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Anniversary Gifts for Parents

Anniversary Gifts for Parents
Whether you’re celebrating a milestone anniversary or you just want to get mom and dad a nice gift, our anniversary gifts for parents will be treasured for years to come!

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Anniversary Gifts for Mom and Dad

Anniversary gifts for parents don’t have to be over-the-top or incredibly luxurious as long as they show your mom and dad that you love them! By getting them something personalized or something unique that they can display in their home, they can treasure it for years to come. You can even get your mom and dad individual anniversary gifts rather than a joint gift, too.

Every wedding anniversary has a traditional and modern gift theme, so we broke it down by year to make it a little easier to pick the perfect anniversary gifts for parents:

Anniversary Gifts by Year

20th Anniversary

Two decades together is no small feat, especially since these last 20 years have been all about raising you! By giving them a20th anniversary gift, you can show them just how much you love and appreciate them. The traditional gift for a 20th anniversary is china while the modern gift is platinum. You could get them a lovely set of china plates, a pair of custom coffee mugs, new wedding bands made of platinum, or even a set of wine glasses with platinum accents.

30th Anniversary

When looking for 30th anniversary gifts for parents, you can go the traditional route and get mom and dad something related to pearls or go all out and get them diamonds for the modern gift! We have an exceptionally stunning assortment of diamond-shaped glassware to fit the modern theme. As for the pearls, you could go with jewelry or something unique like a mother-of-pearl cheese board!

40th Anniversary

Unlike most wedding anniversaries, the 40th has the same theme for both modern and traditional: ruby! Mom and dad would love to get a beautiful ruby-colored wine bottle gift set or a red wine decanter set. 40th anniversary gifts for parents don’t have to be anything extravagant, so you can get them something simpler like a ruby-themed sign to decorate their home.

50th Anniversary

Wow, half a century together is certainly something to celebrate! Also called the “golden anniversary,” you need to throw your parents a party! 50th anniversary gifts for parents are all about gold, which makes a set of custom gold-rimmed glasses or a beautiful decanter with gold accents the ideal gift for mom and dad.

60th Anniversary

Fittingly called “the diamond anniversary,” 60th anniversary gifts for parents are diamond-themed. You can splurge and get mom and dad a new set of diamond wedding bands or get them a diamond-shaped decanter set that they can use to enjoy romantic drinks together.