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Cocktail Shakers

Cocktail Shakers
Coming in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes, cocktail shakers are great for mixing drinks. They make the bartender's job much easier and can be combined with other bar tools to make unique cocktails or martinis for any occasion.
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The shaker is the key to any mixed drink that needs to be mixed together. Our fun collection of cocktail shakers are just what you need to make the perfect martini or mixed drink. They vary in shape and size and come in colors that will fit in with any home or local bar. No matter if you are bartending in the comfort of your home or are a professional bartender in the hottest NYC nightclub the size of the crowd is always a factor when selecting the right shaker for the job. Our sleek pinstriped mini cocktail shakers can be perfect for serving a small group of friends while still providing a selection of cocktails to choose from. Or maybe this event calls for bar tools made to handle large crowds, our unique sasquatch shaker is always up for the occasion and is the best martini shaker to serve up enough cocktails to keep the party going.

Types of Cocktail Shakers
Choosing the right shaker for the occasion does not have to be hard. A stainless steel martini shaker is perfect for those cocktails that need to be kept cool while being served throughout the night. If your mixed drinks are a crowd favorite you may not need to keep them cool if they aren’t lasting that long. Our glass cocktail shakers can be useful in those cases to show off your bartending style while quickly serving those drinks. A Boston shaker is strictly for the pros or those aspiring to get there one day. These cocktail shakers come with a glass or plastic cup with a rubber ring around the top of the glass which is combined with the metal cup. A Boston shaker is a great way to mix drinks and is easy to clean. These are great for shaken cocktails or muddling but usually, don’t come with a built-in strainer like most martini shakers which is why we say the Boston shaker is for the professional mixologist. Shake up the night and mix your drinks the professional way with one of our unique cocktail shakers. Our fun selection of shakers is the perfect gift for that mixologist in your life and an essential part of a set of home bar tools.