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Bar Signs

Bar Signs
When adding to your home decor, consider what’s on your walls. We offer a wide selection of custom bar signs and metal pub signs, many of which can be personalized with a name or slogan for a unique gift! Whether you like beer, whiskey, or anything in between, we've got the perfect sign for your bar.

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Signs have been around for centuries as a way to grab onlookers attention as to what is being sold in the establishment. During the late 1300s, much of the public was illiterate so pictures on the pub signs became very useful. During this time you saw a lot of very decorative hand-drawn illustrations, wood carvings, and paintings on bar signs. Later on, the use of nicknames, terms, and puns was incorporated into the signs to help distinguish one establishment from another. Today many of these signs retain their original function by using simple imagery, names, and phrases to grab attention.

How Are Our Bar Signs Made?
We carry three main types and styles of signs. Various type of metal signs, wood signs, and full-color wood signs. Our outdoor aluminum signs are formed by sand casting your name and design and then pressing them into a sign. Once that cools, the sign is painted and your outdoor sign is complete. Our other metal signs start as pre-cut metal which is then customized with your name and text and then full color printed and pressed at a very high temperature to lock the color in.

Our full-color signs are made by cutting the shape out of wood using a CNC machine or laser cutter and then applying your name and customization to the artwork. First, the wood starts as a flat piece of typically birch or maple wood which is shaped and cut to size. Then, we take these newly cut pieces to our industrial press for full-color printing. We then permanently print these personalized bar signs and then cure them to make sure they last for many years to come. The color is so permanent that it will hold up to extreme commercial conditions, and you actually have to dig into the sign and scratch through the layers to remove it.

Finally, our personalized wooden bar signs are made 100% from scratch. We take raw lumber, cut it to size and apply all of your personalization. We then laser cut the sign, add the finishing touches, and polish the edges for a truly unique one of a kind piece of bar decor!

Why Personalize Your Sign?
Today, signs are being used not only for advertising an establishment but for decor in the home. It has become a great way to accessorize one's personal space. Many of our signs can be personalized to incorporate a particular slogan or phrase to distinguish that this is your home bar and to give your space its own unique character. Maybe you want a personalized bar sign that generates a few laughs. Homewetbar has several signs that are sure to get a chuckle out of your buds while making your bar even more special. Perhaps you’re looking to show your enthusiasm for sports. We offer many sports signs that are sure to hit home with you.

With almost endless possibilities, it's easy to see how it would make a great addition to any room. Custom bar signs grab attention, make a statement, and let others know you are proud of your space and set the mood. Whether your home is made for relaxing, lively conversation, or an all-out party! No matter what particular sign it is, you can be assured it will make a great addition to your space.