem that arises on your wedding day. He’s your best bro who has been there for you through anything, and you need to get him a gift to show your appreciation.

Why give a gift to your best man? He's the guy standing by you on the altar of your wedding, and that's a pretty important job! You should show him just how much you appreciate him for being there at your side on the day of your wedding and all through the wedding planning with a nice gift. He's the person who has been your close friend or family member for years, and your gift will make sure that he knows just how much he means to you.

Best man gifts can be given at your bachelor party, the rehearsal dinner, or even on the day of the wedding. Popular best man gift ideas are flasks, whiskey glasses, cigars, decanters, and ammo can sets. When you give him your gift, make sure to include either a pack of his favorite cigars, a bottle of his favorite liquor, or a six-pack of beer because he’ll want to celebrate with you!

How much do you spend on best man gifts? You should spend around $70 or more. After all, you’re thanking your best friend for being there for you through everything, including your wedding!

How to Ask “Will You Be My Best Man?”

You don’t have to plan something extravagant like you did for your proposal, but you should certainly make it special. Take him to his favorite bar or club, buy him a couple of drinks, and ask him seriously. You could also ask him with a gift set containing a card that asks him for you, too. If he lives in another state, you can send him the gift set or simply call him up and ask.

Should I get him a gift when I ask him to be my best man? Sure, you can certainly get him a gift as well as a thank you gift after the wedding. Best man gifts shouldn’t be the same as the rest of your groomsmen gifts, though, so be sure to get him something a little more special if you plan on getting a matching set of gifts for all of your groomsmen.