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Flasks for Men

Unique Flasks for Men

Looking for a unique flask? We have a large hip flask selection perfect for all the men in your life including your boyfriend, husband, dad, and groomsmen. They come in a variety of shapes, with different coverings from stainless steel to genuine leather and in colors for every occasion.
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Flasks for Men

Blackout Block Monogram Hip Flask Set

SaleBlackout Block Monogram Hip Flask Set
Original Price: $27.95 
SALE: $15.95

Firefighter Crest Stainless Steel Flask

SaleFirefighter Crest Stainless Steel Flask
Original Price: $24.95 
SALE: $15.75

Its My Birthday Flask, Black and Gold

SaleIts My Birthday Flask, Black and Gold
Original Price: $21.95 
SALE: $19.95

Ultra Light Shatter-Resistant Plastic Flask

SaleUltra Light Shatter-Resistant Plastic Flask
Original Price: $12.95 
SALE: $9.95

Wine2Go Foldable Wine Bag

SaleWine2Go Foldable Wine Bag
Original Price: $12.95 
SALE: $10.95

Smooth Black Leather Cigarette Flask (Engravable)

SaleSmooth Black Leather Cigarette Flask (Engravable)
Original Price: $24.95 
SALE: $9.95

Gas Can Flask

SaleGas Can Flask
Original Price: $19.95 
SALE: $17.50

Blackout Personalized Keychain Flask

SaleBlackout Personalized Keychain Flask
Original Price: $16.95 

Drink To Infinity Astronaut Backpack 64 oz Flask

SaleDrink To Infinity Astronaut Backpack 64 oz Flask
Original Price: $39.95 

Hunters & Soldiers Camouflage Liquor Flask

SaleHunters & Soldiers Camouflage Liquor Flask
Original Price: $18.95 
SALE: $9.75

Mustache You Flannel Hip Flask

SaleMustache You Flannel Hip Flask
Original Price: $24.95 
SALE: $9.75

Bakersfield Hip Flask (Engravable)

SaleBakersfield Hip Flask (Engravable)
Original Price: $29.95 
SALE: $19.95

Brown Ostrich Leather Flask

SaleBrown Ostrich Leather Flask
Original Price: $24.95 
SALE: $9.75

Flask2Go Reuseable Liquor Pouches, Set of 2

SaleFlask2Go Reuseable Liquor Pouches, Set of 2
Original Price: $7.95 

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One thing that is a universal truth, is that everyone loves to have a great time! For those that enjoy a good drink, a hip flask is a great gift idea. They are perfect for filling up with scotch, whiskey, and bourbons to warm you up in the winter. They are also ideal for carrying vodka, gin, and other spirits which you mix with a cool drink in the summer. Liquor flasks come in a variety of sizes from tiny flasks, to mid-sized flasks that fit hip pockets and jackets, unique large flasks which fit inside your boot, to extra large flasks that bring the party with them! With over 90 flasks for sale, we have the hip flask you are looking for. Most can even be personalized with your choice of initials or text.

Types of Liquor Flasks for Sale
Our flasks for men come in a variety of colors, textures, and sizes from 4oz mini flasks all the way up to 128oz giant flasks! Now that's a flask we definitely recommend sharing! For most guys you're going to want a flask around 6oz to 10oz, that will provide enough liquor for a few drinks, and even sharing a couple sips your buddies. Most of the flasks we sell in this size are called a hip flask because they will easily fit in most guys's jeans pockets. There are also many novelty & funny flasks such as our giant flasks for men mentioned above, fake camera flasks, binocular flasks, and sports seats filled with liquor for sneaking drinks into sporting events, and even canes with flasks in them if you can believe it! No matter what type of liquor flask you're looking for, HomeWetBar has huge selection that is such to meet your needs. Plus we personalize all our engraved flasks in-house so you'll have your groomsmen flasks and/or flasks for you in no time when you order from us!