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Beer Holsters

Beer Holsters
For that rugged outlaw or avid beer drinker we have the perfect hand’s free beer holster to give you that extra hand you always need. We offer everything from single beer holsters with extra pockets for cash and cards to beer belt holsters with up to 6 beer koozies!
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Outdoor parties, trips to the lake, and grilling in the backyard are all staples of summer entertaining. With all of these activities, you may find that you need both hands to put more ice in the ice chest, gather firewood, or check the food on the grill. There’s just one problem - you’re holding a drink! Formerly, setting it down was your only option to free both hands, but at, we carry the solution to this problem - the beer holster! Perfect for any outdoor or indoor entertainment setting, the beer holder is functional and sure to strike up a great conversation.

Types of Beer Holsters
Our beer holsters hold any standard-sized can or bottle and come in three different varieties to fit any occasion. For the backyard grill master, our apron style beer holder is an essential grilling tool. This type features bandolier-style beer holders across the front, with pockets for condiments and anything else that may be needed for the barbecue. For those who want easy access to their drink, our side holster style is the quickest draw in the West. It clips to your belt and rests on the side of your hip. The side holster is generally made of leather, so it is attractive and durable. The third type of beer holder is the six-pack belt. Those with a big thirst or who will dole out drinks to thirsty guests will appreciate this one. As the name suggests, the six-pack beer holster is about quantity and quality.

Benefits of Holstering Your Beer
Beer holsters provide several benefits for the wearer which you might not initially think of. 1) They are a great way to strike up a conversation at parties. 2) Holding your drink for long periods of time can also make your drink warm or your hand cold. As such, a beer holster can effectively double as a fun beer koozie, keeping your drink cold for when you need it. 3) They are ideal for freeing up both hands so you can cook, grill, or just socialize with ease.