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Party Games

Adult Party Games

Get the party started with our unique collection of party games for adults! Featuring some of the best adult party games ever created, our large selection includes fun drinking games and board games to fit most any event.
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Party Games

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Everybody loves a good party, and its up to you to throw an awesome one! Forget the traditional approaches to adult party games that have been done a hundred times before - give your guests something to remember. Whatever the celebration, weve got loads of party games for adults to keep your guests entertained for hours!

Types of Adult Party Games
There are many different types of events, and therefore, many different types of games. Adult party games can generally fit into one of three main categories. There are board games, drinking games, and hand-eye coordination games. Board games typically involve a board which you lay on a flat surface and then cards and dice you roll to move your character around the board. Drinking games are all about fun, they involve drinking liquor, beer or both. Many of these are played with dice, quarters, or cards. Card games typically consist of a deck of cards and a set of rules each player must follow. If they violate the rules or lose then a penalty is enforced. These range from a drink or a wild task the loser must do. Finally eye-hand coordination games

Choosing a Party Game
The right game for your party depends mostly on the age your guests. For example, putt putt or foosball might be appropriate for children, and adult party games like shot glass roulette might be suitable for your more mature guests. Another thing to consider when choosing which game to play or bring along with you is location, location, location! Board games will be more suited for indoor or close-quarter celebrations, while the hand-eye coordination games like beer pong make great challenges for outdoor parties. Whatever your celebration, rest assured, there is a perfect game to suit your needs.