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Liquor Cabinets & Bars

Liquor Cabinets & Bars

Nothing says sophistication like a man in his study drinking whiskey. Search our collection of refined portable home bars, liquor cabinets and liquor globe bars for the perfect gift for a sophisticated man.
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Liquor Cabinets & Bars

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Everyone knows that the image of Ron Burgundy sipping a fine cognac in his study, surrounded by antiques and leather-bound books is the epitome of the quintessential, sophisticated gent. Why not show the world you’re the connoisseur of cool and add a touch of class to your home with a globe liquor cabinet or some refined glassware?

Just imagine reaching into one of our 16th century, Italian Replica Globe Bars for your favorite whiskey glasses, then sitting back in your lounge chair smoking a cigar – the world’s most handsome and popular Anchorman would certainly approve, that’s for sure. Home bars ideas like that will get your guests talking!

If you see yourself to be more of a mover and shaker like Tom Cruise in Cocktail, our luxury State Room Portable Ivory Home Bar will be the ideal place to store all the accessories required to work your magic. Not only is it brimming with aristocratic charm, but this liquor cabinet comes with a multitude of drawers, drink racks and even a removable game board for when those dice get rolling.

If you’re more of a Godfather and like to sip the finest wines from Sicily just like Don Corleone, then our Trilogy Wine Cellar will be just up your street. Boasting touchscreen technology and a mahogany finish, this three-tier wine cooler is the perfect way to display your fine collection of vintage varietals. Not to mention it will look pretty nice next to that globe liquor cabinet in your study!

One of the most memorable scenes in Spielberg classic Jaws is when Chief Brody, Quint and Hooper sink some liquor on the doomed Orca, as they head for the last showdown with a gigantic killer shark – what could be more manly than that? Well the next best thing would be to indulge in some DIY and build your own bar cabinet .

Our Home Bar Building Plans allow you to do just that. Not only will you save a small fortune, but you can customize your bar, giving it that personal touch that sets you apart from the rest. When the nights over and it’s time to close your liquor cabinet, you have every right to tell your guests to leave – you built this bar, it’s yours and you own it like nobody else can!