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Custom Ammo Boxes & Cans

Custom Ammo Boxes & Cans
An incredibly useful gift, our personalized ammo boxes can be used for almost anything and can be personalized with his name, date, title, etc. They come in both 50 caliber ammo cans and 30 caliber, and are real USA made ammo cans actually used by the US military. They make exceptionally cool gifts for men, husbands, dads, and groomsmen alike.

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Why do ammo boxes make great gifts?

Ammo boxes are inherently great gifts for guys can be used in dozens of different ways. You probably already know about using them to store 50 caliber, 308, 5.56mm, shotgun, and 40mm ammunition. However did you know ammo cans can also be used to store valuables, watches, cigars, his tools and more? They are essentially Tupperware for men, with endless uses. Add our custom engraving to his ammo box and you've got a very cool gift he can use for years to come.

What are some uses for custom ammo cans?

  1. Ammo cache storage. Regardless of the size marked on the ammo can you are not limited that size. That is only the size that fits perfectly into that ammo crate.
  2. A gift box. Have us personalize it with his name, then fill it with all his favorite stuff, jerky, beer, tools, whatever he’s into. If this is for a wedding, you can personalize your groomsmen's ammo cans for a one-of-a-kind cool gift idea that they will love.
  3. Cigar storage. Just add a damp sponge and a hygrometer to your custom ammo box, and for under $25 you’ve got a DYI humidor.
  4. Beach, lake, camping, or hunting mini fire pit
  5. Beer cooler. Add ice and beer to your ammo box and you’re ready for fun.
  6. A tool box. Ammo boxes are rugged and almost indestructible, what could be better?
  7. Custom game and controller storage for Playstation or XBox
  8. Emergency car kit. Fill your custom ammo can with a flashlight, some screwdrivers, run flat for the tires, etc. Leave it in the truck and you’re ready if the worst happens.
  9. Poker chips and cards storage. Whip this bad boy personalized ammo can out on the poker table and you’ll tell the whole table who’s a serious player (then bluff your way to riches)!
  10. Camping clothes wash.
  11. Bug out kit. Fill it with the things you need to survive the zombie apocalypse, or financial meltdown. Who knows, it just could happen.
  12. Oil and liquids container. Ammo cans are nearly fireproof by nature so put in WD40, oils, lubricants, and all that stuff you are worried about, and keep your garage nice and clean.
  13. Fishing a tackle box. Load your custom ammo can with all your favorite lures and fishing gear, if it gets dirty just wash it out. Best tackle box ever.
  14. Garden planter
  15. Mini stove. Fill your ammo can with wood and light the fire, these things are made to take abuse!
  16. Safe for money, rare coins, watches etc. Hide your new ammo can in an area of your house that no thief would think to look and add a padlock for good measure. Remember to bolt it down for the ultimate in security.