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How To Use Your Halo / Black Diamond Torch And Smoker

Stop drinking cocktails the old-fashioned way, instead infuse all your favorite drinks with this custom halo black diamond cocktail smoker! Create new flavors for your drink and get a better drinking experience out of it!


Fill Torch with butane

  • Butane is not shipped with the kits for safety. It is available at all hardware stores, speciality cooking stores, and at some Wal-Mart stores.
  • Insert butane in bottom of torch for 6-8 seconds making a good seal, pull out, and repeat a total of 3 times
  • Wait 3 minutes to allow the fuel to settle and then you are ready to use it
  • Adjust the length of the flame as needed
  • Twist valve on bottom to adjust flame length
  • DO NOT remove valve
  • Press the button on the back to light the flame
  • ON/OFF lock will allow you to lock on the flame as needed


  • Fill with wood chips about 1/2 full, only as high as the holes
    PLEASE NOTE: overfilling will cause the smoker to not work correctly as the smoke holes will be blocked
  • Put smoker on the glass and make sure it's sung
  • Put the torch at a 45 degree angle
    Too high of an angle, or low on fuel, may cause the torch to go out
  • Light the wood until it starts smoking and continue until the desired smoke level
  • Place cap on the smoker
  • Allow to sit for 2-3 minutes for smoke to absorb
  • Can leave as long as you want, the longer you leave it the smoke the smoke will be infused
  • Enjoy!

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