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Wine Cork Holders

Wine Cork Holders
Turn your wine bottle corks into a fun work of art with wine cork maps for your wall or save those memories with our wine cork shadow boxes. Fun, beautiful, and fully functional, we have dozens of styles of decorative cork holders that not only make a great gift idea, they add to the ambiance of the room.
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Wine corks can take on many roles other than being thrown away. Some are collected for doing it yourself projects in the home while others are typically used as wine decor. Turn your wine bottle corks into a work of art with a wine cork holder. Our wide variety of personalized wine cork shadow boxes come in eye-catching designs that will make it easy to pop another cork to save those memories and to add to the collection while entertaining. They are very easy to use, simply place your cork into the slot that is usually placed at the top and let your collection grow. The see-through window in the front of the shadow box allows you to easily see and display those memories in casual style. If countertop display is not your style, then we suggest you take a look at our wine cork maps. Simply pop your corks into these beautiful wooden wine cork holders and they will securely hold your favorite corks horizontally so all of your favorite vineyard corks can be seen. Finally, if you are looking for something more traditional take a look at our wine cork cages, made of wrought iron, they are perfect for displaying all of those corks!

Choosing a Wine Cork Holder

The personal tastes of the recipient, and the theme of the room you are decorating usually depict the kind of wine cork holder you choose for that room. Find one that fits your friends perfectly within our wide variety of holders. Not only are these the perfect gifts for wine advocates, but these are terrific house-warming presents for friends and family.

...For the Wine Connoisseur
We strongly recommend the gift of a wine cork map depicting their favorite region for wine. Unsure? Then the shape of Europe, California or the USA is always a great choice. These wine cork maps will be perfect for displaying their growing collection to all of their wine-loving friends and allow them to brag about their travels and favorite vintages from the region. Cut out of natural birch wood, these maps also make stunning wine wall decor.

...For the New Home Owner
Buying a new home is a wonderful time that is the perfect time to start a new wine cork collection. The new homeowner is sure to spend many nights (and glasses of wine) celebrating in their new home. Bring them a wine cork shadow box engraved with their name and crack a bottle of red wine to get the celebration started. They fit on any counter-top or can be hung on the wall, so you know that even if you haven't been to their new home before, these shadow boxes will find a place and plenty of use. Plus every time they open a bottle of wine and save that cork they will think of you.

...For the Ladies
What group of fun-loving women doesn't like wine? Some of the best memories are shared among a group, so it's only fitting that you save those wine corks and memories in style. The biggest factor is probably her kitchen. If it's more upscale, then we would suggest a wine cork shadow box for saving those corks. If it has a whimsical style to it, then we would suggest a fun wine cork cage. Finally, if she is one of those lucky ones with an extensive wine collection or wine cellar, you definitely want to think about getting his and hers wine cork map that they can fill up together with corks. Regardless of what you choose, you really cannot go wrong, as they say, wine is life and life is wine! Salut!