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Wine Openers

A $100 bottle of wine isn't worth the glass that holds it if the cork breaks off inside it while you're opening it or the bottle won't open! That's where it pays to have the best wine opener you can afford by your side. Here you’ll find many different styles of wine openers from corkscrews to automatic openers, we've got them all!

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One of the most satisfying sounds in the world is the popping sound made as the cork gracefully lifts out of the bottle. The best way to achieve that “pop!” is by choosing the best wine opener for your circumstances. We know that wine drinkers are just as unique and individual as the wines they love, so why shouldn’t their wine accessories reflect that personality? Ranging from waiters corkscrews to fully automated wine openers our extensive line of wine bottle openers contains one for all wine drinker types, regardless of their age or skill level.

Choosing the Best Wine Opener for You
Corkscrews not only make great wine gifts for wine lovers, they are also essential to enjoying your wine. We all know what kind of damper it can put on your night if you break a cork in your bottle of wine, so choosing the right wine corkscrew is essential! For most people an electric automatic wine opener is a great choice; it's easy to use, and almost fool-proof. For a more experienced wine connoisseur, may we suggest a lever action opener that allows you to open a wine bottle with a quick flick of your wrist or a rabbit type with two handles that you firmly hold while lifting up to extract the cork? Both are effective wine openers that blend the traditional with new age engineering to give you complete control when opening your wine; provided of course that you have the strength required to pull the cork directly out of the bottle vs twisting it out or using an automatic wine bottle opener.

Wine Bottle Openers for The Purist
Finally, for the purist, you can never go wrong with the traditional spiral corkscrew which you twist to remove the cork or the waiter's corkscrew. Simple and effective, corkscrews have served connoisseurs for years and the waiter's corkscrews fold up for easy storage in your pocket. To use, simply unfold the waiters corkscrew, twist the spiral called a “worm” into the cork. Then, gently pull up on the wine opener to remove the cork from your wine bottle. For a more personal touch, consider adding engraving to create a personalized wine opener, they make excellent gifts. Whether popping a cork for a romantic evening or a social gathering with friends and loved ones, these openers are sure to have you enjoying your favorite wine in no time.